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Aunt Brenda and Mom and Me

Sophiabrendasniece on Animal Stories

I was 17 and had been playing with Mom and Aunt Brenda a lot since I found them in heat, LOL. They both enjoyed me between them and all over for that matter. We were driving one afternoon and Brenda looked at us and said, "I have a surprise for the both of you today." and we asked what and bugged the Hell out of her but she would not say what it was. We pulled into a driveway and then up to a house and Brenda led us to the door. She rang the bell and a lady came, dressed in a nice long gown with nothing under it. She was a tall red head and flawlwss and was named Margo. She had us in and I saw her and Brenda wink at each other even with the kissing all of us and all. Brenda said after several drinks, "I brough my sister Jillian and niece Sophia to show them a little surprise, is everything ready?" and I looked at Mom and both of us were nervous but I was wet and found later that Mom was too. Margo went out and came back in with 4 of the most beautiful dogs we had even seen. Perfectly groomed and obedient to commands. All four were shepards and all males. Margo told them to sit and then went to Brenda and took her hand and kissed her and they began undressing and sucking nipples and Mom's hand reached for mine. I think we knew what was in store for us. I had Mom's clothes of and she undressed me and we sat close watching Margo and Brenda.

Suddenly Margo said one's name and slapped her naked thigh. He came and sat between her legs that were spread apart. She massagged her wet pussy and he began licking her really deep and she was laying on her back moaning in no time. After an orgasm that the dog licked up she got on her hands and knees and slapped her ass and he got up on her, his huge cock sticking out of his sheath. It was pointed and getting bigger. Brenda helped guide him to Margo's pussy and then it was in and he had his front paws around her waist and he was humping. Then I saw his knot and it hit Margo's pussy lips and then popped in making Margo have an orgasm. "Oh fuck yes, yes." she was almost yelling over and over again. Then I saw that Brenda was getting a licking from another dog and then she was on her tummy too. It found her pussy easily and she was puching back against his humping. The other dogs seemed to be looking at us as if to say, "Well, let's go ladies" and maybe they were. I got on my back in front on one and he started licking deep and strong his rough tongue inside me made me jump and he kept on going till I sprayed his muzzle. He seemed to be waiting for me to turn over but I wanted him on my tummy and slapped my pussy and he came to me and we fixed it for him to mount me. His face was next to mine and he licked my face and then his tongue went into my mouth and I kissed it and sucked iot as much as he let me. His cock found my pussy and made me jump. "Oh hell yes, this is better than a fucking dildo." I told Mom. His knot followed and I was having orgasm after orgasm as he humped me. I must have lost it cause all I remember was later on my knees for another one in my pussy from behind. He filled me again and I saw Mom getting the fucking of her life from another. Brenda and MArgo were eating each other then they both began sucking the dogs off. Mom had her pussy filled and then she grabbed the cock and was sucking it and the dog just laid back. I thought what the hell and took mine in my mouth and he began humping even though laying down. Brenda and Margo came to us after their dogs finished and took us and we all ate each other thru several more orgasms.

It was dark out when we left, kissing each other and Margo, and got in the car. Mom kissed Brenda and said, "That was so hot, what do you have for us next?" and Brenda looked at her smiling, "Do you like to go horse back riding?" and Mom looked at her and her mouth came open. "Are you serious?" and Brenda laughed, "I have been and love it." and we al began talking and asking Brenda questions. But that is next time.

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