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Mountain Vacation

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Every couple of years I like going to the mountains for my vacation. The place I go to is on a 1000-acre farm nestled in the mountains. It has a log cabin and a huge secluded lake and it is just perfect for my dogs and me. Since it is so far out in the country, I can often tan in the nude or walk around nude because the closest main road is 5 miles away. I can see anyone approaching far before they arrive at the cabin.

Well one day, I was outside tanning in the nude and fucking myself with my dildo. All of a sudden, my dogs start to bark, I look, and there is this Great Dane walking up to the cabin! As I watched the dog come closer, I was amazed how beautiful it was, although very dirty. I did not know whether it was a stray dog or belong to someone. The dog must have smelt my sex because it walked right up to me and started sniffing me.

I was just sitting there with the dildo still in my hot cunt when I reached out to pet him, which he seem to love the attention. As I was petting him, I realized how dirty he really was so I slipped the dildo out of me and went inside for some shampoo. When I returned, the dog was playing with my dogs. I took the water hose to where he was and I started to give him a bath. I began to lather him up so I could get him all nice and clean.

When I got to his underside, I began to gently stroke and massage his furry sheath as I do my dogs. As I did, a pink tip began to emerge growing longer and larger. As he began to swell and become more excited, so did I. I have never messed around with a stray dog but I was starting to get horny so I continued stroking him, which he did not seem to mind. The more I rubbed him, I noticed some clear liquid squirting out all the while I manipulated the Danes cock. There seemed to be a never-ending supply of his fluid and I knew it was just his pre cum.

The more I stroked his cock, the bigger it was becoming. It appeared to be 8-9" with a knot beginning to form at the base of it. His cock was now completely swollen and purple with pre cum still squirting out the tip. I knew then I wanted him so I gently reached under him and took his cock into my mouth. The dog began to hump my mouth with animal like instincts. I was holding onto to his knot, which was the size of a baseball as he fucked my mouth. I was in awe and could not believe the size of the dogs cock and knot. Most of all I could not believe the effects it was having on me! My pussy was absolutely soaking wet! I could feel my juices flowing like a river out of my cunt, down my swelling lips and I could feel my clit hardening.

I knew I had to have this Great Dane fuck me and I think the Dane also had other thoughts. I got down on all fours, wrapped a towel around my waist and the Dane came up behind me and started sniffing and licking my pussy. He immediately tried to mount me. With his huge throbbing purple 9"cock swinging between my legs, I reached back and guided the beast’s swollen cock into my pussy. He began to hump me, instinctively driving his cock deeper into me with each thrust.

As he drove his cock into me, I lowered my head down and raised my ass. The knot was now banging away at my pussy trying to gain entry! Stretching my hole with each thrust, he drove deeper and then it was in! I screamed with pain, with pleasure as the Dane tightened his grip, and fucked me harder. It was a blur watching the beast thrust his cock deep into my pussy. My pussy was soaking wet now! After I do not know how long, the Dane then stopped humping me and just laid across my back, unable to dismount me. The Danes knot finally pulled out, his cock just came free from my pussy, and what seem like gallons of his cum literally ran out of my pussy. I was mesmerized at the amount of cum the dog had injected into my pussy.

After that, it was a marathon of pure raw animal sex!

I began walking around the house nude, letting my new lover follow me while I kept my dogs outside. I let my new friend smell my womanhood every chance I could and I could feel myself responding each time his cold eager nose brushed against my clit. I then placed a towel on a nice reclining chair and let him have at my pussy while my legs were spread wide. He gave me many satisfying orgasms. Each time I noticed his cock beginning to emerge from its sheath while licking my pussy. One lap with his tongue between my swollen lips and they were spread apart and my honey was flowing.

I then began to reciprocate the favors massaging his cock to full length and thickness and examine the size of his knot and as I said before; his knot was the size of a baseball. I would let him lick my pussy and then jack him off and let him squirt his cum out in my mouth. After that,
I took him in the bedroom and put these little bootie socks on his paws. I then got some pillows, a mirror and some towels because I wanted to see his swollen knot go into me!

I spread the towel out on the chair that reclines, sat down and spread my legs as wide as I could. I then leaned back to enjoy what was coming next! A nice long tongue that would easily spread my lips apart and allow my clit to stand out proudly from its hood. The Dane approached and sniffed my cunt carefully this time somehow knowing what he did earlier that day.

He then began to lick my pussy, the anticipation I was having was now being tended to. I reached down and pulled my lips fully apart to give him full access to my womanhood. My lips were swelling and my clit was beginning to make her entrance by peeking out from her protective folds.

I looked down and watched intently as I stretched my lips as far as I could to let him have at my beautiful pussy. He was licking me and tasting my delicious pussy juices mingled with his big load of cum he deposited earlier in my now spasming pussy. I was now on the verge of cumming and cumming hard. I was pulling my pussy lips apart hard and stretching them upward to expose my fully erect clit. Orgasm was fast approaching. I began to shudder and thrust my hips as my pussy began to spasm in uncontrollable spasm as I finally erupted. When I finally came back to earth I looked down to see his cock half out of it's sheath.

I got off the chair walked to the couch and sat on the floor in front of it. As he approached me, I reached out, grasped his cock, and started to gently stroke him, while he stood very still. More of his cock began to emerge from its sheath and he began to swell. I reached down with my other hand and slid two fingers into my sopping pussy. I then brought them up to his nose then to mine. I pulled him closer to me. His cock was now squirting his pre cum. I lowered my head to his swelling cock and took him into my mouth. He immediately began to hump my mouth squirting his pre cum on my face and in my hair. It was somewhat watery but did not taste too bad.

His knot was swelling larger it was much bigger now than I had originally thought. It was slightly larger than a baseball and his cock was at least 10". After letting him fuck my mouth for a few minutes, I could tell he wanted more and so did I! My pussy was aching with anticipation now. I managed to stand up and walk to the end of the couch, place a towel over the cushioned arm, then bent over the arm. I already had the mirror in position so I could watch. He immediately came over, sniffed my dripping pussy a couple of times then lunged up on his rear haunches. He began thrusting his huge cock between my legs instinctively looking for its target.

His pre cum was squirting all over my pussy and ass, lubricating his bitch. I looked down between my legs to see his huge, thick cock swinging around. I could not take it any more, I had to have him! I reached down between my legs and gripped his hot pulsating cock. My knees were shaking in anticipation. I guided him to where he wanted to be and where I needed him. I slid his red-hot cock back and forth between my hanging lips and brushed it against my throbbing clit.

The excitement of having this unknown stray dog was so intense I was shaking. I needed to feel this wonderful dog cock in my aching cunt! I guided his cock between my hanging lips into my hot cunt a few inches then let go. He sensed me and knew immediately what to do. He drove his thick cock into me and it felt like a red-hot poker. I came immediately. He was fucking my pussy with lighting speed, rising higher on his rear legs I came a second time. I looked into the mirror to see him hammering into me.

I could feel his knot and see it trying to gain entry into my now well-fucked cunt. I lowered my head some more and now he could bury his knot! I wanted to feel that baseball sized knot swelled up in my pussy, I was not going to be denied any pleasure. His knot was rubbing my erect clit and would progress further into me with each thrust against my wet swollen pussy. My juices were flowing out of my pussy. I relaxed my pussy muscles and looked in the mirror just in time to see and feel his knot enter me! I was now his bitch and I loved it. He raised himself as high as he could to bury his knot and his seed.

I could not believe the speed at which he fucked me with, even my dogs never fucked me this fast. He was pounding my pussy and he began to tighten his grip on me and pull me closer. I knew what was cumming! As he injected his hot cum into my greedy cunt, I had another orgasm that racked my body. My cunt muscles were clenching around his knot, holding him tighter in me as he deposited his cum deep within me. I could feel jet after jet of his hot cum and it was hot! He was filling me up with his hot cum. I was cumming again too.

I was lightheaded and delirious with pleasure; my pussy was tingling from all the pleasure it was receiving. He then stopped moving and tried to dismount me but his knot still had us locked together. I found that if I slowly rotated my hips it would stimulate my clitoris. I actually lost count of the orgasms I had but each was better than the one before. Whew, it was amazing sex.

His knot finally did pull out after 20 minutes. I hated to feel it go. The amount of cum that ran out of me was unbelievable. I watched as gob after gob of cum, mixed with my sweet pussy juice ran down my legs and dripped off my hanging cunt lips. It was really hot to watch. I sat on the edge of the couch with a towel under me and watched as he licked and clean off his spent cock. He then approached me and proceeded to clean off my well-fucked pussy loaded with cum. I obliged by pulling my heavy lips back and let him bring me to yet another shuddering orgasm. I looked down at my red swollen cunt lips and smiled, for I knew there would be more before I left for home. I was already thinking about a fuck marathon with my new canine lover and my babies!


To be continued...

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WOW ! I hope this is part 1. Can't wait for part 2. You can tell us more about the Great Dane & your dogs or you can review the past & tell us about your own dogs [which you have't even described yet]. Either way, I anxiously await part 2.


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