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Snakes; part 3

renarena2 on Animal Stories

.....I woke up and it was apparent that I had a wonderful moment of sex for the first time in my life and it was with a snake.  I slept so deep and hard, that I don't remember me being so relaxed ever.  This was the best feeling and of all things, it was from a snake, a thing I was so disgusted by and grossed out by just the thought of them.  Then I realized, that the last thing I remembered was it was in my pussy when I fell out.  So I reached down to feel for it and it was not inside me anymore.  I lifted the covers and found it coiled up next to me.  Laying there, like my lover.  I built up the nerve to reach for it and feel it.  I was so nervous, but thought why....I just had it inside my body and it made me cum, more than once.  I felt that the least I could do was touch it. So I did.  It wasn't at all like I thought.  It wasn't slimy at all.  After running my hand over it, it moved a little and I just froze a moment.  Hoping it wouldn't do anything after what we just shared.

It raised its head and slithered over to me closer and on top of my belly. this thing was so long and as my brother put it, it was 12".  I can't believe that I had 12" inside of me.  to think that it was all coiled up in my pussy and not a bit of it was sticking out of me.  Geez, this turned me on.  I picked it up and held it.  It was not that light and was rather thick.  I brought it to my face closer to take a look at it and it just stuck it's forked tongue out and it tapped my cheek.  I brought it closer and it slithered onto me.  Slithering around my neck and then down to my chest.  It's tongue tapping along the way.  It stopped at my breast and it's tongue would just keep tapping my nipple.  I thought, what the heck, this snake was smarter than I thought.  HOw would it know to do this right there, on my nipple.  Because it was feeling really nice.  I was getting heated and felt that I wanted to feel it more inside of me.  I laid there feeling it just slither around me and then it happened.  It found it's way down to between my legs and I felt a slight pulse inside of me.  It was exciting me. I brought my hands down and took each sides of my pussy lips and opened a little.  Hoping it would get a little taste of what we both enjoyed earlier in the day.  I took my middle finger and slipped it inside of me.  It felt nice, but nothing compared to the thick longness of this creature.  I was sliding it in and out of me.....until there it was right at my entrance.  Its cave.  It's warm, juicy cave I know it had to want to be in.

It poked it's head in and I could feel it's tongue. That awesome tongue I love going in and out of its mouth so quickly and onto my pussy.....  More I felt, slide in more of you into me.  Get to where you feel safe and warm..could it sense what I wanted? I hoped so, because I was yearning for the feel of it in there.  The more I felt the desire for it to make me ultimate orgasm. 

YES! There it was, it was sliding in me.  As I took a glance down at it, I saw that it was half gone.  Half of my first lover was inside of me and I couldn't even describe the feeling. I was beginning to shake slightly.  Oh my god this was feeling so intense.  This time, I was awake to witness the moment.  From the beginning.  WE were having sex....not just a snake crawling up inside of me to hide.  It was a wonderful moment and I loved it.  I stared as I watched it disappear and at the same time felt it coiling up inside of my wet dripping pussy.  It was an awesome feeling.  I wanted this more and more.  I laid back and just let it do it's thing.  moving in me.....twitching there.  Spinning my head and building up a feeling I longed to feel....with IT.  I was laying there for about 30 minutes when I started to notice my vision going a little dizzy looking.  As I was playing with my nipples and sqeezing them....I suddenly stopped to the feeling in my stomache that I was getting ready to cum.  My lover was getting ready to make me cum.  I think it knew what it was doing because I could feel faster squirming inside of me.  It was licking me with it's forked tongue.  It was getting hotter and hotter.....and then I started to moan loudly.  I quickly put my hand over my mouth and my eyes got big.  I started arching my back laying there and I wanted to scream in delight of what I was experiencing at that moment.  I was cumming...I was cumming hard and my legs were shaking.  I couldn't stand it anymore.  I put my pillow over my face as I didn't think that I would be able to keep quiet.  I came so hard and it was more intense than earlier.  I laid there as it was calming down to only feel that it was building up another one.  My heart was racing and the feeling.....GEEZ don't let this stop.  Nothing compared to it.  My orgasm started to slow down as the snake started to go nuts in there and AGAIN I started to cum....I was cumming a third time and I couldn't believe this was possible.  I was loving this.  I felt I never wanted to leave my room.  I felt that I never wanted this snake to come out of my body. I wanted it to stay there and just make me cum over and over again. 

I laid there after that third one finally stopped and tried to catch my breath.  I loved it.  How could I ever NOT fuck this snake after this point.  I knew that it would be a part of my life til the end of one of ours.  I knew that it was going to be my lover always.  So I named it.  I named it Frank.  I don't know why that name, but I thought it was a sexy name for a man.  OK, yes it's a snake....but it was an awesome snake and it felt so good inside of me.  Frank....

I went to take a shower and get ready for dinner.  I started to hate the fact that I had to help out preparing dinner.  It was just time wasted to me, when I could be fucking Frank.

When I got downstairs, I was approached by my mom and she put her hand on my forehead.  I looked at her strangely and asked her what she was doing that for.

"Well it's not normal for you to spend so much time in your room.  I had gone up and knocked and you didn't answer, so I opened it to see if you were ok.  You were sleeping."

I thought for a minute...OMG...please I hope she didn't see anything like a snake hanging out of me or anything. That my covers weren't at one point off of me to notice anything not normal.

"oh, really? Well, I was tired...that's all".  She looked at me and said "yeah I thought so, but I just wanted to make sure you weren't coming down with anything like a fever or something".  "No mom, I'm ok, just tired".

We fixed dinner and everyone sat and we all chatted about the farming.  Even Becca was there.  Every once in a while I would notice her steal a stare at mom and I could only imagine what she was thinking.  How she was probably wanting to fuck my mom again as something she has obviously been doing.  I would see mom look back at her the same way.  It's like they were talking to each other with their eyes.  Concocting some plan to meet and take MY dog with them.  I looked over at Dwight and he was just eating his pot roast away like there was no tomorrow.  Then dad, what was dad thinking in his head.  Did he know? Did he care?  To think, has mom ever sucked Dwight's cum out of Becca's pussy and then gone and kissed my dad after that? And would he know that he was tasting his own son's cum off the tip of mom's tongue?  There were so many thoughts about all that that were running through my head.  Where was Boonie anyway?  I looked under the table and there he was, just sitting quietly.  Then I noticed that he was staring at Becca.  Oh GREAT....whatever, so now he's fantasizing fucking her.  I lifted my head back up and picked my fork up to get a bite, when I accidently flinged it and it flew through the air to the other side of the room. 

"OOPS!  Sorry....", I went to get it and as I was walking over to my chair, I noticed some mashed potato had fell on the floor.  So grabbed a towel and bent down to get.  I looked over to see that Boonie was up between Becca's legs and apparently eating her out.  It had dawned on me that I wasn't spending time with my dog like I should have been.  He was getting way too attached to Becca and I wasn't having that.

I finished my dinner, started cleaning the place up.  After all the chores were done, I went into the living room.  Everyone was there, including Becca of course.  Wouldn't you know it, Boonie in her lap.

After a little time of spending with the family, I started getting tired and thought I would turn in.  I had to get up at 5am and prepare breakfast. So I got up, wished everyone good night and called Boonie over to join me. There was no way Becca was going to spend another moment with him.  Especially fucking him in the morning.  Becca said, "awe, he seems so comfortable here in my lap.  I also thought I would take him out and let him run around...go to the bathroom".  I said that it wasn't necessary and we were going to bed.  She didn't seem to happy with that.  I bet not, afterall, she was probably going to take my dog out there and fuck him.  I thought about that vision, Boonie being sucked off by Becca and cumming down her throat.  I thought about the view of Boonie's cock all the way in her pussy and even her ass.  I was jealous.  I was now jealous of her because she was getting all this from Boonie and Boonie was loving it and had been for so long.  IF there was going to be a moment of her getting to fuck Boonie, I was going to control it.  He would get to put his cock in her only when I let that happen. 

I laid down with Boonie and I could hear him whimpering like I was keeping him prisoner.  I was sad about that. So I started to pet his head.  I told him that he was ok, that I loved him and that I was his mommy.  He licked my face, and laid down next to me. 

As we laid there, I thought about his cock.  What it felt like and what it tasted like.  I put my hand down there and started rubbing across it.  I could feel him start to get hard.  I thought about what it would feel like to fuck him and Frank at the same time.  I thought, maybe one day.  Boonie started to pant and licking my face more.  Then moving about like he wanted to play. So I sat up and took his dick in my hand.  I wrapped my hand around it and squeezed.  He seemed to like that.  I had him lay down on his side and I rubbed his cock.  It was so warm and I couldn't believe that he had already fucked Becca and my mother.  I started to think that I was going to be the best he ever had.  That at any given moment, he would fuck me over them any day.  I leaned over and licked it.  I kept licking it and then sucked the tip of it.  It was rather salty.  This was something that I couldn't really do with Frank.  I couldn't really suck him.  I was a little sad about that, but it wouldn't stop us from being lovers anyway.  We just wouldn't be able to do that.

I continued to suck on Boonie and would slide his cock further in my mouth.  I was getting him off and I could see he was enjoying it.  I couldn't tell though if I were the better one to suck him though.  I wondered if he thought about that too.  Could he think of that?  Who sucked him better?  I was going to make sure though it was me in the end.  I pulled his cock out of my mouth and licked it again.  Then he got up and crawled over to my legs.  He started sniffing my pussy, then my ass.  Then he started to lick my asshole.  I got so excited and spread my legs a little as I laid on my stomach for him.  I arched my butt up a little so that he had better access to it. I could feel his tongue lapping up around it and on it.  I was getting excited.  I placed my hand on my pussy and started to rub it as he was licking my asshole. Boonie was getting all into it and I could feel as I was rubbing myself that from him licking my hole, his saliva was running down to my pussy.  I would scoop it and rub it into my pussy.  It felt so awesome.  I wanted more.  Boonie was getting so into my asshole that he then started to really focus on the hole.  He had lubricated my hole well.  I could feel a little bit of his tongue protruding the hole.  It felt wonderful.  Then more and more his long tongue would go a little deeper each time.  I could feel that his mouth was wide open and his down just getting it, getting my asshole deep like I had the best meal in there for him.  i was getting hot and bothered by it and wanted more, so much more than all that I was getting.  I turned over on my back and we were now in a 69 position.  He was focused on my ass still and now I had his cock dangling over my face.  I took it in my mouth and I sucked it.  I just sucked it hard and would squeeze on it as I was sucking. I knew he loved what I was doing to it.  He at the same time was licking my pussy now.  We were pleasuring each other, like lovers would.  Boonie then got up off me and stood on the bed just staring at me.  Like trying to tell me something.  He would nudge me here and there.  I finally got the hint and turned back around.  Now here I was on all fours, the same as I had seen Becca do for him and then my mom do for him.  I spread my legs and stayed in the  position until he decided he was ready.  In the meantime, I started to rub my pussy.  He came up and put his paws on my back and I knew what was getting ready to happen.  I was getting ready to be fucked by my dog.  I was yearning for THE moment when he penatrated my pussy with his hot wet cock. That first initial touch. 

He started pumping as he was trying to locate the spot.  I put my hand down there and felt for his cock.  I grabbed it and put it in front of my pussy hole.  I would rub it against it and then it happened.  His cock had now just entered me.  It was poking inside of me and I felt a rush of butterflies in my stomache again. The way I did when I saw Becca fucking Boonie that first time. He started now to thrust and I could feel it getting deeper and deeper.  He was fully inside and it was a little painful.  I could only think that I'm so glad when I fucked Frank that I did before Boonie.  Frank was slow and there was a gentle ease to help open my pussy.  If I hadn't, I could only think it would have been very painful that Boonie was now ramming it in me.  He wasn't really going all that fast at this point, but Frank wasn't jabbing me either the whole time we fucked. Frank had coiled himself up in me and just squirmed around until he made me cum over and over and over.  Just thinking about Frank as Boonie was fucking away in me was getting excited.  For a moment, I felt guilty that I was fucking Boonie, like I was cheating on Frank.  That was a weird thought.

I, again, thought that one day I could maybe fuck them both at the same time.  I lowered my head and chest where only my ass was up high so that Boonie had his was with me.  Fucking me hard and definitely fucking me deep.  His cock was so thick and long that I couldn't believe I was taking it all in there.  I started ramming back at him.  My pussy was so hot and excited that I didn't want him to be the only one doing anything. As he was ramming forward, I rammed back at him.  It was more intense as well that way.  I could feel myself building up an orgasm.  For 10 minutes maybe, I forced myself to not do it.  I wanted it to build up and build up really intense.  After the times of watching Becca fucking in the barn and making myself cum, from the time that I watched mom and Becca fuck each other and also fuck Boonie, I learned to start controling my own orgasms. That the longer I let it build up, the more intense it would be.  I wanted my first orgasm with Boonie to be very intense.  Then it just got to be where I couldn't hold it anymore.  I bit onto my pillow and bit down as I knew once again, I would be loud.  It was going to be an extremely powerful one and I didn't want anyone hearing me.  It was hard as it was alone not to scream while he was fucking me, I didn't want to anyone to bolt in if I screamed while I was cumming.  I started jerking and I getting dizzy.  I whispered as I was telling Boonie more, deeper. "Boonie, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum right now my lover".  He kept going, like he didn't care, he was getting his own pleasure out of this and whether I came or not, didn't matter....he was focused on his own.  My legs started quivering and I had such an intense orgasm.  It lasted for what seemed minutes. Maybe 3 or 4 minutes.  That was the longest I ever felt anyway.  It was breath taking and I was gasping for air as he just kept pumping away in my now self soaked pussy.  It was just going so fast and deep that I could feel another before my pussy even stopped pulsating from the first.  Then I was just ramming and it was so fast that I about long my balance and went forward.  He was almost there.  Then I felt a pop.  It was his balls. Boonie just rammed is baseball sized balls in my pussy.  I felt a burning sensation as it ripped through.  It's so huge and now we were locked together.  As he was pumping fast still, there wasn't really much movement as he was locked there in place.  It was great.  I loved the feeling that we were stuck together and then it happened.  He came in my pussy.  My hungry was flooding in and I could feel it squirt deep inside my canal that it made me cum as I knew was going to happen anyway.  We were cumming together.  I again buried my head in my pillow and let the magical feeling take me.  We were cumming and our bodies were hooked together.  It couldn't get any better.  I fell for Boonie at that moment.  Another lover forever.  It was about 25 minutes later as I looked at the clock that his cock shrank down and he was able to release from my pussy.  I could feel as his cum, his hot warm cum started spilling out of my hole.  Boonie leaned down and started licking up everything.  He licked it off the sheets and started licking my pussy of all the cum as well.  I leaned over towards his cock and as he licked it up from me, I licked it from his cock. 

This was indeed the best day of my life. I  was now a lover to Boonie; my dog.....I was also the lover to my baby brothers snake....Frank.  I got fucked 3 times in the first day I was no longer a virgin.  I don't think any man could ever please me the way animals ever could.  All I knew was that I was in love, in love with animals and fucking them was what I wanted for the rest of my life. 

I knew I needed to get to sleep as tomorrow was going to be busier than ever.  I had meals to cook and lovers to please.  Boonie and I laid there, ready to fall asleep. 

TO BE CONTINUED...........





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