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Such Beautiful Horses Pt. 3

Sultrybuxombbw on Animal Stories

My life is insane lately. I have sex as often as I can and that means usually twice a day. My husband enjoys that I need to get it so often since that means that whenever he wants it all he has to do is hint at it. Well, I drive by the place where I was used by horses everyday on the way to work and every day, I get wet thinking of it. Totally stuffed and filled by animals that would do wha they did naturally was such a hot thought for me and still is. Last week I drove to work and there was a young girl riding one of the horses and she had no saddle on it. She was trim and had long black hair. She had no bra on and her, maybe 34C breasts bounced like she had meant for them to be out there watching her which I was. I stopped the car and watched her ride around the track that was there. I could have sworn that before I stopped her nipples were not hard but now that I had they were very hard.

She pulled up the horse next to the fence where I was and said, "Hi, you are Teresa aren't you?" I was shocked but said, "Yeh, how did you know?" "My mom told me all about you." she said. "all about me?" I said. "Oh yes, everything, I saw the video." she said laughing. "You saw the video?" I said. "Yeh, she set it to me while I was away at school. Me and some friends have watched it a few times." My heart sank even more since the bar rape and all I had been hearing comments all over town about the "love of horses" I had. Her mom called out, "Connie, come on to the stable, and bring Teresa." she yelled. "Come on, get on behind me." she said and I managed to climb up. "Here, hold on," she said and put my hands on her chest. "MMmm, that feels good" she said and I moved to her hips. She laughed again. We got to the stable and her mom closed the doors behind us. She was naked as she was most of the time and she helped us down, kissing me deep and telling me to undress, that I knew the stable rules, no clothes. She helped her daughter down and they kissed deep, tongues in each other's mouths. "Oh mommy, that made me as hot as Teresa holding my tits." she said. "Good, we have a full day ahead of us, we have guests coming over and they all need demonstrations of the horses abilities." she said.

We groomed the horses and I got very aroused brushing them with the smel of them and my naked body brushing against them all morning. We ate lunch naked in the house and then Connie laid me on the couch and had desert by eating me slowly thru several orgasms. I tried to do something for her but she moved away from me and smiled, "Later dear, later, after." We sat around a while and Connie came back in, now dressed. "Mom, the guests are here." she said. Her mom dressed and I began to. "No dear, you are going to help with the demonstrations." she said and gave me a couple drinks, both strong and made me dizzy. "Make sure to really express a lot of passion Dear." she said. We walked to the stables and there were thrity of so people there, men and women, all dressed. I was the only one naked. Connie was speaking to the group, "Now we have trained these to serve specially in human-animal relationships. They will do as told as much as told and not harm the human. Teresa has come out to show you all that we are good at what we do."

"Put her on the bench" I heard and I was led to the bench and strapped to it. "Now for Donte" Connie said and he was led to me. He made noises that told me he was excited and then he was on the bench and his cock was at my pussy. He snorted and then he was in me and more and more. "Oh god" I moaned and was not acting. He drove into me deep and was mating with me. Soon he filled me with his cum, it overflowed and ran down my legs and I had shuttering orgasm after orgasm. "As you can se, Teresa is enjoying herself." and the group laughed. I was taken off the bench and led to another horse. Castaway was the horse. I was led to him and got on my knees. "Now, she will give him pleasure and enjoy it herself." Connie said. I patted his ass and ten came to his cock. The smell made me crazy and I sudenly wanted it in me. I began licking it up and down the length and massaged it. It felt so good, it was hot all over. I got longer and longer until it was all in my hands and face. The horse was excited but remained in one place. I was at it for a long time and then as I was licking the slit he rewarded me with the load of cum that almost smotered me. I took as much into my mouth as I could and I kept swallowing as much as I could. He finished and I was covered in horse cum, I laid back and began fingering myself and forgot where I was and that there was a 30 person audience there.

"Okay, now another," Connie said. I was back on the bench but not strapped. "Now, into the other hole." Connie said and the horse pushed into my ass. "Oh god, oh fuck yes." I yelled. It went in and filled my ass. THe horse drove into me over and over again and I felt him push deeper as if it would come out of my head. He pumped deeper and deeper and finally filled me up with cum. Again I was shaking all over and collapsed as he moved off me. "Teresa likes a good fucking folks. Now, sealed bids will be accepted as you leave. These horses all will serve you very well." Connie was saying. She came to help me up and I grabbed her, "Oh please, I need it again, please." I begged her since my body was in need of more sex. Connie stripped and jammed her fist into my pussy and began ramming me harder and harder. Then she put me back up on the bench. Another horse was behind me and now in me. I had orgasm after orgasm and my legs felt like rubber. The horse finished and I begged Connie again, "another please." Another mounted me and finally, I passed out, still feeling cock in me. I woke in bed with Connie the next day, both of us covered with horse cum. She kissed me, "That was wonderful, I thought you were going to die of orgasms." she said. "So did I" I said and kissed her again.

We both managed to go to the hot tub and soak for an hour. "Wanna stay the night tonight?" she said. "No, I have to go home and let my pussy shrink back to size for my husband." I saidand we laughed.


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