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My first k9 experience

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I love kinky things. Bondage, spanking, K9 and horse.
You must be thinking to yourself, “How did a suburban girl come to like such a taboo ‘country’ thing?” well, pull up a chair and I will tell you how. It is short but sweet.
How did it happen?
One day my friend, we’ll call her Sara, and I were watching porn in her bedroom when her dog, we’ll call him bob, jumped up onto the bed with us. He started sniffing around and humping the blankets, I watched him and said to Sara, “You have one weird and horny dog!” she just laughed at me and replied, “It’s his one joy in life, just let him be.” I laughed with her and went back to watching the porn.
Bob finally lay down between us and dozed off. Sara and I were really getting into the porn and she was sitting there fingering her twat so I thought, what the hell, and started doing the same to my own. I hadn’t even gotten my panties down before Bob had his nose right up my skirt. “Bad Bob! Get away! No!” I tried to get him out from under my skirt. I looked to Sara for help but she was just sitting there laughing at me "You might as well just let him sniff, he isn't going to do anything. Well, he might lick you. He likes to eat pussy. He eats mine all the time." I just looked at her and gaped. Here is my best friend and she lets her dog eat her out! Gross!
“Uh, um… how about another time…” I tried to push Bobs wet nose away from my tawt.  “Oh, c’mon,” Sara said, “It feels really good. He isn’t going to try to hump you like the blankets, he doesn’t have any gonads!”  She giggled again, putting her hand on my thigh. “C’mon, I’ll suck on your nipples if you spread your legs…” How could I refuse that!? Sara knows how I love to have my tits sucked on so I spread my legs apart and let Bob sniff my pussy. I could feel his cold nose hit against my clit and I let out a small moan. Sara started to suck on my left nipple as Bob started to lick at my pussy juices.
His long tongue felt so good as he licked my pussy. He licked from top to bottom, stopping only to eat out my hole (which was soaked from my juices). Sara continued to tease my nipples until I couldn’t take it anymore and squirted all over Bob’s snout and all over the bed. Sara giggled as I lay there, trying to catch my breath.
Bob licked me clean, licked himself, than ran out of the room. Sara and I laughed and went back to watching the porn. We never talked about what happened, and nothing happened with Sara in the room again. Bob and I have had our little moments after that time, but not recently.
After that I went home and downloaded a bunch of movies and masturbated to them all night. I would love to try a big dog. Let him eat me out and fuck me till my pussy was sore and he came in it. Filled me up with his doggie cum. I would love to try a horse too! I heard there is soo much cum I would love to bathe in it!

Hope you like it, more to come ^^

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