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Veronica Gets Her Turn

by David Oberman


Archie Andrews - Archie is a 17-year-old teenage boy that has a

notorious weakness for girls. It's all too easy for a pretty face to turn

Archie's head, and before you know it, he's instantly smitten. But no girl

has his heart tied in knots more than Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge.

For years, Archie's struggled to choose between sweet and lovable Betty and

rich and sexy Veronica, usually landing him in hot water while failing to

make up his mind as to which girl he cares for more.

Veronica Lodge - At her best, she's flighty, irresponsible and boy crazy. At

her worst, she's spoiled, selfish, hardhearted and calculating. She's

hopelessly vain, openly arrogant, temperamental and yet, when it suits her, a

fairly nice girl.

At 17, she wallows in near decadent wealth, tools around town in

exotic cars, jets all over the world and is both the envy and enmity of her

friends and peers. Who is she? None other than (drum roll please)....

Veronica Lodge!

Gorgeous, sophisticated and sexy to the hilt, the raven-haired rich girl is

every boy's wildest dream. When Veronica strolls down a city street in one of

her outrageously expensive designer outfits, she literally brings traffic

screeching to a halt.

A boy hasn't been born that can resist Veronica's devastating charms, and if

she can't win over a guy with her awesome looks, she'll do it with her

daddy's money.

However, Veronica, fickle as the day is long, loves to flirt and wrap boys

around her little finger. This is none so true as her power over Archie

Andrews. she will plot, scheme and cheat relentlessly to win him over from

Betty Cooper. But, despite the rivalry, Veronica loves Betty like a sister.

Go figure.

Diton Doiley - Dilton is the resident boy genius of Riverdale. Throughout his

young years he has invented many outlandish creations, which somehow always

manages to get the gang in trouble and/or mischief. And in this story this

remains all too true.

Despite being of the same age as the rest of Archie's gang, his diminutive

size has made him quite unappealing to the girls in town. So he remains a

frustrated virgin. Being part of the gang, he hoped that girls would start

paying more attention to him, which has not been the case so far.

His best friend of all is Moose Mason, Midge's violent boyfriend. The closest

girlfriend that he has is Betty Cooper, but only as a friend. But then that

isn't surprising, as Betty is friendly to everybody, even Reggie Mantle. So

it is not surprising that of all the girls in Riverdale High, Betty was the

one that he has the biggest crush on. But he knew full well that his chances

to dive into her blonde bush was beyond calculation. In the past, he would

have had to compete with Archie Andrews. That is until a few months ago when

she and Jughead began dating as a couple, which was also improbable by his

mathematical mind's comprehension.

Chuck Clayton - Chuck is also part of the gang. Being black has not been a

hindrance to his forming close friendships in Riverdale. He can count all of

Archie's gang as friends. Being the son of one of the school coaches, he has

to prove himself constantly in sports. Very athletic and muscular, he is

teammate with Archie, Reggie, Moose and Jughead on almost every school team.

His main hobby has been cartoon drawings. Though his dad don't see a career

in it, he pursues this artistic side of himself whenever he can.

Betty Cooper - It's absolutely impossible not to love Betty. The blue eyed,

blonde 17-year-old with the perky tits and voluptuous body is the

fantasy of many of the teenage boys in the town of Riverdale High. And

beautiful with a personality that's sweeter than honey.

Betty is very athletic minded and her sexy body shows it with every curve. Of

course it doesn't hurt her athletics to be somewhat of a Tomboyish type of

girl. Betty is the sort of girl boys can't help but fall madly in love with.

Betty is many things to many people: a warm, vibrant, fun loving girl who

lives for the present but thinks of her future. A tomboy with spunk and a

lady with polish. An irrepressible free spirit and a responsible young woman,

a dreamer and a realist with a heart that's bigger than all outdoors.

Despite playing second fiddle to her best friend, Veronica, Betty never gives

up hope that one day, Archie will come to his senses and see that she is the

only girl for him.

In my first story, Betty discovered that dogs aren't only "man's best

friend," but are very adept in making a girl feel special. She now works in

Mr. Lodge's kennel as well as paying special attention to her first canine

lover, Hotdog.

Jughead Jones - To say that Forsythe Pendleton Jones, a.k.a. Jughead, is

strange would be one heck of an understatement. In fact, if you were to look

up the word "strange" in the dictionary, you'd find a picture of him as an


As with his friends, he is also 17 years of age. Always the loafer, he

can frequently be caught sleeping in the classroom or even at the beach. He

has having maintained his reputation as a girl hater for many years. This has

led to the speculation that he may actually be gay.

In fact, Jughead likes girls as much as the next guy. He was just extremely

shy. All of this changed when he caught Betty in the doghouse with his own

pet, Hotdog. Ever since that fateful night, he and Betty have been dating

regularly. Usually with Hotdog, or some other beast for added fun.

Hotdog - Is Jughead's fateful dog. A big shaggy white mutt really. He's been

around as long as the Archie series has. In certain ways he thinks himself as

human rather than canine. He's a friendly pooch who is always saddened when

Betty suffers at the hands of Veronica.

He was Betty's very first lover, breaking her cherry one summer day. And ever

since that forbidden encounter, his cock rages to life whenever he spots her


Reggie Mantle - It's said that there's a rotten apple in every barrel. Well,

in Riverdale High's barrel, that certain apple just so happens to be the

17-year-old Reggie Mantle.

Reggie does have his good points (but they're few!).

First off, he's devilishly handsome, and he'll be the first person to tell

you that over and over and over again. Secondly, he's extremely talented when

it comes to sports which makes him a natural babe magnet. Many a girl at

Riverdale High wished that he would jump their bone.

Perhaps the one thing Reggie truly excels at is scheming. If can see a profit

for himself, he'll do it.

He's in constant competition with Archie for the attention of Veronica Lodge.

However, Reggie's not just after Veronica, he also chases Midge Frummp, the

girlfriend of REALLY big man on campus, Moose Mason, though his obsession for

Midge borders on suicidal, as Moose has as short fuse when it comes to guys

even looking at his girl.

Midge Frummp - The forbidden fruit of Riverdale High, thanks to he most part

to her jealous boyfriend Moose. Though many boys, and even some girls, have

fantasized over her smallish figure. None would dare even approach her as

long as Moose's shadow loomed nearby.

Though short in stature, she is nonetheless a beautiful young woman. As

captivating as her friend Betty. She has always been seen with a butch hair

style that was very appealing to her personality.

She is in the school's gymnastics team along with Betty and her toned body

shows how well she stays in shape.

We learned in my previous story that Midge much prefers girls over boys. That

is until Betty introduced her to the canine life. Though she stills puts

girls top on her list, she won't turn down a hard k9 cock.

Moose Mason - Midge's muscle-bound boyfriend. Also best friend's to the

school genius, Dilton Doiley. All of this makes for a strange combination.

But lately, he's been feeling left out of his girlfriend's life and he

couldn't understand why that was. So lately he's been getting assistance from

his small buddy to help get his grades up.

Cricket O'Dell - This young 15-year-old, though two years younger than

the rest of Archie's gang, is nonetheless accepted among this tight knit

group of friends. Mostly because of her close relationship with the girls.

The guys haven't been paying her much attention to her short and developing


The short brunette is even shorter than Midge. But with her newly budding

body, it fits her well.

She had always had a major crush on Reggie Mantle, but he just hasn't taken

any notice of her presence, boys being boys.

Mr. Lodge - Hiram Lodge, the multi-billionaire of Riverdale. A self made man,

he heads on of the biggest Companies of the nation and is the father of

Veronica Lodge.

What most people don't know of him is his sordid past in dwelling in porno.

In my first installment, an opportunity presented itself to him that he

couldn't pass up.

His wildest fantasy was fulfilled in the first story. He made huge profits,

at the expense of Betty and Midge working in his kennels. They remain

oblivious to his hidden cameras, or the fact that they are is main source of

income now. Surpassing his legitimate companies.

Pop Tates - Is the owner and operator of the Chock'lit Shoppe. The town's

teenage hangout.

He's a middle aged man, pot bellied and not much to look at. He has always

been a lonely man that has reduced himself gratifying himself while

fantasizing on his teen female clientele.

Since my first story, he has been carrying on a secret relationship with the

youngest girl of Archie's gang, Cricket O'Dell.

Chapter One

Betty Cooper and Midge Frummp retained their job in the Lodge Kennel on their

Estate, while still unbeknownst to them Mr. Lodge continued taping their

exploits with his dogs, then selling them on the Internet for a huge profit.

He even caught them playing with some of the stallions in the stables, which

were in the same building.

Already in the few months that he started taping the girls at work, he had

amassed a video collection of hundreds of tapes. Which he would advertise on

the Internet as fast as he could copy them for distribution. In fact, sales

for these videos surpassed most of his legitimate business ventures. This

meant that he didn't have to go into the office as frequently, and could

simply stay in his secret recording studio and watch the two lustful teens

indulge in their bestial pleasures live.

At first, his neglecting the office so much caused concern to his wife and

daughter. But once they realized that their assets were sound, they no longer


But Mr. Lodge's biggest concern had nothing to do with how his business was

doing. Rather, his biggest worry was that his daughter, Veronica, would join

her friends in the kennel one day. He knew how close friends she was to Betty

and Midge, and that possibly she would pay a visit to them while they were

'working' with the dogs.

His fears were alleviated one evening when he overheard the girls chatting in

her room.

"Why don't you ever visit us in the kennel Ronnie?" He heard Betty as his


"Oh really Betty," Veronica responded snobbishly. "You know I never consort

with the help."

For the first time in his life Mr. Lodge was happy about his spoiled

daughter's attitude towards the working class. For years he had encouraged

Betty's influence over his daughter, but now was glad that it never took

hold. But on this occasion, he was relieved that she wouldn't be paying a

visit in the kennel with them. Despite his fondness in watching her friends

fuck and suck the dogs, he didn't think he could survive if he saw his own

daughter indulge in such activity.

And despite Betty and Midge's tendency towards animals, he was still glad

that their friendship towards his daughter persisted. They would still go to

the beach and dances. Betty remained a frequent guest for sleepovers with

Veronica, or vice versa.

A few unusual events occurred from the girl's bestial activity. One of them

was the revelation of Midge's lesbian tendency. Though she thoroughly enjoyed

fucking the dogs, Mr. Lodge learned that she really didn't enjoy getting

fucked by her boyfriend Moose Mason. This presented him with vintage teen

girl action, also caught on tape. But these he kept for his own private

viewing pleasure.

The other was that Betty started going steady with Jughead Jones, of all

people. For years she had been vying for Archie Andrews attention, then

suddenly she switched to Jughead. He wondered if Jughead's mutt, Hotdog, had

anything to do with her change of views to the strange Jones boy.

This, unfortunately, left Archie to concentrate all his attention to his

daughter Veronica. Something that he has dreaded in the best of

circumstances. That klutz of a boy always managed to destroy his most

priceless of possessions, and always despite his best intentions.

Ding! Dong!

Speaking of the devilboy himself.

Smithers, the Lodge's butler opened the door just as Archie burst in,

slamming the door to his nose. The poor manservant falls on his butt holding

his aching nose.

"Gee, sorry Smithers," Archie offers his excuses. "But you really shouldn't

stand behind a door like that. That's how people get hurt."

"Archikins, sweetie," Veronica giggles. "You are so considerate giving advice

like that."

Mr. Lodge slaps his forehead to his daughters naive and inconsiderate

reaction to her bumbling boyfriends clumsiness.

"Hi Ronnie. Mr. Lodge," Archie says joyfully. "How about if we go over to

Pop's for a soda."

"That sounds lovely Archie," she giggles to him. "Who else is going to be


"Uh!?!" He shrugs. "The whole gang I guess."

The teen couple walks out the door as Mr. Lodge helps his butler off the


"Really sir," Winters objected. "Do we really have to suffer that ruffian's

presence in these premises?"

"I know exactly how you feel old boy," Mr. Lodge agreed with his servant.

"But as long a Veronica remains infatuated with him, we have to endure him.

And believe me, it is a big financial burden on me."

"I realize that sir," the butler agreed. "At least this time nothing was

broken. Other than my nose."

Just then they hear Archie's jalopy backfire, shattering the large picture

window in the sitting room.

Chapter Two

Moose Mason was very depressed these past few months. His girlfriend, Midge,

seemed to be avoiding him ever since she started working for Mr. Lodge. And

being the big slowwitted dumbbell that he was, he couldn't figure out what he

did wrong.

He'd been hanging around the other guys of the gang for solace. Especially

his best bud, Dilton Doiley. Today, Dilton was in his lab at Riverdale

Highschool preparing yet another zany experiment to benefit mankind. Despite

his better judgment, he was allowing Moose to assist him.

The two were working at a workbench over his latest invention when coach

Clayton's son, Chuck, walked in.

"Hey guys," he asked. "Watcha doin'?"

"Duh!" Moose answered. "Dilly is making a... a transm... a transmo... a


"Actually Chuck," Dilton took over. "I'm in the process of fabricating a

Transmorphic Energy Beam."

"Really," Chuck whistled. "And what is it supposed to do?"

"It will allow me to change the DNA of one element into anything else once

the proper DNA sequence is programmed into the device, " the boy genius

explained. "Including protein as in food."

"Duh! That's right," Moose agreed.

"So, what use will that be?" Chuck continued quizzing Dilton.

"If this works," Dilton went on. "We could prevent future food shortages

simply by changing one product to another. Eventually I hope to upgrade it so

it could create a food substitute out of thin air."

"Don't let Jug hear you say that," Chuck laughed out loud. "He' come in here

and steal it from you."

The three teen boys laughed at that. Knowing full well that Chuck was

probably right. Jughead's appetite for anything edible was legendary in

Riverdale. Dilton returned to his work refining the adjustments to his


"So, Dilly," Chuck continued questioning. "How is this gadget supposed to

work anyway?"

"Well," Dilton breathed deeply. "This preliminary test will be to transfer

DNA from this apple," he pointed to the fruit on the table. "Into this

tomato, and vice versa. In effect changing one into the other."

"Whow!" Chuck whistled. "But what good will that be?"

"In science we have to take it one step at a time," Dilton explained. "Later

on, I will attempt to change non food items into something edible."

The boy genius returns to his instruments to complete the final adjustments

before the testing can proceed. Then he flips a switch and an energy beam

sparkles between the apple and the tomato subjects.

The three boys look on as they see both items begin to take on new forms. The

tomato elongates and assumes the shape of a banana, while the apple assumes

the shape of the tomato. When the beam is finally switched off, Dilton looks

disappointed at the results.

He picks up the transmuted items and studies them. Slices them to observe the

results under the electron microscope. After a few minutes he looks up


"What's the matter Dilly," Chuck asks him. "You got half of it right, didn't


"That's what has me confused Chuck," Dilton answered him. "It should have

either worked completely or not at all. Why the DNA of the apple accepted the

tomato transformation and the tomato transmuted into a banana is beyond


"Duh! Can we eat them?" Moose asked.

"Uh! Oh! Yes, they seem perfectly normal Moose," Dilton told him.

"Then what's the problem Dilly?" Chuck asked him.

"At this stage of the experiment," Dilton measured his words carefully. "My

transmophic energy beam wasn't programmed with the DNA of a banana, so it

shouldn't have been possible."

"Is it a serious problem?" Chuck asked.

"No, not really," Dilton tells them. "Oh well, might as well quit for today.

Moose could you lock up the transmor..." he pauses seeing the confused look

on Moose's face. "The gizmo in the lab safe."

"Duh, sure Dilly."

Moose picks up the device and carries it in the wall safe, while Dilton

removes his lab coat and puts on his jacket. Then the three boys head out of

the lab, and the school. They head for Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe to meet up with

the rest of the gang.

On their way they meet up with Jughead and Betty walking hand and hand,

snuggling as they walk. Dilton's face turns a shade darker from jealousy.

'Why Jughead and not me?' He asks himself.

As the threesome approach their two friends, Chuck can make out through

Betty's shirt that the blonde cutie of Riverdale High was not wearing a bra

under her clothes. The thought of Betty's naked breast covered by only that

thin shirt gave life to his cock, as he could feel it stirring in his pants.

The five of them went the rest of the way together. Once they arrived there

they immediately spotted Archie, Veronica, Midge, Nancy, Cricket and Reggie

already seated and enjoying malts. As soon as they entered the malt shop,

Pop's started preparing malts for the whole gang.

Ever since Jughead and Betty started going steady, Pop's profits have been

dropping steadily. It didn't take the genius of Dilton Doily, or the business

acumen of Hiram Lodge for him to realize that Jughead's infatuation to Betty

had affected his monumental appetite. Lucky for him that the rest of the

gang, for some reason, had increased her calorie intake.

This was most likely due to their increased sexual activity in the past few

months. Something that he can attest to in regards to Cricket. The only

exception to this remained Archie, Veronica and Dilton. And lately Moose's

appetite has been getting smaller too.

"Here you go," Pop says as he places their sodas on the table.

"Thank you Pop," Betty says politely.

"Yeah thanks Pop," Jughead follows suite.

"Ditto," Chuck simply responds.

Pop can't help but envy his teenaged customers. It always pleased him to see

the younger generation finally pair themselves off. But even he was a bit

surprised to see that Midge and Moose no longer seemed to be a couple. And he

was obviously jealous to the fact that his teen lover, Cricket, spent so much

time with Reggie. Because of that, the two of them could only see each other

once a week.

Jughead's hand would slip between Betty's legs, under the table, and caress

her calves through her jeans. Betty would reciprocate by rubbing his crotch.

Reggie was busily doing the same to tiny Cricket, while Archie would be

satisfied with simply placing his arm around Veronica's shoulders as always.

For her part, Veronica was really getting peeved at Archie's lack of courage.

For years she had been waiting for him to fuck her, and here she was still a

virgin. And from the looks of the other girls, she might well be the last one

at Riverdale High.

Midge and Nancy, Chuck's girlfriend, were sitting next to each other. The

others would have probably reacted if they could have seen the flush of

Nancy's face when Midge slipped her hand between the black girl's thigh and

stroked it softly. None of the gang, other than Cricket and Betty, knew of

Midge's lesbian tendency yet. Not even Nancy. That was why she was so

surprised when her petite friend did what she did.

Midge simply winked across the room at Betty, who in turn winked back. Betty

knew immediately what Midge was doing and that brought a smile to her face.

As much as the blonde teen enjoyed her lovemaking with Midge, she still much

preferred fucking dogs, and her Jughead.

Things went as normal as every other day in the Choklit Shoppe. They would

talk about various things going on at school, or sports. A few would play the

jukebox and start dancing. But every one of them would act as if they knew

nothing about sex.

Pop had been around teens long enough to recognize that most of his patrons

were sexually active by now. And he thought that he had figured out who was

doing what to whom. He knew about Chuck and Nancy for a long time already.

Reggie had discovered how hot Cricket was after he had deflowered her, and

was now seeing her regularly. The biggest surprise in his mind still remained

Betty and Jughead, he would never have foreseen that pairing. The biggest

heartache was the apparent break-up of Moose and Midge.

Out of the whole gang, he had thought that Archie would have fucked with

either Betty or Veronica a long time ago. But from what he could see, he had

yet to fuck anybody. And with Betty out of his mind, he felt sorry for

Veronica for she was obviously not being serviced at all.

The impromptu meeting at Pop Tate's Chock'lit Shoppe broke up much as it

always did. Each one of the kids would go their separate ways. The girls

being escorted by their boyfriends. This was much a normal day here in


As usual, Betty would get a double fuck from Jughead and Hotdog in their

doghouse before heading home herself. She loved this about Jughead the most.

That each day would end with a nice long fuck.

Cricket and Reggie would neck in his car up in the hills. One or the other

would suck the other. Their fucking was restricted by the curfew the younger

teen was under. So the weekends was the best time for them.

Midge would maintain her facade with Moose and offer her lesbian body to him

for a quickie. He wasn't smart enough to realize that she wasn't really into

him fucking her. But he was happy, and that made her accept it a bit easier.

After all, he was such a weakling around her.

As for Nancy and Chuck, they would neck and fuck at her place, for her

parents were away on a business trip for Mr. Lodge and she had the house to

herself. Tonight was made a bit special when Nancy told Chuck about Midge

rubbing her thighs under the table that evening at Pop's. Chuck found it

exciting and suggested maybe inviting Midge over some evening for a

threesome. Nancy gave it some thought and the idea appealed to her as well.

Chapter Three

As Archie drove Veronica home in his jalopy, she was festering at the thought

that all of her classmates were fucking except for her. She still couldn't

get over the fact that Betty had settled for Jughead of all people.

She had known about Midge and Moose for months, and she even suspected that

Chuck and Nancy had been active just as long. And then there was Reggie, who

for some unknown reason had hooked up with young Cricket. Cricket, who was

two years younger than she was, was getting some action from another of her

friends. Well, she finally decided that she had to take the upper hand in her

relationship with Mr. Archie Andrews.

"Archikins," she meowled as he drove. "We have to talk."

"What about Ronnie?" He asked.

"About sex dah'ling," she told him bluntly.

Archie jerked the steering wheel in shock at what Veronica blurted. He barely

missed a lamppost before finally coming to a stop on the roadside.

"Wha... what do you mean babe?" He stammered.

"I mean Archikins," she started explaining. "That all our friends are having

sex, and you only give me a few measly kisses. What on earth are you waiting

for Archie Andrews?"

"B... but Ron," he was flustered by now. "I respect you too much to do

something like that. Besides, your dad would kill me!!"

"Respect!" She yelled at him. "Is that the best excuse you can come up with.

I don't want your fucking respect you stupid carrot top. I want your cock in

my pussy! Now are you going to be man enough to do that for me, or do I have

to look somewhere else for satisfaction?"

"Bu... but... but Ronnie," he stammered. "We can't just do something like

that. We're too young."

"Fine Mr. Andrews," she pouted at him. "Take me home, and never call me


Archie put his car on drive and silently drove her home to the Lodge Estate.

He didn't think much of her threat of breaking up with him too seriously. He

had been through this scene on numerous occasions and felt sure that this was

just another of her tantrums.

As he stopped in front of her door, she climbed out of his car and went

straight inside without even a kiss goodnight.

The huge chandelier in the main entrance jingled and vibrated as Veronica

slammed the door behind her. Smither's winced, half expecting the large

ornament to come crashing down. He and Mr. Lodge sighed a sigh of relief when

it stayed in place.

Mr. Lodge watched as he saw his raven-haired daughter storm up the stairs to

her room. He could tell from her mood that something had gone amiss with her

date with that infernal klutz Archie Andrews.

'Maybe they finally broke up,' the pleasant thought crossed his mind.

He decided that he had best find out what upset his daughter so much. So he

made his way upstairs a few minutes later. A few minutes later he was

standing in front of her bedroom door, and without bothering to knock he

opened it and walked inside.

"Veronica," he said. "Is everything all ri..." he stopped in mid-sentence

when he noticed that she was half undressed. "Is everything okay baby?"

Her top was off and the clasp of her bra was undone, about to tumble down. At

the last second Veronica brought her arms to her chest to cover her breast.

Mr. Lodge gave a loud gulp as he gawked at his beautiful daughters half naked


"Daaaaddy!" She shrieked. "Can't you knock first."

"Uh? Oh, sorry baby," he gasped and turned around. "Is (gulp) is everything

all right sweetums?"

Veronica was hurriedly putting on her nightgown. All the while keeping an eye

on her father to make sure he wasn't looking back. A few seconds passed and

she was decent enough for him to face her again.

"Oh daddy," she started bawling. "I decided to break up with Archie tonight.

He's so inconsiderate. All my friends have good relationships with their

boyfriends, but Archie just treats me like a friend. I don't think anything

will ever come of our relationship, so I think its about time for me to start

seeing new boyfriends."

Mr. Lodge could barely contain a cheer upon hearing the news that Archie

Andrews would no longer be a threat of marrying his little girl. He kept a

straight face though, he couldn't risk her going back to that troublesome

redhead out of spite against him.

"There, there Veronica," he consoled her. "Everything will be all right.

There are plenty of boys out there for you. Besides, you are a Lodge. And we

Lodge's bounce back against adversity."

She smiled up at her caring father and knew that he was right. She knew how

good she looked just from al the catcalls and whistles she always received

walking down the street. Or how men would walk into things because they would

be staring at her gait.

In fact she was already thinking ahead as to who might be a willing sex

partner. Something Mr. Lodge wasn't even considering in his mind. If he had

known that she broke up with Archie because he wouldn't commit to having sex

with his teen daughter, he might well have been rooting for him to win her


But Veronica's mind was set on getting laid, and soon.

He gave her a goodnight kiss on her forehead and left her room, closing the

door behind him. Veronica went to bed, but not before taking out the vibrator

she had purchased with one of her numerous credit cards through the net.

It was twelve inches long and vibrated at three speeds. She had broken her

hymen six months earlier with it, but now it wasn't enough. She just knew

that a real, warm blooded cock would feel ten times better. And so, she went

to sleep, vibrating her pussy until she feel into oblivion.

Chapter Four

The next morning, when Veronica Lodge woke up, she had made her decision.

From this day on she would be on a manhunt. She would be on the prowl for

studs that will fill her empty pussy once and for all. Since Archie Andrews

refused to perform, she would look elsewhere from now on.

She bounced down the stairs to the breakfast table. Mr. Lodge was glad to see

that his sweet and beautiful daughter seemed to have gotten over the latest

Archie Andrews break-up. But, deep inside, he was hoping that this time the

break-up would be permanent.

Veronica gave her father a peck on the cheek before sitting down for the

gourmet breakfast that their chef had prepared for them.

"I'm glad that you're feeling better this morning sweetheart," Mr. Lodge


"Yes I am," she answered back. "Thanks for asking. I came to a major decision

last night. I think that as a Lodge, I should find a more suitable boyfriend.

What do you think daddy?"

Mr. Lodge could only smile in satisfaction.

"Whatever makes you happy dear," Mrs. Lodge injected.

"Anybody special that you have in mind dear?" Her father asked.

"No, not just yet," she answered. "This time I'm going to choose my man

carefully. Set a goal and work from there."

"Sounds like you have things well in hand," Mr. Lodge noted.

Little that he knew is exactly what Ronnie was looking for in her future

boyfriend. She was in search of a stud. Somebody willing to fuck her brains

out, for she had a lot of catching up to do with her other girlfriends. And

she wanted to waste no time dawdling over it.

Veronica returned to her bedroom and headed straight for her walk-in closet.

As always, every school day, she had to decide what to wear. Being the

snobbish rich girl of Riverdale High, she had her reputation to consider. She

would consult her computer diary to make sure that what she selected hadn't

been worn before. She would never live it down if she was caught wearing a

second worn dress.

"I just don't know how Betty can do it," Veronica was talking to herself.

"Day after day, wearing the same old dreary clothes. Yet somehow, she always

seems to attract the attention of as many boys as me."

Her personal maid, Monique, was standing behind her trying to catch the

clothes she rejected. Her eyes upward in disgust at how spoiled this rich

bitch was. She was also frustrated at always seeing the tight body of this

teen beauty flashing in front of her almost every day. For you see, she

prefers women to men, and Veronica Lodge was a ravishing beauty.

Finally, she found something she liked and dressed for school. She removed

her nightgown and stood naked before the maid, oblivious to her very


The maid stood by, admiring the firm shape of her mistress' buttocks and


'Now here is ze fringe benefit of zis job,' thought the lesbian servant. 'I

do not think Mr. Lodge would have ever given me zis position if zey only knew

how much I love watching zeir daughter stripping in front of me every day.'

Finally Veronica came back down the stairs, and like on most days, she was

behind schedule. And just like every other day, Mr. Lodge would have to give

her a lift to school in his limo so that she wouldn't be late.

They drove down to the high school as fast as legally permitted. Mr. Lodge

couldn't help but glance at his daughter. She had selected a very short

dress, and her panties were showing when she sat across from him. He could

feel his cock stiffening as his eyes remained fixed between her smooth legs.

Veronica wasn't even aware at the effect she was having on her own father.

All she could think of was who the lucky boy, or man, would get to fuck her

first. She could think of a few in school, and if those didn't pan out she

would scout outside for what she needed.

When she finally got to school she met up with the rest of the gang. There

was Betty and Jughead still snuggling, and Chuck and Nancy, Cricket with

Reggie. Seeing all of her girlfriends paired off made her see red.

Betty noticed Ronnie alone, as did the others.

'Wonder where Archie is?' Betty wondered. 'Hope everything's okay with them?'

Hating to see her best friend alone, she joined her and they engaged in some

girl talk. But unfortunately for Veronica, the conversation would always

steer clear of sex, and that was the information she was craving for the


"You okay Ronnie?" Betty would ask her.

"Yes, of course I am," she would answer snobbishly.

Betty didn't take her attitude too seriously as she had grown up with the

rich girl most of her life and she knew that she acted this way when she was

upset about something. Though this time she was in somewhat of a loss to

understand what had upset the raven-haired girl so.

"Where is Archie this morning?" The blonde girl asked. "Haven't seen him,

have you?"

"Now why would I want to bother with him for," Veronica answered back coldly.

'Uh, oh,' Betty realized. 'They've broken up again.'

The two girls would walk together into the school, and were joined by the

other girls of the gang. Soon all of her female friends were around Veronica

to help cheer her up, to no avail.

"Hey Ronnie," Betty suggested. "How about a pajama party. We haven't done

that in a long time."

That idea brought a smile to Ronnie's face. And so it was agreed that they

would all get together for a girls sleepover at Betty's house the following

weekend. Her parents were going to visit some relatives and they trusted

their daughter implicitly. Those that would be in attendance would be; Betty,

Veronica, Cricket, Midge and Nancy.

Chapter Five

As with every other school day, they spent a long and dragging eight hours

shuffling from one classroom to another. And like most students, they

couldn't wait till the last bell sounded so they could rush out to freedom.

I said most students. Dilton Doiley was always the exception to that rule. He

could never get enough schoolwork to satisfy his needs.

Today was a special day for him of sorts. He was back in his lab working out

the kinks from his latest invention, the Transmorphic Energy Beam. And

assisting him in the final testing were Moose Mason and Chuck Clayton.

"How's it going Dilton?" The black boy would ask.

"Almost ready chuck," Dilton answered. "Moose, would you move those beakers

out of the way. Just move them to another table."

"Shure thing buddy," the large lad answered.

Moose went to the table indicated by Dilton and began moving the glass

beakers to another table. While doing so he inadvertently moved Dilton's

Transmorphic Energy Beam slightly so that it no longer pointed to the target


This went unnoticed by Dilton or Chuck.


Meanwhile, outside the school, Hotdog and two of his canine friends were

playing on the school grounds, a St. Bernard named Goliath and a Doberman

named Damien. They had found a baseball left behind by the school team and

were busily tossing it around and running for it, as dogs would.

{{Gee Hotdog,}} Damien yapped. {{You sure know the good places to go for


{{Yeah!}} Goliath agreed. {{I can still remember when you introduced us to

that blonde human friend of yours at the lake. Rowlf, that was a good time. I

especially liked mounting her dark-haired friend.}}

Goliath was referring to the events that occurred in my first Archie story

titled: "Betty and Me(Hotdog)". Damien, regrettably, missed that canine orgy.

If you haven't read it yet, e-mail me and I will gladly send it to you.

{{They are called Betty and Midge,}} Hotdog reminded them.

{{So what?}} Damien growled. {{It's not like we're ever going to use they


{{Yeah Hotdog,}} Goliath agreed. {{Loosen up will you. But I sure miss

mounting those human bitches though.}}

{{I wouldn't mind getting a crack at some human bitch myself,}} Damien added.

{{From the sounds of it, they must be a good fuck. I'm just sorry I missed

out that time.}}

{{If you really want another shot at mounting my human friends,}} Hotdog shot

back. {{Maybe I can fix it for you. I still get to mount Betty on a regular

basis you know.}}

{{You do,}} Goliath whined in surprise. {{You lucky dog.}}

{{Would really appreciate it if you gave me a shot at one of them human

bitches,}} Damien threw in. {{I missed out last time. After all, fair is


{{So its agreed then,}} Hotdog added. {{You both want a shot with my human

friends. I'll see what I can arrange and let you know.}}

{{That's great Hotdog,}} both dogs echoed together.

The three dogs returned to playing with the baseball and put the mounting

matter to rest till Hotdog could arrange another bestial encounter with Betty



"Today," Dilton began explaining. "We are going to refine the technique that

we used a few days ago. Hopefully, this time the subjects in today's test,

fruits and glass, will exchange each others molecular coding so that the

glass will become edible."

"And will this transformation be permanent?" Chuck asked.

"No," Dilton went on. "Its too early still to attempt any long term


"Duh! Dilton," Moose broke in. "Duh! If finished moving them things you told

me to."

"Thanks Moose," Dilton replied.

They could hear dogs barking outside the window of the lab. One of those dogs

was Jughead's pooch, Hotdog.

"So how long will the change last?" Chuck queried.

"A few days at the most," the boy genius answered.

He appreciated Chuck's interest. Not many of his friends got involved much

with his research, unless they could figure out a way to turn it to their

benefit. It was a refreshing change to have any of them truly involved in his

work or projects.

"Okay guys," Dilton instructed them. "Move over here out of the way."

All three of the boys moved to the side away from the target table.

Unbeknownst to any of them, when Moose accidentally moved over it, he

inadvertently changed the aim of Dilton's machine. It was now pointing at

them and the other beam was aimed out the window.

Dilton was sure that everything was in order and walked over to the control

panel and threw the switch, activating his creation. He and his two

companions were immediately enveloped by the bright beam of his

transmorphigenic invention.

"Moose," Dilton yelled as soon as he realized what was happening. "What did

you do this time?"

"Duh! Nothing Dilton," his muscle-bound friend replied. "Honest."

"What's going on Dilly?" Chuck asked worriedly. "What's happening to us?"

"We're about to be transformed Chuck," Dilton replied.

"Yeah, but transformed into what?" Chuck asked.

"Don't know Chuck," the boy genius couldn't answer. "Can't see what subject

the beam is pointing at."


Unbeknownst to the three of them, the alternate beam was at that very moment

striking Hotdog and two of his canine pals. They too were feeling the

transmorphic energy of Dilton's invention. Their animal fur was shortening

visibly on their body. Their paws were stretching into hands and fingers.

Within a few moments they had been transformed into three very handsome

teenaged boys. Two of them had absorbed the DNA of Caucasian boys while the

third had absorbed Chuck's black DNA.

Once the transformation completed they found it rather uncomfortable on all

four on the ground and stood on their now human legs wobbly. They looked at

each other quizzically, their head tilted as they used to do as dogs.

"Gee, what happened?" Hotdog/boy spoke aloud, clamping his hands over his

mouth at hearing human sounds slip out of him.

Obviously they had absorbed among other things the power of speech as well.

"Was that you Hotdog?" One of his companions asked.

"What's going on here?" The third dog/human hybrid spoke. "How can I look and

sound like my master?"

"My guess would be that one of my master's friends built some gizmo that did

this to us," Hotdog/boy recognized Dilton's handiwork in this.

Hotdog looked over his new body and his pals and realized that they were not

dressed properly for humans. They had to look for some clothing or other

humans would come after them. Humans called police officers.

"Guys," Hotdog/boy told his friends. "We have to find some of those covering

things that our masters put over themselves."

"What for?" One of them asked.

"So we can walk around free," he explained to them. "There are human catchers

that would throw us in the human pound if they found us without covering."

"Brrrrr!" His black companion replied. "Don't think I like the sound of



At that very same moment, back in Dilton's lab, the three instigators of this

mess were themselves finding their body morphing into canine bodies.

Dilton was taking on the shape similar to Hotdog, right down to his shaggy

fur. While Moose and Chuck were assuming the forms of a St-Bernard and a

Doberman respectively.

Their new canine bodies no longer fit their human clothing as they slipped

off of them one item at a time.

{{Damn!}} Dilton/dog doggy spoke. {{My beam must have hit some dogs


{{Gee Dilly,}} Chuck/dog replied. {{I can understand you, even though you're

not speaking.}}

{{Yes,}} Dilton/dog added. {{I always suspected that the canidae family could

communicate on some level, and this seems to support my postulation on the


{{Duh! What does that mean Dilton?}} Moose/dog asked.

{{In simple terms Moose,}} he tried explaining to his large canine friend.

{{It means that we are can now talk in doggy talk.}}

{{Uh! Oh!}} Moose/dog growled.

Just then they heard the door creak open.

"What in the world is going on here?" Mr. Weatherbee's voice boomed. "How did

you mangy dogs get in here?"

He grabbed a broom and started shooing them out of the room. He kept on the

chase until all three dogs were finally run out of the school itself.

{{He must think that we're really dogs,}} Chuck/dog growled.

{{Let's get out of here,}} Dilton/dog replied.

{{Duh! Okay Dilton,}} Moose/dog complied. {{But I could take him you know.}}

{{Moose,}} Chuck/dog stopped his large pal. {{It's still Mr. Weatherbee. And

he's still our principal you know.}}

{{Duh! Right,}} Moose/dog replied. {{I forgot.}}

Later he returned to the lab and found the boys clothing strewn about. He

gathered them and placed them in a large garbage-bag. He would take them home

for the weekend and find out to whom they belonged too on Monday.

He returned to his office to pick up his briefcase. But before he came back

to recover the garbage-bag full of clothes, Svenson, the school janitor, had

tossed it in the garbage bin while emptying the school trash. By the time Mr.

Weatherbee had returned to the lab room he had forgotten what he needed to

pick up.

"That's strange," he said to himself. "I could have sworn that there was

something I needed to pick up here. Oh well, it couldn't have been too


And with that last thought he closed the door and headed home for a good

weekends rest. Something he felt that he richly deserved, watching this bunch

of school kids like Archie Andrews and Reggie Mantle.

The three naked boys, which used to be dogs, sneaked over to the school's

trash bin and started rummaging around for something, anything, to wear. It

had always been their experience that these large metal containers always had

lots of good stuff for them.

It only took them a few moments to find the discarded clothes in the large

bag. They hurriedly, yet clumsily, put on those clothing. It felt strange for

them to have to wear such awkward things, but Hotdog had made it clear to his

two companions that it was necessary until they regained their natural state.

Chapter Six

That Friday evening, Betty made her home ready to receive her girlfriends

when the phone rang.

"Hello?" She answered.

she heard. we could get together tonight for some fun. You know, you, me

and Hotdog.>

"Really wished I could Juggy," she answered disappointedly. "But Ronnie needs

some cheering up. So me and the other girls are spending the night with her.

You know, a sleepover. Hope you aren't too disappointed sweetie."

he replied. Will you call me tomorrow at least.>

"Sure thing honey," she said cheerfully. "Why don't you meet me at Pop's for

lunch tomorrow. You are the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. You are so

understanding and open. Most boys would have blabbed all over town about me

and Hotdog. But not you. You're the best Juggy. I'm so glad that we're going

steady now."

he gushed to her. connected. And now you are my girlfriend, and for the first

time I'm not ashamed to say something like that.>

Betty could only blush at Jughead's words. The two of them becoming a couple

was as much a surprise to her as it was to everybody else that knew them.

Yet, here it was almost six months since they started going out and fucking

together and things were as good now as that first night that Jughead found

her in Hotdog's doghouse, fucking his dog.

That sight had given him an instant hardon, which Betty was only too happy to

take care of for him. Since then, they started meeting each night for a fuck

session. At first it was accompanied with Hotdog. Then slowly, almost

imperceptibly, they started drifting closer to each other. Before long they

would find themselves alone, loving each other for hours.

This, in no way affected the bestial pleasures that Betty continued to enjoy

working in Mr. Lodge's kennel. And when she told Jughead about what she did

in the kennel, he just smiled and told her it was okay with him if it made

her happy. That was when Betty knew that Jughead was the boy for her.

Just then the doorbell chimed.

"Listen Juggy," she said over the phone. "They're starting to arrive, so I

have to go. I'll call you tomorrow okay."

he answered. already.>

"Me too," she replied. "(Smooch!)"

She sent him a kiss through the phone which he could hear.

he returned it to her.

They hung up and Betty rushed to answer the door. It was Nancy and Cricket

with a carry-on bag each. Turning into her walkway were Midge and Veronica.

The whole gang was now there and they could settle for their first night of

girl fun.

The evening started as planned and expected. Each of the girls had brought

over their favorite movie on video and they lay around the television set and

watched them one after another. They all change into their nighties and

settled on the floor to watch the movies.

By the third movie, Cricket took note that Midge was nudging closer to her.

She was starting to feel her body warm up in excitement. Ever since that day

at the Chok'lit Shoppe, she had been thinking about trying things with

another girl. Late at night she would masturbate at those forbidden thoughts.

Midge's subtle approach to the youngest of them didn't go unnoticed to either

Betty or Nancy. Veronica though remained oblivious to what seemed to be about

to happen.

Betty wasn't shocked about Midge. She knew from personal experience with her

over the last few months, and enjoyed making out with her dark-haired friend


As for Nancy, though she had had no practical experience with another girl,

she had been giving it much thought lately herself. This sleepover might

prove to be the perfect opportunity to give in to that fantasy.

Veronica kept watching the screen intently. She didn't even move away when

Betty's hand started stroking her back in a slow massage. Seeing this, Nancy

moved her own hand to join the blonde teen in rubbing their rich friend's

soft back.

Cricket and Midge looked over and both smiled at seeing their two friends

massaging the third. This sight only made Cricket's conflicting feelings

surge further into submission. Her breathing was getting short and strained

from the tension that was building in her.

Midge noticed the petite girl's breathing effort and took that as a sign to

get bolder. She dropped her hand to Cricket's thigh and started rubbing it

softly, slowly creeping closer to her young friend's crotch.

Cricket could only stare down at that caressing hand dumbly. Her breathing

would catch occasionally when her excitement became too much for her to keep

in. in these instances, Betty and Nancy would look over smiling in approval.

Veronica, being herself, remained ignorant as to what was going on behind

her. Her mind was totally focused on the movie hunk on the screen. She could

feel her pussy getting moist. She could only assume that she was reacting to

the hero she was watching.

But her body knew better. It was reacting to the soft massage it was

receiving for the two nubile hands rubbing over it.

"Do you like what I'm doing?" Midge whispered to Cricket, leaning over.

"Yesss," she responded without thinking. "Your hands are making me so wet

down there."

"Do you want me to stop?" Midge teased.

"NO!" Cricket blurted out loudly.

All heads turned to the young girl who blushed profusely. For the first time

Veronica noticed where Midge's hand was. Rather than be repulsed by the

sight, she simply smiled and returned her attention to the movie.

The other girls all smiled to themselves and resumed what they were doing

before Cricket's outburst.

Betty winked to Nancy who came closer to her. Without any warning, Betty

reached over and gave her a deep frenchkiss. She pushed her tongue past her

black girlfriend's lips and swirled it inside of her mouth.

At first, Nancy was caught off guard by Betty's kiss. She had expected this

from Midge, but not from the school's favorite girl. Once the shock of the

kiss passed, she instinctively returned the kiss.

While this was going on, they never once stopped massaging Veronica's back.

And on that same note, Veronica never suspected what was going on behind her

back either.

Cricket and Midge just smiled and resumed what they had already started.

"Open your legs a bit Crick," Midge whispered. "Let me really make you feel


Without hesitation, the petite brunette stretched her legs apart to give

Midge better access to her crotch. And hopefully her pussy. She leaned back

on her arms, arching her back in doing so. Which in turn pushed out her small

tit mounds. Midge could already see her young charge's nipples stiffening

under the thin fabric of her nightie. Her own had been hard for a few minutes


Betty and Nancy's excitement was also mounting across the room as they

continued their kissing and the massage that they were still giving Veronica.

Their own breathing was starting to be heard to be in short gasp of


Midge took advantage of Cricket's compliance and moved her fingers closer to

the excited teen's crotch. A few more minutes and she slipped her fingers

under the legband of her friend's nightie panties.

"Oooooooh!" Cricket moaned, trying to keep her voice down.

Midge could feel how wet Cricket had gotten from her caressing. She moved her

fingers along the ridges of Cricket's pussylips, being careful not to enter

her just yet.

Cricket began undulating her hips to Midge's invading digits. She was finding

it very difficult to keep her breathing steady. Every once in a while she

would find herself missing a beat, and follow up with a deep, aroused gasp of


Betty and Nancy were too busy with their own exploration to notice how far

Midge was getting with Cricket. Though Betty had instigated their kiss, it

was Nancy that took the next bold move. She moved her other hand up and

caressed Betty's jutting tit through her nightie and began rubbing it


Betty reciprocated voluntarily by moving her own free hand to Nancy's

shoulder and slipped her friend's nightie off of it, exposing Nancy's soft

skin to her touch. Nancy didn't object to this. In fact she followed suit and

bared Betty's shoulders as well, leaning over and kissing the soft white


Cricket was enjoying Midge's ministration. So much so, that she was feeling a

bit guilty about not returning the favor to her friend. So, instinctively,

she reached over and pulled Midge's face to her and kissed her deeply. Midge

returned the kiss with pleasure, never stopping her prodding caress in

Cricket's panties.

Meanwhile, in their own lustful excitement, Betty and Nancy's hands which

were massaging Veronica's back had drifted down to her buttocks and continued

rubbing those malleable asscheeks of hers.

Veronica could not ignore this. When she turned around this time to see what

was going on, her eyes bugged out in shock. Not only were Betty and Nancy

kissing each other and caressing each other's breasts, but she could also see

Midge's hand buried in Cricket's panties while they too were kissing.

She now lost all interest to the movie on Betty's television set. All of her

attention was focused on her four girlfriends lewd behavior, and the

massaging that Betty and Nancy were continuing to give her ass. It wouldn't

take her long for her own excitement to mount to the same level as the


It was Betty and Nancy who made the next move. Without any thought as to who

was watching them, they pulled off each others nightie and fell to the floor

in a loving, naked embrace. The sharp contrast of Nancy's black body on top

of Betty's milky white skin was the most erotic thing that Veronica had ever

seen before.

Following their friends lead, Midge and Cricket also removed their nightgowns

and panties. They then resumed their own lovemaking.

'I don't believe this,' Veronica thought angrily to herself. 'Not only don't

I have a boyfriend who will fuck me. But now, even my girlfriends find

pleasure with themselves and leave me out of it.'

Despite her frustration, Veronica was nonetheless enjoying the sight of

seeing her four girlfriends rolling over each other, naked. She could see

that Cricket had also started exploring Midge's pussy, now that it was

exposed. And that Midge now had inserted two of her fingers in the small girl

and was moving it in and out in a fucking movement.

Turning her attention back to Betty and Nancy, she was shocked further to

find that the two girls had by now removed their own panties and where in a

69 caress. She could see Betty's tongue flitting in and out of Nancy's

soaking wet pussy, but Nancy wasn't doing the same though.

Nancy was luxuriating at Betty's licking. This was far beyond what she had

been prepared to try. But now that it was happening, she couldn't deny how

much she loved it. Her hips were undulating, forcing Betty's tongue to move

constantly around inside her.

Veronica couldn't stand it anymore. She stood up and stripped off her Paris

original nightie, and literally ripped her panties off. She then settled in

the chair and watched the other girls pleasure themselves without her.

She began by rubbing her tits, feeling her nipples harden under her touch.

Then she would slip a finger to her crotch and explored around her pussylips.

She found her clit and touched that experimentally. A gasp escaped her lips

at that contact.

Cricket could see what Betty and Nancy was doing.

"Midge," she asked innocently, pointing towards Betty. "Cou... could you...

could you do that to me too?"

Midge looked over and smiled.

"I would love to suck your pussy Crick," she answered. "You don't know how

long I've been thinking about doing just that to you. Now lie back and let me

get in position."

Cricket did as she was told and lay on her back in anticipation. Midge moved

over her and straddled herself above the young girl's face. Once settled in

position she then leaned over and planted her own lips to Cricket's

inexperienced pussylips and began licking.

In ecstasy, Cricket arched her back sharply off the floor. Never in her young

life had she ever experienced such a good feeling. Not that she was by any

way inexperienced sexually. She had been deflowered by old man Pop Tates,

been fucked a number of times by Hotdog, Jughead's dog. And now, having

become Reggie Mantle's steady girlfriend, they would fuck almost every night

they went


Veronica could only sit back as an ignored observer as her four girlfriends

paired off and were all engaging in lesbian 69 lovemaking without her. Her

fingers were feverishly digging into her pussy trying to reach some measure

of satisfaction. Her eyes narrowed in fascination as she went from one girl

couple to the other. She could clearly see now that all of them were licking

earnestly their partners pussy.

Nancy,. in reciprocating her friend's licking she took her first swipe of a

female genitalia, and found the taste of Betty's pussy fantastic. She had

never imagined that doing such a thing could feel so natural to her. She

loved her boyfriend Chuck Clayton immensely and didn't want to jeopardize

that relationship, but now she had to wonder if she might not be a closet


Cricket was also experiencing her first time with another girl and she found

it just as exciting, though she had no doubt in her mind about her sexuality.

She knew that she would go back to fucking Reggie, Pop Tates or Hotdog

despite how great this felt to her now.

"Oh yeah Nancy," Betty murmured. "Suck on my stiff clitty. Make me cum in

your mouth."

"Oh god Midge!" Cricket would exclaim. "Don't stop! Please don't stop! I'm

almost there. Just a bit more and I'll cum."

'Damn it all!' Veronica swore to herself. 'How can they do this to me again.

First they flaunt their fucking boyfriends in my face, and now they lick

themselves right in front of me.'

"Eeeeeeeh!" Cricket exploded. "I'm cumming! I never came so hard before. Keep

licking midge, don't stop! Don't ever stop!"

Betty plastered her mouth against Nancy's leaking pussy and drove her tongue

as deep as she could into her friend's womb. Trying to reach the back of her



Feeling Betty's lips crushed against her pussylips, Nancy did the same and

stretched her tongue deeper than Betty could. She would swirl her tongue

inside Betty's vagina, rubbing it against her pussy walls. This was all the

blonde beauty could take and she exploded into her own orgasm.

Soon after both Nancy and Midge orgasmed simultaneously against their love

partners. Within moment the Cooper livingroom reeked of sex.

In watching all four of her girlfriends reach an orgasm, Veronica intensified

her finger-fucking. More than ever now, she needed to have an orgasm. But

after seeing what the others had enjoyed, her fingers were a poor substitute

and her orgasm remained beyond her reach.

Chapter Seven

After what seemed forever to Veronica, she watched as her four naked friends

collapsed over each other. They had selfishly engaged in the vile act of

lesbianism right in front of her. And worst of all, they had completely

ignored her.

She just sat there in the easychair, with her finger absently still stuck up

her twat, never having reached an orgasm for herself. She watched as each of

the girls rolled off of the other with a slick coating of female cum around

each of their lips. Each of them had a silly, but satisfied, grin on their


"H... how could you Betty?" Veronica finally found her voice. "How could you

do this to me?"

This brought the four girls attention back to their fifth friend. For the

first time they saw that the prim and proper Veronica Lodge had stripped

herself naked. They also took note as to where she had her finger. It was

still buried in her black tuft of pussy hair.

'Oh no,' Betty thought. 'Ronnie didn't like it. Hope she doesn't blab this to


Midge, Nancy and Cricket were also having similar thoughts about Veronica's

motives for her outburst. They were sure that she got freaked at their act of

lesbianism and that their secret would no longer be a secret much longer.

Veronica didn't give any of them a chance to cool down. She got up and

streaked across the livingroom and headed for one of the bedrooms upstairs.

She found herself in Betty's parents room and crashed down on their bed


After a good fifteen minute cry, she reached into the night table drawer for

tissues to wipe her wet eyes. Her hand found something unexpected instead.

She closed her fingers around the strange object that her probing hand had

touched and pulled out a seven inch tube like instrument. It was cool to the

touch and seemed to be made of some kind of plastic material.

'What the hell is this?' She thought to herself. 'This sure is weird looking.

I wonder why Mrs. Cooper had this in her night table?'

She turned the item around and tried to figure out what use it might have.

When she peered at the flat bottom of the item she noticed a dial and turned

it on. It immediately started vibrating.

"Ooooh!" She murmured. 'This might be useful.'

What she had found was Betty's mom's vibrator. As soon as it started

vibrating she started experimenting with it. First she rubbed it against her

tits, which made her catch her breath. Then she started rubbing it between

her tits, in her cleavage, and was rubbing it up and down in a fucking


This gave her another idea of how to use it. Slowly she ran it down her belly

towards her naked thighs and ran it along the outside of her groin. The

vibrating dildo sent electric shocks to her pussy. That was all the incentive

she needed to pursue her initial idea.

In one swift move she drove the vibrator in between her pussylips into her

vagina. Finally, she had something other than her dumb fingers inside of her

wanton pussy. She began fucking the hard tool in and out of her. The vibrating

dildo was allowing her to attain the orgasm that her feeble fingers couldn't

give her earlier. The orgasm that her four selfish girlfriends downstairs

didn't feel the need in helping her attain while she watched them cavort



Meanwhile, back in the livingroom, those same four naked friends were trying

to decide how they could fix things with the raven-haired Veronica. They had

all agreed that if they don't, their secret would be out and they wouldn't be

able to show their faces in Riverdale ever again.

"Come on girls," Betty urged. "We have to come up with something to keep

Ronnie quiet."

"We could kill her," Nancy joked.

"Nancy," Cricket responded shocked. "Don't talk like that."

"Easy Crick," Betty responded. "She's only joking. But we do have to do


"I wouldn't have believed that Veronica would be such a prude," Midge tossed


"But what can we do about it," Cricket added. "If we don't, my parents will

lock me in my room and throw away the key."

"We know Crick," Betty agreed. "The same goes for all of us."

Finally Midge, the most lesbian of them, came up with a possible solution.

"How about if we give her the same treatment," she suggested. "If she does it

too, then she wouldn't dare tell on us."

"Y... you mean rape her?" Nancy said.

"That wouldn't be right," Betty said.

Being one of the most responsible and respected teens in high school, the

very idea of raping and then blackmailing her best friend seemed completely

wrong to the blonde teen. But she couldn't see any other way to keep their

secret safe.

So, after a few minutes of deliberation, they unanimously agreed that this

would be their only recourse. They removed the belts from their robes to use

as rope if need be. Then they all got back to their feet and made their way

quietly up the stairs to find their absent girlfriend. They started with the

obvious place, Betty's bedroom. But she wasn't there. They decided to split

into pairs and do a room to room search.

Betty and Cricket went down the hallway, leaving Midge with Nancy to go the

other way. They had to keep quiet so as not to alarm their intended victim.

"So Nancy," Midge whispered to the black girl. "How was Betty?"

"Uh!? Oh!" She finally connected to what Midge was referring to. "It was

great. I would never have thought that it could be that good. Ha... have you

and she done this before?"

"Yeah!" Midge told her. "Ever since she and I started working at Mr. Lodge's


She didn't make any mention about what else they had going there. No use

rocking the boat.

"Really?" Nancy was surprised to hear that. "Maybe you and I could get

together sometime."

"I'd like that," Midge smiled and resumed their search for Veronica.


At the other end of the hallway, Betty and Cricket were also having a


"You seemed to like Midge's talented tongue downstairs," Betty said.

"Yeah, it was great," Cricket whispered. "But I still prefer cock. I mean

there's nothing like a nice hard cock like Reggie's or Hotd..."

She stopped in mid-sentence when she realized what she was about to blurt


Betty had a momentary shocked expression on her face when she realized what

the petite 15-year-old was about to say.

'So Hotdog has another girlfriend on the side,' she thought to herself.

Betty decided to have a bit of tortuous fun with her young friend

"You don't mean Hotdog, do you?" She teased.

Cricket blushed profusely at Betty's obvious accusation. Yet she knew that

she couldn't deny it without showing it on her face.

"Shhhhh!" She urged Betty. "The others might hear."

"You mean you've done something with Hotdog," Betty fought to keep a

straight, shocked face. "Really? Like what?"

She was trying to goad the young girl to confess to her just what she and

Hotdog had done so far. Her nipples were stiffening just at the thought of

this tiny girl taking her canine lover's ten incher for herself.

"Shhhhhh!" Cricket shushed her blonde friend again. "Promise me you won't

tell anybody about this."

Betty crossed her finger across her bare tit, ending on her hard nipple and

squeezed it hard.

"Promise," she said.

Well, I was at the beach a few months ago," Cricket started telling her tale.

"I decided to sunbathe naked and Hotdog came over. At first he just licked my

pussy, but then things got really wild. His cock came out and he just kind of

squatted down into me and fucked the daylights out of me."

"Wow!" Betty feigned surprise. "And was it any good?"

"It was fantastic," the petite brunette replied. "He went so deep inside that I

thought that it would pop out of my mouth."

"But what about Reggie?" Betty asked. "Won't he be mad?"

"He knows about it," she confessed. "He caught me doing it with Hotdog that

same day. I guess that's why he finds me so hot to fuck."

'Well that settles the secret of why Reggie started dating Cricket,' Betty

thought to herself.

Her mind started racing. She was trying to think of a way she could invite

Cricket for some more serious bestial action with her and Midge. But she knew

of the girl's reaction to money. She would faint anytime she came near the

Lodge Estate, so that was out of the question.

Just then both girls heard a moan coming out of Betty's parents room. They

creeped over silently as they signaled the other two girls to come over.

Slowly, they approached the partly open door and peered inside. What greeted

them caught them all in surprise. There, in the middle of her parents bed,

was Veronica Lodge moaning and rocking her body in ecstasy.

But what surprised them the most was that she had a vibrating dildo fucking

in and out of her pussy. She was groaning and moaning, oblivious to anything

around her.

The four girls pulled back out and looked at each other with a smile on each

of their faces. They all had the same thought floating in their head.

'This is gonna be much easier than expected,' they thought.

Since the plan to rape her was initially Midge's idea, the others let her

give the signal to burst in. With a nod of her head they rushed into the

darkened room. And before Veronica even knew what was happening they jumped

her on the bed. Each one grabbing one of her extremities and were trying to

tie the robe belts to her.

She instinctively struggled against her attackers, even if they were her


'They want to do it to me again,' Ronnie was thinking. 'They saw me enjoying

myself and they want to stop me.'

Once her limbs were tied to the belt ends, the four girls proceeded to tie

their ends to the four bedpost securely. Once they were finished, they

stepped back and looked over their handiwork.

Veronica was tied, spread-eagle, on the Cooper bed. She was struggling to get

free so that she could return to finish what she had started. More than ever

now she wanted to cum.

"Betty Cooper!" She yelled out. "You cut me loose this second!"

Worried that the neighbors might hear her screaming, Nancy rushed into the

bathroom and returned with a washcloth which she stuffed in the struggling

heiress' mouth.

"What now?" Cricket asked.

"Now, we do what we planned," Midge said bluntly.

She made a beeline to Veronica's vagina and dove in.

following her friend's lead, Betty attached her lips to one her Ronnie's tits

and began sucking. Nancy did the same to the other one. That left young

Cricket with nowhere to go.

As soon as Ronnie realized that her friends were going to pleasure her, she

stopped pulling against her restraints. Her eyes rolled up into her head,

showing only the whites, as she luxuriated to the feel of human

companionship. When she felt Midge's mouth and tongue on her pussy, she

impulsively arched her back in ecstasy and moaned through the makeshift gag.

Her nipples were already hard from her action with the vibrator, so Betty and

Nancy had something succulent to bite on while their tongues flicked across

the sensitive tit mounds.

Cricket watched, frustrated, as Ronnie was being ravished by her four

friends. With nothing better to do, she picked up the still vibrating dildo

that she had seen Ronnie use when they barged in. The vibrating instrument

felt strange in her tiny hands.

She brought it up to her nose and sniffed. Ronnie's juices were still present

on it, so she tentatively licked it once. Then proceeded to suck on it like a

lollipop, swallowing the cummy fluid that still clinged to it. The vibration

dildo in her mouth made her moan softly as her eyes tried to focus of the

girl rape going on before her.

This was when Cricket noticed that Ronnie wasn't struggling at all at the

attack. Taking cue on that observation, she stepped forward and removed the

washcloth gag from Ronnie's mouth.

"Oh! Yes!" Ronnie exploded. "Suck me Midge! Suck me dry!"

Betty and Nancy smiled at each other, never losing their hold on Ronnie's

breast. Midge just increased her suction in the virginal pussy.

Cricket took full advantage of Ronnie's acceptance and straddled herself over

the raven-haired face and squatted down.

Once she got her first whiff of pussy in her nostril, Veronica couldn't help

herself. She moved her head off of the pillow and licked Cricket's pussylips

once, experimentally. Finding the taste not all that unpleasant, she returned

and proceeded to give the best pussy licking that she could muster for her

young friend.

"Mmmmmm," Cricket moaned. "That feels good Ronnie. You sure you never done

this before?"

"N... never," Ronnie said, pulling her face out momentarily. "I've never done

anything like this before."

"So how do you like it?" Betty asked.

"Yeah Ronnie," Nancy added. "How do you like it?"

"It... it's the greatest thing ever," she blurted.

"Guess you won't be telling anybody about us now," Midge told her.

Veronica was surprised at Midge's comments.

"Wh... why would I?" She asked.

"Well," Betty said. "We thought you objected to us girls having sex


"What!!" Veronica shouted. "I wasn't upset because of that. I was upset

because you left me out of it."

At that, all five of the girls burst out laughing at their mistaken


Then they all resumed their position around Veronica Lodge and continued to

make it up to her by ravishing her till exhaustion. They were about to untie

the Lodge heiress when she objected.

"No, don't take them off," she told them. "It gets me hot being a captive.

Just keep 'raping' me."

The other four girls smiled and switched places. This went on for over two

hours. By then Veronica had cum more often in that one night than she had in

a whole week of self masturbation.

All five teen girls fell into an exhausted sleep after their night of

debauchery. The next thing they knew the sun was lighting up the room into

their eyes.

"Good golly!" Betty exclaimed, waking the others. "My parents will be getting

back soon."

She looked around her parents bedroom with a shocked expression on her face.

"C'mon girls," she urged the others awake. "We have to clean this place up,


"Uh! Uhm!" Cricket yawned. "Okay Bets. Be right with you."

Nancy and Midge woke without objection and helped them cleanup the room.

Veronica was still tied to the bed, until somebody noticed that she never

even woke up.

"Ronnie," Betty urged, shaking her slumbering girlfriend. "Wake up. You gotta

help too."

"Ummm!" The raven-haired girl yawned. "Just another ten minutes Monique."

"Ronnie!" Betty had to shout this time.

"Uh! What?" Veronica snapped awake.

"Wake up," the blonde teen said. "My parents will be getting back any minute

now. We have to get this place cleaned up."

Veronica tried getting up, but noticed that she was still tied down. All five

girls started laughing when this gaffe of theirs hit them. Then they came

over to the bed and proceeded to untie their 'rape' victim of the previous


It took the better part of an hour to get the Cooper household presentable

again. Then the girls got dressed and sat down in the kitchen for a hearty

breakfast. After all the energy that they had expended last night they all

needed the nourishment.

Mr. And Mrs. Cooper walked in with their suitcase just as they were finishing

washing the breakfast dishes.

"Hi Mom, Dad," Betty greeted them with a peck on the cheek. "Had a good trip.

How are the folks?"

"Yes sweetie," her mother said. "Everybody's fine. And how was your evening

girls? Everything went okay?"

It took them a few moments to compose themselves before answering that


"It was great Mrs. Cooper," Nancy answered.

"Yeah, we watched movies and talked about stuff," Cricket added.

"Boys I bet," Mr. Cooper interjected.

"Daddy!" Betty blushed.

If only he knew what the real sex topic was for last night, he would have a


"Well, we have to go," Midge interrupted. "Nice seeing you again Mr. Cooper.

Mrs. Cooper."

"Yes," Mr. Cooper responded. "Its always nice to see you girls."

He kept his eyes on the young tight asses as they walked away. His mind was

adrift with thoughts of what those tight young pussies would look like naked

before him. A few times he'd even tried picturing Betty's naked body, but

shook that off rapidly. Even his lascivious mind had its limits.

Chapter Eight

While the girls had their sleepover at Betty Cooper's house the previous

night. The now transformed Dilton/dog, Chuck/dog and Moose/dog found

themselves wandering the streets looking for shelter.

They couldn't go home. They're parents just freaked and chased the stray dogs

away. Luckily their bodies was covered in canine fur, so they didn't feel the

cold of the night air.

{{Duh! Why don't we go to Jughead's,}} Moose/dog suggested. {{You kinda look

like Hotdog. Maybe they'll think you're him.}}

Dilton/dog and Chuck/dog looked at their usually dumb friend.

{{Moose,}} Chuck/dog told him. {{Most people think that you're just a dumb

jock. But sometimes you come up with the best answers.}}

Dilton/dog had to agree with Chuck/dog on this occasion. Moose/dog's

suggestion did have merit. He did look a lot like Hotdog. Maybe enough to

fool the Jones for the night at least.

The three stray boy/dogs made their way to Jughead's place. Making sure to

dodge police cruisers just to be safe.

When they got there they snuggled inside Hotdog's rather large doghouse. It

was surprisingly spacious for a dog's home. It could hold all three of them

easily. And their furry bodies supplied them with all the heat that they

would need to survive a chilly night outside.

Dilton/dog was still expecting their transformation to be a temporary

situation. All they had to do was stay out of the reach of the dogcatchers

and they would be okay.


Their transformed canine counterparts, now dressed in their discarded

clothing, had taken refuge in the school gymnasium. As they too had nowhere

that would take them in for the night, being strangers to everybody they met.

When they woke from a restless nights sleep their stomach started growling.

It had been hours since they had had anything to eat. They went outside and

started walking aimlessly.

"I know where we can get some munchies," Hotdog/boy said.

"Oh yeah," the black Damien/boy said excitedly. "Where? Where?"

"Its a place my master goes all the time," Hotdog/boy told them.

"We can't go someplace like that," the Goliath/boy said. "They'll throw us


"No they won't dummy," Hotdog/boy said. "We're humans now, remember."

"Oh yeah," Goliath/boy said. "I forgot."

So it was decided. Hotdog led them down the streets towards the Chok'lit

Shoppe. When they got there they walked in and settled into one of the empty


Pop came over to take the order of the new boys.

"What can I get you boys?" He asked.

The three new human boys looked at the strange symbols on the menu. They

couldn't read anything as it was meaningless to them. But the menu had

pictures of food and they simply pointed at what they each wanted.

Just then the girls walked into the Shoppe and settled into a nearby booth

and started chatting. Pop went over to greet his regulars and took their

orders down as well. Then, he left to prepare the food for them. He returned

a few moments later with burgers for the boys and orange juice for the girls.

The three human-dogboys could only stare at the group of beautiful girls


"Hey, Hotdog," Goliath/boy whispered. "Isn't that your human mate? The yellow

haired one."

"Yeah," Hotdog/boy confirmed. "She's with some of her female friends."

"She's kinda nice looking," Damien/boy said. "For a human, that is."

"What matters," Hotdog/boy countered. "Is how good she is for mounting."

"Yeah," Goliath/boy also defended Hotdog's position, having also experienced

Betty's and Midge's tight pussy. "Don't be such a horndog, Damien."

The five girls noticed the three cute new boys in the next booth. And every

once in a while one of them would peek over to get a better look at them. The

dogboys didn't pay any attention to their querying eyes.

As the time passed, the girls were joined by their various boyfriends.

Jughead and Reggie showed up and left soon after with Betty and Cricket.

"Psst! Nancy," Midge whispered to her black friend. "Wanna go have some fun


"Uh! Oh yeah," Nancy whispered back after a brief pause. "Would love to get

to know you better."

Midge was of course inviting Nancy to join her in some girl/girl cavorting of

their own. And after her initiation the previous night, Nancy was all for it.

So the two girls got up and left the Chok'lit Shoppe, leaving poor little

rich girl Veronica Lodge all alone again. But at least this time there was

some promising prospects for her to conquer. The three new boys.

She got hope and walked over to the boys booth.

"Hello there big boys," she greeted them. "My name is Veronica. Veronica

Lodge. Maybe you've heard of me. You're new in town, aren't you?"

"Uhm, yes we are," Hotdog/boy thought quickly. "I'm Hotdog. This is Goliath

and that's Damien."

Too late, Hotdog realized that he had given his doggy name to Veronica. And

he knew that she knew him. But he was surprised by her reaction. She started

laughing instead of being shocked.

"I know a dog with that name," she giggled. "You must be a hotdogger in

sports, right. That's why they gave you that nickname."

"Uh!? Oh! Yeah, right," he breathed a sigh of relief for her interpretation.

"Mind if I join you?" She asked.

"Please do," Damien/boy said, shuffling over to give her room.

"So, are you going to go to Riverdale High?" She asked.

"Uh! No," Goliath/boy told her. "We're just here to visit some friends."

"Maybe I could show you around town then," she offered.

"That would be sweet," Damien/boy replied.

Veronica could only admire how well defined their bodies were. She could see

the rippling muscles under the tight shirts they wore. And when she sat down

next to the boy, Damien, she could have sworn that she could see the outline

of something long and hard in his pants.

"What is there to do in this town?" Hotdog/boy asked, feigning ignorance of

Riverdale. "Anything that we could all enjoy?"

Veronica's mind was trying to think of where she could take them. Then maybe

she would finally get the fuck that she so desperately needed, since Archie

wouldn't give it to her.

"Why don't we take it one step at a time," she said. 'At least this will give

me the time I need to figure how I'm going to get laid by these studs.'

"Sounds good to me," Goliath/boy said.

"Yeah," Damien/boy agreed. "Me too."

"Me three," Hotdog/boy tossed in his agreement.

"Okay then," Veronica said. "Why don't we start with a movie at the


"What's a... movie?" Goliath/boy asked.

Hotdog had to act swiftly to his friend's obvious ignorance.

"Uh?!?" Veronica was shocked at this boy's ignorance.

"What my friend means," Hotdog/boy cut in. "Is... what movie do you have in


That sounded plausible enough.

"How about Cats," she suggested. "I hear its a great show."

The three boys cringed at the thought of watching cats on a giant screen, not

knowing that it would be humans dressed up in cat costumes. Ronnie noticed

their obvious reluctance to that show so she suggested and action movie

instead. Knowing boys like she did, she knew that all boys loved action


So they got up and got ready to leave, when Pop Tates came over.

"Hey fellows," he shouted. "Don't forget to settle up."

The boys acted confused. They had no idea what this older human wanted from

them. They couldn't understand that they had to pay for what they ate with

the thing humans called money.

Seeing their confused look, Pop knew that he had a bunch of freeloaders on

his hands. He was about to call the police when Veronica interrupted.

"Its okay Pop," she said. "They're friends of mine. Just put it on my tab."

Who was he to argue with the rich Veronica Lodge. As long as he got his

money, he wasn't going to quibble.

So the four teens walked out of the Chok'lit Shopped and headed for the

cineplex for the movie that she had offered them.

Damien/boy couldn't help but place his black arms around her slim waist and

pulled her close to his body. This was something that Veronica was hoping

for, so she offered no resistance to his powerful grip.

Hotdog followed his friend's action by gripping her from the other side.

Ronnie was in heaven, finally. She not only had one gorgeous boy paying

special attention to her, but two of them were now hugging her at the waist.

While their friend was walking backwards in front of her, leering sexily at

her curvy form.


Betty and Cricket were together with their boyfriends, Jughead and Reggie.

This was the only time that the malicious Reggie Mantle seemed to behave

himself. When he was with his horny girlfriend Cricket. That was one of the

best outcomes of their matching together.

For Cricket, having Reggie as her boyfriend was a dream come true. She had

had a secret crush on him since she was 13 and he was 15, but nothing

ever came of it. That is until a few months ago, when he and Jughead

had caught her getting fucked by Hotdog at the beach. Ever since that

momentous day, Reggie had changed his attitude towards her. It now longer

mattered to him that she was two years younger. Or that she fucked with dogs.

In fact, he would arrange for her to perform to groups of guys, mostly older

men. And each time a different animal would be brought out for her to fuck

with. Reggie had an uncle that owned a farm. And so he could take out a

different one each time. He would also handle the bookings for these

performances, which they split the profits evenly.

But the best part of their relationship was that they would get to fuck

regularly together.

Cricket whispered to Reggie that she had let her secret bestial activity out

to Betty. That meant that they all new of this, Jughead having witnessed her

that day at the beach along with Reggie.

Hearing that Betty knew about this got Reggie to thinking how he could get

her to try it too. Not knowing that she was the girl he had caught in a dark

alley some months ago getting gangbanged by a pack of stray dogs. Or of the

special care she was giving to the Lodge dogs at their kennel.

Thinking that Cricket's activities with Hotdog was a secret, Betty couldn't

wait to let Jughead in on it.

"Did you know that Crick fucks Hotdog too?" She whispered to Jughead.

"Yeah, I knew that," he admitted ashamedly to her.

He had hated lying to Betty all this time, but he didn't want to risk losing

her now that they had found each other.

"What do you mean, you knew?" Betty asked angrily, trying to keep her voice


"Me and Reg caught her doing it at the beach together," he explained.

"And you never told me," she said disappointed. "How could you keep something

like that a secret from me? I thought you liked me?"

"I do," he tried to settle her down. "I mean, I love you Bets. But I didn't

think it was my place to expose Cricket like that."

After giving it some thought, Betty had to admire Jughead at his chivalry

towards her young friend. When she gave him a deep kiss he knew that she had

forgiven his keeping that secret from her.

"Do you think we could con Betty into trying Hotdog someday?" Reggie

whispered to his tiny girlfriend.

"I dunno," she answered honestly, not knowing of Betty's personal experience

in bestiality. "I guess we could, if we're careful."

"Hey guys," Reggie called out. "How about a day at the beach. Me and Crick

know of a great place that's hidden away."

Chapter Nine

The hidden cove that Reggie had in mind was also close to his uncle's farm.

He figured that if they got there, he could sneak away and bring back his

uncle's German Shepherd and see what transpires.

Cricket knew immediately what Reggie had in mind when he suggested their

secret cove at the beach.

'I guess he can't wait to see Betty get fucked by a dog,' she thought. 'Sure

hope she doesn't freak out over it though.'

She knew that Jughead wouldn't object too much, as he had enjoyed it as much

as Reggie when they stumbled on her and Hotdog. But Betty was his girlfriend

now, so there might be a problem there anyway.

Jughead and Betty agreed to Reggie's idea. So they all headed to their houses

to grab their swim gear and Reggie picked them all up in his convertible.

It took about twenty minutes out of Riverdale to reach the secluded cove.

Once there, Betty and Cricket went behind some bushes to put on their bathing

suits, while the guys stripped behind the car.

"You weren't angry about me doing things with Hotdog," Cricket asked. "You

know. About what I told you earlier."

"No Cricket," she played along. "In fact, it got me kinda excited thinking

about it."

Which was the truth anyway. To find out that this her pint-sized friend had

also experienced Hotdog's cock was a real turn-on to her. And since she now

knew that Jughead also knew about it, maybe something could be arranged at a

later date.

"Really," the diminutive girl said happily. "I'm glad. I'd hate to lose you

as a friend. Especially after last night."

"About last night," Betty suggested. "Maybe we shouldn't mention that to our

boyfriends for a while. Why risk blowing a good deal."

Cricket giggled into laughter at the thought that anything would turn Reggie

Mantle off of sex. Least of all some hot girl-girl action.

The foursome ran over the sandy dune and dove into the cool swells of the

ocean waves. In this instance they acted like playful teens on a sunny day at

the beach. Not a care in the world. They were splashing water over their hot

bodies. Diving under to snorkel among the fishes and coral.

An hour later, they returned to where Reggie's car was parked and lay on top

of their beach towels to rest up. Everything was going according to Reggie's

plan so far.

"Hey!" Reggie exclaimed. "I just remembered. My uncle's farm is just over the

rise. Why don't I go over and get us some cold drinks."

"Good idea Reg," Jughead said.

"Yes, Reggie," Betty agreed. "That sounds like a great idea."

Cricket suspected that Reggie had other things that he wanted to bring back

with him. So it was up to her to set things up for when he would return.

Reggie got up and started walking towards his uncle's farm. He figured that

it would take about twenty-five minutes for him to get there and back. He

hoped that Cricket caught on to his plans and would get things in motion in

time for his return.

He needn't have feared about that. As soon as he disappeared over the rise,

Cricket set her own part of the plan in motion.

"Betty," she whispered to the blonde teen. "How good a fuck is Jughead


Betty at her young friend's blatant question. After thinking about it for a

few seconds she didn't see any harm in a little comparison between friends.

"He's great," she finally answered. "Not only that. He is also the most

considerate boy that I know."

"More considerate than Archie?" Cricket continued.

"Much more," Betty admitted. "At least with Jughead, I don't have anybody

else to fight for him."

"I guess that's true," the tiny girl agreed.

"What about Reggie," Betty asked. "Is he as good as he boast?"

"Mmmmmmmm!" Her young friend moaned. "He's everything I ever dreamed in a


Still playing the ignorant girl, Betty looked over towards Jughead to see if

he was paying attention. Cricket noticed her play acting move. Betty then

crept closer to her and whispered directly in her ear.

"What about you and Hotdog?" She whispered, barely audible. "How did that

ever happen?"

"I was doing some nude sunbathing a few months ago," she confided. "And he

just sort of snuck up on me and started licking at my pussy."

"Wow!" Betty feigned shock. "How weird was that?"

"It was, at first," Cricket freely admitted. "But then it started feeling

good down there. You know what I mean?"

"I guess," Betty continued playing along. "But then, how would I know."

Cricket paused as she gauged if Betty was freaking out over her revelation.

Studying her face carefully she felt that it was safe to continue with her


"Do you want to hear the rest?" She asked Betty.

"Yeah," the blonde teen said eagerly. "You mean there's more."

"There sure is," the petite brunette said. "After he had finished licking me

to the biggest orgasm I had ever had, he kinda squatted down on me and sank

his hard cock into me. That's how I lost my virginity."

"Noooo," Betty smiled inwardly. "You're kidding me, right?"

"No, really," Cricket told her. "Hotdog was the first cock inside me. And I

loved it. He has such a big cock and so thick too."

"Does Reggie know?" Betty had to know.

"Yes, he does," she answered. "And he doesn't mind either. In fact, we try to

sneak Hotdog in to join us whenever we do fuck."

"Wow!" Betty whistled in surprise. "I didn't think you could do something

like that."

Betty was amazed to hear that Cricket had lost her virginity to the same

beast that had taken hers months ago. Or that Reggie essentially was doing

the same thing that she and Jughead did. That is to have threesome sex with

Hotdog whenever they could.

Cricket thought that Betty's exclamation was in regards to a girl having sex

with a dog. Rather than Betty's astonishment that she and Reggie included the

dog in their obviously active sex life.

"You got me so hot Cricket," Betty moaned. "I gotta touch you."

"Wh... what about Juggy?" Cricket asked worriedly.

Both girls looked over and saw that he had fallen asleep under the warm

caress of the Sun. Taking that as a cue, Betty reached behind her and untied

her bikini top and slipped it off her shoulders.

Cricket saw her friend's action and did the same to her top. She then slipped

her hand under Betty's body and squeezed her friend's much larger tits. Ever

since the previous night with the girls, she was surprised how much she

enjoyed touching other girls sexual parts.

Betty slipped one hand to Crickets crotch and beneath its waistband. She

continued pushing until her fingers found the crevice of her snatch. She

began rubbing it sensually to excite her younger friend.

"Oooooh!" Cricket moaned loudly.

It didn't seem like much, but her moan was enough to awaken the sleeping

Jughead. When he turned over, a pleasant sight greeted him. Both girls were

topless, and oblivious to his staring. They were playing with each others

tits, and he could see that Betty had a hand buried in Cricket's bikini


He inconspicuously slid his own hand to his crotch and started rubbing his

already stiff cock while keeping a watchful eye on them. He knew about Betty

and Cricket's cavorting with dogs. But seeing these two beautiful girls

cavorting with themselves was even hotter.

"Oooooooh! Betty," Cricket groaned. "Right there. Ooooooh! Yes, right on my

clit. Rub it slowly. Make me cum."

"Don't forget about me," Betty complained.

Realizing that she was ignoring her friend's own needs, she moved her hand

into Betty's crotch and began rubbing her mound in earnest.

Both of them had forgotten about Jughead, lying close by.

"Ahum!" Jughead coughed aloud. "If you two are going to do this. Why don't

you do it right? Strip those bottoms off so we can all see."

The two half naked girls head snapped around at the sound of his voice, and

smiled once they saw how much he was enjoying their lovemaking. So without a

seconds hesitation they lifted their ass off the ground and stripped off the

cumbersome bikini bottoms.

They now lay there completely naked before a horny Jughead. Then they assumed

a sixty-nine position and began eating each other out for him.

Juggy pulled out his cock to the air and began stroking it as he continued

watching the two horny girls perform cunnilingus on each other. Cricket found

herself on top of the prone Betty and had her face buried in his girlfriend's

open legs. He could hear them slurping loudly at their wet pussies, drinking

in the juices that he had tasted so many times himself.

The sight of the petite brunette's upturned ass before him got him harder

than he had ever been before. He looked down at Betty's licking face and she

smile a yes sign to him to do what she felt he wanted to do. Which was to

bury his own hard tool in Cricket's pussy.

Seeing that Betty wasn't objecting to that idea he crawled over to the

lesbian couple and caressed Cricket's asscheeks. Betty reached up and pulled

his stiff cock close to her face and sucked on it to get it wet and

lubricated for action.

Once she felt that Juggy was ready, she aimed his cockhead at Cricket's

pussylips and rubbed it along its crack.

"Mmmmmmh!" Cricket moaned, not wanting to leave Betty's tasty cunt.

Seeing that their small friend was showing no objection to it, Betty slipped

Jughead's prick past her clenching pussylips. As soon as he felt those sweet

lips engulf his rigid shaft he began pushing forward. Driving more and more

of his cock inside of her.

Betty resumed licking Cricket's pussylips around Juggy's engorged cock. Not

forgetting to also lick her friend's blood engorged clit.

"Ohhhh! Gurgll!" Was all that could escape Cricket's buried face.

"Do it Juggy," Betty yelled up to her boyfriend. "Fuck that hard cock of

yours deep inside her. She wants it. I can tell."

"Oh shit," he groaned. "She's so tight Betty. Hope you aren't jealous?"

"Of course not sweetie," she responded. "I love to make you happy. And I love

this too, in case you haven't noticed."

The fucking went on for fifteen minutes. When Jughead finally emptied his

balls in Cricket's pussy, she had experienced multiple orgasms from the

double action that her vagina had received from his cock and Betty's talented


They all collapsed on the beach towels at this point, naked as a jaybird.

Chapter Ten

A few minutes later, Reggie was returning from his uncle's farm with a bag of

canned soft drinks and the two German Shepherds that worked the farm.

Reggie was a bit surprised to see all three of his friends asleep and naked

where he had left them. He had to wonder how that came about, but this would

work out great for his plans to dog rape Betty Cooper.

How little he knew her.

These dogs had experienced human fucking thanks mostly to Reggie and

Cricket's performances over the past few months. Before they even saw the two

naked girls on the beach, the dogs had caught the scent of hot pussy in the

air. Their cocks were already semi-hard when they spotted the two girls.

As soon as the dogs spotted them, they rushed past the walking Reggie and

rushed the teenagers. Cricket and Jughead were the first to notice the dogs,

since they were facing that direction.

Betty was on her back and unaware of the approaching dogs.

The first large dog reached her and buried his snout in her pussy.

"Oh! What!?" Betty exclaimed. "Where did you come from?"

The second dog joined his friend and both dogs began licking out her wet

pussy. Betty could only laugh and giggle. She was unable to control herself

at this point. Because of her love of dog cock, her body took over. There was

no pretense of outrage on her face.

Cricket and Jughead looked on as the two large dogs attacked Betty's pussy.

Reggie was the only one in the dark about Betty's desire to do it with dogs.

Cricket still thought that this was Betty's first time with dogs of course.

But she felt that she had managed to convert her to trying it.

Seeing the dogs ravishing Betty's exposed pussy was all the excuse Reggie

needed. He dropped the bag of soft drinks and stripped his suit of, exposing

his hardening cock to the air. He came closer to have a good look at the


He was glad to see that Betty was in fact a natural blonde. Many of the guys

in the gym had debated that aspect of the friendliest girl in school. A few

claimed to have seen her with a brown bush. Now Reggie knew that they were

full of shit.

"Gee, Betty," he feigned an apology. "I'm sorry about this. The dogs kinda

followed me back. Here let me take them away."

"Don't you dare!" She yelled at him.

Reggie pulled back in surprise. A pleasant one, but in surprise nonetheless.

'This might be easier than I thought,' he thought he was so smart about this

plan of his.

Betty began undulating her hips. Making her pussy available to one dog, then

moving it to the other.

"Come over here Reggie," Cricket called out. "Sit down with me and just


"Yeah Reg," Jughead told him. "Leave Betty alone and let her go at it on her

own. She seems to be enjoying herself fine."

He glumly joined the two naked teens. Cricket found herself with a naked cock

in each hand as the three watched the two large German Shepherds lick Betty

to her first climax.

"Oh yes doggies," the blonde teen moaned for all to hear. "Lick poor Betty's

pussy. Yes, right there. There, that's it. That's my clit. Yes, lick my


Jughead always enjoyed watching her with Hotdog. This was even better seeing

her with new dogs. It was especially exciting to see her with two dogs at the

same time.

"Man, Betty sure loves those dogs tongues, doesn't she?" Reggie said. "It's

almost like she's done this before."

Jughead just smiled at his friend's comment. He knew full well that Betty had

in fact been fucking with dogs before. That was what had brought them

together to begin with.

"Oh! Shit!" Betty exclaimed. "I need cock. I need to get fucked. Juggy, won't

you fuck me?"

Jughead decided to play along with, what he now recognized as, Reggie's


"You don't need me this time baby," he teased. "You got two hard cocks ready

for you right there."

Reggie was caught off guard by Jughead's suggestion. Sure, Juggy knew about

Cricket and Hotdog. But this was different. Betty was his girlfriend and he

was encouraging her to fuck a pair of horny dogs.

He didn't mind, mind you, but it still caught him by surprise.

"Yeah Betty," Cricket chimed in. "Fuck the dogs. Let them mount you and fuck

you like the horny bitch you are."

In an ecstatic haze, Betty realized that she had the threesome enthralled at

her to get fucked by the two mangy Shepherds. So playing along, she got

wearily on her hands and knees before the two horny dogs.

The dogs didn't need any other incentive. One of them immediately mounted on

her back and shuffled forward, trying to locate her fuck hole with his

probing cock. Being experienced in such matters, the second dog immediately

took position at her head and mounted her from the front.

Seeing that knobby dogcock in front of her eyes, Betty opened her mouth wide

and swallowed it deep down her throat.

Reggie and Cricket gasped at seeing their blonde, girl-next-door, friend take

that large dog penis in her mouth without hesitation. Jughead just smiled at

their confused and shocked expression on their faces.

The first dog finally found what he was looking for as his cock buried itself

to the hilt. His knot hitting her pussylips in that one powerful lunge.

"Urgh!" Betty grunted at the dog's deep penetration.

"Damn!" Reggie and Cricket gasped together.

Jughead reached behind Cricket's head and pulled her down to his revived

cock. She automatically took his shaft in her mouth, while still trying to

watch as Betty got double-fucked by the German Shepherds. In order to suck

Jughead's cock easier she had to get on her knees and bend over.

When Reggie saw his girlfriend in that position, he decided to take advantage

to the situation himself. He got on his knees and got behind her. This also

had the added advantage that he could keep on watching Betty and the dogs.

"Mmmmmmmh!" Both girls moaned together.

Reggie rubbed his cock along her asscrack and dipped it into her wet, cum

filled pussy. He gave her a few hard jabs then pulled out again.

All he wanted to do was get it nice and wet for his real goal. He started

pushing against her puckered asshole. Slowly, his cockhead broke through her

tight ass.

Cricket could still remember that painful first ass fuck she had received

what seemed like ages ago. But now, she simply loved it. One time, Reggie

even managed to get Hotdog's thick cock inside her ass, while she sucked him

off. She came so much that Reggie had to get her a fresh pair of pants of his

for her to wear home afterwards.

This was the first time that Cricket saw any girl fuck a beast. As far as she

knew till now, she was the only one that ever did. She watched mesmerized as

both dogs fucked forward at the same time. Betty looked like she was spitted

for a barbecue with those two hard rods impaling her. She especially liked to

watch Betty's swaying tits that jiggled with each fuck thrust.

The two boys were busily fucking their own hard shafts into the petite

brunette, as they too followed Betty's antics with the dogs. Reggie was

fascinated by Betty's jiggling tits as well.

Just then the three rutting teens saw the dog, fucking Betty in her cunt,

force his large knot inside of the humping girl. She didn't even seem to mind

the huge plug pushing its way into her.

Jughead loved her just that much more, knowing that she was willing to do it

with other animals other than his dog, Hotdog. Maybe he should visit her at

work, at the Lodge kennels.

Betty was loving being an exhibitionist to her three friends. She opened her

eyes and looked in their direction to see how they were enjoying her

performance. He lips curled up around the doggy cock when she saw the two

boys fucking Cricket, in the same way that the dogs were fucking her.

The sight of that tiny girl getting bludgeoned at both ends was one of the

most erotic sights that she had witnessed in a long time. And with all that

she has experienced with sexually so far, that was a hard thing to do.

Reggie and cricket both noticed the dogs balls tightening, signaling that

they were getting ready to empty their loads in their blonde friend. They

both stopped moving, not wanting to miss the dogs ejaculation.

Jughead was confused as to why Cricket had removed her mouth from his cock.

When he looked at the two, he saw that they were staring intently at Betty

and the dogs. He followed their gaze just as the dogs howled in ecstasy as

they dumped two powerful loads of sperm in their bitch of the day.

Betty's cheeks ballooned outward as she received the first spurt of jism in

her mouth. It was a satisfying load. Not as big as some of the Lodge

purebreds, but filling nonetheless. She swallowed zealously to keep up with

the emptying balls.

Cricket was impressed with her friend's sucking abilities. She, herself, had

never been able to take the dogs full load fast enough without having some

escape her sucking lips. Reggie was also impressed with the blonde teen's


She then returned her attention to finishing off the two boys. And they

followed her cue and resumed humping their hips into her, driving their hard

dicks in he clenching holes.

Meanwhile, Betty finished milking the cock in her mouth while the other dog

remained tied to her pussy. He had yet to soften enough for her to break free

from his huge knot. But she didn't mind that. She loved being tied with dogs.

She'd done it often enough in the Lodge kennels.

Chapter Eleven

Midge had other plans for her black friend, Nancy.

After they had left the Chok'lit Shoppe together, they headed straight to her

place. Her parents always went out in the country to pick fruits on

Saturday's, so she knew that she would have the whole house to herself for a

few more hours.

Once inside, she offered Nancy some refreshment. Which she declined. They

settled on the sofa and just stared into each others eyes for a moment.

"So tell me, Nancy," Midge started. "Was last night your first time with

another girl?"

"Ye... yeah," she admitted. "You?"

"No," she told the black girl. "Me and Betty fool around all the time at


"That's right, really," Nancy said. "You both work taking care of his dogs,

don't you?"

"Yeah," Midge answered. "It's a great job. Lots of free time and privacy. If

you know what I mean."

Nancy smiled at that. She wrongfully assumed that Midge was referring to

privacy to fool around with Betty. Not the other deep secret that she shared

with the blonde girl everyone liked so much.

"Ho did you two get started anyway?" Nancy asked.

"Well, to be perfectly honest," Midge said. "I started her into it. We were

at the pond a few months ago, and I kinda forced myself on her. But it didn't

take her long to get into it."

"Do...does this make me a lesbian?" Nancy asked. "I mean, that I liked it so

much and all. I think I like fucking with Chuck still, but last night was so


"No, it doesn't make you a dyke Nancy," Midge reassured her. "Betty loves

fucking Jughead a lot, but that doesn't stop her from some female loving on

the side. And to be honest, I don't think Juggy would mind watching us do it


"Really?" Nancy questioned. "I thought that you could be one or the other.

How can a person enjoy both sexes?"

"Hard to explain," Midge conceded. "But if you enjoy it both, why fight it."

"That's true," the black teen agreed. "What about you and Moose. Do you two

fuck too?"

"I don't much like fucking guys," Midge admitted. "So I guess I might be a

real lesbian. I much prefer sucking a succulent pussy than having anything to

do with a guys dick."

There was a pause between the two at Midge's statement. Nancy wasn't sure how

to take it. Was Midge trying to seduce her to give up Chuck's cock. Or did

she have something else on her mind. Midge for her part was thinking of dog

cocks as she made her statement about guys cocks, she knew she loved animal

cocks better than a guys.

"You want to fool around some more?" Midge finally broke the silence.

"Sur...sure," Nancy stammered. "What do you have in mind?"

"Come on up to my room," Midge said, pulling her off the sofa.

Both nubile teens ran up the stairs to her large bedroom. Once there, Midge

pulled out an assortment of dildoes from her locked hopechest.

'Guess she can't use it for anything else,' Nancy thought to herself. 'Now

that she knows she's a lesbian.'

Midge was searching through her dildo collection, looking for one in

particular. Nancy looked on in astonishment to the various sizes and shapes

that were being dumped on Midge's bed. There were short ones, long ones. Fat

ones and slim ones. Some had a flat head to them, which looked so weird.

Others seemed to be two shafts in a Y configuration.

Midge finally found the one she was looking for. It was an eighteen-inch

double-headed phallus. Each end sported a large cock-head for a nice

double-fuck with a partner.

"Shit!" Nancy exclaimed. "What do you plan on doing with something like


"That's easy," Midge told her. "let's strip and I'll show you."

The two athletic girls quickly removed their clothing and underwear. Midge

stood there a moment admiring Nancy's firm, tight body. She still remembered

how sexy she and Betty looked together. Their skin contrasting sharply

against each other. She couldn't wait to have a taste of this chocolate treat


Once naked, she guided Nancy to her bed and lay her down on it.

Nancy's breathing was getting heavy in anticipation of what Midge had planned

for her latest lesbian experience. All of this being still new to her, she

didn't know what to expect.

Once she got Nancy lying prone on her large bed, Midge got on as well. Nancy

was a bit confused as to why her friend was facing the other way. She

couldn't see how any pleasure could be gotten with her being so far away from


Hell, their pussies were almost touching. But not quite.

Then she saw Midge lift up the large dildo she had pulled out of her box. She

couldn't imagine any one pussy ever managing to take such a huge cock.

"Gee Midge," she said. "I hope you don't expect me to take that in my pussy."

"We both are Nancy," she told her.

Nancy could only put on a puzzled look on her face, tilting her head to the

side like a confused puppy. This brought out a burst of laughter from Midge.

She had seen that same look dozens of times from the dogs at the kennel.

"What is so funny?" Nancy asked frustratingly.

Without giving her an answer, she brought one of the dildo head to her mouth

and sucked on it seductively, making sure that Nancy had a clear view of what

she was doing.

The black teenaged girl gasped while she watched Midge suck on that large

plastic cock. She still couldn't see how either of them could manage to do

anything with that arm-length dildo.

Midge just smiled, then switched to the other end and repeated her sucking

and licking of the huge phallus. She wanted both tips well lubricated for

what she had in mind.

Nancy was getting frustratingly hot at all of this waiting around. Her pussy

had been damp ever since they left Pop's Chok'lit Shoppe. She expected to

have some new sexual experiences from Midge when she invited her over to her


Midge could see the look of anticipation waning from the black girl's eyes.

She knew that she had to move things along, otherwise her friend would just

get up and leave. With that in mind, she slipped one of the dildo tips into

her clenching pussylips and got to her knees above the still prone Nancy.

To Nancy, it looked like Midge had grown a huge cock out of her pussy. The

menacing phallus was bending down towards her pelvis from its own weight. The

only thing keeping it in the air was Midge's clenching cunt muscles. The

sight of Midge sporting such a hardon caused her to break out in laughter.

"What do... you think you're... gonna do with... that," Nancy said between

giggles. "You like any other horny... guy wanting to rape me."

"What do you think I'm planning to do," Midge said menacingly, playing the

role Nancy suggested. "I'm gonna rape that black pussy of yours."

Nancy couldn't believe what Midge had just uttered. It sounded like a real

threat at first. But when she saw the wide grin on her friend's face, she saw

that she was just joking about what she had said.

But still, did she actually intend to fuck her with that cock? Could two

girls really do that? These were questions floating in Nancy's mind as Midge

lowered herself on top of her.

She felt the wet tip of the plastic phallus against her leg and instinctively

spread her legs apart to help in getting where it needed to go. Midge noticed

her friends cooperation and reached between them and guided the dildo into

Nancy's willing pussy.

Once she found the black girl's pussylips, she humped down. The added

pressure pushed the head of the cock into Nancy's cunt. The intrusion of such

a huge instrument caused her to arch her back in ecstasy. Though her

boyfriend, Chuck Clayton, had a nice cock. It couldn't compare to the length

or girth of this dildo that Midge was using in her now.

Midge was pleased at Nancy's reaction to her fucking down into her. Once the

dildo bottomed out in the black teen, it had no other place to go but back up

in her own pussy, which is also what she wanted.

"Oh god," Nancy moaned. "I've never had anything go so deep before."

"The best part is that unlike those stupid boys," Midge told her. "This cock

will stay hard forever."

Nancy could understand why Midge would prefer this to a cock. But a dildo

couldn't replace the warm-bloodedness that she felt when Chuck fucked her.

Midge leaned down and gave Nancy a deep frenchkiss. Their tongues swirled

around each other as Midge began humping her ass up and down, driving the

huge phallus in the same tempo in their cunts.

Nancy's breathing was getting labored now. She could feel an orgasm building

inside of her. She couldn't believe how fast it had risen. Chuck never could

manage something like this so fast in all the times that the two of them had


Midge lowered her head down to her friend's chest and sucked on one of her

hard nipples. Nibbling it littly for added feelings.

"Oh shit Midge," Nancy groaned. "That feels so goooood Midge. Don't stop now.

Please, don't stop."

Midge didn't bother responding. She simply moved her mouth to the other

nipple and repeated the same.

Now it was Nancy's turn to hump up to Midge's groin, driving the dildo into

the white girl.

"Mmmmmmh!" Midge groaned against Nancy's breast.

"Oh yeah," the black teen moaned. "That feels nice."

Midge felt Nancy try pushing her off of her. She was worried that she had had

enough and wanted to be left alone. Relenting, she pushed off the bed with

her arms.

This was what Nancy was looking for. The opportunity to return the tit

sucking that Midge had given her. Lifting her head she started on one tit,

then the other.

"Oh yes Nancy," it was Midge's turn to moan. "That's what I wanted you to do

all along."

"Mmm! Mmmmmmm!" Nancy moaned a yes.

Both of them had their first orgasm simultaneously. They fucked into each

other at the same time so hard that their clits made contact, despite the

huge phallus that was keeping them apart before.

"Oh! My! God!" They both croaked together.

With all the teasing that Midge had put Nancy through, neither girl kept

track of the time. They both heard the closing car door together. Midge

looked outside her window and saw her parents unloading the baskets of fruit

they had gathered in their outing.

Both girls jumped out of the bed. The huge dildo popping out noisily from

their soaked vagina. Streams of their juices ran clearly down their

respective thighs.

Though both girls wanted desperately to lick up that female cum, but they

both realized that they couldn't risk it. Not with Midge's parents in the


"Midge," they heard her mother's voice from downstairs. "You home honey.

We're back."

Not knowing what else to do, Midge felt she had to answer so as not to arouse

suspicion on their part. Also, it would be the only way for her to explain

Nancy's presence in the house.

"I'm upstairs Mom," she yelled back, so her parents could hear. "I'm in my

room with Nancy. We'll be down in a sec."

They hurriedly cleaned each other off as best as they could. Nancy couldn't

find her bra, so she slipped on her T-shirt without one. It was a bit

embarrassing, because her nipples where still hard and poked suggestively

against the thin fabric. She hoped that the old parents wouldn't notice.

When they felt themselves presentable they left the room and tried to look

calm as they came downstairs to meet her parents.

"Oh! Hi Nancy. Hi sweetheart," Midge's father said. "What have you girls been

up to all day?"

"Nothing Mr. Flummg," Nancy answered, a bit panicky.

Her father had noticed Nancy's protruding nipples as soon as she walked down

with Midge. He felt his cock twinge at the sight of her hard nipples poking

through the thin fabric of her T-shirt. He had to admit that the black girl

looked very sexy to him.

He didn't know what the two of them were doing upstairs, probably comparing

sex stories about their boyfriends he suspected. That would explain how come

Nancy seemed so excited. He was glad to see that his Midge wasn't so lewd in

her appearance. He'd have to talk to his daughter about some of her friends

loose morals.

Chapter Twelve

Veronica had escorted the three new boys to the cineplex and chose a movie

for them, since they didn't seem to know what any of the shows was about.

She wound up choosing a dog of a movie as the theater was literally empty

except for them four.

Veronica took a middle seat, with Hotdog/boy on one side. Goliath/boy on the

other, and Damien/boy next to him. As soon the lights dimmed for the movie,

she felt their hands groping all over her body.

Hotdog/boy was busily sniffing at her neck like a dog, while one of his hands

was mangling one of her tits. Goliath/boy looked over to his friend and

followed his example on the other side.

A few days ago, Veronica would have been outraged at this kind of behavior.

But she was so frustrated, sexually, of late that was embracing these three

boys attention on her.

Damien/boy was getting a bit peeved that the others left him nowhere to go to

indulge himself with this human bitch. So he got down on the floor and

crawled up towards the raven-haired girl. When he got to her knees, he gently

parted them. This forced her short skirt to ride up, exposing her white

cotton briefs.

Ronnie was already leaking juices from her excited pussy. She could feel the

dampness accumulate in her underwear.

This wasn't lost on Damien/boy either. Even though he no longer had his

canine sense of smell. He could make out the unmistakable scent of a bitch in

heat. And it pointed him in the direction of her parted legs.

"Sniff, sniff," he smelled loudly.

"Wha... what are you doing?" Veronica asked, breathlessly.

Not bothering to answer, Damien/boy used his hands and started caressing her

soft thighs. Veronica caught her breath at the contact of his hands. He

continued moving his hands up her legs. Closer and closer, he neared her

treasure hole.

Veronica didn't even have the sense to close her parted legs to keep him away

from her pussy.

Meanwhile, Hotdog/boy and Goliath had pulled her shirt open and pushed down

her bra to expose her hardening nipples. They each began sucking on one like

puppies breast feeding.

Veronica was in pure heaven. For so long she had been looking for some boy to

pleasure her. And here before her, three handsome, young, and hopefully

virile guys were doing just that. She placed a hand on each of the suckling

boys and stroked their hair lovingly.

She was now hopelessly engrossed into what they were doing to her. She could

feel an orgasm building inside her. And to help Damien/boy reach that peak,

she place her feet against the empty seats in front of her. They acted like

stirrups in a doctor's office.

This allowed Damien/boy to pull aside her panties and touch her pussylips


"Oooooooh! Yesssss, Damien," she moaned softly, remembering she was in a

theater. "Touch me right there. Touch my hot pussy just like that."

"Anything for you Veronica," Damien/boy answered her.

Her freely explored her wet pussy with his fingers. Delving ever closer to

her leaking hole.

Hotdog/boy and Goliath/boy were also following their friend's progress at the

young girl's pussy. They had both experienced fucking with a female before,

but that was when they were dogs. Did it feel the same as humans, they all


All three of the teen dog/boys could feel a muscled tightening in the

confines of the clothing they were forced to wear. They felt themselves and

could feel what they had expected. They were getting hard just like when they

were dogs. So it must be the same.

Veronica could hear the zippers sliding on their pants as they struggled to

pull their rigid cocks free. She looked down and gasped at the site of those

three hard cocks. A smile crept over her lips when she realized that she was

the cause for their physical situation.

Reaching down, she grasped the two on either side, as the two dog/boys

returned to nibbling on her hard nipples. Occasionally they would squeeze her

malleable breast which heightened her pleasure further.

"Oh! That feels soooo niiiice," she meowled, referring to both their sucking

and their cocks.

Damien/boy then took the next logical step, as far as he was concerned. He

moved his face forward and began to lick the bitches pussy like he always


"Oooooooooh!" Ronnie exhaled in surprise.

Now this was something too daring to even have thought about. To have a boy

touch her there in the middle of a public place like a theater was unheard

of. She would have to take control of the situation before things got too

far. When she tried to lower her legs back to the floor, Damien/boy bit one

of her pussylips causing her to yelp in pain.

"Why did you do that?" She asked angrily.

"I'm not done yet," Damien/boy said bluntly.

"Bu... but we can't do that here," she told him. "Someone might see."

Hotdog/boy and Goliath/boy looked around the empty screenroom, puzzled at her


"There isn't anybody around to see anything," Goliath/boy told her.

Damien/boy returned to licking her pussylips despite her objections. And the

other two took hold of her cock jerking hands to make sure that she kept on

doing what she was doing with their cock.

Veronica found herself helplessly bound, sexually, to all three. She kept

turning her head around. Expecting a face to shine suddenly in the light of

the movie on the big screen. She couldn't concentrate on her orgasm or

anything else.

She had a deep seeded fear that they would be discovered and that her high

style reputation would be tarnished forever. Then nobody would ever want to

have anything to do, ever again.

"Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!" Was the only deafening sound that she could focus on

as Damien/boy continued his incessant licking of her wet vagina.

Hotdog/boy and Goliath/boy could feel that they were nearing their own

orgasm. They could feel the cum churning in their balls, signaling that they

were about to empty them.

Veronica suddenly felt them leave her tits. When she looked over to see what

was happening, she saw that they were crouching on the seat like monkeys.

Their cocks poised just inches away from her face.

She realized that they were about to shoot their spunk, and that they were

aiming it to her face. That kind of mess would be impossible to explain

outside the darkened theater. And seeing no other receptacle to catch their

cum, she saw no other choice but to open her mouth as wide as she could and

hope that she could manage to catch it all.

The two dog/boys saw her compliance and moved a bit closer. They squeezed

both cocks past her open lips and continued to push on. About three inches

each of their cocks was in her mouth when the first spurt of cum shot in her


"(Cough! Cough! Gasp!)" Was Ronnie's instinctive response at the sudden

presence of the thick fluid in her unprepared mouth.

She had never sucked a cock before. So the idea of taking two of them at the

same time was a major upheaval to her. Still, with the thought of minimizing

any kind of visible mess from their sperm, she began to swallow with earnest

the salty cum as fast as she could.

But with two cocks now shooting together, it was inevitable that some of it

would escape her rapidly filling mouth cavity. It dripped down her chin, and

she could feel drops dripping on the bare skin of her chest.

Just then, Damien/boy had pushed her over the edge and made her orgasm with

such force that she was forced to spit out a large amount of cum when she

gasped in response to it.

Damien/boy kept on licking, ignoring the drops of cum that was splattering on

his back. As a dog, he was used to that.

"Oh! Uhmmm!" Veronica murmured past the cocks stuffing her mouth.

With her hands now free, she reached down to Damien/boy. And surprising

herself, rather than trying to push his head out of her crotch, she shoved

him in deeper.


From high above the four rutting teens, the projectionist had a good view of

their sexual antics in the empty theater.

Working in the same booth for nearly fifteen years, he had always fantasized

about such things. But it never materialized for him, until today.

That day started just like any other boring day. He feed the film in the

projector and get it started at the appropriate time. Many times his nagging

wife would insult him by pointing out that a trained monkey could be just as

well trained to do what he did. A number of times he would consider quitting

all together and leaving her.

Now he was glad that he never followed through with that thought.

He hated having to work a machine when nobody was in the theater. But the

theater had an obligation to run all movies as scheduled. He had seen this

crappy movies a few dozen times already and knew why nobody even bothered

paying good money for it.

He was somewhat surprised when he peered through he viewport to see that

there were four young people seated in the middle of the empty screening


When the time for the movie to start came up, he flicked the switch and went

back to reading his Penthouse magazine. He always got a kick from reading

those so-called 'true stories' that people would send in to get published. If

nothing else, it just proved that there were a lot of people with vivid and

twisted imagination out in the world.

About half an hour into the movie, he decided to check on the teens in the


He got the surprise of his life when he saw the three lads fondling the girl

that they were with.

"Damn!" He swore t himself. "And I thought that this only happened in


Not wishing to miss out on this golden opportunity, he brought his high stool

to the viewport so he could settle down in a seated position and watch the

four teens in action. Thankfully, the movie supplied all the lighting that he

needed to watch them clearly enough.

He could see that the two lad on either side of her had their heads buried in

her chest. Occasionally, he could even make out her shadowy cleavage by the

screen light. The boys were busily sucking of her well developed tits.

He would flick his tongue to an imaginary nipple, placing himself at her

breast in his mind.

Then he saw the third boy disappear to the floor. At first he didn't know

what was going on with him.

Then he saw the girl lift her feet up to the seat in front of her and spread

her legs apart. Now he knew what was going on. Obviously the third boy had

gotten down between her parted legs and was busily licking of even sucking

that ravishing beauty.

"Man," he would say out loud. "That must be some horny slut those boys


He pulled his hardening cock and began stroking himself as he continued to

observe the teens below. He would squeeze his prick hard, trying to give it

some measure of a tight fit.

For fifteen minutes he watched, then the two boys on either side of her got

up on their seats and aimed their rigid cocks to the girl's face. What

happened next, he didn't expect.

He saw the teenaged girl take both cocks in her mouth at the same time.

"God damn!" He spat out. "I sure would like to get some of that."

Unfortunately, the seats were lit well enough for him to recognize who this

horny slut was. If it had, he would have recognized Veronica Lodge

immediately. Everybody in Riverdale knew who her father was. And she had had

her picture in the papers at every major social event for years. So he could

only settle in enjoying being a voyeur in this live performance.


Once Hotdog/boy and Goliath/boy emptied their balls in her gulping mouth,

they pulled themselves away. Veronica didn't want to let those hot seeping

cocks go. She tried to stay with them as they pulled away. This proved

impossible once they went their separate ways.

Damien/boy saw her mouth vacated by his two comrades and got to his feet and

leaned forward presenting his own rigid penis to this female bitch that had

befriended them.

Ronnie was pleased to see a fresh piece of meat in front of her face and

leaned forward sucking it into her sucking mouth. The other two dog/boys

resumed their assault on her tits.

"Mmmmmmmh!" She moaned happily.

Damien/boy began humping his hips in her face, rutting like a dog.

All the while, they remained oblivious to the fact that they had an audience

who had shot his cum all over the glass of the projection booth, blurring the

movie on the screen. The older man collapsed with a happy smile on his face.

This had been the most satisfactory sexual experience that he had had in


Once Damien/boy had emptied his load down her throat, Veronica pulled out a

handkerchief from her expensive purse and tried to clean some of the cum off

of her clothing before the room lights came back on. She was pretty sure that

she must have drank most of it, except for what she spat out when Damien/boy

made her cum earlier.

The three dog/boys on the other hand were using their tongues on her skin to

lick up their own jism. Veronica found that disturbing, yet erotic to watch.

The lights suddenly came on and they got up to leave. Veronica, busily

rearranging her clothing so that they would be presentable again.

As they were escorting her back to her home, she made up her mind that these

boys would be the lucky ones to get her virgin pussy. The only thing she had

to work out was when and where.

When they got to the Lodge Estate entrance she gave them each a deep kiss.

"I would really like to you see you again," she told them. "All of you."

The three dog/boys looked at each other and smiled.

"We'd like that too," Hotdog/boy responded, acting as the spokesperson for

them all. "How about later tonight?"

"Mmmm," she moaned giving it some thought. "That would be okay I guess. Why

don't you meet me at the Chok'lit Shoppe again?"

"Great," the three answered in unison.

"Say in about two hours?" She suggested.

"Okay," Goliath/boy agreed.

Now that plans had been set, she turned and headed inside. She got in just as

Smither's announced that diner was being served.

"Oh hello dear," Mrs. Lodge greeted her daughter. "And how was your day?"

"Great Mom," she answered. "I met the nicest boys today. Oh, by the way. I

have a date tonight, so don't wait up."

"Fine dear," her mother said.

"I have to change," she told them and scampered up to her room.

Monique, her personal maid was still putting her clothes back in her walk-in

closet when Veronica came in. It was like this every day. Miss Lodge would

toss her clothes throughout the room trying to decide what to wear, and she

had to pick up all the day the mess she made in fifteen minutes that morning.

As always, Veronica didn't even pay attention to the presence of her maid and

just stripped her shirt and skirt off. Followed immediately by her bra and


She went to her bathroom and stepped into the shower to wash away any trace

of her encounter with the three boys that afternoon.

Monique, who repeatedly fantasized about her teen mistress and her tight

body, started picking up the discarded clothing. When she did, she picked up

the unmistakable scent of sex on them. She brought the panties closer to her

face and sniffed deeply.

'Yes,' she thought. 'Miss Lodge has definitely been doing something sexy


She took another whiff and tucked the soiled undies down her uniform. She

checked the rest of Veronica's clothing closely for other indications. She

wasn't disappointed. All over her shirt were cum splatters.

The maid brought it up to her face and licked her tongue across the silky

material, trying to get a taste of the partly dried sperm. Regrettably, too

much time had passed. But just the fact that she knew that Veronica Lodge was

sexually active was good enough for her.

'Zis is something I can use later,' she started plotting in her mind. 'Now,

maybe I can get what I need from her.'

Chapter Thirteen

The three teenaged boy that had been transformed into dogs, by Dilton's

errant invention, remained huddled in Hotdog's doghouse in the Jones'


{{Gee Dilton,}} Moose/dog asked. {{I'm hungry. When are we gonna eat?}}

{{Don't bother me now Moose,}} Dilton/dog rebutted his best friend. {{I'm

trying to think.}}

The huge St-Bernard/Moose just dropped its head, saddened by his little

buddy's angry tone. It was a rare occasion that Dilton Doily ever lost his

temper. And when that happens it was usually out of frustration.

{{C'mon Dilly,}} Chuck/dog said. {{Don't take it out on Moose,}} he then

turned towards the large brown/white dog. {{Don't worry Moose. Dilton will

figure a way out of this. He always does.}}

{{Duh! Yeah, I know that,}} Moose/dog said. {{But I'm kinda hungry now. Duh!

I mean, I haven't eaten since yesterday. Yuh know.}}

Chuck/dog had to admit that he was feeling a bit hungry himself. The problem

was that they couldn't go out and find food the way they were now.

Just then Jughead was heading in their direction. He was carrying a large

bowl with him. When he got at the door of Hotdog's habitat and looked inside.

He was surprised to see three dogs inside. In the shadowy confines of the

doghouse, his mistakenly took Dilton/dog to be his Hotdog.

"Well, well Hotdog," he said. "I see you invited some friends over. I bet

their hungry too. Wait here and I'll server you all a nice portion to fill

your bellies."

Moose/dog lifted his head up upon hearing that food was going to be handed to

them. That cheered him right up. Chuck/dog and Dilton/dog were a bit doubtful

about the kind of food Jughead might be bringing them. They both accepted

that Juggy thought that they were really dogs and would feed them dogfood.

Fifteen minutes went by before Jughead returned. He pushed in a large bowl of

warm stew. There were large bits of meat in the thick saucy brew. Ever since

Jughead started going steady with and fucking, Betty Cooper, his mom kept

having too much food leftover after every meal. So she didn't mind it when

Jughead took some out to the family dog, and his companions.

The three dog/boys sniffed at it tentatively. When they recognized it as

being people food that Jughead had brought them they dug in hungrily. Biting

and licking the bowls content.

They finished it all in only a matter of minutes. But the hearty meal made

them all feel much better. They present situation slipped to the back of

their minds for a few moments at least.

It had been over twenty-four hours since their transformation, and Dilton/dog

was getting a little concerned about the delay in the effects giving way. He

kept crunching numbers in his head to see if his calculations were correct.

As far as he could tell, the effects should still dissipate within

forty-eight hours of their exposure.

Now with their stomach full. The three dog/boys settle for yet another night

in the doghouse.

{{So Dilly,}} Chuck/dog asked. {{Any idea when we should be changing back?}}

{{Duh! Yeah little buddy,}} Moose/dog wanted to know also. {{I miss my


{{As near as I can figure,}} Dilton/dog told them. {{It should happen in the

next twenty-four hours or so.}}

{{I sure hope so,}} Moose/dog said. {{Duh! I need to fuck soon, duh! Or else

I'll be aching in my balls soon.}}

If his dog body could show it, Dilton/dog would be blushing at the mention of

fucking right now. And Chuck/dog was also starting to feel an ache in his own

balls. It had been a few days since he and Nancy had gotten together. He knew

that she went over to Betty's for a sleepover, so nothing was lost yet. But a

few more days of this and he would wind up with a serious case of blue balls.

When Jughead saw those three dogs in the doghouse, his mind immediately went

back to the scene of Betty with the two German Shepherds earlier that day. He

saw how well she handled them both at the same time. He began wondering if

she was game to take on three at the same time.

He still didn't know about her side action at the Lodge kennel. Or that she

regularly fucks and sucks packs of dogs simultaneously on a regular basis.

When he returned in the house with the empty bowl, he made a beeline for his

room and dialed her number immediately.

He heard her answer on her private line.

"Hi Bets," he said. "Can you sneak over tonight?"

Betty knew what that meant. Jughead wanted her to fool around with him and

Hotdog again.

" she said cheerfully. over.>

"Great!" He said. "I've got a surprise for you."

She asked, her curiosity apparent in her voice. is it?>

"Then it wouldn't be a surprise," he teased her.

She asked.

"The same as usual," he told her.

When they met for this kind of rendezvous, they always did so late at night

after their parents went to bed. Even on school nights. This would usually

mean around midnight.

Jughead would sneak out of his room through the window of his room and climb

down the tree right next to it and meet Betty outside her window. There he

would help her climb down a similar tree. They would kiss for a brief moment

then make their way back to his backward and Hotdog's domicile.

Chapter Fourteen

Meanwhile, across town, Veronica was getting dressed up for her own private

rendezvous with her three beaus at the Chok'lit Shoppe. Once more she dove

into her closet and tried to select the right dress for the occasion. But

what did a girl wear to a gangbang.

What she decided on was a tubetop and miniskirt. She had foregone wearing any


Her maid, Monique, was a bit shocked at her choice of garb. Miss Veronica

usually went with a more fashionable selection for her dates. And the idea of

no panties with such a short skirt made her realize that this was much more

than a date, date.

Veronica looked herself over at the full length mirror in her closet. She

even pulled up the miniskirt to see how her pussy looked. She could see her

pussylips moist with her juices. She was satisfied that this would be enough

to get the three boys attention.

Monique also noticed the dampness in her mistress' reflection and could feel

her own pussy moisten at that vision. More than ever she wanted to have her

raven-haired charge. But she needed more time to get the goods on her first

before attempting anything of the sort.

Satisfied with her appearance, Veronica walked out and headed for the front

entrance of the Mansion. She only stopped briefly in her father's study to

pick up the keys to one of the many Lodge cabins just outside of town. This

is where she was planning on taking the three handsome guys for her


She walked out and jumped into the Jaguar convertible her father had given

her for her 16th birthday and drove off.

From one of the upper floor window, Monique watched as she drove off. She had

followed Veronica downstairs and spied on her as she took the keys to the

cabin. So now she knew where the beautiful teenaged girl was heading. She

would be there waiting for her.

Now that Miss Lodge was gone, she had the rest of the night to herself. She

hurriedly went to her servants quarters and changed into less conspicuous

clothing than her maid's uniform.

She too selected a tight fitting tubetop and miniskirt. But discarded the

idea of no underwear. What she had planned didn't call for her to do anything

out there. Only when the two of them would be back at the Mansion itself,


One nice thing about working for the Lodge's was that they allowed their

servants the use of just about anything. So she had no problems borrowing one

of the many video-cameras that they owned, or getting use of one of their

many cars. She chose the kitchen's station-wagon so as to remain less obvious

on the road.

Though Veronica had turned right on the street, so has to pick up the three

boys at Pop's, Monique turned left and headed straight to the Lodge's

lakeside cabin that Veronica had selected. She wanted to get there early

enough ahead of her mistress so has to find a good hiding place to watch and

film the events to come.

It took her fifteen minutes to reach the cabin. It was just like many of the

other properties that the Lodge's owned. Expensive, elegant, but most of all

isolated. You couldn't even see it from the nearby road, even at night with

the lights on. And the lakeside approach was so far from anybody else that

you wouldn't be able to see anything from that side either.

The maid could understand why Miss Lodge chose this cabin over any others.

The isolation and the romantic view it offered were perfect for a sexual


Luckily, like all of the Lodge servants, she had a set of keys to all of the

Lodge cabins. This was to allow them to get them prepared for family outings

ahead of their employers. She unlocked the servants entrance and entered the

luxurious cabin.

It had been a long time since the last time she had visited this one in

particular. She had to scout around before finally settling for a hallway

closet in which to hide in. She couldn't guess which of the numerous bedrooms

Veronica would choose to entertain the boy she suspected was bringing at this

very moment.

And of course she had assumed that the boy in question was going to be Archie

Andrews. Like Mr. Lodge, she couldn't understand what a rich girl like

Veronica Lodge saw in such a klutzy boy.

Anyway, the hallway closet gave her a line of sight to all the bedrooms, so

she could just keep an eye open and then she could sneak out and creep up to

the room in question. Her plan was to go outside on the deck that connected

all the rooms and spy through the large sliding door/windows of the room the

action was going to take place in and film it all.

Then, in the next few days, she would spring the video on Veronica and force

her to comply to her own sexual desires. She would finally have a taste of

what a rich girl's pussy would taste like. She would also use the tape to

ensure that she will have her job for as long as she wanted it.

Just then Monique heard a car pulling into the gravel driveway of the cabin.

She rushed into her hiding place and waited patiently. She could make out the

sounds of the lock being opened and voices entering the cabin. She could tell

that there were more than just two though.

'Did she invite her other friends also?' Monique was wondering. 'Are zey

planning on an orgy togezer?'

"Wow! Veronica," Goliath/dog said. "This sure is a big house. Do you live


"No silly," she told him. "This is just for water-skiing."

"Damn," Damien/boy looked stunned at the wide open space of the cabin. "You

must have a lot of friends."

Veronica was amused at how na‹ve the three boys seemed to be about her

lifestyle. So she just smiled at each of their innocent comments.

"So," Hotdog/boy said. "What is there to do here?"

"Anything to eat," Goliath/boy asked.

As when she first met, the three boys still had no money to buy food or

drinks and they hadn't eaten anything since... well, since they ate her.

They had spent the last three hours at the Chok'lit Shoppe waiting patiently

for her to meet with them again. And not wanting to upset the oldman, Pop

Tates, again. They didn't order anything.

They could only watch hungrily as food was being served all around them. So

it was inevitable that they would be famished by now.

Veronica could hear their stomach rumble from hunger and pointed towards the

always well stocked kitchen. They made a stack of sandwiches made mostly of

meat, and filled a pitcher full of milk. As dogs, they would rarely get such

a treat. Except for Hotdog of course.

Having had a lavish diner at home, Veronica settled for a simple glass of

milk. She sat back and just watched at the three boys stuffed their faces

with the food.

She started wondering if they were just freeloaders. But then she remembered

why she had brought them there in the first place and it didn't matter any


After waiting patiently for ten minutes for them to pay some attention to

her, she decided to take matters in her own hands. She stretched back in the

deep cushion of the chair she was sitting in and parted her legs apart.

This had the effect of causing her already short skirt to ride up along her

thighs and show off her naked pussy.

The three boys stopped their eating in midstream. Each with a sandwich in

hand at their mouth, they stared dumbly at the naked bush their hostess was

presenting to them.

Veronica was pleased to see that her body could have that effect on them. She

had always maintained that snobbish attitude that she did in front of all of

her friends. But the events of the past few months had caused her to doubt

that claim.

All of her other girlfriends were busily getting laid by their boyfriends,

while she still remained a virgin. Possibly the only virgin in Riverdale.

But now, with these three handsome and obviously virile guys in front of her,

he confidence was fast returning to her mind.

Damien/boy was the first to move towards her. Between the three, he was

obviously the horniest of the three. As in the theater, he buried his head in

her pussy and began licking her clit feverishly. Thoughts of the food on the

table left behind.

"Mmmmmm!" Veronica moaned. "Oh yes. Do that again. Yessss, right there. There

on my clitty."

Hotdog/boy and Goliath/boy pulled their own hard cock out of the restrictive

clothing and used their hands on them. Stroking them slowly to get them as

hard as possible.

Upstairs, Monique heard Veronica's moan barely. But she knew that things had

already started. Though she wanted to see what was going on desperately, she

had to stay where she was till the right moment presented itself. She just

hoped that they wouldn't do it all downstairs out of her view.

In her excited state, Veronica pulled down the tubetop. Exposing her ample

tits. She brought her hands up to her breast and began massaging them

excitedly. With her eyes closed she started pinching her hardened nipples.

The three dog/boys watched curiously at the human female's strange

self-indulgence. No dog bitch would ever bother doing such things. Though

Hotdog had seen Betty and Midge do other strange things to their bodies when

he was with them on occasion.

"Ooooh! Yessss," she moaned again. "Lets all get comfortable."

"I'm okay like I am," Damien/boy said from her crotch.

"Wouldn't you rather get undressed first?" She said pointedly.

Monique heard that and her heart dropped. It sounded like all the fucking was

going to happen in the livingroom. She hadn't prepared for that. And she

couldn't take the chance of getting caught to change hiding place. So she

reluctantly stayed in the closet and listened through the slightly open door.

The three dog/boys caught Veronica's meaning and got up. She just sat back

and watched as they hurriedly stripped off all vestige of clothing. They were

glad to be rid of the confining material. They had been uncomfortable ever

since their transformation and been forced to put them on.

Within a couple of minutes they stood before her naked as Adonis. She

couldn't help but admire their chiseled, muscled features. Nor could she help

but notice the beautiful, hard cocks that they were each sporting.

Hotdog/boy's cock was comparable to his real dogcock, about ten inches in

length. But without any sign of the knot he had been born with.

Goliath/boy's cock also measured the same as his real doggy cock. A monstrous

fourteen inches. And the same went with Damien/boy. His cock was nine inches

long, but thicker that the other two.

Veronica was impressed with each of them. She was amazed to discover first

hand how various cocks could be. She couldn't wait to give them a try.

With the dog/boys now naked, it was now Veronica's turn to do the same.

Hotdog/boy offered her his hand and pulled her to her feet, where she walked

over to the stereo and put on a sexy tune to strip to.

Monique was getting really frustrated now. With the music on, she couldn't

even hear them anymore. So if they started cavorting downstairs, she would

miss on a golden opportunity. But she held her ground in the hopes that

things would still work out to her benefit.

Veronica pulled down her tubetop along her body. She pulled it over her skirt

and down her legs, letting her tits dangle under her chest suggestively. She

would then stretch her arms above her head which had the effect of tightening

the skin of her breast, pulling her dark aureoles upwards.

The three dog/boys watched attentively at the striptease that they were

witnessing for the first time. It was a strange sight to them. But they found

it quite arousing to their human bodies.

Next, Veronica reached back and unsnapped her skirt and just let it slid by

the force of gravity down her smooth thighs. The boys cheered once she stood

there naked before them.

They wanted to jump her then and there, but she would have none of that. She

had planned this evening at the cabin for a reason. If she was going to get

fucked, she wanted it to happen in the comfort of a nice soft bed. Not

rutting on the floor like rabid animals.

"Hold on there boys," she told the rushing threesome. "What do you think

you're doing?"

"W... what do you mean?" Damien/boy asked.

"Don't you want to get mounted?" Hotdog/boy seemed just as confused.

"Yes I want to be... mounted," she said, amused at their description of sex.

"But not here. Lets go where we can be more comfortable."

The three dog/boys didn't know about comfort for sex, but they let her guide

them up the stairs for the bedrooms.


Monique smiled when she saw the naked Veronica reach the top of the stairs

and head for the master bedroom of her parents. What she wasn't prepared for

was seeing the three naked boys that followed her. Her assumption about

Archie being her date was totally wrong she had to admit. But this will be

much better for her plans.

She waited until they all disappeared in the large bedroom and the door

closed. She then snuck out of the hall closet and entered one of the other

vacant bedrooms and tiptoed to the sliding door/window. She stepped out on

the deck and slowly made her way to the other room where the four had

disappeared moments before.

She then ducked behind some lounge chairs and found a viewpoint that would

offer her an unobstructed view of the room.

This was the maid's first clear look at the three boys that followed her

mistress into the master bedroom. Though she had little use for men, being

lesbian and all, she was nonetheless very impressed with their cocks. She had

never seen any man with one as huge as Goliath/boy's. She had to wonder if

Miss Veronica knew what she was getting herself into with that one.

Now that she was settled and well hidden, Monique turned on the video-camera

and began filming the occupants in the room.


Veronica couldn't wait to lose her virginity. And being na‹ve about it all,

she figured the biggest one would be what every girl needed to break her


With that in mind she took Goliath/boy's hand and pulled him towards the bed

and pushed him down on it. She then crawled up herself and moved to his cock.

She figured that maybe she should get it wet first and so began licking it up

its length.

The other two boy/dogs came up behind her and began licking her pussy and ass

to prepare the human bitch for fucking. Their canine instincts were guiding

them through this.

Monique smiled as she watched her stuck-up mistress being so lewd. Just these

few short minutes of film would be more than enough for her own needs. But

the more she got the better, so she kept filming and watching.

After a few minutes of intensive licking of Goliath/boy's monstrous cock,

Veronica placed her lips at its cockhead and forced her mouth down around the

thick penile tool.

Monique watched intently as her mistress' head began bobbing up and down on

that monstrous cock. She saw six inches disappear in her mouth before she

pulled back, then munch back down to eight inches. On and on this went, while

the other dog/boys kept licking her pussy from behind.

Another couple of minutes of this cock sucking went on before Veronica

decided that Goliath/boy was now ready for her pussy. She knew that she was.

She lifted her face off of his glistening cock and crawled up his body. First

straddling his legs, then his groin. His cock touching her pussylips.

Now that she was in position, she lifted herself up, until his cockhead was

poised just under her leaking pussy. She lowered herself trying to get the

thick cock in her hole, but she was still to tight. His cock just slipped by

and ran up her front. So she had to lift herself back up and try again.

This time, Goliath/boy used his hand to guide his cock in position and let

Veronica plunge her wet pussy downwards. This time it worked. The huge

cockhead broke past her tight pussylips and was inside of her.

"Oooh! Goddd!" She groaned. "It's soooo biiiig."

She hadn't expected it to be this hard to get a cock up her vagina. She had

always assumed that a woman's cunt was built to take any cock. Guess she was


She had to take things a bit slower than she had originally planned. It was

now obvious to her that it would be a bit harder to fuck Goliath/boy's huge

cock than she had thought. So she braced herself and pulled herself up until

just the head remained inside of her. Then sat back down again and managed to

get even more of the huge cock inside her.

'Miss Veronica must have been fucking for a while if she can take something

like zat,' Monique thought, from the outside deck.

Only four inches of his long fourteen had managed to squeeze its way inside

the rich virgin teen. Goliath/boy was almost touching her hymen now. One more

downward thrust from Veronica and he felt the thin barrier putting up a


Veronica stopped pushing down at this point. Feeling the hard cockhead

against her unbroken cherry was a bit painful. She was having second thoughts

about losing it now if it was going to be painful.

She was pulling herself off of him when she felt his big hands grasp her at

the waist and pull her back down.

"No, stop!" She yelled out. "I changed my mind. I don't want to do this


"Like shit!" Damien/boy said from behind her.

He then crawled up behind her and added his own weight on her shoulders and

pushed her down on his companion's cock with his hands.

"Owwww! Oh god! It hurts too much!" She screamed. "Take it out. Please take

it out. Take it out now!"

"Growf!" Goliath/boy grunted when he felt his thick cock get squeezed by the

recalcitrant teen.

One more shove by Damien/boy and she felt her hymen tear inside her.

"Oh! My! God!" She shouted, just before passing out from the pain.

Between Goliath/boy humping up to her, and Damien/boy pushing down. The

unconscious girl's pussy was swallowing more and more of his huge cock, and

Monique was capturing it all on film. The sight of her mistress' cuntal blood

on the huge cock didn't escape her either.

'Mon dieu!' She thought. 'Miss Veronica was a virgin.'

A few minutes had passed before Veronica's eyes fluttered open again. The

pain had dissipated somewhat and she could feel her stomach bulge from the

large mass that had invaded her womb. She looked down and was shocked to see

that her own pussy hair was almost rubbing against Goliath/boy's genitalia.

While unconscious, Veronica's pussy had relaxed and this allowed the long,

thick cock to enter her fully. Goliath/boy was pleased at this development.

For even as a dog he found only a few bitches that could take his full cock.

And now, this human bitch had nearly accomplished that feat.

The sharp pain that had made her lose consciousness only moments before was

being replaced by the warm feeling of an orgasm building inside her. Veronica

started humping Goliath/boy's cock faster and faster, wanting to reach that

magical moment as fast as possible.

Monique was amazed that Miss Veronica was managing to take such a huge cock

on her first time. She now regretted her decision to wear underwear to spy on

her. She had to decide either to stop taping while she removed it, or hold on

till Miss Veronica was done.

The wetness in her pussy had the better of her. She hit the pause and turned

over to remove her panties.

While Monique was doing that, Veronica had managed to take in all fourteen

inches of Goliath/boy's cock in her cunt.

"Oh yes!" She meowled as she came loudly.

Her cum juices shooting all over Goliath/boy's groin, triggering his balls to

start emptying into her. She could feel something scalding her insides. She

had never felt anything so good before in her life. Not even the cunt licking

she had endured from her four girlfriends the other night at Betty's.

By the time Monique got back in position to resume taping, and now playing

with herself, she could see that her mistress was already in the midst of

orgasming. And so was the studdly dog/boy. And she had missed it all.

In disappointment she had no other choice but watch and film the aftermath of

their joint cumming. She watched intently as the dog/boy emptied his balls of

his sperm into her mistress' clenching pussy.

Veronica couldn't believe how bloated she was feeling.

'The dear boy must be filling me to the brim with his cum,' she thought, as

she kept on humping his loins.

"Oh yeah," Goliath/boy would mumble. "That feels great. Its been so long

since I did this."

"Go for it, you hound dog," Hotdog/boy exclaimed.

"Yeah you dog," Damien/boy cheered on. "Give the bitch no mercy."

Veronica found it exciting to hear them call her a bitch all the time. It

made her feel promiscuous. She came a second time before Goliath/boy finished

shooting his jism in her.

When they were both done, she found that she was too tired to pull herself

off of him. Hotdog/boy and Damien/boy had to grab her by her arms and pull

her off themselves and lay her down on the soft bed.

Monique found it hard to believe that her mistress had managed to take all of

that cock inside of her on her first fuck. But the proof was in her hands, or

rather on the tape. The recording would show the large phallus slowly slip

out of raven-haired teen. By the time it popped out of her pussy with a pop,

it still measured at least twelve inches and was still semi-hard.

Chapter Fifteen

After the fucking that Goliath/boy had given her, Veronica Lodge wasn't up to

more of that at the moment.

Unfortunately for her, the other two dog/boys had other ideas. Damien/boy lay

down next to his exhausted pal and assumed the same position. His raging

hardon pointing straight up.

Hotdog/boy pulled Veronica back up and had her straddle his waiting buddy. He

then guided her down on top of him, driving his friend's cock in her now

loosened cunt.

After the stretching that she had gone through with Goliath/boy, she had to

concentrate so as to feel his warm cock sliding in and out of her.

Damien/boy didn't care about that. He was just happy to finally have his cock

wrapped in a warm pussy again. Even if he was a human boy for the time being.

Once Hotdog/boy was sure that Veronica was cooperating by humping herself on

his pal. He decided to try a trick he had learned while fucking Betty a few

months ago, while still in his canine body. He pushed against Ronnie's back,

forcing her to lie down over Damien/boy's chest. Her tits crushed between

their bodies.

Hotdog/boy then rubbed his own hard cock along her asscrack.

Ronnie didn't know what he had planned, and she didn't really care at the

moment. She was just happy to be fucking at long last.

Her maid, Monique, still hidden behind some lounge chairs on the deck just

outside the sliding door/window suspected what was about to happen to her

mistress and zoomed the video-camera to the threesome.

"Oh shit! Yessss," Veronica Lodge moaned, feeling Damien/boy's cock jerk

inside her pussy. "Fuck me just like that. It feels soooo hot inside of me.

Don't stop. Don't you ever stop."

Damien/boy had no intention of stopping. Not as long has his cock remained

hard. He humped up and kept on fucking into the willing teenaged girl.

Hotdog/boy dipped his hand under the rutting couple and moistened it with

their leaking juices. He then spread those juices over his own rigid cock in

preparation to his own plans. Next, he jabbed his middle finger in Ronnie's

ass and worked it in past the second knuckle.

"Oohhh!?!" Ronnie moaned in surprise at her ass being played with.

At first she wasn't too sure. But the combination of getting fucked in her

pussy and the finger in her ass made her cum again. She found that she was

learning much more about sex than she had anticipated.

Once Hotdog/boy felt her sphincter muscle relax around his finger, he removed

it and replaced it with his cockhead. He started pushing softly, trying to

get that head past her tight anal entrance.

Ronnie realized what he was trying to do and wasn't too sure if she wanted

something that big in her asshole. A finger was one thing, but a cock as big

as Hotdog/boy's. that was something else.

She tried to get her body back up to stop him. But he kept her down with his

hands, forcing her to remain in a tight embrace with Damien/boy under her.

"Don't do that Hotdog," she pleaded. "Its not right."

"Cool it Ronnie," Hotdog/boy told her. "You'll love it. Other girls do."

He was speaking from experience of course. He had fucked Betty, Midge and

Cricket in the ass many times since he first discovered the fun of human


Monique couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her prim and proper mistress

had already lost her virginity to the biggest cock she had ever seen before.

And now she was about to be fucked by two other young teens in her pussy and

her ass, simultaneously. She made sure that the video-camera was aimed

properly and watched as the gangbang unfolded before her. All the while her

own fingers were busy digging into her own sopping wet pussy.

Ronnie tried to relax to the impending ass fucking she was about to receive.

While still trying to remember about the other cock that was still humping

her in the cunt.

Hotdog/boy moved forward and finally his cockhead broke past her clenching

ass. Like her busted cherry earlier, the pain she felt was incredible. She

couldn't see how any woman could love having a large cock up her ass. But she

trusted these dog/boys so far, so she would give Hotdog/boy the benefit of

the doubt and let it go on a little longer before putting a stop to it.

Clenching her teeth in agony, she hesitantly started humping her ass back to

Hotdog/boy. He took that as a sign that she was starting to enjoy his cock's

presence in her ass and increased his tempo. Driving even more of his cock

deeper into her bowels.

"Ungh! Ungh!" She would grunt at each of his thrust. "It feels... feels

sooo... so strange."

Damien/boy could feel his friend's cock rubbing against his through the thin

membrane that separated her two holes. He had never felt anything like that

before, with any bitch. But he found that he liked it and increased his own

tempo to match his friend above them.

"Ooooh oui Miss Veronica," Monique moaned aloud outside the room. "You are so

horny. Fuck those young studs."

Poor Monique was nearing her own orgasm at her self masturbation. Something

that she hadn't accomplished in years. She could never get aroused enough to

do it on her own. Only with another woman to do it for her could she reach

that peak. Now she couldn't wait for when she would have a crack at that

beautiful, bitchy cunt of Veronica Lodge for herself.

"How do you like this now, Ronnie?" Hotdog/boy asked. "Still want me to


"Ungh! No, don't you dare. Ungh!" She groaned as she kept her humping. "Fuck

I love this. I never... never would have belie... would have believed that it

would be... this good before."

By now, the now recuperated Goliath/boy got up on his knees next to them and

watch his two friend's ramming their hard cocks into the girl's rear.

"What about me?" He asked.

"You had your turn," Damien/boy answered. "Now you'll just have to wait."

"No you don't," Hotdog/boy came to his rescue. "She still has one more hole

to fill."

"Uh?!" Goliath/boy tilted his head, confused.

"Her mouth you dog," Hotdog/boy told him. "Like back in the dark room."

The memory of the blowjob she had given him and Hotdog/boy in the darkened

movie theater flooded back in his head. A broad smile crossed his lips and

crawled up to the head of the bed.

Ronnie had no idea what they were talking about. She already had all of her

fuck holes filled with cock. Where else could Goliath/boy go. When she saw

him in front of her, the theater scene struck her as well. She too had a

smile on her lips at that thought.

'Could I really do that,' she thought. 'Take on a third cock in me at the

same time. To suck that monster in my mouth. Maybe even down my throat.'

'Mon dieu, qu'il est gros,' Monique thought in her native french. 'Is Miss

Veronica actually going to take all three of zose penises inside of her?'

To answer the maid's question, Veronica leaned forward and did in fact begin

sucking on Goliath/boy's huge cock. She now had three hard cocks in her.

Fucking her in three different orifices at the same time. The lesbian maid

came again as she continued filming her mistress' debauchery.

Veronica's gangbang continued for over two hours of fucking and sucking. The

foursome continued changing their position as they filled the willing teen

with their three cocks. She was amazed at how virile these dog/boys proved

themselves to be.

Chapter Sixteen

While Veronica continued her initiation to cocks at the lakeside cabin,

Jughead snuck out of his bedroom a bit after 11 PM that night. He checked

Hotdog's doghouse and saw that the three pooches were still there, sleeping

apparently. Being careful not to be seen, he made his way towards the Cooper

house a few blocks away.

When he got there, he picked up some small pebbles and tossed them against

the window of Betty's bedroom. Seconds later, her window opened and she

crawled over to the branch that hung right next to it, and started climbing


From his vantage point, Jughead could see right up her short dress and saw

that she wasn't wearing any panties. This was her normal way of dressing for

their late knight trysts.

When Betty got her hips down to the level of his head, he placed his hands on

her firm buttocks and held her there. Effectively stopping her from reaching

the ground.

"Juggy," she whispered down to him. "What do you think you're doing? Let me

down before someone sees us."

Without uttering a word, he ducked his head under her dress and began licking

her ass and reaching under to her pussy.

"Oh shit Juggy," she held her breath. "Don't do that. Not here."

But he was relentless. His long tongue flickered along her asscrack, tasting

her ass as he did so. Already Betty could feel her juices begin flowing down

her thighs. Her mounting excitement was making it harder for her to hold on

to the trunk of the tree. If she let go, they would both crash to the ground.

Possibly alerting her parents by the noise they would make.

Jughead just loved the taste of his blonde love. He couldn't get enough of

it. And since he hadn't had any for two days, he found that he couldn't

resist when he saw her bare pussy sliding down the tree above him. But he

knew he had to stop, for there was something even better waiting for them at

his place.

Betty was finally let down and she turned and frenchkissed him, tasting

herself on his tongue.

"So, what is the big surprise you promised me?" She asked him.

"You'll see," he whispered back. "It's waiting for you with Hotdog."

So, hand in hand they made their way through back alleys back to the Jones'

backward. A quick check around let them know that the coast was clear and

they rushed to Hotdog's residence.

Usually, Jughead could get inside along with Betty to watch their fucking.

But tonight he stayed outside. At first Betty couldn't understand why he did

that. But when she peered inside she comprehended why her boyfriend was



She found three dogs inside, a shaggy dog she assumed was Hotdog, a St.

Bernard and a Doberman. And in the darkness, she too confused Dilton/dog for

Hotdog. She smiled back at Jughead and scurried inside.

The three slumbering boy/dogs were awakened by her entry. They were each

surprised to see that the added guest was Betty Cooper. They couldn't

understand why she had snuck in a doghouse of all places. Much less one full

of dogs.

"Hi guys," she said cheerfully. "Ready for some fun?"

She petted them each individually.

{{Bet... Betty?}} Dilton/dog noticed first. {{Wh... what is she doing here?}}

{{Uh!? What?}} Chuck/dog mumbled, waking up slowly.

{{It's Betty,}} Dilton/dog told his friends. {{Sh... she just crawled in here

with us.}}

{{Duh! Why is Betty here Dilton?}} Asked the confused Moose/dog.

{{We don't know yet Moose,}} Chuck/dog told him.

Dilton/dog had dreamed of Betty's luscious body for years, but he never

worked up the courage to do anything about it. And now here he was, in the

middle of the night with her. He was beyond frustrated by this turn of

events. The only thing he was grateful for was that his canine body couldn't

show how heavy he might be blushing.

Chuck/dog and Moose/dog shuffled around in the tight confines, trying to make

room for her with them. They too were as surprised as Dilton/dog was about

this turn of events. None of them even noticed Jughead outside peering in.

they were too busy paying attention to one of the most beautiful girls of

Riverdale High for that.

All three boy/dogs could feel their cocks stirring to life between their

legs. What had happened was that their noses had detected the scent of her

hot, wet pussy in the tight confines of the doghouse and their canine brain

sent the command to their genitals to react to that smell instinctively. And

with no way of hiding the embarrassing shafts they just sat there hoping that

she wouldn't notice. They couldn't comprehend why they were getting so horny

all of a sudden. But in their new bodies, they had also acquired the keen

sense of smell that dogs are famous for.

But Betty had other ideas about those stiffening cocks. Plans that Jughead

was looking forward to watching himself in the coming minutes.

When Betty reached down and touched his hard canine cock, Dilton/dog jumped

back in alarm.

{{What the fuck is she doing?}} Chuck/dog said, stunned.

In all the times he had fantasized about her, he always dreamed of feeling

her soft hands on his cock. But never in his wildest had he ever dreamed of

her doing something this perverse.

"What's the matter Hotdog?" She asked, puzzled by Hotdog's sudden shyness.

"Don't you love me anymore? And what about your friends here? Don't they want

to try what I give you?"

{{Duh! What is Betty talking about Dilton?}} Moose/dog asked, more confused

than ever.

{{I... I think... I think she want to fuck... with us,}} Dilton/dog


{{But Dilly,}} Chuck/dog broke in. {{We're dogs now. Are you telling us that

sweet little Betty fucks dogs?}}

"C'mon Hotdog," she pleaded to Dilton/dog. "Don't tease me like this. We've

done it often enough before."

{{Does... does that answer your question,}} Dilton/dog said to the other two.

Betty started pulling on the St-Bernard's, which was Moose/dog in reality,

pulling on his cock as well. Drawing him closer to her.

The scent of her wet pussy was driving their canine instincts beyond their

human control. The three cocks just kept getting harder and longer with each

passing second.

With a cock in each hand, Betty didn't have any way of handling the third

cock belonging the black Doberman which was Chuck/dog. So she simply bent

down and started licking it starting at the tip and working her way down to

his balls.

Chuck/dog couldn't do a thing to stop her, nor did he seem inclined to do so.

His tongue just hung loosely off the side of his jaw as he kept panting in

excitement. The sight of the pretty blonde teen beauty actually licking a dog

cock. A dog cock which was his, at least for now. That sight was driving him


Dilton/dog could only gulp aloud as he watched the girl of his many wet

dreams debase herself on Chuck/dog's cock. But the sight also excited him.

Moose/dog didn't care about the morality of what Betty was doing. He was just

glad that a girl was handling his cock again. For some reason he couldn't

understand, Midge had been avoiding his sexual advances for months and he was

in need of release in that department desperately.

Betty didn't ignore the other two dogs for long. After licking Chuck/dog for

a few minutes, she turned to Dilton/dog and took him in her mouth for his

turn. She sucked him in deep, and started humping her face into his groin.

Dilton/dog no longer cared how disturbing this was. All he knew was that

Betty Cooper was actually giving him his very first blowjob.

Next she moved over to Moose/dog and his St. Bernard cock and swallowed that

one as well. She went from one cock to another until each and everyone of

them were glistening wet from her sucking.

The next thing she did was reach behind her and unzipped her dress. Then

poking her front outside a moment, Jughead pulled it off her body completely,

leaving her squatting in the doghouse naked before the three horny boy/dogs.

There was an audible gulp from each of them as for the first time they got to

see just what her body looked like naked. None of them could complain.

"You ready for the real fun to start now boys," she asked the three boy/dogs.

Without any hesitation, Moose/dog trotted up behind her and tried to mount

her. But this being his first time fucking as a dog he couldn't find her

pussyhole with his cock.

Betty was familiar with this problem, from all the dogs she had fucked so

far. She reached between her legs and took hold of his hot shaft and guided

it to her vagina.

As soon as Moose/dog felt her pussylips wrap around his cock he shoved

forward as hard as he could. Driving his nine inch cock inside her pussy to

the hilt.

This savage penetration also forced Betty into, Chuck/dog's, Doberman's groin

and she took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him in time with the

St-Bernard's thrust.

Dilton/dog was left alone on the side, whining, as he watched the girl of his

dreams getting reamed by two dog bodies. Even if they were human by nature,

Betty didn't know that.

{Damn it all,} Dilton/dog swore to himself. {Even now I can't get her.}

"Mmmmmh!" They heard her moan.

Jughead was amazed that his girlfriend had managed to take on the large

St-Bernard. And he was also happy to see her so happy at finding three dogs

waiting for her when they got here.

{{Duh! Gee Dilton,}} Moose/dog said. {{I didn't know gurls could do something

like this.}}

{{They shouldn't be Moose,}} Dilton/dog told him. {{It's just not right.}}

{{Maybe,}} Chuck/dog added. {{But it sure feels good. Wait till you try it.}}

Dilton/dog had his doubts that Betty would even bother with him. So he could

just sit back like a good boy/dog and watch as she got double fucked by

Moose/dog and Chuck/dog. With his own raging hardon sticking up in between

his canine hindlegs.

Betty was enjoying herself immensely. There was nothing she loved more than

fucking and sucking beasts these past few months. Granted Jughead was fun

too. And so were her lesbian encounters with her school girlfriends.

From outside, Jughead could see the large St. Bernard's cock fuck into his

girlfriend's willing pussy, while she sucked on the black Doberman's cock. He

pulled his own cock out and started stroking it as he followed the action


"Mmmmmm!" Betty kept moaning as she sucked of Chuck/dog's hard cock.

{{Duh! Gee Dilton,}} Moose/dog said. {{I didn't know Betty was so good at


{{Shut up Moose,}} Chuck/dog blasted him for his insensitivity to the school

genius. {{Don't worry Dilly. I'm sure you'll get your shot.}}

Just then, Moose/dog's cock hit an obstruction. He found it very hard to get

his cock any deeper into Betty's cunt. This, of course, was his first

experience with a knot on his cock. So he put more muscle behind his humping,

trying to get his cock deeper.

Betty felt the St. Bernard's knot against her pussylips and braced herself

for its eventual invasion. She had had that happen to her more than once, so

she knew what to expect and she was looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, she also noticed that she was ignoring the third dog. So she

reached out and grasped its cock and began stroking it. She wanted it ready

for when one of the other two finished, and he could then replace it.

Dilton/dog was more than happy to feel her hand on his cock again. But he was

still upset that he couldn't have it inside of her. Any hole would do for him

at this point. He started humping his ass into her hand tying to cum.

"Oooh! Mmmmmmm!" Betty groaned as the St. Bernard's knot broke past the rim

of her pussy and locked inside of her.

This was something that she was looking forward to all night. The bulging

bulk of a doggy knot back inside her pussy. Nothing felt better to her than


Chuck/dog was almost ready to blow his load. To increase his fucking tempo,

he leaped on her back and assumed the canine mounting over her head and began

humping her face savagely.

When Moose/dog saw his pal increase his humping tempo, his competitive nature

took over and he too increased his pace to match Chuck/dog's.

Poor Betty was caught between the two competing boy/dogs. Her body was being

shaken fore and back by their competing humping.

Jughead looked on, his cock in hand, as she was being pummeled by the two

dogs gone fucking wild. He didn't dare interrupt them for fear of enraging

them. So he just sat there at the entrance of the doghouse and kept on

jerking on his stiff cock.

{{Oh shit! Yeah!}} Chuck/dog groaned. {{I'm cumming Betty. You just keep on

sucking me like that. Drink all of my jism. Swallow it all.}}

Dilton/dog and Jughead watched amazed as the sweet, innocent looking blonde

girl began swallowing the doggy jism with earnest. They could see her throat

muscle contract as she gulped spurt after spurt of the creamy fluid.

A few moments later, Moose/dog began shooting his load into her willing

pussy. Filling her up rapidly with his heavy load of pent-up jism. Over two

months of cum was held in his balls till now.

Dilton/dog could only watch enviously as the two boy/dogs emptied their balls

in the girl of his dreams.

Betty came when she felt the huge, warm flood of sperm shooting inside her

belly. She shoved her face into the Doberman's loin and managed to take its

cock just a bit deeper down her throat.

After what seemed an eternity, the two boy/dogs finally ended their

ejaculation. Their sperm just trickling out of the tip of their cocks.

Chuck/dog was the first to be released by Betty. Moose/dog was befuddled as

to why he couldn't pull out of her clenching pussy. This never happened with

his Midge before.

But after about ten minutes had passed, his doggy knot had shrunk enough the

he finally managed to pull it out with a loud pop. This was followed by a

stream of cum, both his and hers, to come spurting out of her cunt and land

in a puddle on the ground.

"Mmmmm!" Betty moaned again. "That was good. Now then. What about you and

Hotdog, Juggy?"

Jughead knelt at the entrance of the doghouse, his cock sticking into it.

Betty moved around until she faced her human lover and began licking his

rigid cock lovingly.

{{What are you waiting for Dilly,}} Chuck/dog told him. {{Betty is waiting

for you this time. Go for it man.}}

Not sure what to do, Dilton/dog cautiously approached Betty's upturned ass

and sniffed at it. He had never smelled cum before, but his canine body found

it exciting, and he began licking the funky fluid as it continued leaking out

of her.

His large doggy tongue swept across her pinkish pussylips, right through her

ass crack. He didn't find it too bad and continued doing it energetically.

{{Duh! Go for it little buddy,}} Moose/dog cheered his virgin pal on. {{Suck

Betty's pussy.}}

{{Yea Dilly,}} Chuck/dog added. {{Just look at her, she loves it. She loves

having your doggy tongue lick her,}} he panted. {{Man, I never thought I

would ever see Betty do something like she's done tonight.}}

{Oh god,} Dilton/dog thought. {I never thought that this day would have come.

I only wish that it was the real me that Betty let lick her.}

"C'mon Hotdog," Jughead whispered into the doghouse. "Don't make Betty wait

for you. Mount her boy. Do what you usually do."

This was when the three boy/dogs realized that the sweet girl they knew had

been fucking dogs for a while now. And that her steady boyfriend Jughead knew

all about it.

Dilton/dog wasn't sure what he should be doing. He just kept licking her

pussy and ass until someone would explain it to him.

{{Just jump on her back Dilly,}} Chuck/dog told him.

{{Duh! Yea Dilton,}} Moose/dog offered his advice as well. {{Just do what I

did earlier.}}

Remembering his large friend when he had mounted her just a few minutes

earlier, he hesitantly mounted himself on Betty's back and shuffled his

shaggy body forward. When he felt his hard cock make contact with the warmth

of her soft skin he got very excited. He started humping before even getting

inside of her.

Betty was surprised by Hotdog's excitement. Of all the dogs that she had

fucked, he had been her most regular canine lover. She felt that he should

have been used to fucking her by now. She decided that she would have to

guide him like a novice again.

So, reaching back between her legs she grasped his cock and guided it towards

her upturned groin. When she felt his cocktip brush against her pussylips she

let go. She figured that was all the help that he would require.

But Dilton/dog was a virgin in all of this. So he humped blindly again,

missing her pussy still. As he continued humping, his shaft slid up her

asscrack which felt so good to the inexperienced boy/dog.

{{C'mon Dilly,}} Moose/dog encouraged his little friend. {{Don't give up now.

You're so close.}}

{{I... I can't... can't find it,}} Dilton/dog complained. {{I can't find

Betty's vagina.}}

{{Duh! Her what?!?}} Moose/dog had never heard of that before.

{{He means her pussy Moose,}} Chuck/dog helped the slowwitted boy/dog.

Finally, Dilton/dog, felt his cockhead pushing at an entrance. He started

shoving his furry body forward pushing his hard cock into Betty's hole.

"Oh yeah Hotdog," she groaned back at him. "Fuck your cock there. You know I

love it in the ass."

Dilton/dog was dumbfounded. Was there no end to the perversity that his sweet

Betty Cooper would not indulge in. But the tightness of her asshole felt so

good to him, that he wasn't about to stop now. He continued shoving forward.

More and more of his hard prick slid past her sphincter into her bowels.

Betty returned to sucking on Jughead's cock. Her hanging tits making as

tempting a bait to the other two dogs as a worm would have to a fish.

The large St. Bernard and Doberman ducked their heads under her chest and

began licking at those beautiful globes of flesh. Their tongue concentrating

their efforts on her stiff nipples.

Jughead could feel her labored breath on his face-fucking cock. He loved it

when her breathing added itself to her blowjobs. The warm breath just excited

him more, because he knew how horny she was by the animals that she was doing

at the time.

Dilton/dog had about half of his cock up her ass, that still left another

three and a half inches left to go. Though he wasn't as big as his two

companions, his was surprisingly thick. It made for a tighter fit than Betty

was used to for her ass, but she was willing to take up the challenge


With a concentrated effort, she relaxed her ass muscles so has to make

Dilton/dog's penetration easier. This helped as he managed to shove another

two inches. His cock began sliding in and out of her ass as he began humping

her instinctively.

The other two boy/dogs watched, amused, as their little friend fucked the

girl in the ass. They themselves, though experienced fuckers with their

girlfriends, had never seen anything so funny. But they had to concede that

the blonde girl seemed to be enjoying the anal invasion a lot. Maybe they

should try it on their girlfriends the next time they got together.

{{Go for it Dilly,}} Chuck/dog cheered the inexperienced boy/dog genius.

{{Shove that prick of yours up her shit chute.}}

{{Damn fellas,}} Dilton/dog sounded off. {{This feels so weird. But good too.

You don't know how often I've dreamed of Betty.}}

{{Duh! Its okay little buddy,}} Moose/dog said, understanding. {{Duh! I know

how you feel.}}

"Oh yeah Hotdog," Betty said. "Fuck that hard cock up my ass. I want to feel

your hot cum in me. Do it! Do it!"

"Yeah Hotdog," Juggy cheered on. "Fuck her ass off. Fill her butt with your


Not able to hold out any longer, Jughead started shooting his jism into

Betty's sucking mouth. His hot, creamy jism spurting down her throat. And

Betty was enjoying every drop of it.

Suddenly, she felt Dilton/dog's knot fit into her ass. This had never

happened to her before. No dog had ever managed to tie himself insider her

tiny puckered asshole. She wasn't sure what would happen in this situation.

All she could do is fuck back and get Hotdog off, then hope that his knot

would shrink enough to pull out of her ass without too much pain.

{{Oh shit,}} Dilton/dog moaned, as he felt the strange knot fit into Betty's

ass. {{This feels so fucking gooood. She's so fucking tight around my cock. I

don't know how much longer I'll be able to hold out.}}

{{Don't worry about that, Dilly,}} Chuck/dog told him. {{Just think of

emptying your balls, man.}}

Dilton/dog conceded to the more experienced boy/dog and concentrated on

humping his cock into her ass. He found that the tying knot was limiting his

fucking, but he was too excited to care. He kept on humping as hard as he


With each of his thrust, Betty found herself being lurched forward and back

helplessly. This caused her to grunt in pain as the knot tried pulling free

with each retreating thrust. Only to be driven harder into her when the

direction reversed itself.

For fifteen long minutes this went on. Chuck/dog and Moose/dog were impressed

by their little friend's stamina. They themselves had only lasted about ten

minutes each when they were fucking the blonde beauty. So they sat on their

haunches and watched at their pal's impressive demonstration of lust.

When it finally happened, Betty was so exhausted that she slumped on her

shoulders to the ground as Dilton/dog kept humping at her ass. She had

orgasmed three times waiting for him to fill her with his seed. When she felt

the scalding cum fill her ass, she was just too tired to react.

It took another ten minutes for the shaggy boy/dog's knot to shrink enough to

pop out of her tight ass. allowing a copious amount of cum to leak out of her

squeezing ass.

when he finally pulled out of her ass, Dilton/dog collapsed exhausted to the

ground. Being followed soon after by Betty soft body landing on top on him.

She stroked his shaggy fur lovingly.

The other two boy/dogs attacked her cum soaked ass and pussy with their


"Mmmmm!" She moaned. "That feels nice doggies. You clean Betty up nice now."

Suddenly the lights came on in Jughead's home. He looked back in panic.

"I have to go Bets," he whispered to her. "Someone is awake in the house. You

gonna be okay."

"Yes sweetheart," she whispered back. "You go ahead. I'll see you tomorrow."

Reassured that she was all right, Jughead made his way back into the house.

He climbed the tree deftly and clambered into his room without anybody

noticing. He figured that his mom must have gotten up to get some milk for

his baby sister.

Betty decided to wait things out in Hotdog's doghouse until the lights went

out again.

Meanwhile, she still had the three boy/dogs to keep her company. And from

past experience, she knew that it wouldn't take them long to get their cocks

hard again.

Chapter Seventeen

Back at the Lodge cabin, Monique the maid, had used up the two hour tape in

the video-camera. Miss Veronica had fucked each dog/boy at least once and was

arranging herself for another round. Rather than risk being caught on the

balcony deck, she decided to be cautious and sneak away while the four teens

had their attention to other matters.

Veronica had discovered how much she loved cock. She had taken them in each

of her holes and loved each new experience with glee.

But the thought crossed her mind to be even bolder. To do something that she

didn't think any of her girlfriends could have tried before. She wanted to

see if it was possible to take all three cocks simultaneously.

She noticed that all three cocks were getting hard again, so all she needed

to decide now was where each of them would wind up.

"Guys," she said. "You wanna do it again?"

What a dumb question.

"Sure!" The three dog/boys chorused.

"Okay then," she said smiling down at them. "Then I want you, Goliath, to lie

on your back."

He followed her instructions. She moved up on top of his towering cock and

squatted down on it, sinking half of it in her pussy and stopped. Then she

leaned forward and lay herself across his chest.

"Now you Damien," she continued, breathlessly. "I want you to stick that hot

rod of yours up my ass."

Damien/dog smiled and complied to her demand. He crawled in between the two

bodies and pushed his hard cock into her puckered asshole.

"Ooooh! Yeah," she moaned. "Just like that."

The two dog/boys bean moving their hips slightly.

"No! don't move just yet," she ordered them.

They stopped reluctantly and waited to see what more she had in mind. She

lifted herself by her arms with effort and looked over to the last remaining

cock, licking her lips suggestively with her tongue.

"Okay," she looked at Hotdog/boy. "Hotdog, you come give me your cock. I want

to suck you while your friends fuck me senseless."

"You got it Veronica," he said, smiling.

Moving up to her face on his knees. Hotdog/boy presented his hard ten incher

to her and she opened her mouth invitingly. He shoved his had cock in the

inviting hole and began humping his hip in a steady tempo.

The other two took that as the signal to begin with their own humping.

Veronica moaned in pleasure as the three cocks filled her every hole.

She could feel the two cocks behind her rubbing against each other through

the thin membrane that separated her asshole from her pussy.


Back in Hotdog's doghouse, the three boy/dogs had also recuperated and Betty

was preparing herself for her own bit of triple action.

"You guys ready for more?" She asked the dumb animals.

{{She's gotta be kidding,}} Chuck/dog said unbelievably.

"Hotdog," she said. "Why don't you roll over and play dead for Betty."

Dilton/dog followed her instructions eagerly. The other two boy/dogs got to

their feet excitedly in the hopes of another crack at the nubile blonde girl

that had all considered virtuous, till tonight.

Betty moved over the lying shaggy dog and straddled herself over his loin.

She reached under and grasped Dilton/dog's hard cock. He jerked nervously,

feeling her fingers wrap tightly on his sex. Then he relaxed when he realized

that she was aiming it to her vagina. The ultimate goal of all of his wet


"Ooooooh! Yesssss," she hummed. "That feels nice."

She shoved herself down until most of the seven inch cock was buried inside

her cunt. Then she leaned forward and looked over the other two boy/dogs. She

decided that the Doberman would be the wise choice for her plans.

She grabbed Chuck/dog by the neck and pulled him behind her. When he got

there, she patted her ass and he got her meaning. He jumped onto her back and

shuffled forward till his cockhead felt the puckered entrance of the her ass.

He shoved forward experimentally, never having given an ass fuck before, not

even to Nancy.

"Mmmmmmm! Yes doggy," Betty groaned under him. "Stick that hard cock up my


That left only Moose/dog to deal with. Betty decided to give that impressive

cock a taste, so she kept him for her mouth.

"Come over here big boy," she teased.

Moose/dog didn't move. He was too confused to understand her playful


{{What are you waiting for Moose,}} Chuck/dog asked. {{Betty wants to give

you a blowjob. Go on, give it to her. She sucks like a pro. Take my word for


{{Duh! Oh!}} Moose/dog finally understood.

He moved forward and placed his wide, St. Bernard, paws on her shoulders. He

tried to be as gentle as he could. Because no matter what had gone on

tonight, this was still his friend Betty. And he still liked her a lot, and

he didn't want to do anything that might hurt her.

Betty ducked her head under the furry body and wrapped her lips around the

huge cock that was offered to her. Now that she had her holes filled with

cock, she was ready for the real action to start. She began undulating her

hips around to get the two boy/dogs behind her to start humping.

It didn't take much to encourage them to do so. As soon as they felt Betty's

hips moving they started humping. Dilton/dog was finally having his wish

fulfilled. His cock was buried in Betty's hot vagina, and it was as good as

he had ever imagined it before.


Betty and Veronica were both getting triple teamed by their respective gang

of lovers.

For Veronica, this evening was a breaking out event. Her first fuck to break

her cherry. Her first blowjob, and her first ass fuck. Then she got the

pleasure of getting two cocks in her at the same time. That was a mind

blowing experience.

And now she was handling three horny cocks at the same time.

'Let the other girls top this,' she gloated to herself.

Betty was a complete contrast to Veronica's deflowering. This was not the

first, nor the last time that she would have three cocks inside of her. She

took on three dogs fairly regularly working in Mr. Lodge's kennel.

In either case, both girls were enjoying their gangbang with their eyes

closed tightly.


As if in a fairytale, at the stroke of midnight something strange began

happening. Both girls could feel it inside themselves.

What was happening was that Dilton's transmorphic ray was wearing out. The

six transformed beings were beginning to reassume their true bodies.


"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Ronnie moaned, as she felt the cocks move in strange new ways

inside her.

What was happening in fact, inside of her, was that dog knots were growing

where none existed before. As Goliath/boy had already buried his cock to the

hilt in her cunt, his knot grew until he was tied into her painfully.

She pulled her mouth off of Hotdog/boy's cock and cried out painfully.

"Oh! That hurts," Veronica complained painfully. "Take your cock out.

Something's wrong."

When she opened her eyes to see why it had become so painful to take the

cocks, she was shocked to see furry bodies all around her. She could feel

the fur grow longer with each passing second. And when she looked down, she

gasped in shock as she watched Goliath/boy's face morph, to take on the

recognizable shape of a St. Bernard dog's face instead.

Turning her eyes in front of her, she saw the same thing happening to

Hotdog/boy's legs. Thick white shaggy fur had grown all over it. And where

before she saw his knees before, she now saw long nailed doggy paws taking


She could only assume that the same thing was happening to Damien/dog on her

back. This was confirmed by the sharp nails of Damien, the Doberman, she felt

along her side. Scratching her bare skin. Leaving red welts behind, marking

her visibly. She also felt another knot tying her in the ass.

'Wh... what the hell is going on here?' She thought. 'Did I fall in the

Twilight Zone?'

Her first thought was to get free of these werebeasts that were now fucking

her. But she soon realized that she was in no position to get away from any

of them. Their cocks and knots were deeply imbedded in each of her holes. And

so, she was skewered like a pig for a barbecue.


Back inside Hotdog's doghouse, Betty was going through a similar experience,

but in reverse.

When she felt all three boy/dog knots shrink to nothingness, she

frustratingly believed that the boy/dogs had exhausted themselves from sex.

She didn't want to think about going home without another fuck.

She was beginning to think about cruising the alleys downtown again to find

horny strays.

"Oh yeah, Betty," Dilton groaned under her. "I've wanted to do this for soooo


Shocked to hear someone speak, her eyes popped open. She had assumed that

someone had found her fucking the three dog/boys and was jerking to her


Imagine her shock when she saw Dilton Doily's face looking up at her. That

she was sitting on her friend's cock. Or to find out that the other two dogs

she had been indulging herself with all night were now replaced by Chuck

Clayton and Moose Mason.

"Wh... how?" She asked, spitting out Moose's cock from her mouth. "What the

fuck are you doing here?"

"Easy Betty," Chuck said from behind. "It's all rather funny, actually."

"Duh! Yeah Betty," Moose followed his friends lead. "Dilton can explain


She looked down at the blushing boy genius. She couldn't help but smile at

his shy demeanor. This despite the fact that his cock was presently buried

inside her pussy. She decided that an explanation could wait. Right now she

still wanted to get fucked. So with no further argument from her, she took

hold of Moose's cock and resumed sucking on it.

The three lads, seeing that the blonde girl was going to let them finish what

had been started humping into her again earnestly. Dilton was by far the

happiest of the four teens.


Back at the cabin, Veronica had given up trying to get away from the three

horny dogs. For some reason, her ass and pussy were glued to the wildly

fucking beast.

He initial shock of discovering the three boys transforming into dogs was

gone now. She soon found that their cocks didn't feel all that different than

when they were human. In fact that added lump that had grown inside of her

made things that much more arousing to her.

The thought that she now had three hard dog cocks inside of her was so

foreboding that she came just from thinking about it. Without any conscious

thought about it, her body started undulating in time with the still humping

dog cocks.

Her mouth went back to sucking Hotdog's raging hardon, despite the knowledge

that it was a dog's cock that she was now swallowing.

Goliath was finding it difficult to fuck the human bitch now that he had

returned to his real body. As for himself, Damien was in his natural forum.

He was mounted on the bitches back just like he was supposed to. The only

difference for him, was that he was fucking in the wrong hole, but he didn't

mind. This hole was much tighter than any cunt he had ever fucked before.

Ronnie was really starting to enjoy the bestial fucking that she was

receiving. The pure animal lust that the three dogs were humping into her was

far better than what they had done as teen boys only a few moments before.


Betty had only seen Dilton's face thus far. She had realized that one of his

inventions must have been the cause for this strange transformation. She also

deducted that the two other dogs must also have been transformed the same

time he had. She just didn't have any idea who they were as yet.

She knew that the cock that she was sucking on was white, just not to whom it

belonged to. And the cock still humping away in her ass was a complete

mystery to her.

"Oh yeah Betty," Dilton groaned. "You've always been the girl of my dreams.

Fuck my cock. I want to feel my cum shoot in you. Please make me cum."

"I would love to take your cum Dilton," she said momentarily pulled her mouth

off of Moose's cock.

"Duh! Yeah Betty," she recognized Moose's unmistakable voice. "And don't

forget me either, Uh!"

'Well then,' she thought. 'That answers the question of who's cock I'm

sucking. I wonder who's fucking my ass though.'

Chuck was unrelenting as he kept on fucking his hard shaft in Betty's tight

ass. She could only hear a few grunts escaping him as she fucked back into

him. All the while she kept humping up and down on sweet, shy Dilton Doiley's

rod. She saw how inexperienced and rightfully suspected that she was his

first piece of pussy.

Strangely enough, the one thing that she was relieved about, was that her

boyfriend Jughead wasn't there to see her get gangbanged by three boys. Three

dogs were one thing, but right now she felt like she was cheating on him.

Though the how of this mix-up still escaped her.

Moose was the first to cum, emptying his heavy balls down her throat.

"Duh! Oh yeah Betty," he groaned. "Swallow my fucking jism. Do it just like

my Midge does. Don't lose a drop."

"Mmmmmmmh Gurgle!" Was the sound heard escaping her stuffed lips.

There was no worry about her being able to handle the large jocks cum. She

had had months of training with the Lodge animals, which included a few of

their horses.

"Oh fuckin' shit!" She heard Chuck's first words, as he shot his load up her

tight ass.

She was a bit surprised to find that Chuck was the third 'dog' that was

transformed. She always thought that he and Nancy made the perfect couple.

But the idea of the blackboy fucking her also turned her on even more.

Feeling the two cocks explode inside her triggered her own orgasm. As her own

warm juices bathed Dilton's crotch under her, that triggered the virgin lad

to shoot his spunk up her pussy for the first time in his life, as a human

that is.

"Oh gee, Betty," the shy genius said. "I... I didn't mean to... to do that."

Betty smiled around Moose's throat-stuffing cock at Dilton's shy demeanor

about cumming inside of her. The whole gang had been trying to match him

with a girl for years. But somehow he would always mess it up with his

overwhelming shyness.

'Maybe this is what he needed all this time,' she thought, while finishing

off Moose. 'Maybe all he needed was a good fuck to get over his shyness.'

Following that line of thought, Betty decided to make the most of this

situation to help her small pal. She reached down to his hand and guided it

to one of her hanging tits. She squeezed his fingers over her mound and

guided his other hand to the free breast.

It didn't take too long for the school genius to get the idea and he began

squeezing her voluptuous breast on his own volition.

Once he got the moves right, Betty settled back and let him take over. She

relished the feel of all of that cum squishing around inside her. And she

always loved having her tits squeezed by a pair of eager hands. And none

could be more eager than a virgin boy like Dilton.

"Oh wow, Betty," Dilton moaned. "They feel so nice. So soft. Can... can I

lick them. Please."

"Sure Dilly," she said, pulling her face off of Moose's still semi-hard cock.

"Do whatever you want."

Like a child with a new toy, he chirped right up and buried his face between

her tits and squeezed them together around his ears. Betty just smiled when

she felt his ears rubbing between her tits. It was kinda weird, but sweet


Things got better when he finally got the bright idea to start suckling on

her like the little puppy she always thought him of.

Chuck finally stopped cumming in her ass and simply collapsed on her

straining back. She went back to sucking off Moose, hoping for a few more

pints of his salty sperm in the final moments of his hard cock.

When that cock too shrank to softness, she relented and pulled free of him

completely. Moose just fell back on his ass, breathing heavily. Much more

than any work out the school coaches had ever given him.

Chuck just slid off her back, and fell heavily next to her and Dilton. She

smiled at the wide grin that crossed his lips.

"So, you guys enjoy yourselves tonight?" She said, in faked anger. "What was

all this anyway?

"Duh! Um," Chuck sounded like Moose trying to find an explanation. "You see.

Its like this Bets."

"Duh! Right," Moose agreed.

"Its kind of all my fault, Betty," Dilton threw in.

"Dont' take the fall for this Dilly," Chuck came to his defense. "It was just

an accident. Honest Betty."

"I bet it was," she kept them on the ropes. "Why don't you tell me about it."

So Dilton started explaining to her what had happened. About how his

Transmorphic Energy Beam had been accidentally misdirected and struck Hotdog

and two other dogs. And that they had been transformed into boys, while they

had been switched into dogs themselves.

"And just what did these dog-boys look like after their transformation?"

Betty asked curiously.

After Chuck had described the three dog-boys, betty realized that she had

seen them at the Chok'lit Shoppe while she was there with the girls earlier

that day. They looked like nice, good looking boys. And that Veronica had

mentioned maybe going out with one of them when they parted company.

In fact, she recalled, Veronica was left alone in Pop's place when all the

other girls went their separate ways. She started wondering if she was out

with one of them tonight. And if so, was she still with him when he obviously

switched back just as the boys had just now.

She only hoped that Ronnie wasn't doing anything drastic with any of them.

Chapter Eighteen

Veronica Lodge had just discovered how good dog cocks could be to a woman.

Sure, when they were boys moments before the fucking was good too. But the

bestial nature of their canine bodies were carrying her to new peaks of


{{Damn Hotdog,}} Damien yapped. {{This is a lot more like it. Nothing like

being tied with a bitch the right way. I just don't see how humans can do it

the other way.}}

{{Yeah,}} Goliath agreed. {{It was nice doing it like them for a while, but I

missed getting properly tied.}}

Hotdog also silently agreed, but he was too busy mounting Ronnie's head to

fuck her mouth to bother putting his two bones in the conversation.

Veronica couldn't stop cumming as the knotted cocks kept moving around inside

of her pussy and ass. she could feel the thick shafts almost touch each other

through the thin membrane that separated them inside her body.

The only thing left for her to experience from these three dogs was the taste

of their sperm.

'Will the cum taste the same?' She asked herself, sucking on Hotdog's meat.

'Or will it be something completely different?'

Her body shook again as another orgasm hit her. She had lost count how many

times she had cum at this point. She couldn't believe that her teen body had

taken her through such an event. She couldn't believe that a woman, any

woman, could cum so much or so often in such a short time.

{{Oh boy! Oh boy!}} Hotdog blew first. {{Here I cum. I'm shooting my balls

off right now. [Growf] Damn, she's drinking it all down. I've only known this

bitch to drink imported stuff before.}}

The first gush of Hotdog's sperm caught Ronnie by surprise, shooting down her

throat directly. Causing her to gag from the sudden inrush of fluid down her


In self-preservation, she pulls her head back until the cockhead lodged

itself in her mouth. Hotdog's second spurt filled her mouth, and she finally

got her first taste of dog-cum.

'That doesn't taste to bad,' she thought to herself.

She swirled her tongue through the salty fluid to gather more of its tasteful

fragrance to her tastebuds. She found that she just couldn't get enough of


'If I knew dogs were this good,' she considered. 'Maybe I won't have to find

a boyfriend to screw with.'

{{I'm cumming too Hotdog,}} Damien yelped.

{{Right with you, guys,}} Goliath soon followed.

Veronica felt both cocks in her rear shooting the scalding liquid inside of

her. Which triggered the most powerful orgasm she had had all night

{{[Yeoooooow!]}} Both dogs howled in the air.

{{[Yeooooowl!]}} Hotdog joined in their canine chorus.

Veronica's eyeballs turned inward, leaving only the white of her eyes

showing, before she slumped on top of the large St. Bernard's body into

unconscious slumber.

The three dogs just maintained their position, filling her orifices with

their individual seeds. Their knots making sure that none of it escapes their

bitches holes, just as they were intended to do by nature.

It took over twenty minutes for the dogs to start shrinking their knots

inside her body. Once they felt that happening, they instinctively started

trying to pull out of the passed out bitch.

The pain that that provoked caused Veronica to snap out of her exhausted

slumber. Thought the knots had in fact shrunk somewhat, they were still

resistant to being removed from their tight quarters.

"Oh shit!" She groaned. "That hurts. Don't pull so hard."

When she looked up, it was the first time that she saw the face of the dog

that had been fucking her mouth. To her shock it was Jughead's dog, Hotdog.

{{What is the bitch yapping about?}} Damien asked.

{{I think she wants us to stay inside her,}} Goliath said.

{{Who cares what she wants,}} Damien retorted. {{I did my job, so I'm done.}}

{{You dumb yuppies,}} Hotdog blasted at them. {{Human bitches aren't like

your regular bitches. They're not used to our tie.}}

{{What do you mean?}} Goliath was confused.

{{I mean,}} Hotdog prepared to explain. {{Human bitches are more fragile.

They can't handle it so well if you try pulling your knot out too soon.}}

{{Poor bitches,}} Damien felt sorry for Veronica and her kind. {{So what can

I do about it?}}

"Quit pulling, you dumb animals!" Veronica interrupted their conversation.

"I... I am Veronica Lodge and I deserve to be treated with respect."

{{What is she complaining about now?}} Damien tilted his head in confusion.

{{Oh same-O-same-O,}} Hotdog told them. {{I think its time that Miss Veronica

Lodge gets a lesson she won't soon forget.}}

Hotdog pulled his cock away from her face and went around to her rear.

{{You guys want another round with her,}} Hotdog asked his pals.

{{Uh!?}} Goliath asked quizzically. {{What do you mean?}}

{{He means another fuck,}} Damien growled. {{You dumb mutt.}}

{{Oh! Yeah sure Hotdog,}} Goliath finally comprehended. {{What should we


{{Well, to start with,}} he gave instructions to them. {{Get your fucking

cocks out of there.}}

Reluctantly, Damien and Goliath pulled their knots out of her rear holes.

Despite the painful protestations of Veronica.

{{Okay,}} Hotdog continued. {{Now we switch places. Damien, you lie on your

back like the G-mutt was before.}}

{{But what if the bitch won't do it,}} he asked worriedly.

{{Don't you worry none about that,}} Hotdog assured the black Doberman.

{{I'll make sure that she gets you inside her cunt.}}

So Damien lied down, with his legs spread apart.

{{Goliath,}} Hotdog continued. {{You get her face this time. Don't worry she

won't bite. I think she loves it.}}

Goliath followed his orders and trotted over to Veronica's gasping face.

Veronica could only watch, mesmerized, as the dogs moved around her naked

body on the bed. When she saw that they all still sported a rather impressive

hardon, she began to worry. She was moving towards the edge of the bed when

she heard Hotdog growl at her.

She had never heard the big shaggy dog growl before, and that scared her. She

froze, waiting to see what would happen next.

When she felt Hotdog's cold, wet nose push her towards the Doberman that was

lying on the bed, she understood what these animals had in mind for her.

She had two choices. One, she could make a break for it, but she doubted if

she could outrun or escape three four-legged animals. Or any savage attack

that they would put her through with those sharp fangs of theirs.

Her second choice wasn't much more appealing. It would mean submitting

herself to their lustful ambitions. Though the idea wasn't all that

unpleasant, judging from her first experience.

She gasped when she felt Hotdog's tongue ravish her pussy and ass. He slurped

and drank the cum leaking out of her gaping holes.

Veronica couldn't help herself as her body squirmed against his furry snout.

Finally, when decision time came, she opted for the second choice. She

crawled over to the Doberman and straddled her legs over his loins, just

above his stiffening cock. Then, beyond her reasoning, she reached under her

and guided the cocktip to her pussy opening.

"Oh yesssssss," she moaned, as she lowered herself on that hard cock.

She was considering whether or not to start humping the black-furred dog, but

then she felt Hotdog push her forward with his head so that she found herself

lying on top of the Doberman. Her hard, sensitive nipples rubbing against his

prickly hair.

{{Not just yet Veronica, you bitch,}} Hotdog yapped over her.

"He, he, he," she giggled at the ticklish sensation.

Then she felt Hotdog climb onto her back like he would any mongrel bitch-dog.

She didn't know if she should be happy, or insulted by that notion. So she

settled for feeling good about the idea of getting another virile fuck from

the three mutts around her.

Being as experienced as he was fucking human bitches, thanks mostly to

Betty's lessons, Hotdog knew just how to position himself to drive his cock

into Veronica's vacant asshole. In one swift thrust, his cock disappeared

effortlessly in her now loose ass.

"Oh shit yesss," she groaned. "Fuck my ass Hotdog. Fuck it good. And your

friend too."

{{Okay Goliath,}} Hotdog growled to his St. Bernard friend. {{Now you can

join in too.}}

{{Join in? Join in how?}} The large dog asked, confused.

{{Her head, you dumb mutt,}} Hotdog was getting frustrated at his pal's dumb

attitude. {{You know how. You've done it before with the yellow-haired bitch,


{{Oh yeah,}} Goliath said. {{I forgot.}}

With that his heavy body mounted Veronica from the front. The added weight

almost made her elbows buckle from the strain, but somehow she managed to

stay level.

When she peered ahead, she was greeted by the sight of the dog's frightening

fourteen inch cock. Her curiosity was also peeked by how strange it looked up

close. It no longer looked like the boy cock that Goliath had earlier.

The transformation had changed the shape of the cock so that it now looked

like a long, thick tube which narrowed towards the back before ballooning

with the knot. She had never seen anything like that knot before in her life.

Nothing in sex-ed could have prepared her for such a sight. She was also

fascinated by the dark red color that the dog cock had.

Again, when she was fucking this threesome as boys, their cocks didn't have

such a blood engorged look to them. It almost looked like the blood was

covering it, so red was the color.

All of this just added to her excitement. She had her first orgasm of this

round before she even managed to take the St. Bernard's cock in her lips.

"Oooooh!" She moaned as she orgasmed.

Her moans were cut off when Goliath thrust forward and gagged her mouth with

his thick cock and began humping her face, just as Damien and Hotdog began

humping their stiff rods in her other two holes.

Veronica, unable to control her own body at this point, began undulating her

hips in time with the dogs. Driving them deeper inside of her. With each

stroke, she would get closer and closer to yet another orgasm.

The three dogs soon found their pace as they rammed their hard cocks in the

human bitch. They knew that she was theirs now. They could have her whenever

they felt like it from now on.

After ten minutes of their cocks fucking into her Ronnie had her first

orgasm. Followed a minute later by another, then another. It got to the point

that she could no longer tell when one ended or one started up again.

Damien and Hotdog finally managed to get their knots fitted into her tight

holes. But she couldn't manage to deepthroat Goliath enough to even come

close to his knot. The best she could do for him was swirl her tongue

hungrily along his shaft as it slipped back down her throat.

For thirty long minutes she remained tied to the dogs. She was amazed at the

virility that they possessed. She couldn't remember them lasting this long

when they had their human form, she much preferred these long fucks than the

short spurts they managed as boys.

{{So, Damien,}} Hotdog yapped down to his buddy. {{What do you think of human

bitches now? As good as we told you.}}

{{Damn right it is,}} the Doberman yelped. {{Sorry I ever doubted you guys.}}

{{You think this bitch is good,}} Goliath threw in. {{You should try some of

the yellow-haired friends.}}

He was of course referring to Betty and Midge and how they had taken on a

whole pack of dogs, including themselves only a few months ago. They had left

an indelible impression on all of the dogs present that day.

"Mmmmmmm!" Veronica moaned past the huge cock in her mouth, as she felt the

first jet of hot cum shoot up her ass, courtesy of Hotdog.

{{Oh yeah,}} Hotdog growled as he shot his load.

Feeling Veronica's pussy muscles spasm in orgasm against his own cock

triggered his own balls to blow. She was now getting a double dose of jism

imultaneously, triggering yet another mind-blowing orgasm of her own.

Veronica was feverishly trying to get Goliath to do the same. She wanted to

feel all three cocks explode in her at the same time. She couldn't believe

how much cum they were shooting in her ass and cunt.

'How could their balls hold so much,' she thought, as she kept on her efforts

on the cock in her mouth.

{{Oh yeah,}} Damien growled. {{I hope she drops me a big litter.}}

Hotdog didn't have the heart to let his friend know that a human bitch can't

be bred with their kind. It still didn't dull how good a fuck they were.

When their ejaculation seemed to slow to a trickle inside of her, she felt

the first spurt of the St-Bernard's cum shoot in her gulping mouth. She now

loved the taste of doggy cum. She let it fill her ballooning cheeks before

finally relenting and swallowing it.

As fast as she could gulp a load, another would fill her cheeks back to

bursting again. She was finding it difficult to get a breath of fresh air by

this deluge of jism, but she kept on swallowing.

By the fourth blast, she had to open her mouth to take a gasp of air. She

could feel the cum dripping past her loosened lips. Not wanting to lose any

more of the succulent jism, she clasped her lips back around his squirting

cock and resumed swallowing his seed.

{{Damn, this feels great,}} Goliath told his buddies. {{Just like I

remembered it. She's almost as good as yellow-hair.}}

In her excitement, Veronica's hand went to her tits and began squishing them

one after another. Pinching her rock hard nipples as she came, and came, and

came again. No measure of self-masturbation could ever match what she had

discovered this night.

It took another twenty minutes before the dogs knots shrank enough for them

to pull free from her squeezing ass and pussy. To them it felt like she was

grasping at their cocks, without using her hands. It was a strange sensation

to the dogs, but not all that unpleasant.

But they had already fucked her a number of times as humans. And twice more

in their natural dog bodies, so their balls were now empty of anything else

to offer her this night. But they were sure that they will be able to find

more human bitches to keep them busy for years to come.

Chapter Nineteen

After the four bestial lovers had slumbered for what seemed like hours, they

got off the bed and Veronica Lodge escorted the three dogs to the cabin's

well-stocked kitchen and tossed them a large T-bone steak as reward.

"Damn!" She gasped, looking up at the clock. "It's past 2 AM. I better get


She couldn't believe that they had been fucking for over three hours, and

slept another two. She was still shocked at how all of this had come about.

To start off with three gorgeous guys, only to have them transform into three

horny mutts in mid-fuck was just too amazing to even mention to any of her


She rushed back to the livingroom and got her clothes back on. She was

looking for her undergarment, when she remembered that she hadn't worn any

for the very reason that she was looking for a fuck tonight.

"Well girl," she told to herself. "You sure got what you wanted."

She looked back at the doorway and saw that the three dogs had finished with

the meat and were gnawing at the bones.

"Okay boys," she told them. "Time to go. Get outside and I'll drive you back

to town."

{{Come on guys,}} Hotdog was best at understanding humans. {{The bitch is

taking us home.}}

The dogs followed her outside and jumped in her Jaguar convertible.

"I'll have to leave a not to Jeremy," she said aloud. "And make sure that he

cleans the car, inside and out."

Off she drove.

Once at the outskirt of Riverdale, she decided that the best place to drop

off the mutts would be at Jughead's. They could then find their own way home

from there.


Betty and the three boys, Dilton, Chuck and Moose, were still in hiding in

Hotdog's doghouse when they heard the powerful engine of a car stop nearby.

When they looked out in the darkness, they recognized it as Veronica's Jag.

And from the back, three dogs leapt out and ran into the yard.

Betty immediately recognized Hotdog and the St. Bernard, the Doberman was a

new one to her.

"Do you think, maybe" she whispered. "That maybe those dogs were boys


"Quite possible Betty," Dilton deduced. "Since we took their shape, it is

most likely that they had assumed a human form. As my mentor always said:

'All action will have an opposite and..."

"Opposite and equal reaction," Chuck finished for him.

"Why yes Chuck," the boy genius smiled back at him.

"Duh! What does that mean Dilton?" A confused Moose asked.

"It means that when you became dogs," Betty tried explaining in simple terms

for him. "The dogs became boys."

Seeing the dogs jump out of Veronica Lodge's luxury car had them thinking.

"Gee, you don't think..." Chuck asked. "You don't think that Ronnie was

fucking them just now, do you?"

All four of them thought of that for a few minutes.

"Nah!" They all concluded.

No way would Veronica Lodge, snob of Riverdale High, ever consort with

animals. Much less mutts like those three dogs seemed to be.

'If Ronnie ever started fucking dogs,' Betty thought quietly. 'Then she'd be

doing it with her prize winning pooches at her kennel. And if she ever did

that, I'd know about it for sure.'


When she got back to the Lodge Estate, Veronica was totally worn out. She

just stumbled into her bedroom and collapsed in her bed.

Luckily for her there was no school that morning and she'd be able to sleep



"Awwww shit," she groaned when the sun came shining through her windows.

"Monique," she yelled.

A few minutes later, her French maid came waltzing in. As always, she wore a

sexy, short maid uniform with black stockings.

"Yes Miss Veronica," she asked in her sexy French accent. "Do you need


"Yes damnit," she moaned as if in pain. "Close the damn blinds. I want to


'What a snob she is,' Monique thought. 'Too lazy to even walk over herself.

She has to call me. But we shall see about zat right now.'

Ronnie's personal maid did as she was told then went back to her room to pick

up the videotape of her mistress' exploits of the night before. As well as a

few other accessories she planned on using.

When she returned to Veronica's room, she quietly closed the large

double-doors and locked them.

"Miss Veronica," she told the slumbering teen. "We have to talk."

Uh!? What?" Ronnie groaned groggily. "What is the meaning of this."

"I said zat we must talk," the maid repeated herself.

"Talk? Talk about what?" Ronnie was getting confused about this.

"I wish a raise, Miss Veronica," her servant told her bluntly. "And other


"Wh... what?" She was shocked. "How dare you make demands like this."

Monique walked over to Veronica's entertainment unit and inserted the tape,

then pushed the play button. Then she returned next to Veronica's bed and sat

next to her.

"Just do not say anything Miss," she told her mistress. "Just lay back and


Veronica lay back, stunned, at Monique's audacious attitude towards her.

Never in her life had anybody treated her with such disrespect.

'I'll have to get Daddy to fire her,' she thought selfishly.

When she turned her eyes back to the television screen she was shocked to see

herself there. But much worse, she was naked at the cabin with the three

weredogs of the previous night.

'Oh no!' She thought. "She saw me. She knows what I did with the dogs.'

Veronica had no way of knowing that Monique had left just moments before the

three boys had undergone their mysterious transformation. That the only thing

that her maid was actually holding over her head was her getting fucked and

sucking the boys on the screen.

She jumped out of bed and shut the television set off, then she turned back

to face her blackmailing maid with the tape in her hands.

"You won't get away with this!" She screamed at her.

"I have made copies, Miss Veronica," the maid said calmly.

Stumped at the thought of her bestiality action, Veronica slumped to her

knees on the floor sobbing.

"You need not worry mistress," Monique said, lifting her face by her chin. "I

do not intend showing zis tape to your papa, unless you force me to."

'M... my father,' Ronnie's mind reeled at the thought that her father would

see this. 'Oh no! That would kill him.'

"All you need to do," the maid went on. "Is fulfill a few conditions."

"Wh... what conditions?" Ronnie said, defeated.

"First of all," Monique told her. "My job must be secured. If I lose my

employment here, I will zen release ze tape to ze media."

"(Gulp!) No don... don't do that," the heiress begged. "Please. I'll make

sure that you don't get fired. What else?"

"I want you to love me," Monique said boldly.

" you?" Ronnie was surprised at that demand. "What do you mean,

love you?"

"Just what it sounds like Miss Veronica," the maid told her. "I want to taste

zat beautiful pussy of yours. Ze one zat you let zose bastard boys play with

last night."

To learn that her own maid was a girl lover shocked Veronica. She had been

undressing in front of her for years now. And the thought that Monique was

getting turned on by that gave her a sick feeling at the pit of her stomach.

Mind you, her first lesbian experience with her girlfriends the other night

wasn't so bad.

"Yo... you can't be serious," she asked her maid.

"Of course I am serious," Monique replied. "Do you realize how excited you

have made me for all of zese years. Getting naked in front of me as if I was

not even zere. And how I would have to rush to my room to relieve myself each

time you left for school."

This definitely confirmed it. Monique was a full fledge lesbian. And the idea

that her teen body was the cause for this grown woman to get that excited,

also caused her own pussy to get excited.

Monique leaned down and kissed her mistress full on the lips, forcing her

tongue past her lips and teeth. Veronica reciprocated and returned the

frenchkiss that the maid tried to start.

"That is good Miss Veronica," Monique said. "I am so happy zat you are

cooperating with me."

Ronnie smiled up at her as she let her maid help her back to her feet. The

two of them walked over to her large bed and she lay down on it. Ronnie just

rested herself on her elbows as she watched her beautiful maid begin removing

her maid's uniform.

One piece at a time, Monique removed a part of that sexy uniform. First went

the white bib that covered the black dress. Then she would reach behind her

and unbutton the buttons on the back, one at a time. Seductively, she would

then slip one shoulder, then the other, while holding the dress teasingly in

front of her.

Veronica could feel her pussy get wet as she watched her maid's striptease.

"Do you like what you see, Miss Veronica," Monique teased.

"Yes," Ronnie admitted. "Don't stop now. Show me more."

"TrÅ s bien alors," the maid said in French.

She let the top part of her uniform slip along her smooth, curvy body. When

it hit the floor, she only had the skirt and stockings left on, along with

her spiked-heeled shoes.

Veronica's breath started coming in short gasp from her excited state.

Monique noticed that immediately and smiled down at her mistress.

'Oui,' she thought to herself. 'Miss Veronica is accepting her fate. She will

make a most willing lover.'

She reached behind her again and unsnapped the skirt and let it slide down

her black stockingued legs in a bundle at her feet. All that remained were

the stockings, which for the first time, Veronica realized were attached to

garter-belt, and the spike-heeled shoes.

For the first time, Veronica took note how beautiful her French maid truly

was. How could she not have noticed her curvy body. Or her long beautiful

legs. Or those large tits that she hid under that sexy maid's uniform.

Her lips watered at the thought of getting to touch that beautiful body. She

could feel her cunt moisten as her thoughts drifted towards making true love

to this older woman.

"I am beautiful," the maid interrupted her thoughts. "Am I not?"

"Y... yes, Monique," Ronnie answered. "Yes, you are very beautiful."

"And do you not wish to touch my breasts?" Monique asked.

"Ca... can I?" Veronica asked.

"Mais oui," the maid answered. "Bien sur."

Hesitantly, Veronica approached her and reached up to touch the maid's naked

tits. She found it much warmer than her girlfriends had a few nights ago.

'I wonder why that is,' she thought. 'Maybe they were just fooling around.

Monique is a real lesbian. Maybe that's why she feels hotter.'

"Vas-y, Miss Veronica," the maid demanded. "Suck my nipples. Look how hard

zey are for you."

Ronnie gazed admiringly at how hard her maid's nipples were. She brought her

face closer and began suckling like a baby on them. She felt Monique place a

hand to the back of her head and caress her lovingly.

Monique then pushed Ronnie back down on the bed and followed her down. She

tugged on her mistress' nightgown, pulling it off of her young shoulders.

Ronnie wiggled under her, trying to assist in getting disrobed for what was

to come. She felt Monique's lips kiss her bare shoulder as the nightgown

continues slipping down her excited body.

Monique could hear the beautiful raven-haired teen's breathing come in short

gasp of excitement. She knew that there would no longer be a need of

blackmailing her after today. That is unless she could use it to include some

of her school friends to join them with it.

She too had found Miss Betty Cooper very nice to watch. Though she had never

had an opportunity to see the blonde teenaged girl naked herself. She had had

opportunities to see her in various bathing-suits, which included some very

revealing bikinis.

"Oh what?" Ronnie asked in surprise when she lost contact with Monique's


"Do not be concerned, Miss Veronica," the maid told her. "I have not

abandoned you."

Veronica watched as her maid slid down her now naked body and stopped at her

crotch area. She held her breath in anticipation of what was to come.

Monique slipped her talented, lesbian, tongue in Veronica's wet cunt and

began lapping the delicious fluid from her gash.

Ronnie could do nothing more than arch her back in joyous excitement. She

loved the feeling of a tongue in her pussy. Be it a teenaged girlfriend's, a

boy's, a dog's or her maid servant's.

"Oh yes Monique," she exploded. "Do that. Lick my pussy. I... I'm so wet down

there. Lick me clean."

The French maid knew then that her mistress was hers from that day forward.

She buried her face in the teenaged girl's hole and thrust her tongue as deep

as she could. In and out her tongue went.

Though not as long as Hotdog's, this woman knew were to go with it. It was

obvious to Veronica that Monique knew how to please another woman. And she

was beginning to feel happy that she had chosen her to indulge her lovemaking


"Oh! Mmmmmmm!" She moaned under Monique's expert licking.

"Maintenant," the maid demanded. "It is your turn to satisfy me."

"Wi... will you show me how?" Ronnie asked.

"But, of course, Miss Veronica," Monique smiled at her. "Have you ever done

such a thing before?"

"Ye... yes," she admitted shyly.

Monique was surprised to hear that. She had assumed that Miss Veronica was

only interested in boys until this morning. She wanted to know if maybe Miss

Betty had been her other partner, but dared not at this time.

"And, did it go well?" The lesbian woman asked.

"It... it wasn't as good as how you did it," Ronnie confided.

'It must have been her school friends,' Monique concluded. 'Ze girls were

probably curious, experimenting. Zat is all.'

She rolled on her back and crooked a finger to Veronica, guiding her to her

now exposed loins. Veronica could smell the essence of sex emanating from the

older woman's bush. She was a bit surprised just how bushy the beautiful

woman's cunt was. It was much thicker than hers or her girlfriends.

Veronica followed her directions unquestionably. She crawled between her slim

legs and came closer to her outstretched crotch. She could see the nub of her

clit peek through the forest of her hairy pussy.

"I see zat you have found my clitoris," Monique smiled down at her charge. "I

wish zat you would suck on zat."

Veronica lowered her face and flicked out her tongue and brushed against the

aroused sex organ. She felt Monique's instant reaction, as the older woman

arched her back just as she had moments before.

She flicked her tongue once more, licking the maid's clit this time before

taking it into her mouth and began sucking on it like a mother's breast.

"Oh oui, Miss Veronica," Monique exclaimed. "Zat... zat is very good."

With this encouragement from her lesbian tutor, Ronnie continued sucking on

the hardened nub of flesh. Instinctively, she reached up and began massaging

the maid's ample breasts.

"Ah yes," the maid moaned. "I knew zat you would be a natural woman lover, ma

chÅ re."

Ronnie was happy that she was making the grade to a real pro, lesbian


Monique pushed her away, which caused Veronica to sob in despair. Had she

done something wrong for Monique to reject her in the midst of her licking?

"Now we shall move to ze next step," the French maid said.

"The... next step?" Ronnie's curiosity was peaked.

"Yes," Monique told her. "I will teach you to pleasure us both at ze same

time. Lie down on your back, mistress."

Ronnie readily followed the veteran lover and lay on her back next to

Monique. She watched patiently as her maid turned around and straddled her

prone, naked body. She found herself facing Monique's pussy above her head,

while the maid now had her face above of her exposed pussy.

"Zis, ma chÅ re," Monique explained. "Is what ze Americains calls ze 69

position. You see, now we can pleasure each other at ze same moment. Isn't

zis good, oui?"

"Mmmmmmm! Yes," Ronnie agreed. "Lick my pussy too," she pleaded.

"Of course I will," Monique told her, as her head ducked into the teenaged

girl's cunt.

The two females rolled over each others bodies as they kissed and sucked each

others vagina. Veronica had never felt as liberated as she felt at this very

moment. The soft caress of Monique's hands over her body. The sweet smell of

her sexy body every time she sniffed the air.

She no longer cared about the videotape that Monique had taken. She no longer

cared about fucking guys. Though the idea of exploring the family kennel

might prove interesting at some future date. If only she could figure a way

to get Betty and Midge away from their job long enough for her to take

advantage of her own dogs.

"Oh shit yes!" Ronnie exploded in orgasm, showering Monique's face with her

juices. "Damn, that feels great!"

"You taste good, Miss Veronica," her maid said as she licked her clean. "Now

you must succeed in making me cum also."

Veronica increased her sucking, trying to achieve the same goal that Monique

had done for her. She wanted to be just as good a cunt-licker as her maid

was. She wanted to taste how a French girl tasted. Would she taste

differently than Betty's cum. Or Midge, or Cricket, or Nancy.

Then it happened, and her mouth was flooded with female cum. She couldn't

swallow fast enough. She thought that the dogs came in gallons, somehow

Monique managed to be just as abundant.

Chapter Twenty

While Monique was teaching her mistress, Veronica Lodge, how to make love to

another woman properly. Betty and Midge were arriving for their job in the

Lodge kennel.

Mr. Lodge had been waiting for their arrival in his secret viewing room. It

was in this room that he had been taping and selling the two girls antics

with his animals. It was also from here that he conducted his illicit porno

business through the web. He had already sold thousands of copies of the two

girls videos throughout the world, amounting to millions.

Granted, millions he really didn't need. But it gave him some measure of

satisfaction to know how truly talented the two teens were.

So far he had seen, and sold, numerous canine gangbangs with either Betty or

Midge as the recipient. On a few occasions, he had seen them bring in one of

his stallions from the stables, in the adjoining section of the building.

And despite how erotic he found bestiality. What really got his juices

flowing to his aged cock was when the two teen girl went into a lesbian

embrace. Sometimes with the dogs sniffing or fucking their vacant holes. But

usually, this would take place while they were showering at the end of their

day of 'work'.

He was still glad to know that at least his daughter, Veronica Lodge, did not

indulge in such bawdy behavior.

"At least my little girl isn't a slut," he would tell himself at least once a


And the thought that the sweet, lovable Betty Cooper had such a depraved

secret made him that much harder at night. This was a pleasant surprise for

his wife of twenty-five years. It had been years since she had gotten this

time of fucking from her husband. She was even considering divorcing him,

until this change in his fucking took place.

"What happened to your, Hiram," she had asked him once. "It's been so long

since we made love like this."

"Oh that," he had to think quickly that night. "I got a prescription for

Viagra, my dear."

That seemed to have satisfied her. Not that the real reason would have

mattered to her much. As long as she got what she needed at night.

He turned his attention back to his monitors as Betty and Midge prepared

themselves for another day of bestial lust. As always, they stripped and went

through their routine to get ready for the animals.

He had gotten used to seeing them feel each other up to get worked up. He

loved these scenes when the two got entwined, naked.

He switched off the hidden microphones. He didn't need them to watch he



"So, Betty," Midge asked her blonde friend. "What did you do last night?"

"Juggy called me over for a late night fuck," Betty told her. "And he had

three dogs waiting for me. He's so sweet."

"That sounds like fun," the petite Midge replied.

"But that's not the best part," Betty went on. "The dogs changed into boys in

the middle of a fuck."

"You're kidding," Midge gasped.

"Really," Betty explained. "Turns out one of Dilton's inventions went haywire

a few days ago and they swapped bodies with three dogs."

"Wow!" Midge gasped. "So who were the boys?"

"Dilton, the sweet boy," Betty told her. "Did you know he's had a crush for

me. And Chuck... and Moose."

"My Moose," Midge surprised herself at the feeling of jealousy she felt.

"Yes," Betty saw the hurt in her friends eyes. "Sorry Midge."

"Uh! Oh!" Midge responded. "It's all right. You didn't know."

The two girls remained quiet for a few minutes, thinking about what Betty had


"But that's not the weirdest part about last night," Betty told her.

"What can be weirder than that?" Midge asked.

"When the boys were changed into dogs," Betty explained. "The dogs were also

changed into boys."

"Anybody we know?" Midge asked.

"You remember the three cute guys at Pop's the other day," Betty asked her.

"Sure," Midge recalled them in her mind. "We couldn't take our eyes off of


Betty paused a moment while this information seeped into her friend.

"You don't mean to say that they were really dogs," Midge gasped.

"Yeah!" Betty went on. "One of them was Hotdog. I guess the other two were

two of his doggy pals."

"Damn!" Midge swore.

"But that's not all," Betty continued.

"Wh... what more is there," Midge couldn't believe what Betty was saying.

"Well," Betty paused. "When I was still at Juggy's, I saw Ronnie dropping off

Hotdog and two dogs with her Jaguar."

"Are you telling me that Ronnie," Midge paused. "Our Veronica Lodge fucked

with three dogs last night."

"I can't prove it of course," Betty said. "But when was the last time Ronnie

gave a lift to anyone, much less Hotdog and two mutts."

Midge gave that statement some thought and she had to agree with her blonde

friend. Veronica wasn't the type of person to give a lift to dogs, much less


'Damn,' the dark-haired girl thought to herself. 'What if Ronnie really

fucked with dogs too. I wonder if we could get her to join us someday?'

"I think that she went out with the three cute guys at Pop's," Betty tried

explaining things to her friend. "Then they must have changed back into dogs

when they were doing stuff."

That seemed a plausible explanation to Midge. She wished she could have seen

the prim and proper Veronica Lodge with a dog up her twat.


Back in her room, Veronica was coming back down from her explosive orgasm

that her French maid, Monique had given her.

She didn't know what she would do about what she had been exposed to so far.

She had loved each part of her sexual exposure equally. Maybe she would

indulge herself in all of it. After all, she was Veronica Lodge and as far as

she was concerned, that meant that she could do whatever she wanted.

When she got up off the bed and walked over to the window she saw her two

friends, Betty and Midge, walking into the kennel building to work.

'They don't know what treasure their missing right under their noses,' she

thought to herself. 'I wonder if I should show them what else they can do

with dogs?'

Behind her, she heard her adult maid moan pleasurably in satisfaction. She

smiled inwardly, knowing that she had done that to the grown woman.

'Not bad for a first time at it,' she gloated to herself.

The End