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My uncle shares me with his best friend er, friends

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This story begins really when I was just 14 years old, my parents were killed in an auto accident on June 5, 1997. And I was sent to live with my father’s younger brother, uncle Kevin in Montana; who I saw often and loved dearly. My uncle Kevin is 28 handsome, 6 ft tall, in good shape he works out often and is a large animal vet in Montana with his own practice.

The court appointed trustee, Ms Jensen flew with me to Montana and I was so excited to see uncle Keith waiting at the gate for us when we de-boarded the plane. We all drove out to my uncles home, he had a nice home on 25 acres and Ms. Jensen was along to do a home visit to be sure everything was alright and suitable for a young girl. I was delighted to see uncle Kevin had dogs and horses on his property. After the inspection, Ms. Jensen handed a file to my uncle and said all future correspondence will be done by certified mail, I’ll be here tonight, here’s my business card, I’m off to the hotel I have an early flight in the morning. My uncle Thanked her as he put her into the cab and we waved as it drove out of sight.

Are you hungry, Amanda? I could eat was my response, He said let’s order a pizza and I’ll take you to your room so you can settle in. Living with my uncle was a nice adjustment he took me shopping for some new clothes. He was really responsible for his age despite suddenly be thrust into a caretaker role.

About 2 weeks later, while playing with the great danes I had fallen in a mud puddle and was filthy so I ran into the house and upstairs and straight to the bathroom and accidently walked in on my uncle while he was masterbating, I had never seen a cock before and his cock was a good 7 or 8 inches long clearing engorged from the jacking he had been giving it. I was shocked and stuttered my apologies and ran back to my room. My head was reeling from the scene I had just witnessed, I had never seen a man naked before and seeing a cock for the first time was frightening but exciting at the same time. A few minutes later, uncle Kevin knocked on the door and said here is a clean towel go take a shower and we’ll talk when you come back.

I took a shower wrapped myself in a towel and returned to my room, I noticed my uncle had cleaned up the mud from my bedroom floor and was sitting on my bed. He patted a spot next to him and said let’s talk about what happened today, He explained that in a proper relationship a man and woman do things together but sometimes if a man is single or is neglected a man will pleasure himself in various ways including masterbation. My uncle said it’s a normal and healthy thing and then asked me if I had ever masterbated, I admitted that I had been masterbating for a year now, after I had seen one of my fathers porn tapes in the vcr, uncle Kevin seemed surprised and said do you use your fingers?

In the beginning I did, then I started using things around the house that were not noticeable to my parents, such as my hair brush handle and worked up to a small shampoo bottle. I also told my uncle that I was shocked when I would masterbate and I would soak my brush with fluids from my cunny. Uncle Kevin then asked if I had ever seen a cock up close, no; today was the first time, Do you have any questions he asked? I said what does it feel like to stroke your cock like that? He said it feels good, he said you feel good when you masterbate right? I said yes.

With that my uncle leaned in and kissed me on the lips, I kissed him back then he licked my lips and oddly enough I opened my mouth slightly and we began kissing. Like my parents used to kiss, It was very nice and after a few minutes I realized that uncle Kevin was hard and his penis was sticking straight out from his shorts. Oddly enough I felt my pussy drip from excitement. My uncle quickly stood up and said this is wrong, I said it feels good please kiss me again. My uncle said we can’t tell anyone about this and we wont try anything you aren’t comfortable with. I agreed.

We started kissing again, after a few minutes the dogs bounded into the room and started nosing under my towel and I squealed from the cold nose against my leg. My uncle quickly removed them and put them outside. He grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom and laid me on his bed and said I’m going to make you feel good hopefully better than your hairbrush, he started licking my nipples and traveled lower to my belly button and then I felt his breath on my pussy, he gently licked the length of my girl crevice from bottom near my ass to the top of my clit. It felt incredible and without controlling it I opened my legs even wider for him to have full access to my dripping pussy. Before I knew it I was shaking and I felt like my pussy would explode and then I saw stars as an orgasm ripped through me. Wow my first orgasm. My uncle moved back up to my face and kissed me gently, I tasted my juices on his tongue it was nice.

My uncle said we should stop before things go to far, I said how can we go too far? He said I have a hard on and sex is out of the question since you could become pregnant. I said I can help you feel good in the same way you did to me by using my mouth, uncle Kevin said Amanda are you sure? I said of course, I’ve been curious since daddy’s video showed a woman sucking a cock and then he shot some sort of cream into her mouth. Uncle Kevin said, Amanda are you sure you want to suck my cock? I said of course and with that he laid on the bed and taught me what to do….I sucked and licked & sucked at that stiff cock and after about 20 minutes uncle Kevin shook and trembled and said ugh Amanda I’m going to cum, please drink my hot cum baby and with that I felt the first of many hot squirts of creamy hot cum hit the back of my throat and it made me all the more determined to suck it all down and my first cum cocktail was ever so tasty. I was hooked and so was uncle Kevin.

Uncle Kevin gave me permission to view his porn collection at any time and with that said he had to get to the office.  I settled in front of the DVD player and browsed the titles...

To be continued in Chapter 2





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