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The Bull and The Mule

lmsyd4u on Animal Stories

Well Sally was about the funniest looking woman ever, she was 4’9” 125 pounds, a wave of curly red hair down the middle of her head and shaved on the sides and dark blue eyes, white skin with  freckles and a chubby little body, 34D-30-36.  She had no boyfriends ever, but she had me.  My name is Nell; I was her neighbor back up in the hills of the Blue Ridge.  We lived alone, she was an orphan and I was widowed.  Sally described me as Venus in the flesh, and my husband before he died at some French village also called me a doll.  She measured me and told me I was 5’3”, I weigh about 100 pounds and with sandy blonde hair to my ankles, I was always getting it tangled.  I am 36C-22-34, tanned from working my garden everyday and my brown eyes look good so Sally told me. 

We met when I got my hair twisted in a maple tree branch when I walked down the trail between our cabins.  She heard me cry for help and freed me. She was so wild looking, sort of like a red headed Mohawk with curls, and a pudgy little belly like a dwarf.  She also was the sweetest human I ever knew.  She made honey seem like salt. 

I had moved into the house when my husband and I married two weeks short of my 24th birthday.  He was drafted the next week and for a present I kissed him goodbye one last time.  Now on the anniversary of his death and my 26th birthday I ran into Sally.

She was so kind to help me and gentle at removing it.  We went to the stream and she used her handkerchief to wipe the makeup streaks from my tears.  Then she sat beside me and we talked.  After a few hours of simple chat, we went to her cabin for dinner.  Now I thought I was a gardener and a cook, but she was a breath of fresh air.  Her biscuits were to die for, and the home made gravy and fried chicken were the best I ever ate. 

She was only 22 and told me how she had been alone for the last ten years.  She seldom if ever went to town for supplies and had learned to fend for herself for so long that she wouldn’t have it any other way.  That day we became great friends. 

After that I invited her to my house and she came and helped to teach me her secrets to cooking, cleaning and almost everything that I thought I knew.  She was so sweet about everything, and she handled each class like a teacher and friend.  She showed me how to put an edge on an axe and then how to use herbs to make my skin softer.  She showed me the way to repair my tractor and the best way to wash my hair and wear it for the length.  For a kid who had never been to school she was a genius.  When we had come to know each other for an entire summer and fall, Thanksgiving arrived and to my surprise, she shot a turkey for our dinner.  It was wild game in the woods as she called it and when she prepared our meal I was the one thankful.  That year would have been so hard without her.  My parents lived a long way off and we had no phone then.  Everything was still rationed and with the war on we had little else to look forward to.  It was that evening when after such a long time, my sex drive began to awaken.

It was like some dime store novel, but it happened.  Sally was clearing the dishes from her table as I washed them.  Her snorting hefty Angus bull was nudging the back of a heifer as we watched from the window.  Sally giggling said, “Well Bruno is going to have to wait for spring or he could wind up freezing his thing in her as cold as it’s getting outside.”

I laughed and sort of spewed back, “Sally you have the funniest way of saying things.”

She smiled as she stacked the dishes up for me and said, “Well now sooner or later we all get that horny.  You just have to know how to please yourself you know.”

“Sally I declare how you do talk,” I said giggling back.

“Now Nell, you know very well you get right hot sometimes, don’t you?” Sally asked but in a way that sounded funny but real.

“I’ll never tell,” I said snickering and then popping out, “besides it's been years since I even touched it.”

Sally looked at me innocently and replied, “What happened Nell?  Did you hurt yourself down there?”

I smiled and sort let it fade as I thought about my husband, and then sadness fell over my face.  I looked down at my old gray dress that fell to my ankles and remembered that it was this very dress I wore the last time I saw him.  A tear flowed down my left cheek as Sally stretched out her finger and brushed it away and said, “Now Nell, I have gone and mad you sad.  Dear sweet Nell I am so sorry I caused you to feel this way.’

“It’s not you Sally,” I said trying to stop my tears, and then added, “I just was thinking back to the last time I wore this dress.”

“Then you shouldn’t wear it anymore.  If it makes you sad, you should put it away,” Sally said honestly.

It was a sweet gesture but she was sweet and simple.  Then as I stood there lost in my pain, I squeaked out, “Sometimes I wish I had never met him and others that I never lost him.  All I know is that the loneliness is too much to bear each day.

Sally placed her little arm around me and sweetly said, “I wish that I could help you remember that you deserve to be happy now.  You deserve to smile and feel good not sad.  I never knew him, but I wouldn’t think from what you told me he would want that.  Maybe you should try and think that way once in a while.”

I was so thankful for her that I didn’t know how to say it other than, “My sweet little Sally how could I not be happy when I have you for a best friend.  Forgive me my sweet love.”

Sally sensed a chance to swing the mood towards a happier note and then suddenly popped out, “Did I ever tell you why I wear my hair this way?”

The thought of one of her charming little stories lightened my mood and caused me to reply, “Please do tell.”

“Well it was after mom passed away, and I had gotten the funeral out of the way.  This thick headed stubborn mule of mine was brushing his tail on my back and my hair hung to my shoulders then.  He swatted the side of my head and his fleas got on me.  I scratched for days from his darn bugs.  So much so I scratched the hair off the sides of my head.  Then I just had to shave it when it grew back, caused it itched something fierce,” she said smiling, with an ounce of truth in her story.

“That just goes to show you shouldn’t sleep with animals,” I quipped in jest.

“Well if you ever try one, you may never try anything else,” Sally said so honestly and witty that we both laughed.

I was giggling loudly once more as I popped out, “Oh, so now you’re an expert on that as well, hey my little Sally.”

Shrugging her shoulders with a big wide smile she said, “I don’t know about no expert, but I sure know how good a hard horse cock is when I rap my mouth and other things around it.”

That caught me off guard and I absolutely knew by her facial expression she was being honest, so I replied, “Tell me what else you know.”

“Well Nell, you never been alone like me.  I never had no other person to want to touch me.  The closest things to that is King George my mule, Hercules my horse and old William,” she said blunt cold honest.

“The bull?” I quizzed.

“Yeah, him and one long lonely spring afternoon got me going a few years ago.  I was stripped down naked from the heat as I milked the heifer and watched William prance around with his black cock dangling down.  Sort made me hot, so I slipped off my stool and peered in at it a bit as he fed on the straw.  When Millie slapped her wet rough tongue up my backside I froze.  She lapped the salty sweat off me a few more times before hr tongue made circles around my pussy lips.  I cried out in joy frightening her so bad she left, but old William just stood there munching as I got the ideal to touch it.  My left hand got to the tip of it as I slid it up to the middle of it and felt how soft it was.  He stopped looked back at me and as I told him to be good he sort licked my forehead.  Then I pulled down and up and down and up and just as he slapped his wet tongue on my face coating it all over.  I opened my mouth stuck out my tongue and he wet it too.  I was moving his pecker a bit faster now and he started spewing his cream on the dirt.  I quickly slid under and licked it from the tip of his cock as he splattered my face.  He was salty and really hot but I liked how it swished in my mouth, so I played with it for another few minutes then I stuck my lips to it and managed to get the head in before it drained again.  It was still pulsing when I let a load of it fall on the ground.  The next thing I new, I slid my bottom under him and played with it for a while longer before I figured how to get in my pussy and move it up and down.  Next thing I knew I wasn’t no virgin no more,” she said as I saw her pat her bottom and gently caress her left breast through her flannel shirt.

“Oh my gosh, I never ever tried that, Jess was the only man or person who ever made love to me.  I thought about others but he was the only one I knew,” Said and added, “I never had the nerve to touch a bull.”

“But I bet you thought it and more, now didn’t you Nell,” Sally asked in a way that prodded me for the truth.

“Well I did think about it one time,” I said as I blushed and hid my face.  Slowly looking back at her I said, “I had thought of others as well.”

“Did you ever think about me and you doing something like that?” Sally asked as she put away the dishes we had finished washing.

I mistook her question for sex between us and being that I was now getting hot from her descriptive act, I honestly replied, “Yeah I did fantasize about it one night a few months ago.”

“Well I can guess you got that bull hot, I know if I was lucky enough to touch that beautiful body I would sing like a tea pot,” Sally said bluntly.

Then it hit me what she was asking and I being ever so heated by her, busted in with, “Well I was meaning you and me alone.”

She turned looked into my eyes and said, “My word, what would a pretty thing like you want from a fat ugly little thing like me?”

Her words touched me in a way that I couldn’t pin down.  I stood there looking in her eyes and seeing the twinkling want and desire hidden by the subtle innocence of her I leaned and kissed her lips fully and said, “I would be honored to be with you.”

Her kiss returned to me fully and as it did I found her tongue enter my mouth and I accepted it completely and then lovingly returned it with my own.  Her left hand rested on my waste until I guided it to my hip.  She slowly caressed me across the butt and as she did I found my hands busily unbuttoning her shirt and opening it to expose her breast fully.  She was soft warm and scented like roses as I bent to kiss them.  She allowed me to do so and cooed and sighed as I encircled her nipples and sucked the tips for a second each.  Her hands began to unlock her trousers and as they fell I was surprised to see her freckled bald pussy.  My fingers slid over it slowly and gently until she pulled me upward and began to tear away my dress and say, “You hate this dress and so do I. I am going to tear it off you my darling angel.”

Moving back to give her full control my skirt was ripped in half and the my blouse was torn until it fell on the floor along with my under gown.  She handled me like a pro and as I was now naked she began to adorn my breast with kisses and caress and I felt the love pour from her soul and I was lost in her arms.  Moments later I was treated by her to a mouth between my thighs licking, kissing and nibbling and finally devouring me.  Somehow I wound up on the table wide open and naked as she endeavored to make me completely satisfied.  In the short space of the first five minutes of her adorning, I was able to climax twice.  Over the next hours we spent like this I came so many times I think they may have been one long sustained orgasm.  She also was brought to climax and all by her ability to please me.  She was thanking me and lapping my juices until I shouted out, “Oh my word Sally, I love you!  I love you!”

She pulled me from the table and we spent the rest of that night and most of the next day in each others arms in her bed.  She kissed me so many times and in so many ways that I finally understood sex, love and the things that I had been missing.  She was happiest when she pleased me, so I made her extremely happy by relaxing and allowing her to devour me and adore me fully.

Sometime the next afternoon as we lay locked in each others arms; she asked me, “Will you let me please you once in a while if you feel led to?”

Smiling into her eyes as I caressed her sweet little breast I replied, “Sally once in a while won’t do.  I need you every day from here on out.  I want to live with you here or at my place, or both, as long as we are together.”

You would have thought that she was in heaven by her expression as she replied, “I will be yours forever if only you will keep me my love.”

Well that I did and it was easy for anyone in town to see I was happy as her wife.  She became like my husband and most people in town whispered, until they got to know her.  They saw how easily she was to love and finally accepted her.  I sold my house and moved into hers and by the middle of the next year we were officially a couple, thanks to a drunken preacher who mistook her for an ugly man.

Then came our first trio, me, Sally and William.  He was feeding in the barn while the two of us frocked in the nude.  I was on a blanket in the hay as he moved over me and slid his tongue along Sally’s butt.  She cooed while she ate me fully and then he sort of nudged her and she turned as he bathed her face and chest.  She pulled me up to her and we both sat there letting this massive animal lap his wet rough tongue over our breast chest and faces.  Sally was squirting madly from that and me fondling her inner folds just as she got my hand and moved me under him.  Suddenly I was thrust face forward to its cock and we kissed and licked it as well as each other until we both were sprayed by its cream. Then I was helped under it and in it went.  The cock felt good but her hands massaging me and fondling my ass as she helped it fuck me made the treat better.  I let it go in me and then splatter over me.  Sally sat there waiting and then attacked and devoured my cum covered belly like it was icing.  The next thing we both knew Sally was backed up under it eating me out and getting William to grunt his massive black cock in her hot hole. 

When the session ended she was filled with his cum and I was panting for her mouth on my pussy.  She ate me for a while until we had to go inside for the night.  We bathed and slept for a few hours then in the middle of the night we slipped out into the field for him, but it was King George the mule that found us and our pussy.  He had been her favorite licker and finally she shared it with me as we lie upon the ground and let the mule lap our pussy with his long wide and very pointed rough tongue.  He was special all right as was the sex under the stars.  He devoured me until I had to suck his cock.  I took almost three full inches in my mouth and then Sally jacked it off for me.  The mule was still not satisfied as he wandered behind us on the way back to the house.  When we stopped his nudged Sally to the ground and as she raised her sweet little white ass up, she was filled in her wet pussy by him.  He somehow knew how to ground it and pump her without killing her.  She was fucked so hard by the beast that I had to try it.  I waited until she fell on the ground and crawled out panting.  Then I crawled under it and sure enough he went for a second time in me.  His hard cock rocked my world and the next thing I know the monster cock was pushing to the maximum in me and I wanted more.  I let it fuck me so many times that I lost caught.  It could go four or five normally but it was so hot that after at least six I had to have one more. 

When Sally led me to the house she fingered me and we took turns licking her fingers.  That was such a special time that we had no ideal that soon, both of us would be so far in love we would have two reasons to never leave each other.  Our love and the children we carried inside us.  It was hard to find a mid-wife to help, most were afraid we would rape them or enslave them.  Of course that could be because one tried to get fresh with me and I refused them when I was pregnant.  Then when my little Sally was ready to deliver she refused to help, we had to find a woman from a county away to come and help out. 

Sally was so horny for me while she was pregnant that I got use to breast feeding her and the baby at the same time.  I wouldn’t refuse her anytime she wanted me which made it hard to help her when she had me all boxed up on the bed all the time.

That was eighteen years ago.  We were so young and so in love and when we delivered our children, thought they were slightly odd, we loved them both and raised them with love.  We hid the truth about who the father was, but when they were old enough her son and my son became lovers as well.  They live in my old house as we bought it back for them, but we never let go of our love or our secrets.  The two of them are so good together, and yes both are hung like a mule, but Drew has the face of a bull. 


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