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Dog Family 7 written by doogy_fucked_girl

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Taya crossed her arms innocently annoyed. “What ever are you talking about?” she asked.

“I saw you and your friends and your mother and brother fucking your dogs. That’s so fucking disgusting." Felicity spat.

“Oh that’s what you are talking about." Taya said with a shrug.

“I am going to tell the cops about this." The other girl threatened.

Taya frowned and stood up straight. She grabbed Felicity’s arm and yanked her inside the house closing the door and locking it. The sound of the door slamming shut alerted the girls upstairs. Naomi and Cherry walked down confused. Taya kept a firm grip on Felicity’s arm and pulled her upstairs and into the master bedroom after ordering the two girls to bring all the dogs into the room. After Taya got into the room she locked the door and released the other girl’s arm. A knock on the door alerted her that Naomi and Cherry had arrived with the dogs. Taya ordered Hannah and Macy to hold Felicity back from escaping as the two girls and the dogs entered the bedroom. Surprisingly even though there were 24 dogs in the room now there was still a lot of room to move around. Once the last dog had come in and laid down Taya closed and locked the door again.

“Everyone she saw us outside earlier, you know what this means." Taya told them.

The girls eagerly nodded. They knew exactly what she was talking about. Taya walked over to Felicity who was still being held by Hannah and Macy and grabbed the edge of her tank top. She yanked it up over her head revealing her luscious bare double d breasts. Felicity tried to cover her nakedness but she was grabbed again by the two girls. Taya hooked her fingers into the waistband of the jean skirt and yanked it down. Felicity struggled but was held firmly. Finally her stockings where pulled down leaving her only in a pair of cotton lime green panties. The girls licked their lips as Taya ripped off the panties to reveal the Felicity’s pussy which was nearly hair-less except for a small patch of hair shaped like a heart. The strawberry blonde was now naked in front of the girls.

The ebony haired girl grasped Felicity’s breasts massaging them softly. She occasionally pinched the nipples making her gasp but fight to get away. Taya lowered her head and began to slowly suckle on her sweet nipples. As she continued to suck she slid her hand to the heart patch stroking it absently before going down to her pussy. She smirked against the nipple in her mouth as she felt how damp Felicity was. Slowly she slid down to be on her knees. Taking a slow lick of the sweet smelling pussy Taya savored the flavor before slipping her tongue into the folds. Felicity trembled still fighting to get free. Taya held her hips still and continued to tongue her pussy. She slid her finger in and roughly thrusted it in and out before adding another finger.

“L-let me go." Felicity moaned.

“Still a fighter huh? Let’s see you fight this." Taya said smirking.

She roughly began to thumb Felicity’s clit making her cry out in pleasure. Taya continued to feast on her pussy occasionally nibbling her clit. The strawberry blonde filled Taya’s mouth with cum as she released a loud cry. The ebony haired girl stood up after drinking up all the delicious cum. The girls on the bed had sat eagerly watching the show while fingering themselves and each other. The room smelled of sex. The dogs were now sitting up to attention. Taya smirked and tossed Felicity onto the bed.

“Enjoy her girls, get her good and wet." Taya told them.

Cherry certainly didn’t need any prompting as she latched onto Felicity’s pussy. As the girls feasted on the struggling girl Taya seated herself on the large armoire like a queen.

“So while you girls enjoy Felicity I will tell you the story of our family." Taya announced.

The girls listened eagerly as the continued their exploration of Felicity’s body. Taya cleared her throat and began her story.

“First I will share how I first had sex with a dog and how my mother became I claimed our mother as a playmate first. You see interestingly enough, this all started back when I was a virgin."


Taya hopped giddily into her home. It had been a glorious day at school. She had done basically nothing all day except for hanging out with her friends and enjoying the nice warm weather. Her pussy felt slightly tingly from her last class of the day; gym class. All the girls showered before going home giving Taya quite a great show. For several years Taya’s favorite hobby was masturbating endlessly. She usually went down to the basement of their brownstone to masturbate.

One day while she was rifling through her mother’s closet in search of a pair of cute shoes to wear to the mall with her friends she had come across several of her father’s porn movies. They were all woman-on-woman movies. Her father had walked out on them a few months ago to continue to screw his secretary without having to come home to his family. Her mother had been downtrodden at first but she perked up a month later. Her mother didn’t do much dating and spent most of her time at home with Taya and Josh not that they minded, they loved their mother dearly and if spending time with them at home made her happy then they were happy. Taya had instantly taken an interest in the movies especially the fact that there were girls fucking girls in it.

“Mom, I’m home,” Taya called closing the front door. She knew Josh was still at school and wouldn’t be home for another 20 minutes.

The raven haired girl was confused as to why her mother was not exiting the kitchen to greet her like she usually did. Walking further into her home she decided to check her mother’s bedroom. Taya climbed the stairs and stopped outside of the closed door listening intently before slowly and silently opening the door a crack. She gasped softly. Her mother was lying on her bed naked with her legs spread wide open revealing her mature shaved pussy which a large rainbow dildo was buried in. Taya had of course watched all the pornos that had belonged to her father but seeing a woman masturbate and plunge a large dildo into her pussy in real life was totally different. Taya began to feel her pussy moisten as she continued to watch. She watched her mother plunge it deep into her already soaking pussy. Her mother released a loud cry before cumming on the dildo. Taya reluctantly rushed away from the door and went back to the front room and waited for 10 minutes before calling out to her mother that she had returned from school.

Later that night Taya lie in her bed stroking her pussy thinking about what she had seen her mother doing. She sat up in her bed when she heard the shower starting in her mother’s bathroom. The raven haired girl climbed out of bed and rushed down the hall to her mother’s room. She grinned when she found it unlocked.

Silently she slipped inside and made her way over to the bathroom door. She peeked inside to see her mother naked with water cascading down her body and her hands cleaning herself. Taya slipped her fingers into her already moist pussy as she watched her mother start to massage her breasts slowly. Taya was lost in a fantasy but was quickly pulled out of it when she heard the water turn off and her mother exit the shower. Taya rushed over and hide in her mother’s walk in closet and hid behind some clothes. She heard her mother exit the bathroom but not approach the closet.

Taya crawled away from the clothes and peeked through a crack in the dark closet to see her mother applying some after shower oil to her body. She slowly massaged her large breasts moaning softly as she pinched her nipples. She slid her hand down her stomach to her pussy. Applying more oil to her hand she massaged it over her pussy lips before slipping her fingers inside. She seated herself on the edge of her bed to finger her pussy at a better angle. She moaned louder when she slid another finger inside her hole. Taya licked her lips as she continued to watch her mother while fingering herself to the scene. Her mother appeared to be enjoying herself as she reached into her side table and pulled out a large silver vibrator. She covered it in oil and slipped it into her well stretched honey pot. She flipped the switch and moaned loudly as the waves of vibrations gave her a high amount of pleasure. Taya pinched her clit and watched intently as her mother continued shoving the vibrator in her pussy. Within minutes they both cummed. Emily panted as she came down from her orgasmic high. She cleaned off the vibrator and slipped it back into her side table drawer. Flipping the switch on her lamp she turned the light off and climbed under her covers.

When Taya came down from her own orgasmic high she then realized her problem. Her mother was in bed but still awake and she needed to get back to her room and sleep without being discovered. Looking around hastily Taya found the attic trap. She closed the closet door all the way before jumping up and grabbing the cord to pull down the trap. Silently she climbed the ladder into the attic. She pulled the trap closed and walked to the other end of the attic. She kicked the trap down and climbed down the ladder then pushed the trap closed. She exited her own closet and climbed into bed. As she nodded off to sleep she decided to make it a nightly ritual to sit in her mother’s closet and watch her.

The next night Taya was seated in her mother’s closet waiting for her to enter the room from cleaning the dinner dishes. Taya had excused herself to go to bed directly after dinner. Emily had hugged her goodnight then proceeded to do the dishes. The raven haired girl had rushed upstairs and into her room locking her door tightly behind her. She had stripped out of her clothes and pulled on a pair of tight purple booty-shorts and a white tank top. She had climbed through the attic trap and had seated herself in front of the closet door staring around her mother's room. She sat bored toying with her pussy as she continued to wait. She perked up when she heard her mother’s footsteps walking towards the bedroom and opening the door.

Emily sighed pleasantly and stretched. It was 8:30pm she had been running errands all day so she didn’t have time to do her daily yoga exercises. Josh was studying at his best friend Carl’s house so he wouldn’t be home till 11:00pm and since Taya had retired to bed early Emily figured it she could do the exercise now and then go to bed. She walked over to her TV and flipped it over to the 24-hour yoga channel. She then made her way to the closet. Taya quickly scampered away from the door and in the back of the closet to the row of her mother’s business suits for work and hid behind them. Emily opened the door and went halfway in and grabbed a pair of soft grey work out pants and a deep blue workout tank top. She stripped out of her clothes and pulled on the workout clothes. She dumped the daily clothes into her hamper by the door and left the closet. Taya slowly crawled from her hiding place and back to the door. As Emily stretched Taya was disappointed that she wouldn’t get to watch her masturbate. Taya decided to explore the closet while her mother did her yoga.

The closet certainly was large. Taya tried on some of her mother’s clothes which fit her surprisingly well. She spotted a few black tubs near the back of the closet. She removed the dress she had tried on and approached the tubs. She silently removed the lid of the first one and gasped. The tub was filled with various dildos, vibrators and other toys of different sizes, shapes and colors. Taya pulled each out and inspected them. She opened another tub. It was filled with porn magazines and DVDS. The last one was filled with different kinds of lube. Looking at each bottle they were all flavored; vanilla, chocolate, mint, strawberry, cotton candy, watermelon and various other flavors. Taya instantly knew her mother was her favorite person in the world. The phone rang loudly causing Taya to jump. She stopped inspecting the tubs and stood waiting attentively in case she had to hide.

Emily answered the phone. It was Josh. Apparently it was raining really hard outside and he didn’t want to drive home in the weather and asked if he could stay the weekend. Since it was Friday Emily told him he could spend the weekend there if he wanted as long as he got his studying done. Josh agreed and hung up. She shut off the yoga channel and winced at the feeling of the sweat on her body. Feeling a bit frisky she decided to watch some porn and went into the bathroom to run a bath. After starting the water she stripped out of her yoga clothes and walked towards her closet. Taya hastily closed the tubs and hid behind a large pile of sheets and comforters near the tubs. Emily entered the closet and grabbed a sexy blue nightie off the lingerie rack. She then reached into her toy tub and pulled out a slender hot pink ribbed dildo and a black thick vibrator. Then grabbed a sleepover movie from her porno tub and finally pulled out the vanilla lube from the lube tub. She exited the closet with her items. She popped the movie into the DVD player and laid the lingerie on the bathroom counter. She placed the vibrator onto her bed beside the dildo and lube. While the movie played Emily cleansed herself in the bathtub. Taya eagerly watched the porno play. She herself had grabbed a long lime green vibrator and a bottle of watermelon lube and seated herself at the door.

Emily rubbed her breasts sensually as she washed her chest. Pulling her nipples she moaned and turned to watch the movie. She panted softly as she slid her hand down her body to her pussy. She cupped her mound as she massaged her outer lips to the action on the screen. Before slipping her fingers into her hot folds she decided her bath was done and removed the stopper. She dried herself briefly with the towel and exited the bathroom naked. She entered her room and seated herself on the edge of the bed. Grabbing her body oil she rubbed it all over her breasts and thoroughly on and in her pussy. Placing it back on the side table she grabbed the ribbed dildo and began to run her tongue up and down the shaft. Taya watched closely as she continued to fuck herself with the vibrator. Her own quiet moans were drowned out by the moans coming from the porno and her mother. As her mother fucked herself the ebony haired girl got hotter.

When Emily orgasmed she cleaned her cum off the vibrator and slipped on the nightie. It hugged her breasts tight and fanned out around her waist to lift ever so slightly and reveal her pussy. She shut off the lights and climbed into her bed. Taya was disappointed that her mother had finished her show, she saw the slight movement of the sheets and knew that her mother must be fingering herself to sleep. The raven haired girl continued to fuck the vibrator and watch the movie. Once the movie was done Taya had cummed several times. Sleepily she walked over and curled up on the pile of comforters in the corner of the closet and fell asleep.

“Taya wake up,” Taya was startled awake by her mother’s voice.

Her heart raced thinking she had been caught but instead noticed that the door to the closet was still closed. Her mother must’ve gone downstairs to make breakfast. Taya hastily climbed through the attic trap and exited her bedroom. Walking down the stairs she saw her mother dressed in a black skirt and a red tank top with her hair pulled up in a messy ponytail.

“Morning honey, Josh won’t be here this weekend. He’s at Carl’s house so it’ll be just us girls this weekend." Emily told her.

Taya smiled. “Sounds great mom,”

As she ate the breakfast her mother put in front of her Taya began to plot what she would do this weekend. Once they finished their breakfast Emily cleared the table and stood to clean the dirty dishes. As Taya climbed the stairs to get dressed for the day Emily called to her to do her a favor. Taya agreed and stood waiting to hear what she was to do. She was asked to clean her mother’s bedroom. After calmly agreeing Taya sped up the stairs excitedly. She stripped out of her night clothes and pulled on a lime green miniskirt and a canary yellow tank top. She strolled into her mother’s room and into her closet. The raven haired girl fixed the clothes on the racks as she hummed. She stacked the sheets and comforters in away that she could curl up and sleep on them if she got exhausted from masturbating after watching her mother’s nightly pleasure ritual. She cast a lusty glance over at the black tubs in the corner. She remembered Josh teaching her how to soundproof; not by choice of course. He had forced her to go with him to Carl’s house to soundproof his basement so Carl could play his guitar as loud as he wanted without pissing his parents off. Taya had some extra soundproofing equipment in the attic. She carefully applied the soundproofing foam to the walls and door of her mother’s closet. Thankfully the foam matched the color of the walls and door in the closet so her mother would never notice.

Exiting the closet she began to straighten up the bedroom. She made the bed, cleaned the side table and put anything else that was out of place back in order. She glanced over to the far wall and saw a large blue stuffed horse that she had gotten at the fair a few years back. An idea struck Taya as she stared at it. She grabbed the horse and a few other stuffed animals that her mother owned and locked herself in her room with them. For a few hours she worked. Emily had stopped by to thank her for cleaning her room and told her that she was going grocery shopping. Taya yelled back in agreement and went back to her work.

A few minutes before her mother arrived home she had finished with the animals. She walked back into her mother's room and placed the horse on the small chest at the foot of her mother’s bed with its eyes facing the bed. She walked into the bathroom and replaced the small grey owl. She lastly placed the small stuffed kitten under her mother’s covers at the foot of the bed and a small black kitten at the head to focus on where her mother’s luscious breasts would be. She had removed the animals’ eyes with two small cameras that looked like eyes. The cameras would be focused on her mother’s bed and bath while she pleasured herself. It would record it and save it to Taya’s computer as well as zoom in when live. She snuck out of the room after making sure the camera worked and went to watch TV until her mother arrived back home.

Later that night Taya was once again in her mother’s closet waiting eagerly. She herself was already prepared for the fun show. With a black vibrating love bullet buried in her pussy, a bottle of cotton candy lube, a thick green dildo in her hand and her laptop sitting between her spread legs. The door to the closet was closed. Her mother was currently working out. Taya warming herself up for what was soon to come. Her mother shut off the yoga channel and made her way to the bath. Taya watched the screen as her mother stripped out of her work out clothes and climbed into the bathtub. She washed herself of the sweat covering her body before climbing out again. When she climbed out she strolled into the bedroom naked and dripping wet with water. Taya zoomed in on her mother’s body with the Horse Cam. She froze the scene and saved it into her new folders and started it up again. Emily exited the bathroom and made her way over to the closet. Taya hastily hid under the large pile of sheets in the corner. Her mother hummed to herself and grabbed a black nightdress. After retrieving a bottle of vanilla lube and an orange vibrator she left the closet. Taya lay down on the bed of sheets she’d made and opened her laptop again. Emily was rubbing her after shower body oil on herself moaning softly as she massaged her beautiful breasts. Tweaking her nipples she pinched them making them hard with excitement. Taya eagerly watched and saved the photos. As her mother continued to cover her body with oil the ebony haired girl watched intently pinching her clit excitedly. Emily moaned and cummed under all over the vibrator in her pussy. She flicked off her light and climbed into the bed once she slipped on the nightdress. Taya pressed a remote beside her and turned on the night vision in the stuffed cat’s eyes and drooled as she watched Emily finger herself under the covers. After Emily orgasmed Taya had her 4th orgasm. Exhausted she closed her laptop and hid it under some clothes before crawling onto the bed of sheets and curled up falling asleep seconds later.

Taya continued to watch her mother every evening for the next 2 years. Her own bed had been unused since the first night she’d watched her mother masturbate, since she spent most of her time sleeping on the sheet bed in her mother’s closet after watching her masturbating at night. Josh remained unaware of what Taya watched nightly. He spent most of his time studying to graduate from his college so he was rarely home. After he graduated he spent most of his time looking for a university to enroll in. Between looking for university and working Josh spent his down time at home sleeping or out partying at clubs.

Walking towards her house Taya sighed happily. She had definitely changed physically since her first time watching her mother masturbate. Her breasts had gotten bigger and her stomach was trimmer. The ebony haired girl had shaved her pussy so it was clean and smooth. Dressed in her school uniform which she modified to accentuate her curves she strutted into the house. She halted in the living room when she saw a man sitting on the couch dressed in a nice business suit. He looked at her and smiled. Taya ignored the smile and walked into the kitchen to see her mother humming as she prepared some food.

“Mom, who’s the man in the living room?” asked Taya.

“He’s a man I work with at the office." Emily responded. Her mother worked for a large publishing company.

“Is he like your boyfriend or something?” the ebony haired girl asked cautious.

“Oh no, his name is Jeffrey, he’s a good friend and wanted to ask a favor of me." Emily said turning to hug her daughter.

Taya followed her mother into the living room where she handed the man a small plate of fruit. The man nodded gratefully and ate one of the fruits on the plate. Emily seated herself on a lounge chair with Taya sitting on the arm. The man placed the plate on the coffee table.

“I thank you for your kindness Emily, anyway the favor I wanted to ask of you is I am going out of the state for a couple of months and I need someone to watch my dog Elmer. My sister was going to watch him but her apartment doesn’t allow dogs." Jeffrey explained. “Do you think you would be able to house him for me Emily?”

Emily smiled brightly. “Of course, the kids and I would love to watch Elmer for you.”

“Thank you so much Emily and you too Taya. Elmer loves people and is well trained so he shouldn’t be a hassle to you." Jeffrey thanked as he stood. “I’ll bring him by later tonight."

As he left Taya grumbled to herself as she realized that if he was bringing his dog over later then her mother likely wouldn’t masturbate. Emily told her to go clean the kitchen while she went to her bedroom to organize it better. Taya hummed as she cleaned the dishes and put them away. After she finished she walked into the living room and plopped down on the couch to watch TV. Josh came home 3 hours later from work and went to his room to change clothes before leaving again for either a party or a club. Around 8:00pm the doorbell rang. Taya answered the door greeting Jeffrey. She smiled when she saw the large golden retriever beside him. Stooping down she scratched the dog’s ears earning her a lick on the cheek and a wag of his tail.

“This is Elmer. I have to be going now Taya but please thank your mother for letting him stay here." Jeffrey said handing her the leash and some bags.

“You’re welcome sir; I promise we will take good care of him." Taya promised as he climbed into his car and drove away.

Elmer sniffed everything in the living room. Taya watched him explore for a little bit before pulling two dishes out of the bag and took them into the kitchen. She filled one dish with water and the other with food. Elmer came scurrying in and eagerly began to eat his food. Taya carried his bed upstairs and placed it beside her unused bed. Elmer could use her bed if he wanted since she mostly slept in her mother’s closet anyway. Emily cooed when she entered the kitchen and saw Elmer eating from his food dish. The large dog turned and panted happily before padding over to her nuzzling her thigh affectionately. Emily smiled and scratched his ears. Elmer happily wagged his tail as the woman kept stroking his ears and head.

As Taya walked into the kitchen she saw Elmer stick his nose into her mother’s crotch. Emily was shocked by this and pushed his head away flushing with embarrassment. The eager dog sniffed the air before padding over to Taya. She smiled and scratched his ears gently as her mother left the room. The ebony haired girl walked into the living room and plopped down on the couch flipping on the TV while Elmer jumped up and lay beside her with his head in her lap. The evening news was as boring as ever so she changed the channel several times before she stopped on a comedy show. Emily was sitting in her lounge chair with her laptop on her lap searching the web for something. Occasionally she peeked up to watch the show Taya was watching but the rest of the time she stayed focused on her laptop. Around 9 Taya stood up and stretched from the couch. After telling her mother she was going to take a shower she headed towards the stairs. Stripping out of her clothes she pouted to herself. Because of the dog her mother was likely not to masturbate tonight so Taya would have to take care of herself now so she wasn’t sexually frustrated later. She moaned under her very skilled fingers and bent over to grab the shower head and press it into her pussy trembling with desire as the water pulsed inside her tight pussy. After a few minutes she cummed and turned off the water. She was startled by a knock on the door.

“Taya I am going to take a shower as well, do you mind taking Elmer for a walk before bed?” asked Emily.

Taya pouted again. It was just her luck that her mother was taking a shower at the exact minute she wanted her daughter to take the dog for a walk. With a sigh Taya yelled back in agreement before pulling on a pair of soft grey sweatpants that she rolled up to her knees and slipped on a black tank top. Leaving the bathroom she grabbed a pair of white flip-flops and a pink jacket to ward of the cool night air. She walked down the stairs and whistled for Elmer who came bounding to the front door eagerly. Taya giggled at his eagerness and snapped his leash onto his collar before leaving the house. The excited golden retriever tugged her down the sidewalk happily sniffing everything he could while the ebony haired girl spaced off. Her mother was likely already in the shower washing her lovely body and touching her delicious pussy. Her own pussy started to moisten at those thoughts.

It was true that Taya was no longer a virgin. After the first time she’d seen her mother masturbate she’d spent a lot of time plunging dildos and vibrators into her tight twat. A few months into that year she had hooked up with Cherry Simpson. Cherry was a damn sexy girl with her perfect breasts and tight ass. The other girl had just arrived at school so Taya wanted to make her feel welcome. Her best friend Naomi had no problem with Cherry but she wasn’t a big fan of her like Taya was. Cherry and Taya spent lots of times hanging out. One weekend Taya had invited the other girl over to her house for 3 day sleepover. That Friday after they had arrived at Taya’s house Taya admitted she was a lesbian. The red headed girl admitted she herself was one too in which the two eagerly began trading fantasies. They had gotten on Taya’s laptop to surf for porn and sexy stories of which they masturbated to. Taya had gotten up to go to the bathroom leaving Cherry to explore the net. The red head spotted a folder on the laptop that looked particularly interesting. Clicking on it she stared in wonder as she gazed upon the nude photos of Taya’s mother as well as several videos.

When Taya returned Cherry eagerly asked if what she saw was really Taya’s mother. The ebony haired girl nodded which earned her a lusty gaze from the other girl. They then lay on the bed in their night gowns without panties on watching all the videos Taya had so far on her mother's nightly escapades. Around 10:00pm Taya announced it was her mother’s shower hour. Cherry eagerly asked if she could see the live show. Taya agreed and led the other girl into her closet and into the attic. They both sat comfortably with Taya’s laptop between them watching Emily strip down and get ready for her bath. Cherry drooled as she gazed with lust at Emily's mature nude body. As they watched Emily climbing out of the bath a few minutes later the ebony haired woman exited the bathroom and began rubbing oil on her body. As her hands massaged her breasts Cherry turned her head and began nibbling on Taya’s neck making her gasp softly. She had lifted her hand to slip it into Taya’s gown massaging her breast as her mother did on the screen. Emily's hands slid down her tummy to her pussy. She slipped her fingers inside moaning softly as she pleasured herself. Cherry repeated the actions on Taya. Everything that Emily did on the computer the red head did to Taya. The ebony haired girl moaned loudly as she cummed on Cherry’s fingers. The other girl licked her fingers enjoying the taste of her pussy juices. Taya then began to finger Cherry as well.

Once the red head cummed Taya pulled her to her feet and showed her mother's wonderful black tubs. The other girl clearly enjoyed what she’d found. They each grabbed a tube of lube, a vibrator, and a dildo. Quickly they rushed back over to the computer and watched as Emily sat on her bed watching her porno intently. This movie was about a sex school that was mainly filled with lesbians. Cherry drooled. She told Taya to sit back and spread her legs. When she did so the red head lowered her head and began to eat Taya out. Taya moaned, pinching her nipples she watched her mother on the screen. Cherry delivered a sharp nip to Taya’s clit making her climax into her friend’s mouth. They switched positions for Taya to return the favor happily. Emily let out a loud cry making the girls jump and look at the screen. She had just shoved a slim silver vibrator into her cunt hitting her g-spot perfectly. Cherry cummed at the scene. She pulled Taya up to French kiss her heatedly.

She glanced at the computer screen and smirked at something. She told Taya to sit facing away from Cherry as she stood and walked back to the tubs in the back of the closet. Taya nodded and waited patiently. She could hear the red head rifling through the toy tub. The ebony haired girl guessed that Cherry had found what she was looking for because she made a sound of approval. Cherry walked back over and knelt behind Taya slipping her arms up to grasp Taya’s breasts and massage them gently making her moan softly and turn to kiss her.

While they kissed Cherry slid one hand away from Taya’s breasts and down towards her soaking pussy. She slipped her fingers into the moist folds lifting her up to stand on her knees. The pleasure Taya was in distracted her from Cherry spreading her legs wider and sitting between them. Once Cherry was happy with Taya’s angle she removed her fingers from the ebony haired girl’s pussy and lowered her down onto her lap. Taya gasped loudly in pleasure when she felt herself being penetrated by what she guessed was her mother’s one and only strap-on. Cherry smirked and adjust Taya so she was on her hands and knees and proceeded to fuck her into the closet floor while watching Emily on the screen. For the rest of the evening and the weekend the two girls fucked each other and watched Emily pleasuring herself.

Taya was brought back to earth when Elmer began whining for attention. She smiled and scratched his ears.

“Ready to go back to our house boy?” she asked.

Elmer panted heavily in a sort of yes way. As they journeyed home Taya returned to thinking about her hot weekend last weekend with Cherry. She and Cherry had become fuck buddies and had regular sleepovers at Taya’s house so they could watch Emily pleasuring herself while fucking each other in her closet. Naomi didn’t mind being around Cherry so much now since she had gotten to know her more but she was unaware of Cherry and Taya’s secret. Once inside the house Taya released Elmer who ran into the kitchen for a drink while Taya strolled up the stairs and into her bedroom to grab her laptop. She climbed up the attic ladder and into her mother’s closet she was pleased to see she hadn’t missed her nightly show. Emily was lying in her bed with her legs spread wide to reveal her dripping pussy. The ebony haired moaned loudly as she fucked herself harder with the large purple vibrator. Taya was instantly soaking when she saw her mother fucking herself ruthlessly. As she cummed the bedroom door opened unbeknownst to her. Elmer padded in catching Taya’s attention. She watched him sniff the air before padding over to the bed where Emily lay with her legs still spread wide panting heavily as she came down from her orgasm. Elmer sniffed her pussy before eagerly licking it. Her mother sat up instantly and shoved him away.

“Bad dog!” she yelled.

She stood from the bed and ushered him out of the room embarrassed and shut the door. After that minor shock Emily decided to go to bed. She walked into her closet and grabbed a pair of tight green sleep shorts and a white short sleeved shirt and pulled them on before leaving the closet unaware of Taya watching her intently from behind a pile of sheets. When Taya saw Elmer lick her mother’s pussy it turned her on immensely. She hid her laptop under the sheet-bed and clambered up the ladder to the attic and into her own room. Elmer was laying on his bed licking himself. Taya stared in wonder as he licked before laying his head down and going to sleep. Things were definitely going to be interesting from now on.

The next morning Emily kept shooting weird looks at Elmer and when asked by Taya she said it was nothing before ushering Taya off to school. When Taya returned from school she saw Emily sitting at the kitchen table paying bills. She climbed the stairs to her room where Elmer lay on his bed napping. Remembering last night Taya grabbed her laptop and began web searching for what she’d seen last night. Her mind boggled when her search engine showed 90,000+ results on what she’d entered. Josh came by her room an hour later asking where the video camera was. Taya climbed off her bed and went to her closet and grabbed the camera from the top shelf. Coming out of the closet she tossed it to him.

“Where’ve you been going all week bro?” she asked.

“Carl’s been pestering me all week to help him find a girlfriend. Says he needs to get laid.” Josh said chuckling.

Taya laughed. “That Carl is so hopeless."

“Yeah, but oh well he’s still my best friend." Josh shrugged. “Tell mom I won’t be home till late."

The ebony haired girl nodded and waved him off as he left the room. She continued her searching. She drooled as she saw photos and watched videos of women fucking and being fucked by dogs. Taya remembered seeing Elmer lick her mother’s pussy and knew she had to see it again.

When Emily was in her room she sat sipping a glass of wine thinking about what had happened last night. Elmer’s tongue had indeed felt good but it was wrong. But it felt so good how could it possibly be wrong? She walked over to her computer by the wall and began searching. She found dozens of websites talking about how hot it was to fuck your dog. She watched several videos of women being fucked by their dogs. She felt something uncoil in her stomach and travel down to her pussy moistening it. She stumbled across a website that sold magazines and movies. Nervously she clicked on the website. She ordered a couple of movies and dildos before shutting off her computer.

Taya was disappointed for the next week because Emily didn’t give a nightly show. So to keep herself busy she began exploring dog sex sites and she slowly began to explore it herself. She stroked Elmer’s belly gently making him pant happily before she slowly slid her hand down to grasp his cock softly. It slowly peeked out of its sheath inch by inch. Leaning down she gave it a test lick and gave a soft ‘hmm’ to herself at the lovely flavor. She continued to suck his shaft until it came fully out and she could measure it properly. It was a good 10 inches long. Her pussy became enflamed just staring at the delectable cock before her.

She stood from her bed much to Elmer’s disappointment seeing as he whined when she released his cock and walked over to the door. She called to her mother that she was going to bed. Once her mother called back goodnight Taya shut the door and locked it. She began to walk towards her closet stripping as she walked and whistled for Elmer to follow which he eagerly did. Taya had already soundproofed her own closet ages ago when Josh told her to practice her soundproofing. Once Elmer was inside Taya shut the door tight before sitting on the carpet beside the golden retriever. He licked her face affectionately. Taya scratched his ears making him pant happily. He licked her face then bowed his head and began licking her tits. She moaned softly as he lightly nipped at her nipples. The ebony haired girl moaned again and laid back on the floor as Elmer moved his head down to sniff her pussy. He gave it a test lick before eagerly diving in.

“Oh yes Elmer eat my pussy.” Taya moaned.

Elmer eagerly licked her pussy. After a couple of minutes of his tongue lashing Taya cummed which was lapped up by the golden retriever as he continued to lick her pussy. He never halted in his licking as he kept receiving praise and tasty cum.

“Oh yeah baby keep going don’t stop!” Taya cried as she pinched her nipples.

After her 5th orgasm Taya closed her legs to take a breather. Elmer whined at the loss of her sweet pussy. The ebony haired girl giggled and stroked his ears gently.

“Aw poor baby, you miss my pussy don’t you?” Taya asked. “Well don’t you worry I have an even better treat for you."

She crawled under him and stroked his dick to make sure it was still hard and ready before turning over to get on her hands and knees. When Taya spread her legs wide Elmer instantly got the hint and mounted her. He hooked his front legs to her waist and plunged his hard doggy prick into her moist cunt. Taya released a loud cry of pleasure as he fucked her hot twat.

“Oh my god Elmer! You feel so good inside me! Keep going boy!” Taya screamed in pleasure.

The dog’s thrusts increased sending Taya into more and more orgasms. Her arms shook before giving out making her face land on the carpet. The new angle made Elmer’s thrusts deeper. Taya felt his knot slowly growing before it was shoved into her pussy locking her and Elmer together. Elmer shot loads and loads of hot dog cum deep inside her pussy. His knot was pressed firmly against her g-spot giving her more and more orgasms. When the knot shrank it came out of her pussy with a soft ‘plop’ releasing a waterfall of doggy cum and pussy juice. Taya panted with pleasure as she turned over on her back with her legs spread wide to allow Elmer to lick her pussy clean. Once she’d regained her strength she sat up slightly and smiled at Elmer.

“Elmer my boy I think you and I are going to become great friends while you are here." Taya told him.

Elmer just panted happily before continuing to clean her pussy.

At the end of the week Emily opened the door to reveal a delivery man who handed her a brown package. He smiled when she took the package and signed for it before tipping his hat and leaving. Emily closed the door and stared at the package in her hand. She carried it upstairs to her bedroom where she opened it to see 3 dildos shaped like dog cocks and 2 movies. She stared at the dog cock dildos turning them over in her hands in wonder. She rubbed it up and down loving the feel and gasped softly when something at the base of it started to grow. It must have been the knot she thought to herself. She quickly stashed the movies and dildos away when she heard someone knock on her door. It was Taya beside her was Elmer who seemed rather close to her side.

“I’m taking Elmer out for a walk,” she told her mother.

“Alright sweetie, I have some errands I need to run anyway." Emily said standing from her bed.

Taya smirked to herself. She and Elmer had gotten bored with just fucking in the house so she decided to take him to the local dog park and fuck him in the woods. As they arrived at the park Elmer whined happily and tugged her into the park. Taya let him off the leash to run and play with some of the other dogs. She seated herself on the bench and sighed happily.

Ever since Tuesday she and Elmer had been fucking anytime they could anywhere they could; most of the time they did it in her closet where she could scream as loud as she wanted without getting caught. A couple of times they had fucked in her bathroom after she showered and even in her bathtub. On Thursday Taya had been making lunch while her mother was taking a nap upstairs and Elmer came bounding in happily. He immediately stuck his head up her skirt and licked her moistening pussy through her panties while she continued to cook. Taya moaned and opened her legs wider so she could slip off the panties and give him better access. Elmer eagerly lapped her now exposed pussy making her thrash and moan. Finally she cummed and the golden dog lapped it up and continued to lick her dripping snatch sending her into more orgasms. Taya closed her legs and knelt beside him stroking his head promising to fuck him later when they were upstairs in her closet. Elmer wasn’t pleased and when she turned to take her food from the counter Elmer jumped up and wrapped his paws around her waist forcing her to the ground. Taya cried out in surprised and tried to get up but stopped when a hot doggy cock was shoved into her tight snatch. She moaned as Elmer fucked her into the kitchen floor sending her into 4 more orgasms before shooting her to the brim with his hot doggy cum. Taya panted when he climbed off and when she moved to stand again he mounted her again to give her another thorough fucking. His knot was shoved into her pussy tying them together as he once again shot her full of his hot doggy sperm. Taya stood shaking and scolded him gently before grabbing her food and sitting at the table. She had opened her legs to allow Elmer to clean her pussy. Taya didn’t bother to wear underwear anymore because Elmer was always horny so she decided rather than bother taking off panties she would toss all of her panties in the garbage and go commando.

As the ebony haired girl reminisced she felt a nose go up her skirt. Looking down she smiled when she saw Elmer sitting between her slightly spread legs. Elmer moved to lick her pussy but she gently pushed him away and began to lead him towards the forestry area of the park where people rarely went. As they walked Taya teased Elmer with the tangy smell of her pussy. A couple of times she would stop and lean against a tree so he could lick her hot snatch before continuing their walk. Elmer had even knocked her over on the way a few times and fucked her into the dirt before letting her stand and walk again. They finally arrived at the small lake where Taya eagerly ran over and stripped out of her clothes. She dropped to her hands and knees which gave Elmer the signal he needed. He mounted his bitch and plunged his doggy prick into her honeyhole. He fucked her fast and deep while she screamed in pleasure and cummed underneath him.

After a couple hours Taya panted heavily exhausted from all her orgasms and lay on her back to bask in the afterglow of her pleasure. Elmer lay down beside her licked himself clearly pleased with their long fuck session. Taya pulled out her cell phone to check the time. It was 3:30pm. They had left for the park at 1:30pm so she figured it was time to head home. She stood up and pulled on her tank top and skirt. She whistled for Elmer to follow her from the lake. On their way through the woods Elmer kept sticking his nose up her skirt and licking her.

“You naughty puppy I thought you were all done." Taya teased with a chuckle.

Elmer gave her a pitiful look which made her sigh with a smile before leaning against a nearby tree and opening her legs. The golden dog eagerly stuck his head up her skirt and began eating her dripping snatch.

“Oh yeah eat that pussy Elmer, its all yours you hot doggy stud." Taya moaned.

She orgasmed a couple of times under his eager tongue moaning the entire time. Once she thought he was pleased she stood up from the tree to walk again but was tackled by Elmer. He somehow managed to lift her skirt and shove his cock into her pussy.

“Oh damn Elmer,” she moaned as he fucked her nice and deep. “You are such an insatiable puppy aren’t you?”

Elmer knotted with her after a couple of minutes and shot her full of his cum once again. Taya didn’t bother moving when he dismounted because she knew he would fuck her again seconds later. Just as she predicted Elmer mounted her again and thrusted deep inside her hot dripping pussy. Taya moaned loudly as she orgasmed several more times. After they tied again Elmer shot her full of his cum again and dismounted. The ebony haired girl turned over and panted as she watched Elmer laid down to clean himself.

“Are you done now?’ she asked with teasing smile. She flipped her skirt back down and crawled over to Elmer. Moving his head aside Taya lowered her head and began to suck his cock clean of their mixed juices. Elmer rolled over onto his back to let her suck his cock more thoroughly. He shot his hot cum into her mouth and she eagerly swallowed. She stood up and whistled for him to follow her out of the woods. The rest of the walk out of the woods was met without anymore sexual stops.

“I’m home mom,” Taya called as she unhooked Elmer from his leash.

Emily came out of the kitchen and smiled at her daughter. The golden dog trotted into the kitchen to drink some water. The ebony haired woman stared at Taya concerned when she saw dirt all over her clothes.

“Sweetie what happened?” she asked.

“Oh Elmer wanted to play so when I wasn’t playing how he wanted he tackled me so we wrestled." Taya giggled in her mind as she realized how dirty her words were.

Her mother nodded accepting the lie and went back into the kitchen after telling Taya that dinner was finished. When she sat at the table Taya dug into the pasta her mother had made. Emily smiled at her daughter and jumped when she felt something cold on her crotch. She peeked under to see Elmer sniffing her panties. Emily had yet to watch the movies she’d purchased but she’d been imagining Elmer’s tongue on her pussy since the night he licked her after cumming. Slowly she reached under the table to slide off her panties so Elmer could get easy access to her eager pussy. He dove into her mature pussy making her jump slightly. She hoped Taya didn’t notice. But of course she did Taya slowly took her cell phone from her pocket and turned on her video camera to record her mother getting eaten out by Elmer. Emily ate her pasta hurriedly to keep from moaning and giving away what was happening under the table.

“Are you alright mom?” Taya asked innocently.

“I’m fine sweetie it’s just a little hot in here.” Emily said panting softly.

‘I bet it is,” Taya thought to herself.

Elmer licked Emily well to her orgasm. She quickly closed her legs to keep him from eating her out again and giving her away to her daughter. Elmer was discouraged when he was denied further access to Emily’s delicious honeyhole so Taya waved him towards her own cunt. The golden dog eagerly dove into the familiar cunt he loved so much. Emily stood from the table and announced she had some work to do on her laptop. Once she left Taya scooted her chair out from the table and opened her legs wider for Elmer to get a good licking in. She moaned softly so as not to catch her mother’s attention in the living room. She lifted up her phone to watch the video of her mother getting eaten out while Elmer gorged himself on Taya’s snatch. She pinched her nipples as she watched the video. After cumming on Elmer’s talented tongue she stood up. She was so horny she needed to let him fuck her now. She moved to leave the kitchen but Elmer pounced on her knocking her to the ground and drove his cock into her slippery snatch. Taya moaned softly as he fucked her nice and hard. The very thought that Emily could walk in any minute and discover them drove Taya to 3 hard orgasms. Elmer’s knot was shoved inside of her and they were tied. She cummed again as he shot her full of his hot dog cum. When his knot shrank and plopped out Taya quickly stood before he could mount her again. She walked into the living room announcing that she was going up to her bedroom to play with Elmer. She then rushed up the stairs and locked her door while Elmer kept sticking his nose up her skirt. Once they were inside her closet she closed the door and stripped out of her clothes and got on her knees begging for him to fuck her again.

“Come on boy! That was so hot I want you to fuck me till I can’t walk anymore!” Taya told him.

Elmer needed no more prompting and mounted her thrusting into her begging cunt. They fucked for a good three hours till Taya turned over onto her back to have him lick her pussy clean. Her attention perked when she heard her mother’s shower start. Curiously Taya stood much to Elmer’s disappointment and climbed up into the attic and stepped into her mother’s closet. She pulled out her laptop and was shocked to see her mother holding a dildo shaped like a dog’s dock and staring at the TV which was playing a dog sex porno. She smirked to herself. So her mother was getting interested in dog sex. Pretty soon Taya would be able to ‘catch’ her mother fucking Elmer and then make her Taya’s slave. She watched as Emily walked into the bathroom to take a bath.

Once she was clean she climbed out and walked into her bedroom. She grabbed her after shower oil and began to rub it all over her body massaging her breasts and lathering up her hot pussy. She thrusted two fingers into her pussy moaning loudly making Taya’s pussy moisten, oh how she missed this nightly ritual. Emily removed her fingers and grabbed the dog cock dildo again. She watched as the woman on the screen began to suck her dog’s cock moaning loudly in pleasure. Emily stroked the dildo loving the feel of it. She watched in anticipation as the woman on screen got on her hands and knees to be mounted. She lathered the dildo with oil before slowly slipping it into her tight twat. She moaned loudly at the warm feeling she got. The dog dildo felt so good! She slid it all the way in panting softly. The woman in the movie screamed in pleasure as her dog fucked her. Emily shoved the dildo in and out of her well oiled pussy. Taya fingered herself as she watched her mother fuck the doggy dildo.

While she watched Taya was unaware that she left the ladder to the attic down and that Elmer was now in the closet with her. Taya bent over slightly to have a better angle to finger fuck her pussy. Emily moaned as the knot on the dildo expanded and went inside of her hot twat. It pressed her g-spot perfectly sending her into 4 orgasms. Taya panted softly as she watched her mother cumming. She zoomed in on Emily’s soaking cunt drooling slightly when she saw some of her mother’s hot pussy juice dribbling from around the stuck dildo. Emily held the bottom of the dildo and felt a strange button. Pressing it she released a loud cry of pleasure when the dog cock started to vibrate deep inside her. Taya cummed as she watched her mother wither in pleasure from the vibrations. Elmer padded towards her and realized the familiar position. He quickly mounted her making her cry out in surprised but moan loudly in pleasure as Elmer plunged his prick deep inside her soaked snatch.

“That’s right Elmer fuck my pussy, fuck it good and hard." Taya moaned.

Elmer humped her like a bullet driving his dick deeper and deeper inside her pussy. Watching on screen Taya zoomed in more to see her mother’s cunt literally covered in her own cum from the orgasms she’d experienced from the dildo. Elmer’s knot was shoved inside of her locking them together. As he shot her full of his cum Taya watched as Emily removed the dildo and basked in the afterglow of her many orgasms. She climbed off the bed and shut off the movie. After flicking the light switch she climbed into bed to sleep. While under the covers she couldn’t keep her eyes from the dildo on her side table. Tired but still frisky Emily reached over to the bedside table and lubed up the vibrator again. She slid it into her still soaked cunt till after fucking herself with it a few times she felt the knot expand and slip inside. She switched it on low moaning softly as she orgasmed. She fell asleep with it still vibrating in her pussy. Elmer climbed off of Taya after he finished shooting her full of his hot cum. After saving the movie to her computer Taya climbed back up the attic ladder and into her closet. She had made a bed of sheets and comforters in her own closet and curled up on them to sleep.

When Taya awoke the next Elmer’s eager tongue was buried in her snatch. She moaned as she had her first orgasm of the morning. Turning slightly on the bed of comforters she opened her legs more so he could eat her out better. Unexpectedly Elmer jumped up and hooked his forepaws on her waist and shoved his doggy prick into her cunt.

“Oh god Elmer! Good boy! I love this position!” she screamed.

When his knot locked them together Taya moaned loudly as she pinched her nipples and clit to give create more and more orgasms. As Elmer shot her full of his cum Taya wondered how she could have gone so long without trying missionary position with him. His knot shrank and plopped out of her overflowing cunt. Taya scratched his ears as he cleaned her pussy. She check the clock on her cell before leaning down to suck Elmer’s cock till he shot her mouth full of his hot cum. Standing up Taya grabbed her school uniform from a hanger and put it on. She exited the closet with Elmer close behind. Emily was in the kitchen humming to herself as she cooked breakfast.

Smirking Taya bent slightly against the wall next the doorway to the kitchen and flipped up her skirt. Elmer eagerly mounted her and fucked her into the wall. She moaned softly enough that Emily couldn’t hear her in the kitchen. The ebony haired girl panted heavily as she orgasmed and was shot full of Elmer’s cum. Though Elmer’s knot had receded and plopped out of Taya’s pussy he kept his cock firmly in her pussy. She turned to him confused, moving slightly Taya tried to coax him off her back. Instead Elmer began fucking her into the wall again. Once Elmer had had his fill of fucking Taya he hopped off her back. She gave him a lusty gaze as she fixed her skirt back in place. After glancing into the kitchen again she gestured for Elmer to enter the kitchen. The eager dog padded into the kitchen and stuck his nose up Emily's skirt startling her. She cautiously looked towards the doorway as if to make sure Taya wasn’t around before slowly sliding off her panties and opening her legs. Elmer eagerly began to lap at her pussy loving the taste. She moaned under his talented tongue and leaned against the counter pulling up the back of her skirt to give him an even better angle to eat her.

“Oh my Elmer, you’re such a good boy aren’t you?” she asked with a moan.

The dog gave a soft growl as he continued to lick her pussy. She cummed after a few minutes of Elmer’s constant licking. She moved away from the counter when she orgasmed and turned to go to the table but was knocked over by Elmer hooking his forepaws around her waist. She landed on her hands and knees. Elmer took the opportunity to shove his hot doggy prick into her moist pussy. Emily tried to free herself from his grasp but his cock felt so good fucking in and out of her hot pussy. Once Elmer shoved his knot into Emily’s pussy Taya decided it was her time to step in. She entered the kitchen with her arms crossed. Emily was so busy being lost in the pleasure of Elmer fucking her and was unaware of Taya’s entry. Elmer shot his hot dog cum into Emily’s pussy sending her into more orgasms. Once she calmed down Elmer’s knot shrank and plopped out of her pussy and dismounted her. As Emily stood from the ground her face turned white when she saw Taya standing there.

“Well, well look what I saw you doing." Taya said with a smirk.

“Taya sweetie I swear it’s not what it looks like." Emily said trying to reason with her daughter.

“Oh I think it’s exactly what it looks like mother." Taya said leaning against the wall with her arms crossed. “I think I just saw you being fucked by Elmer."

Emily’s face was drained of color at her words. Elmer panted happily and padded over to his water dish for a drink. Taya continued to stare at her mother feeling pleased while her mother was shaking with fear.

“Sweetie, I swear it was not planned and I will never do it again." Emily swore trying to stay calm.

The ebony haired girl stepped away from the wall and stood in front of her mother. Reaching out she grabbed Emily and shoved her against the kitchen table.

“Actually you will, you’re mine now and so you will do what I say." Taya said giving her a firm, superior look. At the confused look on Emily’s face Taya smirked.

She shoved her back on the table and smashed their lips together. Her mother was surprised at the action which gave Taya the opportunity to slip her tongue into Emily’s mouth. Pulling away she forced Emily’s legs up and pushed her skirt up to reveal the pussy she’d dreamed about for 3 years. Emily tried to close her legs but Taya gave her a hard look making her freeze and lay still. Taya parted Emily’s moist pussy lips and slipped her tongue inside the dripping pink folds. It tasted just as Taya had always imagined. She lapped up her mother’s sweet nectar mixed with Elmer’s yummy cum. Emily moaned even though she knew she shouldn’t, her pussy was being eaten out by her daughter of all people! Taya nipped her clit firmly but gently sending her over the edge and cumming into her waiting mouth. Taya licked Emily’s pussy clean then stepped away from the table to give her mother a steady look.

“You are mine now, when I get home I want you in your bedroom wet and waiting.” Taya said in a very commanding tone that told Emily she wasn’t allowed to even think about refusing.

Taya told her to climb off the table. As she did so Elmer padded over to sit beside Taya panting happily. Taya grabbed a plate of food and sat down to eat. When Emily did the same Elmer padded over to sit under the table. The two ate in silence. It was actually a comfortable silence. Although Emily was embarrassed that her daughter had caught her being fucked by Elmer and had now decided to dominate her at the same time it was kind of exciting. She no longer would have to masturbate every night to getting sexually satisfied she could now be fucked. She jumped when she felt a cold nose in her pussy. It was Elmer. He eagerly licked her moist pussy making her moan softly. Taya heard this and smirked. She told her mother to scoot her chair out so Taya could watch her getting eaten out by Elmer. The ebony haired woman did as she was told and spread her legs wide to give Taya a better view. Elmer was really going to town on Emily's pussy. She moaned loudly in pleasure as the golden dog licked her dripping cunt. She was sent into 2 hard orgasms. When Elmer stepped away she assumed he was done licking her but instead he hopped up and hook his forepaws on her waist. After humping for a bit he shoved his horny prick deep into Emily’s honeyhole. Taya watched lustily as Elmer plowed her mother hard and fast.

“Oh yeah big boy fuck my pussy good and hard." Emily moaned.

Elmer’s knot swelled and was shoved inside of her making her scream in pleasure as it pressed down on her g-spot sending her into more orgasms. Elmer shot Emily full of his hot doggy sperm before his knot shrank and plopped out. Taya watched pleased as Emily’s cunt juices and dog cum dripped out of her ripe pussy. Elmer trotted over to stick his nose up Taya’s skirt to lap at her bare pussy. She spread her legs for him moaning softly as he tongue fucked her. She gave her mother a lust stare as she cummed. Getting on her hands and knees Taya turned her ass towards Emily to show off her young pussy as Elmer mounted her and shoved his cock inside her.

“Oh yes baby, just how we’ve always practiced. This pussy is all yours fuck it good and hard!” Taya cried in pleasure.

Once his knot was inside of her Taya let out a loud noise of pleasure as it pressed firmly against he g-spot. He shot her full of his hot cum before his knot shrank and plopped out. Standing up Taya fixed her skirt. She checked the clock before grabbing her backpack from beside the table. Emily walked her to the front door. Taya forced her against the front door frenching her fiercely. She slid her hand into her mother’s shirt pinching her nipples before covering them with her lips. She suckled them sweetly before sticking her hand down Emily’s skirt and into her dripping cunt. Shoving 3 fingers inside she marveled in the moans she forced from her mother’s throat as she finger fucked her. With one last pinch of her clit Emily cummed like a waterfall. Taya pulled away and licked her fingers clean.

“Remember I want you naked, wet and waiting for me when I get home." Taya reminded her firmly. “No more panties, ever! Also make sure Elmer gets some of your hot pussy to keep him nice and horny when I get home."

Emily nodded obediently as Taya walked out the door.

When Taya arrived home around 4:30pm she was surprised to see Josh sitting on the couch. Closing the door she walked over to him.

“What’s up bro?” she asked.

“Mom’s acting weird,” he stated looking at her.

“What do you mean?” asked Taya innocently.

“When I got home from class she was all jumpy,” Josh told her.

“Oh I don’t know. Where’s she at now?” asked Taya.

“Upstairs with Elmer,” Josh shrugged.

Taya was pleased to hear this but didn’t show it on her face. “Don’t worry about it bro, I’ll go talk to her. You have work in 15 and if you’re late Chantal will rip you a new one."

Josh chuckled and stood from the couch. He hugged his little sister tightly before walking out the front door. Taya peeked out the front window and watched as he turned the corner and disappeared before making her way upstairs. She stopped outside her mother’s door taking pleasure in the fact that she now owned her and could do things to her in this room that she’d witnessed her mother doing for 3 years.

Opening the door she was pleased to see her mother on her bed not only naked but currently being pounded into her bed by an indeed horny Elmer. Taya turned the lock on the door and leaned against the door watching her mother getting fucked into the mattress.

Emily moaned as she cummed hard when Elmer shot her full of his hot doggy cum. When he dismounted she panted as all their mixed juice came flooding out of her pussy. All day had been like this. After Taya had left Elmer came up behind her and knocked her over shoving his cock into her pussy. After he finished fucking her in the front entryway she stood to do some work on her laptop in her office. While she worked on her paperwork Elmer had slipped under her desk and began to eat out her pussy. She’d cummed 3 times under his tongue and when she moved her chair out to shoo him away he hooked his forepaws on her waist and fucked her into her office chair in the missionary position. He shot her full to the brim with his doggy sperm before hopping off and leaving the office. When Emily had finished her paperwork she decided to clean the house from top to bottom. As she had bent down to retrieve some cleaning items from under the kitchen sink Elmer mounted her doggy style and fucked her hard mounting her not once, not twice, but three times. Once he shot her full of his doggy cum to his satisfaction he dismounted her and went to get a drink of water. While she mopped the floor Elmer stuck his tongue up her skirt eating her out sending her into over 7 orgasms with just his skilled doggy tongue. When she went to do her dusting he did the same. Emily then went upstairs to clean the walk in hall closet. She stood in the doorway looking around and had been knocked over and into the closet by Elmer. The door had slammed closed and gotten stuck so Elmer took the opportunity to mount her and shove his horny dog prick deep into her already well fucked snatch. He fucked her into the carpeted floor several times before shooting her full of his cum again. She stood up shakily and fixed her skirt. Figuring since she was in there she might as well sort through things. She stood on a stepstool to grab things from the high shelves. Taking 3 boxes she sat down on a pile of sheets and sorted through the first one all the while Elmer busied himself with sticking his nose into her folds and licking her dripping cunt. Halfway through the second box Elmer had gotten bored with just eating her out so he decided to knock her back onto the pile of sheets and fuck her missionary a couple of times. He shot her to full to the brim with his cum 3 times before dismounting and lying beside the pile of sheets. Once she finished sorting through boxes she proceeded to organize the rest of the closet. A couple of times she had to get down on the floor to organize things so Elmer took that opening to fuck her doggystyle into the carpet. When Emily finally realized the door was stuck Elmer knocked her against it fucking her into the door until it opened causing her to fall into the hall so he could fuck her into the hall carpet. After the closet was cleaned and Elmer had dismounted her she then proceeded to go clean her bathroom. Elmer loved bathrooms seeing as he had fucked Taya in hers before. Emily was not surprised when he mounted her while she leaned against the sink and filled her already spent and cum filled pussy with his hot doggy prick. Once he had thoroughly fucked her into the sink he dismounted and sat in the doorway. A few times while she scrubbed her bathroom Elmer had stuck his snout up her skirt giving her a good licking. When she finally finished her bathroom she decided to take a nap until Taya came home. She shivered in pleasure when she thought about what would happen when her daughter returned home from school. She left the bathroom and walked over to climb into her bed. She sat on the edge of the bed to remove her socks and shoes and was again mounted missionary by Elmer and fucked into her mattress several times. After he shot her full of his cum for what felt like the hundredth time that day he dismounted and Emily climbed further up on the bed to lay her head on her pillows. As she drifted off she felt Elmer licking her cunt till she orgasmed countless times in her sleep. When she had awoken Elmer was still licking and from the angle she lay in near the edge of the bed he was able to fuck her missionary once again.

Emily looked up from her panting when she saw Taya standing against the door clearly pleased that she’d seen Emily looking well fucked. She walked over to the bed and ordered her mother to lie on her back and spread her legs so Taya could see her pussy. The ebony haired girl looked pleased to see that it was overflowing with cum. She dipped her tongue inside loving the taste of the mixed fluids in the cum filled pussy.

“You’ve had a good day haven’t you?” Taya asked sexily.

“Yes I have,” Emily said moaning as Taya sucked the fluids from her pussy.

“Tell me about your day.” Taya ordered still lapping the juices.

As Emily reviewed her long day of sexcapades Taya got wetter and wetter as she listened and continued to clean out Emily's pussy. Elmer laid on the bed watching the two. After Emily’s pussy was thoroughly clean out Taya stripped out of her clothes and walked around the bed to lay against the pillows. She spread her legs open wide.

“Eat my pussy,” Taya ordered. Emily crawled over and eagerly did so.

“From this day forward, you are mine." Taya told her. “You will do what I tell you wherever I want whenever I want and without complaint. Is that understood?”

Emily lifted her head from Taya’s pussy. “Yes, I understand." She nodded before going back to eating her pussy.

End Flashback.

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