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Mia's First Doggie

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My first time with a dog began when I was 17.

My neighbor Dave had ask me to feed his dog while he was on a week long vacation. I really liked his dog Ruppert anyway. He was a large Bull Mastiff and Lab mix brown almost chocolate brown in color.
He was a very fun dog, but sometime's put his nose in my crotch.
I agreed and dave gsve me the key to his house and told me where to find Ruppert's food, treats, and leash.
The first night after dave had been gone for several hours I went and unlocked the door and proceeded to feed Ruppert. I then took him for a walk to let him do his thing. When we returned I gave him his treat and we played around wrestling in the family room. As we were wrestling Ruppert kept putting his nose in my crotch and sniffing. I pussed him away anf told him he was a bad dog. He just looked at me with big puppy dog eyes and went over to the couch to lay down. I noticed that he had started licking his doggy cock.
I saw that there was about two inches of red meat showing from his sheath. I went to the couch and started petting his head. I also looked at his doggy cock getting bigger. I was curious now and reached down to touch it. It was very hot in my hand. I fondled his hairy balls with one hand and stroked his cock with the other. He was huge by now. I got frightened and stopped and went home. I went to bed that night thinking about that huge cock. My cunny was getting really wet and I put my hand in my panties and made myself cum. This was only the second time in my life that I had cum. I went to sleep with a smile on my face thinking of Ruppert.

The next morning I went over to feed and walk him again at around 11:00 am. When we returned we wrestled again and Ruppert kept going for my crotch. I told him to stop and he looked at me with a curious why look. I then saw his cock hanging down out of it's sheath about 4" this time. Then I remember my orgasm. I wasreally curious now. So I took him to the couch and rolled him on his back.
Then I reached down and touched that hot poker again. It felt so hot and big. I stroked his cock and balls like I was doing the night before and he kept getting even bigger about 8" by now. I was getting really horny too! I wondered how it would feel in my mouth
and leaned down and licked the head. It was salty tasting but not repulsive at all. Ruppert start humping up toward my face so I took some of it in my mouth. He start humping my mouth and I started playing with myself as I sucked on his cock. His pre cum tasted really salty, but I liked it. I was really getting horny now and so was Ruppert. I got up and took of my very wet summer shorts and my tank top. Ruppert got off the couch and started licking my cunny. God did he make me hot. I was about to cum when Ruppert decided to knock me on the couch face first. I was shocked, but very horny. He tried to mount be from behind, but his cock was poking me all over the place and he hit my ass hole. I was really scared then, so I reached between my legs and grabbed hold of his cock and guided it to my cunny that was now dripping wet with anticipation. He finally found hi mark. He thrust into me with one hard thrust and broke through. It felt great and so fucking hot. He start fucking me faster and then I felt my hymen break. I could smell the blood that was running down my legs as I was sprawled over the couch cushions. He started pistoning into my cunny with lost abandon. I was feeling faint, but he kept hamming my now sore cunny. I finally relaxed and let him fuck me, then I felt something even bigger at my opening and it slipped in. I almost fainted right then, but the hammering was really turning me on as his balls were now slapping my clit with each furious thrust. I was cumming again and again. Then I felt his cock explode inside of my womb. Gush after gush of his hot semen thrust into my womb, and me having multiple orgasms one after another. He finally calmed down and tried to pull out of me, but he was stuck. I told him to stop but he turned around and tried to walk away still inside my tight cunny. God it hurt. He dragged me into the middle of the room and turned his head back to lick  at my cunny as he was pulling. This went on for about twenty minutes and I was cumming over and over as he licked. Finally it popped out with huge gush of air and his cum flowing out of me, but we were free again. Ruppert licked himself clean and then came over and cleaned me as I was so exhausted and lay limp on the floor. we both feel asleep on the floor right where we were. I woke up at about 6:00 pm with Ruppert nudging and licking my cunny again. His tounge felt good on my now swollen cunny lips. He was making me cum with his tongue. I then realized that my parents would be wondering where I was. I got up and kissed Ruppert's cock as it was dangling from it sheath and told him he was a good dog. Then fed him a steak I found in the fridge. I petted him and hugged him and told him i wold be back in the morning.
I went home and snuck into the shower before my parents saw how beshevled I was. As I showed I put my fingers in my cunny and realized that Rupert had Stetched my cunny wide enough for me to get my fist into my cunny.I finished showering and went and put on my PJ's and a summer robe. I had dinner with my parents and they asked me where I had been all day. I told them that my freind Amy and I took Ruppert to the park and we chatted all day. I told them that we planned on doing this everyday  or the rest of the week.
When I went to bed I was sore, but I was smiling to myself thinking of Ruppert and that magnificent COCK! I slept like a baby.

I woke early and returned to Dave's place again with wonton anticipation as to how ruppert and I were going to fuck the day away. We had several session's that day and all that week.
We has fucked in several ways. One with Ruppert on his back on the floor and him fucking him with wild abandon. I sucked his cock several times through out the week and loved the taste of his hot sperm and the feel of it in my tummy.

 Dave returned as planned and paid me and ask how ruppert and I got along. I told him we had lots of fun and kissed Ruppert on the forehead and started to leave, but Ruppert whinned and made me turn and pet and kiss his head again. I whispered in his ear that we would do it all again someday.

A few days later Dave invited me over for a visit with Ruppert.
Ruppert kept nuzzling my cunny and Dave said that he sure has a thing for you. I turned red and sadi yes, I guess so. Dave said no I mean he really loves you, and I think you know what I mean as he held up a DVD and a small computer camera. I was really embaressed now. Dave said no need to be embarassed because I have it all right here on this DVD.

He black mailed me and now I do Dave and Ruppert at least once a week. I have turned into such a slut that dave is now bringing freinds and their dogs into the action. I love having my snatch fucked and ate by both man and BEAST!


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