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My little Secret

Joytoy on Animal Stories

Our marriage had been fine fun and exciting in all ways and sex was never a worry we both had a hearty hunger for it in all ways. I had one secret, I kept to myself afraid he would freak if he found out. So I kept it to my self well me and my buddy.. You see buddy is a 6 year old husky. We have fun offend while hubby is at work.
  It started one day two years back. I was online looking through porn sites looking for something big, You see I love big cocks anything big to use. So while searching for monster size cocks, I pulled up a bestiality site. I was like wow, I can't believe this the more I looked the hornier I got. Started to play with my self and looking for more on a daily trend now.and then in time I got the idea to try it..I would   lean back  on the chair and called my dog Buddy over and pushed his nose into my twat , Well buddy licked once and looked to me like yea what now... Well, he did not seem interested so I read up on it more and found if you put peanut butter there he would lick more. Yeah so out came the jar and my fingers started sliding it on my clit my lips my ass and inside I really enjoyed working it inside me. After that I called buddy over and let him lick it off my fingers, then guided him to my pussy again. Yes, he started licking like mad. the feeling of that long wet tongue drove me crazy it did not take long for me to find my first orgasm with buddy's hot full big tongue. I looked down and still not a hard on under the dog. I was like "what the ..." He moved and licked himself and his chops wiping up my cum from his tongue. I dangled my fingers into me over and over creaming them well and held it out to buddy he did lick it liking it is seemed anyway.
 It was then my hand reached under him and I started stroking him slowly at first then harder till that red tip started to show. Now I had his interest you bet I turned and parted my thighs sliding under him wrapping my mouth around the tip licking and sucking him. slowly his cock came out I was shocked to see how long and thick it was. Oh and yes he was leaking precum. I tried to get buddy to 69 me but he was not interested but he was humping my mouth. I sucked and stroked then suddenly after his whines started he humped and pumped a hot load into my mouth. Oh wow I half gagged and then half of it spilled from my lips down my tit's. You better believe I loved it. Buddy was done he went to his bed and licked himself off and then went to sleep which left me to lay there and smear his doggie cum all over me. I was so turned on I played with my self over and over. The next day I could not wait for I pulled out the peanut butter again buddy knew just what to do this time. He licked away at my pussy and make me come again right away ... Oh God feeling his tongue in my cunt sent me mad but he was licking harder even after I cam it seemed he was cleaning me off good. I looked down to grab him to stroke him to get him hard again and for another cum bath but he was already hard this time, and leaking streams of doggy precum oozing form his cock. "well you like this ha buddy?" I smile and looked around Making sure I locked the door before we started this again and lowering to the floor buddy rubbing his cock to my hand or where ever he could get it to hit. It seemed bigger today for some reason. well he started to hump my hand fast then I got the idea and got to my hands and knees I wanted it all.  I lifted my butt to him and pulled him to mount me. Right away he got the idea and started to hump but missing hitting my thigh, my bottom, every where but my hole. I
 Moved to adjust him in the right spot w while he humped like mad. His cock hit home right into me. God did it feel incredable.Buddy started panting and pumping away inside me. Boy was rocking to the dog moaning and about to cum feeling his doggy dick fucking me so darn good. I cried out" Oh yea Buddy fuck mommy...Fuck me good doggie.. Damn it feels so good don't stop" i started to cum widely my pussy clamped to his doggie dick feeling him stop and loading me with his full load of his hot cum, I cried out again" Gods yes fuck me doggie God I'm Fucking a dog. Fill my pussy with your doggie cum fill me!"
 I panted and felt all inside me sloshing around man did he cum a lot, I went to pull free but I was locked to him his knot had gone in fully and he pulled back it hurt I admit. While it felt good at the same time. the whole idea had me so turned on I got off again and loved it. It took 20 minutes till he could pull free from me ... now my secret was bout to be found out and one that I found out was even wilder them my own but that's for another time.


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