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In the dragon's lair

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This bit of art was written by Will A. Sanborn, not me, and I thought I'd show it to you all. Much more classy than anything else I've read or written. It is also based off of a furry yiff fetish of his. He has many more stories like this at his web page~ ~
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 In the Dragon's Lair


Will A. Sanborn


6/21 - 6/23/94


Revised 9/2 - 9/5/96

No this couldn't be happening I thought desperately, standing there in the cave lit by the flickering torch light, the shadowy figure of the beast creeping out of the darkness towards me. It had blocked the passageway leading back to the surface, so all hope for my escape had vanished. My companions, having seen the approaching threat, had high-tailed it out of there, leaving me to confront the horror on my own.

I'd never expected that it would end like this. I had such a promising career ahead of me once I finished the rest of my schooling at the academy; I couldn't believe I'd let myself be talked into such a folly. The week had started out normal enough, as our training as soldiers progressed at its regular pace, but then two of my associates, William and Eric, had come up with the wild scheme to explore these forbidding caves out in the wastelands.

At first I'd been against the idea, but they were so enthusiastic about it, they'd soon been able to persuade me to go along with their foolishness. Not many people traveled into these mountains, and for good reason. It was a fairly desolate area, and strange tales had been told of men who had seen the most frightful apparitions there. But still, my friends had told me how much of an adventure it would be, and how we'd be able to prove our bravery to one another and to all of our fellow classmates. They'd been sure that great discoveries lay in the caves in the mountains, and that by bringing something back with us, we'd assure our respect among our peers. Had we known at the time of what lay waiting for us here, I'm sure we would have thought better of it. I know I surely wouldn't have come along on this wild ride; this was turning out to be much more of an adventure than I could stomach.

So just after lights out at the barracks this night, we'd snuck out of the dormitory and borrowed the horses from the academy stable, setting out towards our adventure. Being upperclassmen, we had the luxury of a bit more freedom than the younger students, and were kept under a less-watchful eye. It was for that fact that we'd been able to orchestrate our departure unseen, and sped away towards the mountains looming in the north.

We'd arrived there after just over a couple of hours of good riding, a little tired and a little nervous, but we'd been raring to go, anxious to do our exploring. After scouting out the area, we'd come upon the first cave, the cave I now stood trembling in. Lighting our torches we'd cautiously entered and began the slow climb down into the bowels of the earth.

We'd walked for about five or ten minutes when we'd noticed a faint glow coming up from ahead. We'd then come into a small chamber which had a single torch glowing, hanging along the middle of the wall on the left side. The room was roughly square, but with rounded corners, it's dimensions about twenty feet on a side. There'd been several things about the room that were strange and exciting. For one thing the walls and floor were extremely smooth and shone like polished marble; there were also various articles of interest placed throughout the room.

These articles were of the ornately-decorated treasure kind, and looking at them had caught us off guard. We should have known better than to drop our guard like that, and should have placed someone at watch near the opening to the room. At least I should have known better, being very near the top of my class; had our instructors seen us they would have surely rebuked us thoroughly for our carelessness. As it was, our greed and fascination had won out over better judgment and rational thought.

Each of us had ventured into the room and begun to look through the small piles of gold and silver jewelry, coins and small ornamental weapons that lay around the chamber. I'd been the most foolish and had headed for a medium-sized chest which lay towards the back of the room. William and Eric had either been a little more thoughtful, or maybe just lucky and had stayed towards the front of the chamber.

There was another strange thing about the room that none of us had realized until it was much to late: there were no other entrances to the chamber, other than the one we'd come in. That peculiarity should have set something off in our heads, had we remembered anything of the magic traps we'd been taught to avoid. Unfortunately none of us had noticed that until the trap was sprung and I'd been caught in it's powerful grip.

As we'd been looting through the treasure, trying to decide which pieces we should take back with us, I'd heard Eric gasp from behind. Turning quickly around, we saw that part of the right side of the room had dissolved into nothingness, and that a shadowy figure was slowly bearing down on us, focusing first on my two companions, who were near the exit.

For all of their plans and their boasting of the heroic deeds that they would do this night, my two compatriots had taken one look at the vague figure approaching them, and with hushed screams had scrambled out of the chamber, dropping most of their loot in the process. I couldn't believe how cowardly they'd acted and how, without a moment's thought, they'd deserted me; again our teachers would have been most displeased. Even as my fear had been building, there was a flash of utter anger through my mind as I struggled to comprehend how they could have left me that way.

But now there was no more time for anger, as the still-shadowy form had turned away from the entrance, and had started creeping in my direction. As it came into the light, better illuminating its terrifying appearance, I realized that it was a dragon I was dealing with here. Seeing the horror on my face, it spread its wings out a little more, bringing them out to half their full span, which I guessed must be about six feet across.

I'd heard the tales of these fantastic and forbidding beasts before, but since nobody had actually seen one for quite some time, I'd assumed that they only existed in men's imaginations. Now I realized that perhaps the reason nobody had actually seen one of these creatures was because they never lived to tell about it.

As it slowly walked towards me, I backed away until I was stuck against the back wall, my heart pounding loudly in my ears. One strange thing about this dragon I managed to note, was that it walked upright on two legs, instead of crawling like the giant lizard it was supposed to be. It seemed that this creature had some aspects in common with a man, or more accurately a woman, as a small part of my already overtaxed consciousness noted the subtle feminine curves to the beast, her vaguely human form covered by the robe she wore.

She came to a stop about six or seven feet from me, standing there, eyeing me with a cold and carnivorous gaze. No matter how familiar the rough appearance of her body might have looked, there was no denying the alien presence in the creature confronting me; even if her form was vaguely shaped like that of our own, there was no trace of humanity on the lizard's face.

Her yellow reptilian eyes, with their slit pupils, stayed locked on me as I tried, to no avail, to bring my fear under control. She stood at about five and three-quarters feet high, slightly taller than me, since I'm on the smaller side of average. Her body structure was somewhat human, but her dragon attributes stood out quite well, reminding me just what I was dealing with. She ruffled her large wings ever so slightly, as if to illustrate that point, drawing my attention briefly towards them.

Her wings, like the rest of her body, were a medium to dark green color, with small scales covering every inch of them. They looked like they were attached to the upper middle section of her back, curving upwards to their peaks which lay level with about the top of her head, their gently curving bottom edges coming down to several points lying about half a foot below her waist. I could tell from the way they looked that they were extremely strong, and well she was not extremely muscular, she looked physically well prepared for the forthcoming battle.

The overall appearance of her head was reptilian, but also a little smoother and less pointed than might be expected; the front of her face coming down to her snout, with a small ridge lying near it's tip, in between her two nostrils. That pointed ridge was not alone, there were more of them starting up in the middle of her head, slightly behind her large pointed ears. The small trail of ridges continued over her head to disappear down her back, then reappearing on her tail; from what I could see of her tail, the small line of these ridges, no more than a raised region, trailed down to it's tip.

Her tail curved around from behind her, going to the floor, twitching and curling slightly near her feet. It too was of the similar dark green color, although the underside of it was a lighter hue, almost a pale green. She was wearing a light maroon robe, belted around the waist, which covered her arms to just about her elbows. The inside of her arms and her palms were the same pale green color as the underside of her tail, as was her neck, and the slight bit of her chest exposed by the small v-cut to the robe.

As we were staring at each other, sizing up our opponent, she silently snarled at me, exposing some of her teeth, their sharp points glistening in the flickering light. As if to complete the menacing scene, she flicked her forked tongue out around her teeth, giving me what looked like an evil grin.

I'd never been this scared before, my doom leering down at me as I stood there trembling slightly in my boots. I was determined to go out fighting though, I would not let my two and a half years of training at the academy have all been for naught. If I was to die, I would at least do it with dignity, and would maybe even be able to get in a few decent blows before the beast overpowered me.

I'd already unsheathed my sword and grasped it at my side. Breaking the terrifying moment, I brought it up to bare, trying to cover up my fear with a mean scowl of determination on my face, as I wished I'd thought to bring a shield along on this foolish journey.

She just looked at me for a moment, then brandished what I'm sure was a grin of satisfaction as I took a step towards her. All of a sudden there was a terrible pain in my right hand, my sword becoming burning hot. Screaming at the pain, I reflexively threw it to the ground, quickly glancing in surprise at my stinging hand.

Looking back at her with a look of helplessness and terror, she gazed at me coldly, then uttered her first words of the evening to me. "Well my dear boy, it seems that as well as facing off against a dragon, you're dealing with a sorceress too. Now if you don't wish to be roasted alive, I'd suggest that you remove your armor... and be quick about it."

I stared back at her in disbelief, both from her words, but also vaguely surprised at her act of speech, realizing she was more formidable of an opponent than the beast I'd took her for. Seeing the look in her eyes, I also realized that she meant business; as it was the best alternative, I quickly removed the chain mail I was wearing to protect my upper body. Dropping it to the floor near my fallen sword, I stood before her with nothing but the material of my shirt and breeches to protect me from her wrath. A small part of my mind registered that my hand was still stinging strongly. The current situation kept most of my consciousness busy, so the pain was, for the moment, bearable and ignored; there were much more pressing matters at hand.

"That's good" she said, seeing me comply with her demand. "You are a smart one after all. Now if you want to have any sort of chance at all to keep your hide intact, you'll come here before me."

Seeing as I really had no choice in the matter and that arguing would be extremely foolish, most likely angering her further, I slowly and numbly approached her. I found that I'd resigned myself to the situation, and that my only thought was the hope that she'd be quick and merciful with me if I cooperated with her. The five or six steps it took to come before her seemed to last forever, as if time itself had slowed down.

Finally standing before her, trembling quite obviously, I looked into her cool reptilian eyes, which seemed to hold no emotion, only calculating desires. She stood just barely an inch above me, but was still menacing, with all of her power and aggression. She brought up one of her taloned hands and placed it on my shoulder as I flinched, trying in vain to get away from her tight grasp. Feeling her talons press firmly against my flesh, I flinched as she instructed me to kneel before her. Doing so, I tried to bring my gaze downward, but she brought her other hand down, grabbing my chin and forcing my head up to meet her forbidding gaze once again.

She traced a couple of her taloned fingers on my neck as my pulse increased, my heart straining against the terror. She must have been able to feel my veins pounding as though they were about to burst, as the thumping of the blood rushing through my ears momentarily forced all other sounds out of existence.

Gripping my shoulder with her other hand, then relaxing, then gripping again, she demonstrated her strength to me, making me quite aware of my precarious situation. "What were you and those two cowards doing here?" she asked in a demanding tone, hissing slightly.

"Nothing," I stammered, my mind racing. "We were just exploring the mountains and came upon this cave... We were just curious..."

Digging her claws tighter into my shoulder and tightening her grip on my neck, forcing a gasp out of me, she repeated her question, with a more forceful tone.

"Okay, okay," I almost whined, my voice sounding quite pitiful with all the stress. "We were stealing some of your treasures... I'm sorry."

"That's better, but are you truly sorry?"

"Yes" I gasped in utter desperation.

"Hmm... I'm not so sure if you are. Are you willing to make up for this transgression?" punctuating the question with another brief squeeze of her hands.

"What do you mean? What do you want me to do... What are you going to do to me?" I forced out, my voice cracking, having risen several notes in pitch; some warrior I'd turned out to be.

"Well it's very simple my boy" she said, grinning at me again. "In repayment for your trespassing into my lair, disturbing my night, and attempting to steal my possessions, you will stay here with me for the next month. During this time you will be my servant and will do whatever I ask of you. Do you agree to this?" Again she squeezed with her strong grip and sharp talons digging slightly into me, causing the smallest of puncture wounds, the pricks of pain jabbing at my frazzled senses.

By that point my mind was a frantic jumble, and I was ready to agree to just about anything if it promised to keep me alive. I was too terrified to make my vocal chords work correctly, so I nodded numbly towards her, signaling my ready acceptance.

"Very good" she said, releasing the grip on my shoulder, easing up her hold on my neck. "How old are you anyway my boy?"

Forcing myself to breath slower, I managed to stammer "I just turned seventeen two weeks ago."

"Why you're just barely a man... but you'll do. Now since you've agreed to serve me, I will spare your life as I promised. You will stay here in my cave for the next thirty days doing my bidding. At the end of this time you will be free to leave... that is if you want to" she added with a strange, enigmatic smile; I could think of no reason why I'd want to stay a minute longer than I had to in this god-forsaken place.

Still dubious over her intentions, I questioned the sincerity of her promises, but seeing as I had no other choice, I decided it best to go along with her plans. With the immediate threat having passed, my fear was ebbing slowly, coming down to a more manageable level. Still frightened by the situation, I could at least think a bit more rationally, hoping on the small chance that I might be able to plan an escape.

Reaching into her robe, she fished out a strange band of shiny fabric, about an inch wide and just over a foot long. Its shimmering material looked like it had been woven from fine golden fibers, and it had what appeared to be a jeweled lock fastened to it at one end. "This is a very special collar, which you will wear while you are serving me here" she explained. "It is made of an extremely strong material, which can't be broken, so don't even waste your time trying. It will adjust to fit the size of your neck, but will not hurt you, that is as long as you cooperate. If you try and break the lock, or if you leave the cave, the magic in it will be set off and it will begin to heat up, just like your sword did," which briefly reminded me of my hand, still stinging numbly.

"When this starts to heat up, it will not stop with a quick burst, as I did with your weapon. Instead it will become increasingly more painful, finally turning white hot as you die screaming, your blood boiling..." she added, grinning just slightly at me as I shuddered at the thought. "This is just one of my methods of keeping you here, but if you obey me, and do exactly as I say, you will not be harmed... Now think this over very carefully. This is your final choice to make. By allowing me to place this collar on you, you surrender yourself to me for the next month. Are you sure that you accept this?"

Barely grasping the situation, I numbly mumbled yes, anything to keep her from getting angry at me. Once again she questioned me "are you absolutely sure?" as she traced her talons along my neck and under my chin. Again I nodded and mumbled my acceptance of submission.

She brought the collar down, and gently, her hands much gentler than before, wrapped it around my neck, closing the jeweled lock with a snap. The lock closed, the collar constricted, moving its grip to fit my neck, forcing an astonished gasp from me. The transformation complete, it fit snugly, but not tightly; with a sigh of relief I could still breath easily. The collar's snug embrace wasn't all that uncomfortable, I was however made aware of its presence against my flesh, cool at first, but warming quickly to match the temperature of my skin.

Grabbing under my arms, she lifted me up a bit forcibly, but not nearly as hard as she could have, to stand before her again, only trembling ever so slightly this time. "Good, now with that done you're ready to begin your service with me, but first remove your foot gear."

Staring at her, I hesitated, not comprehending the request. Still having a hold on one of my arms, she gripped it tightly. "I said not to question any of my orders boy, you don't wish to anger me, do you?" she hissed at me.

Her reproach forcing a reaction out of me, I reached down to quickly try and untie my boots. My progress was impeded greatly though, having to favor my burnt hand, the pain becoming more insistent now that my fear had receded some. Slipping out of the boots I stood barefoot on the rock floor, the marble cool and hard at first to my unprotected feet, but I soon grew accustomed to it. Walking would be bearable, thankful that the floors of her cave were finished the way they were, though my personal comfort was still the least of my worries.

"Good, you're learning fast. Now, give me your right hand." Hesitating briefly, I unwillingly complied, bringing up my still-stinging hand and offered it to her, shivering in expectation. Taking my hand in hers, her grip lighter than before, she held the palm upwards, then watching me with a softer look in her eyes, she gently laid her other hand on top of mine. At her touch, my hand was swept with a brief cooling wave, the pain flowing away from me, eradicating all traces of the burn from my flesh.

Looking down at my hand, I gasped in astonishment, not only from the power of her magic, but from the compassion she'd shown me. Seeing my reaction, she smiled at me, her expression softening, and released my hand. Holding it up for inspection, testing the movement of my fingers, my disbelief was satisfied, the effects of the burn really had vanished. Dumbfounded, I stood there looking at her, fighting conflicting emotions, feeling some small desire to thank her, but then considering she was the one who'd caused the burn in the first place. Her display of kindness was uncharacteristic, but I'd hold off my judgment on that for awhile longer, still having no idea what plans she had in store for me.

"Now come along with me" she interrupting my thoughts as she broke the silence with a much lower tone to her voice, almost compassionate and inviting. With that she turned to lead me down the passageway that had so recently become visible. Entering the passageway, it opened into a hallway, which she lead me down, holding a lighter, but still firm, grip on my right arm. She positioned me to walk slightly in front of her, allowing her wings room so they wouldn't hit me. As we walked, she brought her wing up against me, curling it around my shoulder, grinning at my reaction.

Walking down the hallway, we passed several rooms, many of them which were unlit, mysterious and forbidding in their darkness. The hallway itself was brightly lit with lights along the walls, spaced every ten feet or so. These were no ordinary torches, like the one in the outer chamber though, no they were some sort of magical crystals, glowing with a bright luminance, as if secret fires burned deep within them.

As she led me further on, deeper into her lair, I noticed that it was becoming warmer. The rise in temperature wasn't really uncomfortable, but was noticeable, it came as a welcome change to my bare feet though. Going onward, our surroundings reached the temperature of a warm spring day, a little warm for comfort maybe, but not unbearably hot.

Nearing the end of the hallway, we came to a brightly lit room which she guided me into. Not knowing what to expect, I was a bit surprised to see that it was a bedroom we'd entered. Confused by the situation, all I could do was follow her lead, letting her take me where she would, resigned to my fate, useless to fight against her will.

Her bedroom was very ornately finished, something expected in the castle of a nobleman, not in the lair of a dragon; then again, she did seem to have a fair amount of treasure lying around. The floor was covered with a soft plush carpet on the floor, a wonderful change from the stone against my feet. A couple of intricately-patterned tapestries hung on the wall, filling out the decor of the room.

The bed itself was huge, looking as if it could easily sleep three grown men, with room to spare in both directions. The mattress was big and soft, and the bedding appeared to be made of very fine-quality silk. Finally, the thick posts of the bed were made of brass which shined with a bright, polished glimmer. Her lair was certainly more refined than would be imagined from the stories of the dragons that had been told, but that did nothing to dispel my uneasiness

Silently leading me to the bed, she gently sat me down on it. Still confused by the situation, I didn't know what to make of it when she reached behind the headboard and retrieved a long, slender chain. It looked small, but was constructed from a metal that I'd never seen before. Judging from the power of her magic, I was sure the chain could withhold much more tension than a normal one of even twice its size. The chain itself was about ten feet long and was most likely securely attached to the wall behind the bed.

Seeing my puzzlement, she handed me the free end of the chain. "Now if you would be so good as to fasten this to your collar, we can get started" she said, pointing to the jeweled clasp holding the damn thing around my neck. Staring back at her in surprise, my fear began to rise once again. Looking into her eyes, they were slightly warmer now, but I could still see a glint of determination in them. Realizing once again that she was the one firmly in control of the situation, it would be better to go along with her requests. For the moment she was sedate, and I wanted to keep her that way, so after a moment's hesitation, I slowly reached out and took the chain from her.

It was extremely light, even for its size, though tugging on it experimentally between my hands, it was much stronger than it appeared. She gave me a questionable smile at that, sending small shivers running up and down my back. Finally resigned to the situation, I fumbled with the clip on the collar and managed to get it attached. Testing the bond, I was shocked to find it was locked it in place, more than just the simple clasp arrangement it had been, as if the chain had melded to the collar.

Staring back at her with uncertainty, I waited for her to pounce on me. Now that there was no way I could escape her clutches, I half expected her to lunge at me, dropping her facade, to begin the slow, torturous death which I was sure she had planned for me.

I was in for quite a different surprise, as she smiled at me again with a warmer look in her eyes, but also a subtle predatory gleam in them. Slowly bringing out one of her hands to my neck as I held my breath waiting for the first blow, she simply ran her talons lightly along my skin in a slow, almost ticklish movement. Taking a hold of my collar, she gently rotated it half a turn such that the chain lay behind me, out of the way.

Bringing her hand down to my shirt, she gave a gentle tug at the fabric, and with a light chuckle in her voice suggested "now, why don't you remove your shirt for me?" In a few moments of glimmering insight, the situation became clearer to me, understanding why she had chosen to bring me to her bedroom, and what my duties as her "servant" might possibly entail. No, that couldn't be it, another shiver tingling through my spine, this one however a mixture of both apprehension and slowly growing excitement, unable to believe the wild thoughts crossing my mind.

Unable to bring my eyes away from her gaze, I slowly, almost mechanically, undid the buttons of my shirt, opening it, sliding it off of my shoulders and letting it drop silently to the ground. Eyeing my bare chest, she quickly darted her tongue out of her snout and glided it across her teeth. I was in good shape from the daily exercise regimens at the academy and she made an appreciative comment of this. "You are a little short, but well muscled. You look like you are in good physical shape and will have plenty of endurance" she said with a slight chuckling hiss.

Her remarks adding credence to my growing suspicions, I was a bit alarmed by my reactions. True it was a relief to think I wouldn't end up as her supper or a trophy, a discarded relic amongst her possessions, but the thought of what she was hinting at kindled thoughts within me that I wasn't all that comfortable with.

Bringing her taloned hands to my chest she slowly ran her fingers over my skin, sending tiny jolts of sensation to my overtaxed brain, increasing both my uneasiness and growing excitement, shivering as she gently explored my flesh. Noticing that I was extremely ticklish down on my lower abdomen, to the sides, she delighted in sending me into small spasms as she lightly traced those regions of my body, working against me and my uncertainties.

Her talons were sharp, as I'd already experienced first hand, but she was quite careful and gentle with me. Running her hands across my bare flesh, I realized her skin was not scaly at all, but more like that of a snake, though not as leathery. In fact it was quite smooth and soft, and it felt quite nice, being touched like this, like I'd never been touched before. Even with my reservations, I couldn't help enjoying the sensations of her touch, even if it was her who was gently caressing me. Looking at her, her gaze locked to mine, I couldn't help but notice a softening of her features as she regarded me, a small smile playing across her snout.

Bringing one of her hands up near my chest, she lightly caressed me there, then with lightning speed, she slashed a single talon across my flesh, near my left nipple, just above my heart. Her movement was quick, and almost painless, but caused my to flinch, fighting against her as she held me down, my fear immediately resurfacing. Knowing her strength, I'd thought she was trying to go for my heart, and pushed against her, trying to get away from her grasp, before I realized it was a just superficial cut, releasing only a small trickle of blood.

Bringing her arm around my back as if to steady and calm me, she brought her snout down to the small wound. Darting her tongue out across my flesh, she slowly lapped at the small amount of blood there, as I watched with strange fascination. Her tongue was about half the width of a human's, and slightly thinner, but was a few inches longer and forked at the end, its contact felt slightly textured on my skin, but these new sensations were also strangely pleasurable. Again I noticed that the combined aspects of the situation were invoking feelings deep within me, as a detached part of my mind registered my slowly-growing arousal.

As she slowly licked every drop of blood from the small wound, her hand was trailing up and down my back. Trying to make sense out of the situation, I theorized this must be some strange mating ritual for her, and obviously not some carnivorous act, for prey had never been treated like this. Her continued touches, both from her hand and tongue, worked on my frazzled mind; even my uncomfortable thoughts of the situation were starting to ebb away at her gentle insistence.

When she was finished cleaning my wound, she pulled her head slowly away to look at me with unmistakable passion in her eyes and a smile on her face, a smile I began to find attractive. Glancing down at my chest, I was only slightly surprised to see that the cut was no longer there. I hadn't even noticed the healing magic that time; my mind obviously busy with other things.

Looking at her I felt a strange mixture of emotions, thoughts which were still a little hard for me to reconcile. My fear had almost totally dissolved since I'd realize that she had nothing harmful planned for me, but I was still a bit apprehensive at what lay ahead and of the implications of it. Looking at her I no longer saw a terrifying beast, but a strangely-attractive woman of a species I would have never have imagined in my wildest dreams. That bothered me a little, seeming quite strange for me to have those feelings for someone that wasn't human. Then again, her actions showed a being possessing both intellect and emotions, not to mention desires.

Looking at her body, the curves of it suggested by the robe cloaking her form, I realized she was proportioned much like what I would look for in a woman, albeit with several obvious differences. How I was seeing these differences was still a little surprising, for she was now more exotic than terrifying; gazing at her alien figure, I found myself becoming intrigued with the idea of seeing more of it.

I don't know how most people would have felt having been placed in the same situation, but I was rapidly becoming more agreeable with it. I momentarily though of Father John back at the academy, and how he would surely have had something very harsh to say about the situation, but seeing as he wasn't here, I pushed those thoughts from my mind. Anyway, I rationalized, I wasn't in charge here, as she was pushing me into this, so I might as well go along with it and enjoy the ride.

In the end, my hormone-soaked brain gave in to her effective persuasions and my body's arousal, and I decided that I did find this dragon-woman standing before me attractive. Even the forbidden aspects of the situation became exhilarating, mixing in with all my other confused and excited thoughts, feeling my arousal continue to grow; to hell with the consequences, what ever they might be. As if she'd been reading my thoughts and waiting for me to finally make up my mind, a delighted glimmer flashed in her eyes, as she brought her snout to my lips, kissing me deeply, deftly forcing her tongue inside my mouth.

Her forcefulness surprised me once again, but I was quick to react, letting my instincts guide me in my responses, fumbling at first, but then more purposeful as the heat spread through me. The feeling of her tongue against mine was both unfamiliar and pleasurable, as I felt more stirrings rising up in my loins. Bringing her other arm around me, she locked me in a tight embrace, her tongue fighting against mine. Her arms grasping at me, my hands soon found her back, and clutching at her, began to explore her form beneath her robe, feeling the small line of ridges running down her spine, tickling both my fingers and my mind.

Holding us together, she let the moments stretch towards eternity before softly disengaging from our kiss, stopping to lick at my open mouth before breaking contact. Pulling her head back slightly she looked at me again, gazing at me with those beautiful yellow eyes. Those eyes, which only a short time ago, had chilled me with their cold and heartless stare, now seemed to brim with emotions, pulling me in, loosing myself in depth of her loving gaze. With a small flash of bravado, spurred on by my swiftly-flowing blood, I leaned into kiss her gently on the tip of her snout, relishing the feel of her smooth skin against my lips.

No longer afraid of her, I had the time to leisurely take in the full beauty of her strange and exotic form, her body now driving my emotions in quite different directions than upon first seeing her step into the light. Now the hidden fullness of her body called to me from beneath her robe as my eyes wandered over her emerald flesh. The warmth across her face having replaced the deceptive mask of aggression she'd worn so long ago, I reached up to tentatively stroke one of her ears, her tongue darting out to play briefly across her snout at that.

Her wings drew my attention next, being her most-exotic attribute. Slowly bringing my hands up to where her they met her body, I carefully touched the surface of one of them. Smiling at my exploration, she spread them out to near their full span, opening herself up to me in a display both attractive and impressive, as I gasped softly at their beauty.

Gently exploring the folds of her wings, their surfaces were smooth and beautiful, like the rest of her skin, except for the few vertical ridges running through their length, supporting them. Tracing my fingers lightly over the ridges, I found them to be solid, not like bones, but with some flexibility, allowing them to flex with the movements of her wings. As I ran my fingers over her wings, she hissed softly as I tickled hidden pockets of pleasure buried there. Stopping at one of these sensitive regions, I stroked her as she'd done to me, her hisses now coming with pleasure, not with malice.

She broke the moment again with a quick kiss and pulled away from me. Standing up and taking a step backwards, she flashed me a toothy grin as she reached down to the belt at her waist, slowly unclasping it, letting her robe fall open slightly. Turning away from me so I could watch her at an angle, she removed her robe with torturous slowness, smiling at my impatient excitement. Pulling her arms out of the sleeves of her garment, she let it fall from her shoulders, while holding it to her front, her arms crossed against her chest. The back of the robe was slit from the middle of her back up to the neck, allowing her wings to poke through fabric where they joined her body, giving me only a glance of her beauty.

She stood like that briefly, giving me glimpses of her flesh, but teasing me by withholding her hidden treasures from my gaze, then finally she dropped her arms to her sides, letting the robe slowly fall to the floor. Quickly stepping out of it, extracting her tail from the small tangle of fabric, she turned to face me, bringing her arms up behind her head in a deliberate and seductive pose, leaving me gasping.

For all of the strangeness of her body, she was beautiful and exotic, her form both different and familiar, and I reacted favorably to seeing it displayed before me. She stood in front of me, bare-chested, clad only in the undergarments covering her loins, which appeared to be spun from the same golden fabric as the collar I wore around my neck was made of, the collar which I'd all but forgotten about. Her sole item of dress was quite elegant, with small jewels set in it, running around its upper perimeter, as it lay there shimmering against her emerald skin, cloaking the last of her treasures from me.

As I'd noticed earlier, but now paid more attention to the fact, the insides of her arms, running down to her palms, were of a lighter, paler green than the rest of her flesh. The patch of lighter color also extended down from under her neck, running along the front of her torso, and up the inside of her legs, to disappear underneath the veil of her gilded undergarments. Her long tail lay to one side of her, curled around in front of her feet, its tip twitching lightly.

Although much of her appearance was of reptilian beauty, her body was graced with human characteristics, her form a perfect melding of the two. There on her chest, only hinted at before, but now open to my gaze, lay her beautiful breasts, filling out her proportions much like any other woman I'd seen. Well, truth be told, I could only guess at that, only having had looking upon the fairer sex whilst they were fully clothed, never daring to steal more than a glance, that is, before tonight.

She was beautiful, her muscles toned, giving her strength, but subtly so, not disturbing her beauty, highlighting her exotic femininity. Her breasts supplementing her shapely body, they drew my gaze upon them, lying their proudly. With her hands behind her head, flexing her muscles, her chest pushed slightly forward, enhancing her smooth curves, her nipples pointing out, darker green fruits against the lighter coloring of her breasts.

She smiled at me, seeing the profound effect her appearance had on me, and she walked slowly towards me, her tail lightly swishing behind her, moving with the gentle sways of her hips. Reaching me, as I stared at her, dumbfounded by her beauty, she sat on the bed next to me. Taking my hand in hers, she placed it on the gentle slope of her tummy, just above her navel.

Hearing my gasp as I touched her exposed flesh she quietly asked if it was my first time with a woman. "Yes" I replied sheepishly, dropping my gaze from her, embarrassed. Taking my chin with her other hand she lifted my head upward to look at me with compassion, as well as a longing desire.

"That's okay, that's nothing to be ashamed of" she reassured me, her voice soft. "I will be a kind and gentle teacher with you, helping you gain your experience. Since you have a good amount of time to spend with me here, I will be very thorough with your education," she said with a smile. "That way you can serve me better" she added, licking my nose briefly in encouragement.

With that she brought my hand up to cup the warm flesh of her left breast, reveling in my nervous excitement. As before, my explorations were extremely clumsily at first, gaining my confidence slowly, learning skill at the new and pleasant task before me. Again she was patient, delighting in my explorations and growing confidence, as my fingers traced her supple flesh, nudging me occasionally, helping me to navigate the strange new territories. Gently touching her nipples, caressing her sensitive flesh, my other hand slipped down her back, exploring the region where her tail met her body, enjoying the small hisses of pleasure my efforts gave her.

At her subtle suggestion, as she gently guided my head to her chest, I tentatively flicked my tongue across her flesh, delighting in the smooth texture of her skin. Softly licking up the base of one her breasts, I slowly orbited in on her nipple, finally running my tongue over it, to her obvious enjoyment. By that point she'd brought her arms around me once again, to gently run them up and down my back.

Growing bolder, I began to nibble on her flesh, as she panted her approval, gripping my back a little tighter, still careful not to hurt me with her talons. With my mouth busy on her breast, as she clutched me to her, I brought my other hand down to my investigations of her tail, and started to explore her tight buttocks through the fine fabric of her undergarments, feeling them flex against my grasp.

Taking one of her hands and stroking my cheek, she guided my head up to meet hers once again, as our mouths locked in another earnest kiss. Afterwards, guiding me to a standing position, her hands fell to my waist, her fingers following the contour of the tops of my breaches against the naked flesh of my belly. Shivering in anticipation, I could only look at her with my longing, a prisoner of hers once again, but under much different, and pleasurable circumstances.

Slowly and deliberately, she began to trace the outline of my stiff manhood through the material of my breaches. The feelings overwhelmed me, reaching through the layer of fabric between us, leaving me light-headed as her touch sent electric shocks throughout me, to the center of my very being. Looking at me, a satisfied grin played across on her face, enjoying the pleasure she was bestowing upon me, confident in the knowledge that hers was the first touch upon my sex. Bringing her hands up to the tops of my breeches, she paused, to stroke to the ticklish regions of my lower abdomen once more, letting out a chuckling hiss of laughter as she saw me squirm under her control.

She struck fast as lightning, grabbing the material of my breeches and pulling on it, her talons shredding the fabric, ripping the clothing off of me in a flash of action, a momentary shudder passing through me. Tossing the scraps of torn fabric on the floor, she looked at me standing naked before her with a wicked grin on her face, showing a couple of her teeth ever so slightly. Gazing upon my exposed flesh, she whispered to me, the slight hiss in her voice intentional and erotic, "you won't be needing those for some time anyway..."

Eyeing her prize, she reached down to cup my balls, while gently caressing my cock with her other hand. Touching my needy flesh, lightly running her fingers up and down my shaft, she took great pains not to harm my tender skin. Drunk on the sensations of her gentle ministrations, I put my complete trust in her, realizing that she would not harm me, using her strength and power only as a show, as her loving hands showed me the hints of awaiting pleasures.

Having her touch my naked manhood was so much better than the dull feelings of her touch through the fabric of my breeches had been, and I scarcely missed the use I would have of them, now that they lay as tattered remnants at my feet. Rubbing the shaft of my cock ever so lightly, she paid special attention to the sensitive area under the head, the fingers at my balls caressing and squeezing gently. I stood there, most likely looking like a fool, but I was beyond caring, incapable of doing anything but soaking up all the wonderful sensations running through me, a slave to my beautiful dragon's attentions.

It ended too soon however, as she broke contact and stepped away from me, chuckling softly in a seductive way. Not understanding what could have gotten into her, I moved forward, matching her steps as she slowly backed away from me. It was then when I felt the gentle tug at my neck, and was suddenly reminded of the chain attached to my collar which now impeded my progress. Grinning at me, she took a few mores steps backwards, going just quite out of my reach as I strained lightly against the chain holding me from her. It was maddening as she stood there, just out of my reach, swaying slightly as her taloned hands began to slowly play over her body.

As she slowly traced the outlines of her belly and breasts, she enjoyed the tension she was causing me, smiling as my eyes reached out to her. Slowly, her hands covered every inch of her upper body, running up and down her sides, slowly tracing the curves of her breasts, circling in to brush past her nipples, and then lightly running a single finger around the top the rim of her exotic undergarments, hinting that she was about to remove them.

But she did no such thing, instead she continued her teasing display, just out of reach, as I felt my pulse quickening and my breathing becoming more labored, my loins burning with my desire for her. She then began to sway her hips lightly, moving her tail at the same time in a complex series of motions, as it appeared to take on a life of its own, twitching and coiling around her almost like a snake. Finally she topped of her performance by gently ruffling her wings in time with her body's movements, as her strange and evocative dance came into full swing.

Standing there watching her, my body and mind burning, she fluttered her eyes at me, darting her tongue over her teeth and across her snout. Locked in her hypnotic gaze, captivated by her movements, I felt like I was on the verge of collapse, when she slowed her movements, taking a step towards me, but still maddeningly just out of my reach.

Leaning forward, she caresses my chin with a single finger, and with a slight giggle in an sultry voice, she simply asked "so are you ready?"

"Yes... please" I managed to pant out.

"Well first there's something that I'd like you to do for me, and I'm sure that you'll enjoy it" she replied with a seductive grin, her fingers stroking my neck.

I agreed enthusiastically, having no idea what she had in store for me, but eager to find out. She stepped closer, reached her hand down my back until it rested on my buttocks, then squeezing slightly, she maneuvered me onto the bed. Having me kneel in the center of its great expanse, she slowly traced her hands down both sides of her abdomen, resting them lightly on the rim of her undergarments. Slowly running her fingers to her back she undid a hidden clasp and let them slowly slide down her legs to the floor.

Stepping deftly out of them she climbed onto the bed until she knelt in front of me, allowing me a better look at the treasure nestled between her thighs. Gazing down upon her exposed sex, another almost-silent gasp fell from my lips. I didn't how her nether regions compared to human anatomy, but the time for comparisons was over as I gazed longingly at her.

Guessing what she had in mind when she'd mentioned that special favor, I brought my hand up to her neck and slowly traced it down her length, pausing ever so briefly over her breasts, and then continuing down to her inner thighs. The slit of her pussy was hairless, like the rest of her body, looking closer, I saw the flesh inside was of a lighter color, slightly paler than the coloring of her front, her sex already glistening with anticipation.

Once again my touch was experimental, tracing my fingers around her outer lips as she let out a small hiss of encouragement. Slipping my fingers inside her to explore her secret regions, I worked to discover what gave her pleasure, watching her reactions and smiling when I stroked an especially-sensitive nerve, as she now squirmed slowly beneath me, our roles having been reversed. Continuing my dutiful services upon her, she rewarded me with her audible approval, moaning softly at my touch.

Bringing her hand down, she placed it on top of mine and silently instructed me to pull out of her, which I did as slowly as possible, making sure to brush against her sensitive regions just once more. Taking my hand in hers, she brought it up between us; at her subtle insistence and to satisfy my curiosity, I sniffed at my fingers, taking in her scent. The juices coating me held a musky smell, but pleasant and erotic in the knowledge of their secret origins. Giving into an almost instinctive urge, I brought my tongue out to lightly taste the alluring fluids; like its smell, her taste was new and exotic.

Licking at my fingers, her essence dancing on my tongue, she smiled at me, then brought her mouth down to my glistening flesh. Darting her tongue over my hand, she shared in the taste with me, driving me on, our tongues playing together over my fingers. Finishing, she leaned backwards, moving her feet from underneath her and reclining on the small mound of pillows piled near the head of the bed, spreading her wings out behind her.

Looking at me with expectation, a lustful hunger in her smile, she caressed her inner thighs with one hand, as she beckoned me seductively with a single finger of her other. Understanding, I moved slowly to her, crouching down and brought my tongue to her left leg, just above the knee. Working deliberately, as slowly as I could make myself go, I navigated my tongue along the inside of her leg, feeling her soft texture, licking and kissing at her flesh, until I reached the inviting warmth of her pussy.

Lightly at first, I ran my tongue along the outer ridges, then pulling back slightly, teasing in my approach. Sensing her impatience and growing desire as she pushed her hips upward, urging me on, I pushed ahead. Using two fingers, I gently spread her lips and eased my tongue into her, soaking up the sensations, the texture of her inner folds, the sweet spices of her nectar, hearing her breathing interrupted as she let out a slight gasp.

Playing with her slowly, my tongue lapped at her sensitive flesh, probing at the secrets of her sex. Licking at her, bathing the length of her pussy, her flesh soon glistened with our combined fluids, her nectar flowing freely to wash across my tongue. With her hands caressing my head and neck, stroking me softly through my hair, her breathing became more labored; I sped up slightly, keeping in time with her increased panting. A soft touch along my foot caught my attention, glancing backwards, I saw her tail moving to stroke up along my leg. Her hands guiding me back to the task at hand, I returned my attention to her, as her supple appendage found its way up to my buttocks, slipping into my crack, navigating downward to stroke the underside of my balls.

Finally, I sensed her breathing was becoming more erratic and realized she must be on the verge of her climax, the sensations overpowering her, forcing their way into the core of her being, much like I'd experienced for myself during a stolen moment of private indulgence. Feeling her insistence, I acted with increased vigor and fury, ravaging her tender flesh with my tongue, dipping my fingers into her. Finally throwing her head back and letting out a loud series of hisses, her whole lower body began to convulse. Gripping at my shoulders with her talons, she pulled me to her, scratching me only slightly, the pain forgotten as she released her nectar upon my waiting tongue, lapping eagerly trying to taste it all.

Her spasms slowly dying down, I let the assault of my tongue diminish, easing her along the waves of pleasure, then resting my head against her leg, as she held me weakly in her arms. Regaining her strength as the moments ticked by, she recovered and nudged me, both of us rising upwards to a kneeling position, as she gazed at me warmly. Finally when we were face to face once again, she whispered, still a little short of breath, "thank you... You were wonderful... and a very fast learner."

Smiling back at her, caressing one of her hips I replied, "well I do have an excellent teacher." Letting out a slight hiss of laughter, she brought her mouth to mine as we fell into another kiss, our tongues interweaving. Kissing her, our hands playing over each other's bodies, I lost myself in the moment, drinking up her presence, wishing it could last forever.

I never knew it would be like this, and never would I have imagined in my wildest dreams that my first lover would be this lovely dragon pressing against me. If tonight was any indication of the adventures that awaited me upon reaching full knighthood, I was in for an exciting life indeed, my hands playing over the emerald skin of my new lover, feeling the small ridges running along her spine.

Finally after a happy eternity, she extracted her tongue from mine, slowly breaking our kiss to look at me, a wicked grin on her face and her eyes gleaming wildly with her rekindled desire. Easing me backwards onto the bed, allowing my legs to slide out from under me, she pushed the chain holding me in the blissful prison of her boudoir out of the way, so it lay behind me, off to the side. She lay me flat on my back as I sank into the softness of the bedding, watching her as she slid her beautiful body on top of me. The sensations of her warm, smooth skin against mine sent millions of tiny shocks running through me, as I felt her weight pushing lightly against me.

Her breath hot against my cheek, she darted her tongue out and ran it along my ear as she slowly began to rub against me. The hardness of my cock strained in desire as she slowly touched the head with the lips of her pussy, pushing against me, finally letting me in. As her warmth engulfed me, I gasped, overwhelmed by the pleasure, wild bolts of sensations running through me; for a brief moment, I nearly forget to breathe.

She paused, mercifully stopping the onslaught of pleasure on my frazzled nerves, but only leaving them calling for more. Her breath once again hot on my sensitive skin, she whispered "be careful lover, we wouldn't want you to pass out now and miss all of the fun..." Starting out again, moving very slowly, she raised herself up to pull all but the head of my cock from her loving grasp, raking my nerves with every movement.

My body adjusting to the wonderful pleasures, she sank down on me, then moving against me, up and down, her rhythm growing with each glorious thrust, my cock sinking into the tight warmth of her glorious depths again and again. The moments passing, I regained my composure, my breathing becoming regulated, I began to move against her, in time with her thrusts. Looking up, watching my dragon crouching above me, I brought my hands up to roam across her lower back, caressing her tail and buttocks as she rode me with abandon, her wings beating softly with her movements.

Our rhythm progressing to both our enjoyment, our movements against one another picked up speed as she began to thrust with more power and determination. Nearing the edge of my impending climax, the last vestige of my mind left capable of any thoughts other than blind reaction to the pleasure struggled to keep from plunging into the abyss too soon, savoring the delicate and almost agonizing balance. Moments later, I felt her inner muscles begin to twitch, slightly at first, and then with building power, the walls of her pussy gripping me with her convulsions, I felt the first wave of my climax crashing over me.

Letting my breath out in panting gasps, I heard her hiss once again with her own pleasure, holding her tightly to me as I pumped my seed into her spasming depths. Coming down from the waves of our separate, but shared pleasures, she fell against me, leaning her head against my cheek, basking in our warmth. Lying there, the rush of adrenaline passed, I felt my desire fulfilled, drained and tired, I closed my eyes and reveled in her soft presence against me.

I don't know how long we lay there, I must have slept for a little while though, for the next thing I was aware of was her tracing her hands over my chest reviving me with gentle insistence. My eyes fluttering open to gaze dreamily at her, she smiled at me, and slowly ran her tongue over one of my nipples, the sensations awaking my sleepy brain. She stayed there for a few moments, licking me in small circular patterns, then began to lightly nibble on my sensitive flesh, the gentle nips of her teeth electric against my skin, she quickly got my full attention.

Finishing her ministrations there, she slid her tongue ever so slowly down my chest to my belly, and then to my cock, which was already stirring once again, awakening with enthusiasm as she drew the blood to my loins. Starting at my balls, she ran her tongue upwards, then wrapping it around the shaft, she washed every inch of me with delicate attention, making quick work of coaxing me back to full arousal.

My cock standing proudly before her, she gave me a few extra licks, looking up at me with rekindled passion in her eyes. Turning her back to me, she got down on her hands and knees, watching me over her shoulder, her mouth open in happy anticipation, she panted slightly, darting her tongue in and out of her snout, offering a wordless invitation for another round of play. Readily accepting her request, I rose from my supine position, crawling to kneel behind her, I saw her body offered to me, her back arched slightly, her lay tail twitching near my legs.

Leaning over her, I reached to touch her spine, starting at the small of her back and deftly ran my fingers down its length. Navigating the small trail of ridges, their textured bumps tickled my fingertips against the smoothness of her skin, sliding down the expanse of her back I came to her tail. Touching the extension of the spine, sprouting from the sea of emerald skin just above her buttocks, I began to follow its course, trailing down behind her, its thickness dwindling as it receded from her, reaching down to its finely-pointed tip.

The line of ridges continued down her tail and I delicately traced their path with my fingers, traveling its whole length, while she twitched it against me, coming alive in my hands. Reaching the tip, I began the repeat journey along its paler-colored underside, this time however, lightly dragging my fingertips backwards along her skin, which elicited small hisses of appreciation from her.

Finally the long journey was over and I came at last to the base of her tail. Lifting it up I ran my fingers along the inside of her buttocks, playing briefly with the puckered bud of her anus, then reaching downward to caress the warmth of her pussy. Holding her lips apart with one hand, pushing her tail off to one side with the other, I pushed against her, slowly entering her once again.

She thrust her hips greedily back against me, anxious to get me inside. Making love from this angle was a yet another wonderful and new experience, the sensations slightly different, and just as powerful as before. Holding onto her hips I pushed madly at her, overtaken by my passion, spurred on with the control she'd relinquished to me.

She too was more anxious this time around, and thrust backwards, matching my enthusiasm and vigor as I drove deep within her. I could feel the pressure inside of me building fast, and I knew that I would climax soon, riding her with the same energy as she'd done to me. Unable to slow my progress, conserving my power to prolong the pleasure, I grabbed her hips tighter, pushing into her with abandon, driven by the passion building inside of me.

She must have been feeling the same powerful forces building quickly within her too, her breathing matching mine, for as soon as I began to pulsate inside her, my senses exploding, her own powerful climax hit, milking all of the fluids of my essence out of me, as I collapsed, panting heavily against her back.

The rest of the night passed in a blur of passion and wondrous sensations. Her desire seemed boundless, as I happily struggled to satisfy her, my youthful vigor just barely enough to keep up with her carnal appetite, my own desire quenched and rekindled again and again.


* * *

At some point I must have blacked out from the physical workout and my over-taxed senses, for the next thing I remembered was slowly waking up to the feel of her gently caressing my chest. As consciousness came slowly back to me, I opened my eyes, letting my vision focus, and saw her sitting next to me, propped up on some pillows, her wings tucked neatly against her sides.

"Good morning lover" she said as I reached out to caress her hips. "You had quite a workout last night, How do you feel?" she added as I returned her smile.

Scooting up on one of the pillows, I felt mildly drained from the previous night's frolics, but more sated than exhausted. "Kind of tired... it was a bit much for my first time" I replied looking into the warmth of her gaze.

Chuckling slightly she agreed, "yes, I guess I was a bit hard on you last night... but you did enjoy it didn't you?"

As if she'd needed to ask, I answered her by rolling my eyes in a comical expression, feeling at total ease with my beautiful lover, as if I'd known her for ever. Laughing back at me she continued, "I'm glad you had a good time lover, I was hoping you would. To be honest though, I do have to admit that I was also a bit tired after our romps last night. It's been quite awhile since I've had that much fun, and it was quite a pleasure having such an energetic young buck grace my sheets." Her look one of warmth and adoration, I beamed with pride, smiling at her compliment, as she traced a single finger along my chest.

"Your performance was remarkable, especially for a beginner. I can tell that once you have a few more lessons, you will be quite the lover. Especially if we can work on building your endurance up. Anyway, we have plenty of time to conduct your training... but first, you must be famished, and I can't have you passing out on me." Reaching to her side, she retrieved a plate containing fresh fruit and pieces of smoked meat.

She took great pleasure in feeding me each separate morsel, as I eagerly grabbed it from her fingers with my mouth, slowly dragging my lips and tongue over them. After finishing what must have been the best meal of my life, I began to feel my strength returning, and with that I noticed my arousal awakening too.

She too was aware of that, as the small tent began to form beneath the silken sheets. Grinning at me, she trailed her fingers towards it, to gently massage me to a full erection. The combined sensations of her fingers and the fine sheets rubbing against me stirred new desire within me, as I lay back, enjoying her attentions to me. Reaching up, she slowly dragged the sheets off from me, again causing a wave of beautiful sensations, as I was exposed to her once more. She then surprised me by reaching up to my forgotten collar and effortlessly unhooking the chain from its magical lock, dropping the gilded lengths behind the head board.

"Come on, we can take our morning bath together" she suggested, and I couldn't have possibly agreed more, letting her lead me out of her bedroom, down the hallway to another large chamber. Inside lay a large pool, possibly ten feet in diameter, set into the marbled floor. Leading me to smooth steps, we stepped into the warm swirling water together, enjoying the sensations as it slowly crept up our bodies.

Leaning me against the smooth wall of the pool, we both sat down, the water coming up to just below our shoulders, her breasts half submerged below the waterline. Sitting there, letting the warm currents gently massage my body, I melted against the support of the wall. Grabbing a washcloth and soap from the edge of the pool, she lathered it up, then gently washing my face. Dipping the cloth in the water she rinsed the suds from my skin, leaning in and kissing me with a deep and slow passion.

Maneuvering her to a position next to me, I too grabbed a cloth and began to slowly lather up her breasts and abdomen, paying careful attention to her hardening nipples. Then at my suggestion, she spread out her wings and let me give them a thorough and tender washing. Running my hands over them, I marveled once again at her exotic beauty, again the melding of human and dragon forms striking a chord deep within me.

Leaning up against her, I put one arm behind her, around her waist and enjoyed the feeling of her strong arms as she embraced me. It was quite clear that we had the whole day to enjoy each other's bodies, so we had plenty of time to be slow and gentle, stretching out the passion.

In fact, not only did we have all of today, I realized with a twinge of excitement that we had a whole month ahead of us, and what a month that was going to be, I smiled in anticipation. Perhaps when my time with her is up, we could re-negotiate our contract...

Copyright 1994, 1996, Will A. Sanborn -

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