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Aim gets fuck by a horse

Daveaim on Animal Stories

Aim was shaking under me as I thrust my shaft in to her wet Virginia her moan told me that she was liking what she was getting. Aim like it as I held her down and fuck her like she was a slut. Just like the night I made her suck and fuck the guy at a gas station in a small town Tennessee as we walked in he was checking her out so I told her to ask if he would like to have some fun Aim could talk a horse in to fucking her if she wanted to.

As the young man and Aim headed to the back room I could hear her moaning as he fuck her and after they was done she came out and we left Aim played with her pussy as we drove down the road she would slide two fingers in to her wet little hole and as she pulled them out they would be covered in hers and his cum and as she put them in her mouth she would suck them clean. As we pulled over so I could fuck her cum filed pussy there was a horse by a tree and as I got her dress up I had my shaft in hand and I was pushing in to her she started to moan and I picked up my pace as I fuck her with long hard strokes she moan a loud it didn’t tack me long and I was filling he full of my load but Aim wasn’t ready to stop she wanted me to fuck her. I told her I was out of fuck jiz and she wasn’t happy and that was wind she looked over at the horse and ask me if she could get nock up by a horse and I told her no.

As we stood at the horse she looked under him and ask if she tack off her dress I told her she was craze but her close was on the grown and she was on her knees and was playing with this horse’s balls and as she suck on them I could see his dick coming out and as it drop out Aim graved it and open her mouth and got the head of that big ass dick in her mouth. Aim suck and stroked the horse shaft and the faster she got the horse started to move and with out warning that horse shot his load down her throat and all over her face and down her breast Aim was covered in horse cum I watched as she licked it off her face and as she look at me she ask if she could fuck him I told her if she wanted she could.

Aim was bent over and trying to get that big dick in her but it wouldn’t go so she ask me to help I ask her how and she told me to take his dick and guide it in to her so I got down on my knees and toke hold of the horse’s dick and as she moved back I guided it in and I watch as that big head pushed in to her and with that her toke over and Aim started to get fuck by a horse. He thrust in to her and she yell out and he thrust in agene I could se more and more of that shaft go in and after the fife push in he stop and Aim moan loud and it happen his cum was being pushed out of her and as it ran down her legs he must of pump about two galleons in to her and as his dick came out of her she drop to the grown and cum pored out of her. Aim laid on the grown about ten minutes before getting up and as she graved the tree the horse rose up and pushed her to the tree and his dick was out agene he thrust up at her opening but missed and as she cried for me to help her I just walked over to the other side of the tree and graved her hands and told her that now she was a horse slut to night and he thrust up agene and in he was he fuck her just like he did the first time fast and hard he shot his load in her agene and as he ran off I pick her clothing up and pick her up in my arms and toke her cum covered body back to the car.

And every time we go to the horse track she said it’s like every stud was looking at her as if some one just lead the slut in.


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