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a night alone...with my dog

lilsexymexican on Animal Stories

one day my parents went out...and i was left home alone it was dark out an i was getting ready to take a shower but then as i got underssed in my room laying on my bed my dog jumps up an starts to like my legs.."get down Dog"! i yelled but he just looked at me like i was crazy an keeps licking my legs then when i go to move i see him licking my clit it felt soo good but then i thought to my self....this is my dog doing this, what the hell is rong with i fme?.but then i feel his warm mouth on my so i sitt up an look at my dog an he looks at me then i start to rub his shaft an play with him an he looks at me then i pull him on top of he starts to hump me in a smooth pase an it feels so good.then i feel his hot pink an red prick go in an out of my pussy i start moning it feels so good then i gring him as he fucks me in an out an then he stops an all i can feel is his hot cum drip out of my pussy an he gets up an licks me clean..then befor my parents get home i take a hot shower an went into my room for round two....THRER WILL BE MORE


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