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My Girlfriends Daughter

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Cass (short for Cassie) my girlfriend was 35 and had long black hair, and looked a lot like Cher. I had been seeing her for a month, and everything was going great. The only problem I had was her 17 year old daughter. Ebony was a little bitch, she did everything possible to make life awkward between me and her mother. What made it worse, she was one of the most beautiful girls that I have ever seen, and she knew it, her skin like her mothers was a light bronze colour, and she also had long black hair, and her tits where not that big, but looked firm, and I don't think she wore a bra much when she went out. she made a point of walking around the house in next to nothing, and then telling her mother that I was staring at her. Cass just laughed at this, saying well he is a man, what do you expect.

Well one Friday night Ebony came storming in the house, slamming the door behind her, we had expected her to be staying at her friends for the night, so we got quite a shock when she turned up.

Ebony sat herself down, Cass asked her what the trouble was. It turned out that her best friend had been seeing her boyfriend behind Ebony’s back, mind you, if she treated him like she treated me, I don't blame him. Cass told her not to worry, there are plenty more boys around, and it wouldn't be long before she found another.

Cass told Ebony that we where going upstairs for a bath, and to put a DVD in to watch if she wanted. When upstairs I asked Cass what are we doing? I thought we where going to have a bath later, I just thought that Ebony would like some time on her own, all right I said good idea.

We went into the bedroom, and stripped off, l gave Cass a hug and kiss, and had a quick feel. But because Ebony was downstairs I didn't go any further, the last thing I wanted was to give her something else to moan about.

Cass ran a bath, and got in, and I had a shave, I didn't want to make Cass sore with my whiskers, that's if I got a chance to get near her pussy.

When we had finished, we both got dressed I put on a bath robe, and Cass put on a big night shirt.

As we was going down stairs, Cass stopped me, listen she said, we could hear moaning and groaning coming from the lounge, it sounds like my daughter is enjoying herself Cass said laughing. As we stood there listening the sound made me horny, thinking of her brat of a daughter fingering herself, It must have had the same effect on Cass, as her hand came back, slipped into my robe and grabbed my stiffening cock, you naughty boy, getting a hard cock thinking about my daughter.

I put my hand up her shirt and rubbed her arse, sliding my finger down so it rubbed her pussy, Cass opened her legs and I pushed it into her sliding it in and out, stop it, we will have to see what Ebony is up to.

So we crept downstairs, went into the room, Ebony was sat with her legs open, fingering herself, and playing with her tits underneath her top. But it was what she was watching got my attention, it was a girl with a dog between her legs, the dog was licking her pussy, and she was playing with his cock.

Ebony saw us then, she shrieked switched the film off, shut her legs and went bright red. Where did you get the film from I asked, it was in the cupboard she replied, no it wasn't I shouted, its not mine, Cass got hold of my hand, sorry its mine. I got it after watching some films on I looked at Cass, I didn't even know she liked this sort of thing.

I sat down, Cass sat next to me, Ebony hadn't spoke, she actually looked like she was going to cry. Cass asked are you mad? No shocked, have you seen the film? No, I was going to watch it with you tonight.

Well then if its all right with Ebony we will watch it, Ebony looked a bit shocked, so I said, you might as well stay, we have caught you now, she blushed and said all right.

From where I sat I could see Ebony's legs, but now they where tightly closed. Cass started the film from the beginning, I was surprised, I had never seen anything like this before, and wondered where Cass had got the idea from, the film started with a young girl watching a porn movie. She soon had her hand up her shirt, playing with her pussy, next she took her panties off, and opening her legs played with her clit, rubbing it, pulling it with her fingers.

Off course sitting there watching this gave me a hard on, and I had to arrange my robe to stop my cock showing itself.

In the film a dog had come into the room, and was pushing his nose into the girls cunt, trying to lick it, the girl was pushing him away, but in the end she moved her hands and let him lick her. Moaning and groaning with pleasure she really seemed to be enjoying it, putting my hand onto Cass’s leg I started to move it up towards her pussy, Cass grabbed my hand and pulled it onto her beautiful shaved pussy, I couldn't believe how wet she was, I slid two fingers into Cass and started to finger her.

Looking across at Ebony I could see she was watching, so I pulled them out. Cass said what's a matter? Ebony is watching, Cass looked at Ebony and said, you can play with yourself if you want, you was before we came in, so carry on. Ebony coloured up, but opened her legs and putting her hand down inside her knickers started to rub her pussy.

Cass grabbed my hand and put it back onto her pussy, finger me fuck me with your fingers, her pussy was so wet I soon had three fingers in her, furiously fucking her wet pussy, Cass put her hand inside her night shirt, playing with her tits, she was moaning and groaning with pleasure, pushing herself down onto my fingers. Cass got hold of her night shirt and pulled it over her head, she was now completely naked.

Ebony had taken off her knickers, and was watching the film and her mum, she was pushing two fingers in herself, she had a gorgeous shaved pussy, just like her mother. Cass opened my robe, and leaning down took my cock into her mouth, running her tongue round the head of my cock, playing with my balls, gently squeezing them.

Take your clothes off Ebony Cass said, lets see your body, I was surprised, without any problems Ebony stood up and took off her top and skirt, her body was beautiful, her tits where not that big, but they stood out proud with no droop, and her nipples stood out and where large, her legs where muscled and toned, and like her mother she had gorgeous skin colour, that looked like she had just come in from sunbathing, she sat down and with one hand fingering herself, the other was playing with her tits.

As she pulled her fingers out of her pussy she put them to her mouth, and looking at me licked them clean of her love juice.

Cass was still sucking my cock and I was still finger fucking her pussy. Ebony gave out a load moan, and looking I could see she was watching the young girl playing with the dogs cock, it was quite big, about 7 inches up to the knot.

Do you like that Ebony? Yes, its so dirty, look how big it is. Cass looked up, getting up she said I will be back in a minute, Ebony stood up and sat next to me, getting hold of my cock and running her fingers up and down, gently, sending shivers down my spine, I put my hand on her pussy, she opened her legs to give me better access, I have always wanted you to do that, that's why I have being such a bitch to you Ebony said, when I finger myself I dream its you fucking me.

I was shocked, I thought she was a bitch, but all the time she wanted me.

Cass came back into the room, but she had Rex her Doberman with her, Rex was already trying to lick her pussy, as she led him into the room. You two look happy, so I will play with Rex.

Ebony and me watched as Cass sat down, opened her legs and let Rex lick her pussy, Ebony said O GOD she going to fuck Rex, I had never been so turned on in my life, I had a beautiful young girl playing with my cock, and her gorgeous mother was sat in front of me having her pussy licked by a Doberman.

As we watched Cass put her hand down onto Rex’s cock, sliding his sheath up and down, as if she was wanking him.

I was fingering Ebony with two fingers now, and I could feel her pussy tightening on my fingers, her legs closed trapping my hand as she had her first orgasm. She pulled my head to hers and kissed me hard on the lips, forcing her tongue into my mouth, as she writhed on my fingers, my hand found her tit and I grabbed her hard nipple, pulling it and pinching it. Twist it, pinch it, make it hurt, Ebony said in my ear, she screamed IIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMMM CCCCCUUUMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNGGGGGGGGGGG, her whole body tensed and shook as she came, shit that was good she said as she gasped to get her breath back.

Cass had got most of Rex’s cock out now, and had got onto her knee’s taking his cock into her mouth, it was so hot watching, it was just animal lust on cass’s part, her eyes where glazed and I could see the look of lust on her face as she sucked Rex’s cock.

Cass was moaning and groaning, she lifted up her head, looking at us she said I want his cock, I want him to fuck me, help me please help me. Rex’s cock was fully out now, it was massive, at least ten inches, and very thick, Ebony looked saying look how big his cock is, mum will never take that.

YES YES shouted Cass, I want all of that big cock in my pussy, I want him to fuck me. We got onto the floor near Cass, moving Rex behind Cass, as soon as he smelt her pussy again he licked it, making Cass groan with pleasure, Rex moved closer to Cass, and rearing up tried to mount her, he had a paw either side of her waist, and his massive cock was trying to enter her.

Rex was having trouble finding cass’s pussy, so Ebony reached out and guided Rex’s cock in, as soon as Rex felt it enter he pushed hard, Cass screamed as half of his cock sank into her, Ebony asked her mum are you all right? Do you want him too stop? NO NO she shouted, rex was pushing hard now, fucking Cass really fast and hard, Cass was screaming IIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMCCCCCCCCCCUUUUUMMMMMIIIIIINNNGGGG oh my god its great, she was covered in sweat, and her body was shaking uncontrollably as her orgasm shook her.

I was so hard watching this I grabbed Ebony, and pulling her arse to me, got up and sank my hard cock into her soaking wet pussy, so Cass was getting by fucked a dog, and I was fucking her daughter doggy style. Ebony must have thought it was hot, because she was pushing back onto my cock matching me stroke for stroke.

I could see Rex’s cock as it pounded into Cass, pushing her across the carpet with the force, his claws had scratched her sides bringing blood as he sought for grip, but Cass was oblivious to this as she screamed, groaned and moaned in pleasure, we could hear Cass saying good boy Rex fuck me fuck me, the knot on his cock was getting bigger, and it was going in and out of her pussy, stretching it as it forced it way in and out.

With one last push Rex locked with Cass, I could see her pussy lips as the knot pulled them out. Cass was still on her knee’s but her arms had given way, and her head was on the floor, she was babbling and moaning and seemed to be having one continuous orgasm as she knelt there.

Rex let out a loud howl, Cass screamed HE'S CUUUUMMMMIIIINNNGG its so hot, its filling me, IIIIIIIMMMMMMMMM CCCCCCCCCUUUUUUMMMMMMMINGG AGAIN . Rex collapsed onto Cass both of them fighting for breath.

Ebony was still riding my cock, but she stopped turned round laid on the floor, and said fuck me, I want to see your face when you fuck me, I got on top of her pushing my cock into her gorgeous pussy, as I pounded into her I kissed her, both of us moaning into each others mouths, I knew it wouldn't be long before I filled her with my cum, and said to Ebony baby I'm going to cum, yes yes so am I cum in me baby fill me with your cum, I felt her pussy convulse around my cock as she sank her nails into my back, pulling them down from my shoulders to my arse as she shouted I'm cccuuummmmmmmmiiiiiiinnnngggg, that was enough to send me over the edge, and I pumped my cum into her, sinking my teeth into her shoulder, as I shuddered with the power of my ejaculation

Cass was still locked with Rex, she was still moaning, but we couldn't understand what she was saying.

We both got up, Ebony coming into my arms as we watched her mother, Ebony kissed me saying I wont be a bitch to you anymore, as long as you promise to keep fucking me. I'm too old for you Ebony, I like older men, and I wanted you from the first time that I saw you. I didn't know what to say, so I just kissed her, saying we will have to talk to your mum,

Cass let out a loud scream as Rex pulled himself out of her, Cass collapsed on the floor, her legs open and cum leaking out of her pussy, Rex cleaned himself up licking his cock, he then went to Cass and started on Cass. No Rex no more I cannot take anymore.

Ebony and myself sat on the sofa with my arm around her until Cass got her strength back, laughing she said I think I need a shower, I am all sweaty and sticky, and I heard what you said Ebony and if you want him that's all right with me, I can get all the cock I want with Rex now.

So Cass went for a shower, and me and Ebony went to bed together.

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