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My Secret Fantasy

ladiesman123 on Animal Stories

I was sitting on my living room floor, it was 6pm in the evening and I was home alone. I was thinking about my girlfriend and the things we'd done in the past.

I had a semi-erect cock (about 8 inches at full length). My cock wasn't bad for 15

I jumped as the phone wrong and jumped up to answer the phone.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Baby its me, Im at the stable, my dad hasn't seen me, come over."

That was my girlfriend, shes 15 too, she hung up before I could say anything. Feeling so erect and knowing we could be alone I quickly put my trainers on and ran to her house. Now my girlfriend, well, I'll let you decide what she looks like. This is a story right?

When I arrived my girlfriends farm I quickly made my way to the stable.

"Ashley?" I called out. There was no answer...

There were no lights so I couldn't see a thing. But suddenly a glow of a lamp appeared at the back of the stable.

"Baby over here."

I quickly ran over and saw Ashley completely naked. My quickly got a hard on.

"I have a surprise for you." she said. I began to get excited.

I sat down on the hay and waited. She always liked me to close my eyes in surprises.

Suddenly, I heard her enter, and she wasn't alone. I opened my eyes and saw her with a horse. The horse had a hard on!

"What the fuck!" I said.

"Sh..." she said walking over and grabbing my cock.

"You will enjoy it." she gave me the wink I couldn't resist. Intrigued, I sat back down.

"Get your cock out and you can watch us."

I quickly unzipped my trousers and slowly rubbed my hard cock.

My girlfriend climbed underneath the horse and slowly licked the end of the horses huge cock.


Panic arose, it was her father! He was calling from out the house.

"Stay here!" she said quickly shoving on some clothes and ran out of the stable.

The situation was akward, I couldn't take my eyes off the horses huge cock. I looked at the stable door and couldn't care less.

I slowly bent down and grabbed the horses cock and licked the end of it. The horses cock was racing! I took my own dick and began slowly tossing myself off.

After a few minutes of licking I slowly eased the horses cock in my mouth. The horse was soon ready to shoot its hot load in my mouth.

I wanted the horses cum. I wanted it bad! I used both hands and tossed off the horse whilst sucking as much of its cock as I could. The horse quickly shot hot streams of cum into my mouth. It was too much! The cum spewed out of my mouth and all over my stomach and cock.

"What the fuck are you doing!?"

I looked up shocked. My girlfriend was standing there with an angry face...


Hope you enjoyed it. Expect more to come...

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