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My Horse, Chep

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 Lily had spent all of her life on her grandparent's farm. She helped take care of the small dairy farm that kept her family going through the years. When she turned 14, her grandfather gave her a colt for her birthday. Lily named him "Chep" and was so ecstatic, she promised her grandpa that she would always take care of him.


   Next Saturday was Lily's 17th birthday. She sat in the stable next to Chep's stall and brushed his tail thinking about what she might want for her birthday.

  "What do you think would be a good present for me?", she asked Chep. He whinnied rubbed his nose against her shoulder.

  "I know silly, I have you and that's good enough.", she giggled.

  Lily finished brushing Chep's tail and decided to work on his mane a little. Giving his nose and ears a good scratch, Chep whinnied again in approval.

  "You're such a cutie!" she said, giving his nose a little kiss. Lily stood on her tippy-toes to brush Chep's mane while still scratching his ears. Bobbing his head up and down; Chep nudged against Lily's breasts. Lily backed away a little after feeling the tiny sensation.

  "H-hey now... Chep that's not nice." Lily murmured was blushing now. Even though it was only a slight twinge, Chep's little nudge was enough to make her nipples erect.

  Lily shook her head and kept on brushing, focusing her attention away from her hard nipples. Chep nudged her breasts again, gently pulling on her shirt with his teeth and Lily gave a slight groan.

  "S-stop now. You're supposed to be a good horse." Chep tugged a little more and pushed his nose into her left breast, causing Lily groan a little louder.

  "What in the world is wrong with you today?", she asked shaking her head again. Lily was very sensitive to touch and could already feel herself growing moist.

  C'mon now, get a hold of yourself Lily.

  She walked around to the side of Chep and gave his back a brush. Chep was neighing, tossing his head back and forth. His movements made his member sway from underneath him. Lily stared; mouth open. She had seen Chep's erection before, never like this though.

  For some reason, Chep's member kept growing, throbbing. Lily found her knees growing weak and her juices starting to drip in her pants.

  "'re so big. It's beautiful." She admired the pink and black patterns along his member, and the large veins throbbing up and down it.

  Without thinking, Lily extended her hand and caressed the large, round head of Chep's organ. It felt so hot in her hands. Every time she felt it throb, Lily let out a tiny moan. Undoing her pants, Lily slipped her hand into her soaked panties and began playing with herself.

  Why is this making me so excited...? It feels so good just looking at it.

  Reaching her first orgasm, Lily grabbed tight to the long shaft of her horse's member and began to stroke it. Lily moaned loudly into it, burying her face in its hot length as her clit throbbed in sync with Chep's cock.

  "Oh God...It's so good..!", she moaned in pleasure.

  Panting, Lily lied there on the straw; Chep's cock still in her hands.

  It felt so good... I wonder what it will feel like to have him touch me

  Lily took off her pants and panties and continued stroking Chep's organ. He didn't seem to mind at all being handled by Lily. He tossed his head back and gave a little nod at her. She giggled a little and guided the head of his cock to her soaking clit.

  Instantly, Lily moaned and arched her back, feeling the heat from the tip cover her pussy.

  "It's so hot...I'm going to melt.."

  Rubbing it up and down her clit, Lily moved herself underneath Chep and began teasing her entrance with his throbbing cock.

  "Ohh, more...More! I'm gonna cum..."

  Chep took that as his que and pushed himself into Lily. She covered her face and screamed in the pleasure and agony of having her horse's cock inside her. Rocking her head from side to side, she bit her lip and moaned Chep's name.

  "'re so big! Go slower, slower please... Oh God it feels so good...I can't stand it!" Lily grabbed her breasts and licked at her nipples as she came on Chep's firm cock.

  Lily gripped Chep's legs to brace herself as he thrusted his cock deeper into her, neighing just as loud as Lily moaned.

  Oh God...he's getting harder. It feels so good.. Please don't stop Chep. Fill me, fill me!

  Chep pushed his cock in as deep as it would go in Lily's pussy and spurted his cum to heat her insides. Lily's legs and clit shook; feeling the hot and thick cum pour into her.

  "So good...This is amazing...", she moaned out of breath.

  Chep shoved himself in a little deeper to push the last drops of his cum inside her. When he pulled out, Lily reached down to feel it spill out of her gaping hole. She scooped it up and rubbed her clit and nipples with it, making herself reach another orgasm.

  After cumming again, Lily cleaned herself up, got dressed and went back to brushing Chep.



This was my first attempt at a story. Helpful comments are most welcome. 



I thought it was great. It would really be wonderful to grow up on a farm. I would love to suck on a horse cock but I don't think I could fit it inside me. I'll bet you have had some expierances with a dog. Tell us about them.

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