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I’d promised my 15 year old granddaughter Jessica that I’d take her to the farm for the weekend.

I had a small farm just on the outskirts of the city.

On the farm were a few chickens and a small pony, a pig and a dog.

Jessica was still small enough to be able to ride the pony and this is the main reason she wanted to spend the weekend there.

She loved riding.

We arrived Friday afternoon and while I packed everything away, Jess went for a ride.

She knew that she had to feed and stable the pony after her ride.

When I’d gotten everything ready for dinner, I went out to the yard to call Jessica inside.

I saw her just as she was closing the stable door.

What struck me as strange was the fact that she was closing the door with herself still inside the barn.

I walked over to the barn and looked in through the window, which luckily for me was very close to where the pony was stalled.

What I saw inside the barn shook me to the core.

There was Jessica standing beside the pony, stroking its cock.

The pony was standing there, shaking visibly.

It was getting turned on by Jessica’s small hand rubbing up and down its shaft, her other hand was inside her long pants and I knew she had to have been masturbating herself at the same time she was giving the pony a headjob.

I too, found myself getting turned on by what I was watching.

I wondered just how long this had been going on.

What I saw next slightly sickened me but at the same time, I found it strangely erotic.

Jessica had dropped to her knees beside the pony and opened her mouth and shoved it over the head of the pony’s cock.

She was giving the pony a headjob.

I shoved my hard cock to one side as it was painful sticking straight out in front of me and walked quickly around to the side door which was only 15 feet away from me.

I never locked the door and opened it slowly, in case it made a sound, alerting Jessica.

I need not have worried as she was totally involved in what she was doing to the pony’s cock.

I walked up behind her and stood there watching Jessica as she sucked the pony’s cockhead in her mouth.

Suddenly, the pony began humping his cock forward as he spewed his hot cum inside Jessica’s mouth.

I think she was caught out unawares as she started to gag and started spitting his cum back out of her mouth.

She wiped her mouth with the sleeve of her blouse as she stood up beside the pony.

It was then that she felt me standing behind her.

She quickly turned around and her face registered shock at being caught like this. 

“Granddad.” she cried out in dismay.

“Jessica.” I replied, trying not to show the grin on my face.

Jess looked as though she was wishing a hole would open up beneath her and swallow her.

I took hold of the lucky pony and put him in his stall for the night, then walked back to where Jessica was standing and looked at her, plus the mess the pony had made on the floor.

“I think that we’d better have a talk inside the house, Jess.” I told her as I started for the front barn door and headed back to the house.

Jessica came out a few minutes later and followed me into the house.

I was sitting at the kitchen table facing the front door when Jessica walked in and sat down at the table.

She never looked at me but instead faced the floor.

I waited a minute or two before saying, “How long has this been going on, Jess?”

“This is the very first time, granddad. honest.” She said quickly, too quickly for my liking and I knew she was lying.

My cock had still not gone down; it was throbbing madly inside my trousers.

I knew for sure that this was the perfect opportunity for a little blackmail to be done.

“I wonder what your mother will have to say about this, Jess.” I said looking at her staring at the floor in front of her.

“Oh…god granddad, please don’t tell her…please.” Jessie cried out in alarm lifting her face to look pleadingly at me for the first time.

I looked at her fear ridden face for a few seconds before answering.

“We’ll talk more after dinner, okay?” I told her.

Still unsure if I was going to tell her mother or not, Jessica nodded her head.

“I think that you’d better go and wash your mouth out before dinner, don’t you think?” I said to her.

“Yes granddad.” Jess replied getting up from the chair and heading towards the bathroom.

I heard her start sobbing quietly as she closed the bathroom door and my heart went out to her.

When we’d finished eating, I took her into the lounge room and sat down beside her on the double lounge.

She knew what we were going to be discussing and looked uncomfortable about it.

“How long has this been going on, Jess?” I asked.

“This was the first time.” She said, but her statement didn’t have the ring of truth to it.

“Jessie, I’m not ever going to tell anyone else about this, this is our little secret, okay?” I told her.

“Okay granddad. Thanks.” She replied, looking grateful.

“Have you ever tried doing that to a guy?” I asked.

“No way, the boys at school would only have told their mates and then it’d be right around the whole school within days.” Jess replied with a grin.

“True.” I replied, grinning with her.

My cock was starting to become erect again.

I wondered if I could get into Jessie’s little fantasy world.

“Have you ever wanted to do it to a guy?” I asked.

“Sure, but who could you trust to keep their mouths shut afterwards?” Jessie asked, allowing me the prefect opening.

I decided to be bold.

“Me?” I answered with a smile.

“You, granddad?” she replied shocked.

“Yes, why not?” I asked

“Well…you’re my grandfather.” Jess exclaimed.

“True, but I’ve also got a cock that needs sucking from time to time.” I replied laughing.

She looked down at the bulge inside my shorts and giggled and said, “Yes, so I see, granddad.”

Just then the dog came into the room, wagging his tail happily.

“Have you played around with Butch?” I asked, changing the subject slightly.

“Yes.” She replied patting Butch on the head.

He licked at her hand.

“Care to show me what you do with him?” I asked, an idea coming into my head.

“What? Here now?” she asked surprised at what I’d just asked her to do.

“Sure.” I replied.

She looked at me for a few seconds before sliding to her knees beside Butch.

“I’ve never done this in front of anyone before.” She said looking embarrassed.

“That’s okay. I’ve never watched anyone do it in front of me either.” I replied with a laugh.

Jessie giggled and then started to rub Butch’s cock and balls until his thin cock came out and then without looking at me, she lowered her head down between his legs and took his cock inside her mouth and started sucking him off.

I watched as she sucked him into her mouth and then got up from the lounge and moved behind her.

If she knew what I was about to do, she didn’t appear to be too worried about it.

I sank to my knees behind her and as she continued to suck the dog’s cock, I unzipped her skirt from behind and let it fall to her feet.

Jessie gave no sign that she was upset with me removing her skirt.

I then hooked my thumbs either side of her panties and slipped them down to join her skirt around her feet.

I looked at her smooth backside staring back at me and ran my fingers all over her warm skin.

I then parted her cheeks allowing me full view of her small cunt.

She was very moist down there, her juices glistening in the light from above us.

I rubbed my fingers in the folds of her cunt and Jessie groan softly around Butch’s cock.

My fingers were wet from her juices and I slipped my index finger deep inside her warm cunt.

She pushed back against my invading finger.

I then slowly withdrew my finger from her tight hole and shoved it inside my mouth and sucked her juices from it.

She tasted wonderful.

I then held the cheeks of her arse apart and lowered my mouth down towards her glistening cunt.

As my tongue licked at the twin folds of her outer lips, Jessie groaned louder than before and pushed her arse backwards against my mouth.

I then slowly began to shove my thick tongue up inside of her.

“Oh god.” Jessie exclaimed taking her mouth away from Butch’s cock.

“Keep sucking.” I ordered her.

She returned to sucking Butch’s cock.

I rammed my tongue in as far as it’d go inside her and Jessie grunted in pleasure as I did so.

I then moved my wet face away from her cunt and slipped my shorts and underpants down my thighs, releasing my thick cock into the small space between our bodies.

The head of my cock bumped up against her arse and I gripped the shaft of my cock in my fist and placed the head of it hard up against her wet hole.

Gripping both hips in my hands, I slowly started to push myself into her.

She was very tight at first, but I found no hymen inside her that could block my way.

Slowly my cock entered her, an inch at a time.

Butch was humping himself in and out of Jessie’s mouth as I started to fuck her from behind.

I had the perfect view of my cock going in and out of her tight hole, plus I could also watch her sucking Butch off.

I knew I wouldn’t last too long because the whole thing was so highly erotic and so forbidden.

Here I was, fucking my teenage granddaughter, while she sucked off my dog.

Every perverts dream comes true.

I was now nearly raping her as I plunged myself as deep inside her as it’d go.

Sweat was dripping into my eyes as I fucked her deeply and with no thought of pity for her.

But Jessie didn’t seem to mind the fact that I was fucking her from behind with none of the niceties of first time sex.

She was actually shoving her arse backwards to meet my incoming thrusts.

Suddenly Butch started to cum inside Jessie’s mouth and as I watched cum dribbling from the corners of her mouth onto the floor, that was more than enough to trigger my own outburst.

I rammed myself cruelly inside her and started shooting hot cum deep within her womb.

I felt her own juices start to flood over my still spurting cock as she too orgasmed.

I wondered if I’d just given her a baby.

She half turned towards me with a grin on her face and said “Wow.”

“So you liked, eh?” I asked her with a grin as my by now limp cock slipped out of her abused cunt.

“Sure did, can we do it again?” she asked with a giggle.

“Give me a few minutes and I can’t see why not.” I laughed, knowing that we were going to have lots of fun times together from here on in.



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