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My first time with the family Horse, Buckle.

Pretty_Princess on Animal Stories

Hello everyone, my name is Carly, and I'm 20 years old, I'm quite a regular reader of these pages, aswell as a massive beastiality fan myself, I get so turned on by reading these stories that I very often want to experiment for myself, but I never act on it, until yesterday, and after my experience, I just had to come on here and write about it for you all to hear, I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did giving you this story, and it definately won't be the last.

I live in a very quiet part of England, although a very high class part of the country, I won't go into detail about what my father does, but he's managing director of a very large builders merchant, of which name I won't divulge, and we are quiet wealthy, living on an isolated, large country manor house with a vast amount of land, and a barn, with pens for 8 horses, which is silly because we only have one, which is even more silly, is that its not a riding horse, its a Shire Horse, so.. its pretty massive, anyways, enough about that, onto my story..

It all started yesterday after noon, when I got home from college, no one was home, so like I do everytime I come home, I turned on my computer to check my e-mails, having done that, I decided that seeing as though no one was home, I would get myself off, I decided a nice animal story would do the trick, and having clicked onto the webpage, and started rubbing myself, the craziest thought came into my mind, and I looked out of my bedroom window at the barn, I stopped rubbing myself and thought "noo.. that'll never happen" but all of a sudden, I had this massive urge, I bit my lip and pulled my hand from my underwear, licking my fingers as I do everytime I play with myself, I looked back at the story and I closed my eyes to discourage myself from the idea, but I was hooked, I stood up, and took a deep breath, and in a really corny lame way, said to myself "lets go have some fun", my bedroom is on the third floor of the house, and I had the biggest smile all the way down to the back door, just as I reached the back door I grabbed the handle, and then stopped, and thought to myself, what the fuck am I doing, and I almost turned around and went back to my room, but my curiousity got the better of me, and I opened the door and proceeded to the barn, its summer time in England right now, so the barn doors were wide open, and that created a problem for me, if I closed them, people would wonder why they were closed, and investigate, stuck what to do, I decided to leave them open, and I made my way into the barn.

Instantly as you walk into the barn, the first pen on the left hand side, is where Buckle is kept, I don't know how long we've had buckle, I don't ever remember back a time when he wasn't in the barn, but I know he's younger than me at least, although he's fed, watered and very well maintained, he lives a very peaceful life these days, I often feel sorry for him, like he's wasting away, so today, I thought I would give him a little treat, having read countless animal stories before, I had a general idea of what to do, although I felt like an idiot, first of all I stroked his face and talked to him, made sure he was ok, he is walked on tuesdays and thursdays, so in between he still wears his reigns, this was handy for me as I've read that a horse can cause serious injury, so I made sure Buckle was tied to his post, and then like a little girl about to open her christmas presents, I lowered myself down to my knees underneath him, I'm not a very big girl myself, but compared to Buckle, I was tiny, being under the horse and just inches away from his cock, it actually wasn't as sexy or as glamorous as the stories make out, pulling a complete blank, I didn't know what to do now I was under him, so I just reached up to the sheath of his cock and started to rub at it, it didn't feel particually nice either, after a few minutes and nothing happened, I was almost ready to give up as I thought I was doing it wrong, but then all of a sudden, Buckle shuddered, and I felt something start to move against my hand, with my eyes pinned to his sheath, suddenly Buckles cock started to extend outwards, I couldn't believe the thickness of it, his cock was easily three or four, maybe even five inches thick, and as it continued to extend, and extend, I started having second thoughts about this whole idea, I stopped rubbing at his sheath and for a minute or so I just stared at his length, totally amazed at the size of the thing, I had never seen it before, I mean, why would I?

Although I didn't want to put my mouth around it, as I actually thought that was kind of gross, I reached up and wrapped both my hands around Buckles monsterous shaft, my hands didn't even fit all the way around, it was warm and leathery, and I could feel his pulse through his cock, my eyes traced the length of his cock, and although I didn't even think of it at the time, Buckle was being extremely well behaved, my hands rubbing at the giant length in a half hearted manor, after snapping out of my daze, I remember what I had come in the barn to do, and I pulled a hand away from his shaft, and slipped it down into my pink panties, I was only wearing a small pink skirt and a low cut top, as I said, its summer, so its hot, but to my surprise, I was already soaking wet, my panties were soaking with my juices, I pulled my fingers back out and had a good taste, I have a thing about having to taste my juices, even though I was eager to try and get Buckles length inside me, I knew I would never get him inside my unless I did a little work, so I proceeded to push two fingers straight into my pussy, but I was so wet they just glided in, so I pushed in a third, and after a minute or so, I had all four in my soaking wet hole, after bringing myself to orgasm, I had another good taste, and I stripped down, completely naked, and I stood up, my inner thighs totally soaked with my own juices, I wondered how I would do this, and then I remembered we had an old wooden bench with a padded top, I do live on an old farm remember, I don't know what it was used for, but it was perfect, and also extremely heavy, and in another unused pen across the barn, after spending a few minutes dragging it to Buckles pen and pushing it underneath him, which he didn't seem to mind at all, by now, his length had withdrawn most of the way, so I had to rub at him again so that he would extend his cock to the full length.

After I had done this, I took a deep breath, and by now, there was no question about whether I was going to do this, so I moved under Buckle, and I decided to bend over the padded bench so that Buckle could enter me from behind, after shuffling the bench back into the right postion, I bent over and stuck my ass up into the air, I reached back and grabbed Buckles cock, who was still behaving perfectly, him bucking into me did worry me alot, I didn't want to have to explain to people that I had internal injuries from fucking my horse, nether the less, I firmly gripped at his length, and I rubbed and nudged it up against my tight little entrance, to try and soak the head in some of my juices, obviously I couldn't pull him towards me, so as I pushed the giant head up against the entrance of my hole, I was shocked at how large he felt, I was amazed at his size, but I wasn't going to stop, shuffling my way back, Buckle started to move slightly, but nothing serious, as I kept pushing back, I almost felt him pop into me, and I stopped sharply and grit my teeth as the pain was intense, biting my lip I didn't know if I could take it, but I thought to myself, "he's in, just keep pushing and it'll get better", so taking my own advice, I pushed a little more, and then a little more, still holding his cock, using my hand to jam more and more of Buckles cock inside me, after about five minutes of this, I felt the head of Buckles cock bottom me out, and as I laid there, impaled, I released my hand from his shaft, and I just moaned like a whore as I could feel his cock shifting around and pulsating inside me, his five inch thick cock was now so deep it was making a bulge on my tummy, or so it felt like anyways, as the pain subsided, I decided to try and move.

Just as I moved my body, so did Buckle, moving himself closer to the wall in front of us, and in doing this, he rammed his cock so deep inside me it almost felt like he was moving my organs, reaching back I placed my hand right at the entrance of my hole, and slowly I pulled myself off of his monsterous length, my legs felt wobbly as I stood up, but keeping my hand wrapped on his length, I could tell how much he had inside me by how much of his cock glistened from my juices, I couldn't believe me eyes when I realised it was at least close to a foot, maybe a few inches off, and this turned me on alot, so very quickly I made my way back under Buckle, and within a few seconds, I had pulled up his monster cock and allowed him to plow into my tight hole once again, I almost felt like his bitch, like he could do anything he wanted with me, and I'd be powerless to stop him, after grinding myself down onto as much of his length as I possibly could, I brought myself to orgasm after orgasm, I don't know how long I was fucking him, but I finished school at 1:30pm, and next time I saw the clock it was 3:30pm, long before then though, just as I was reaching my seventh or eigth orgasm, Buckle started to move slightly, not in a dangerous manor, but just one I didn't recognise, then I understood what was going on, as I felt a very hot sensation inside my pussy, confused as to what it was at first, it wasn't until I felt something run down my leg that I had realised Buckle had orgasmed himself, and with almost a foot sunk deep into my pussy he had filled me with cum, the feeling was truly amazing, I could actually feel it leaving his cock and filling my pussy, this causing me to orgasm at least twice more, but after he was done, his cock then started to withdraw from my pussy, and there was nothing I could do about it, so I kneeled down on the floor next to him, and watched as the cum started to ooze out of my pussy, my god it turned me on so much I just had to taste it, so I pushed a finger into my pussy, instantly covered in Buckles appreciation, I pulled my finger up, and closed my eyes as I put it in my mouth, instantly I loved it, it was warm and creamy, it has a very odd bitter taste, but I definately liked it.

Now I was just going to wait for him to recharge, but then then the craziest thought since my last craziest thought came across my mind, as I was already feeling like the biggest slut in the world, I wanted to try something new, but I knew I needed something first, so quickly putting my top back on and my skirt, not even my underwear, I ran out of the barn, and back into the house, running into my parents room, I went into my mums bottom draw, where I knew she had some lube, grabbing this I sprinted back downstairs and flew out towards the barn, never had I been so excited to go into the barn, as I got in there, Buckle had barely moved, and I didn't even move the bench from underneath him, I thought, oops.. anyways, I noticed his cock had completely withdrawn back into his sheath, so I got straight down onto my knees and started to rub, within just a few seconds, out came Buckles giant cock, and without even thinking, I moved my head forward to meet it, and instantly wrapped my lips around the head, which barely fit into my mouth I might add, moaning like a true whore I absolutely loved the feel of his giant cock in my mouth, still able to taste cum from the previous encounter, I got so carried away with sucking at his huge cock that I ended up jacking him off too, and I must have enjoyed it so much, that I lost track of time, but luckily Buckle reminded me, as once again he started to move strangely, I was aware of this, but for some reason, didn't move my head, and then I paid the price as my mouth and throat was filled with hot creamy horse cum, although I swallowed the massive load he had shot down my throat, I couldn't take anymore, and he finished off by covering my neck, chest, and breasts in sticky Buckle love, I looked down into my clevage to see a puddle of cum caught in my top, pulling my shirt from my skin, the puddle the ran down my tummy and onto my skirt, which I them swiftly removed, licking my lips, I swallowed the rest of the cum still in my mouth.

Taking the bottle of lube, I sat in a postion that exposed my asshole, squirting some of the lube onto my hand, I then started to rub it at my asshole, I was surprised how well this stuff worked as in just a minute or so, I could get all of my fingers into my asshole, but just to be sure, I fingered my ass for a good few minutes on the floor, using more and more lube as I did, then taking a huge wad on my hand, I moved up underneath Buckle once again and using only my mouth, took his giant cock into my mouth, then slapping my hands to either side of his cock, I coated the whole length in lube, just to make sure he would go in easy, after making sure that Buckle was lubed up to my satisfaction, I've always loved having my ass fucked, or fucking my own ass, I love anal and this was something that I thought would end my time with Buckle perfectly, I was a little worried about how much it would hurt, but I put that to one side, as I moved myself back under my new best friend, I felt his cock jump up between my legs, I was amazing at how well behaved he had been through this whole experience, once again, I reached back, and took his cock in my hand, it was slippery from all the lube, but I held it tight, pulling him up towards my asshole, I paused for a second, but then thought I had come this far, so I might aswell do it, and I did, shuffling back some more I felt his giant head bump up against my tight asshole, oooh it felt so good to have him that close to being inside me, I found it quite hard to pull him inside my this time, as his cock was slippery, but I kept going anyways, and I started to feel him push his way into my asshole, at first it felt amazing, but then as he started to sink deeper inside me, it started to hurt, alot, so I stopped for a second, and reached down for the lube, and I reached back and squirted some more down my ass, this worked perfectly, and although it still hurt alot, he slid inside me with ease.

Feeling that the head of his cock was now firmly inside my ass, I just stopped and laid there for a minute, unable to believe how much his cock had stretched out my poor asshole, but strangley enough, it felt like that was all of him I could take inside my ass, as if I had bottomed out already, wiggling my ass a little I reached back once again, and started to draw him inside me, and to my delight, I could fit even more of him in my ass, than my pussy, it was just how tight my asshole was that made it feel like I couldn't take anymore of him, now as I laid there, impaled by this giant horse, I knew I had taken more up my ass than I did in my pussy, but I wasn't about to pull out and measure again, for about five or ten minutes, I just laid there, with him up my ass, I was so relaxed and it felt so amazing, I must have been in such a daze, because I didn't even hear my dads Range Rover drive up the gravel path to our house, he must have gone inside, and just asumed I wasn't home, because he never even came to the barn, when I finally realised my dad was home, I panicked and started to pull myself off of Buckles length, but the feeling of his five inch thick shaft dragging its way through my body was the most amazing thing I have ever felt, and I orgasmed instantly, sliding myself back down onto his length, I took another foot on his monster cock, only to slide myself back along it again, I could feel my pussy almost dripping with cum now as I continued to slowly sldie my body up and down his shaft, letting him use me as a toy, it was the most amazing thing I've ever felt to feel his cock impale me so deeply, but then as I came for the fourth or fith time, I felt him shudder like he had done before, and I knew he was about to cum, so I stopped moving as I didn't want it to end, but it was no good, and once again I felt the amazing sensation of this gigantic horse pumping his load into my asshole, although this time none ran down my leg, I guess my asshole was too tight around his shaft for any to escape, I almost cried when I felt his mightly length inside me start to shrink in size, and then all of a sudden his length fell free from my asshole, and with it, a giant gush of cum run down the back of my lengths, once again my legs felt very weak and I kneeled down under him, with cum now drippng from my asshole, and even still my pussy, as I realised that he had cum in all three of my holes, as his cock withdrew almost completely, I laid down on the hay on the floor, with the biggest smile on my face.

After I laid on the ground for five or ten minutes, I got up, and my god were my holes sore, I managed to push the bench back into the unused pen, then I quickly grabbed some fresh hay and sprinkled it down over the patches I had covered in cum, and although my clothes were completely covered in Buckles cum, my dad was home, so I had to put them back on, as I did, I walked round and untied Buckle from his post, giving him the biggest kiss, I actually left the lube in the pen, but hid it behind a wooden board, making my way back into the house, I quickly darted up to my room, luckily my dad was in his office, I put my clothes in a plastic bag and then put them in the trash, then I took a long hot shower, and although I tried to get myself off, I was so sore I didn't finish, after my shower I went and laid on my bed, still with the biggest smile on my face, just thinking of the soonest possible time I could get back down to the barn alone, so I can write you all another story.

I hope you enjoyed reading! Muwah! XxX



That story was fucking grrrrreat best by far i carnt wait for the next hot horse story's keep them cummming i wished we lived close so i could help you to suck Buckle' massive horse cock. I am male.


Oh my god what a story.My first wife got me involved with animals. When her horse came on me I was buried under his cum and she would wash me off with his piss using his cock like a hose from head to toe !


I love that you have the confidence to share these experiences with people and that for the most part you do not seem to be ashamed by them. these three stories are by far the best i have ever read. you are an inspiration to younger people who may not feel comfortable with their sexuality just yet. it has taken me a few years to realize that it is normal to want animals sexually even if it is not accepted morally by most. i am hoping to see more about your experiences with Buckle. until then feel free to email me


Ok I will have to admitt, This was a fucken awesome story. I have been reading animal sex stories for a while now and I find them to be so very stimulating. You have a great way of writing and you get me so turned on. I have always wanted to try something like that but never had access to any animals in my life. I also don't know how that would work if the horse is really that big. I am a Bi-Sexual man but I don't know if that thing could fit into my ass. I would just like to be able to feel it and maybe even suck it. I love anal sex and I can fit some pretty big things up there but with as big as you describe this thing to be I just don't know if it would fit. I hope that you keep writing stories and if you would ever like to chat about anything and everything, doesn't have to be about sex, than please write to me.

I am a very easy person to talk to and I have quite the interesting mind if you are willing to listen to it. So don't be shy as I would love to talk and get to know you.

Just a thought,




I thought my story was great about fucking a horse! urs was incredible! i cant wait for the next one... o and i hope u can read my story i dont think its near as great as yours but id like your opinion!


Giving a rating of 5 is an insult to this story... it deserves a lot more.

And girl you r gr8. Can you send me some videos if u dont mind.

I loved animal sex but this one is the best i av ever read. U just blew my imagination apart.

Plz do contact

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