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When Fido Popped Her Cherry

virgin_animallover on Animal Stories

I have had my dog for almost seven years now. He is a wonderful dog, sweet and gentle, and I love him. I raised him from a puppy. And this is how I lost my virginity to him.

I have always wanted to let my dog lick me. As dogs will do, he is frequently sniffing my crotch. One night, when I let him sleep in my room, I let him go a bit farther. I was lying on my bed with a book, my legs spread wide and my knees bent. Fido was lying at my feet, on my bed, which was a rare treat for him. I felt him start sniffing my crotch, and began to shoo his nose away, but stopped. It felt pretty good, and he did it often enough that I was used to it.

I was surprised when he started to lick my panties, and I felt a tingle in my pussy. I smacked his nose and he drew back. I went back to reading. A few minutes later, he was licking me again. I almost stopped him again, but it just felt too good. I set my book aside and slipped my panties off, wriggling out of them and tossing them to the foot of my bed. Fido turned from my bare pussy for a moment and licked my panties, but quickly returned his attention to my crotch. His tongue felt better on my bare flesh then it had through my panties.

I began to groan and writhe as he pleasured me. He seemed motivated by this, and began to lick me more vigorously. I felt his lips against my pussy and felt my juices flow. He lapped them up eagerly. Before I could stop myself, I was cumming in his mouth. He sniffed my crotch and licked up my sweet fluids. I was going to end the fun there, but he was already climbing up the bed. I could see his pink cock peering out of his sheath, and I reach out for it.

I began to massage his sheath, and felt his cock growing harder. It was soon all the way out, and I took it in my hand. It was large for a dog, as big as any man’s. I moaned as he began to lick my cunt again. When my pussy was thoroughly wet, he pulled out of my grasp, and I knew what he wanted. I turned over and stood on my hands and knees in front of him, positioning my ass right in his face. He licked my asshole once and before I knew it, he was on top of me.

It took him only a few thrusts to find my hole, and then he was inside me. It felt so good, for the first time, having his belly on my back and his cock in my pussy. I reached back with one hand, pushing him into me. His hips were going like mad, pumping his knot into me. I felt my cherry pop and it was all the more pleasurable. I groaned, and came again.

My juices on his cock made him push harder. A few minutes of extreme pleasure passed, and then he ejected his hot white cum into my pussy. I had never had semen in me before, and it felt so good. I could feel him growing soft in me, and I pulled him out. I turned him onto his back on the bed, and moved myself into the 69 position with him.

I started licking his cock, and letting him slurp on my pussy again. His rod was hard again in no time, and I took it in my mouth, sucking him hard. His tongue flicked over my clit again and again, bringing me to an orgasm quickly. Once it had passed, I was wiped out.

I moved off of my loving Fido, and sprawled out on my bed. He padded up to me and curled against my belly. I put my hand over his belly and placed it on his now sheathed cock, caressing him softly. I fell asleep that way, with my hand on his cock.



Ok this is not really all that bad it did lack the whole depth thing but its a good start just about every one who post is going to say something bad just take the good out of it and go on and by the way for the person who said "Also, the dog would go for


Virgin, I didn't have any big problems with your story or your details. It's kind of scary that some of these other reviews profess to know what it's actually like to have sex with a dog. (Write what you know? Gag.) However, I think you could figure o

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