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Taya moaned as she orgasmed around the hot, pink cock buried firmly in her soaking pussy. The 9-month-old Great Dane above her pulled his still spurting pink cock out of the girl’s dripping pussy. He sat back panting happily and watching as Taya sat up panting with pleasure herself. She looked to the clock and cursed as she saw the time. She had to get to school soon and she still hadn’t taken a shower yet. Climbing off the bed the mixed juices within her pussy dripped out. She brushed back her sweat soaked ebony hair and headed in the direction of her mother’s room.

Loud moans came from the other side and she guessed that her mother was enjoying her morning as well. A cold nose touched her hot, dripping pussy making her look down to see one of the many dogs they owned sniffing eagerly at her delectable pussy. Reluctantly she pushed his nose away.

“Sorry boy, I’m running late; maybe when I get home from school.” Taya said as she pushed open the door.

The scene before her was her mother on her hands and knees with their Pit Bull, Dozer, fucking her hard and fast. Her mother released a scream of pleasure and cummed. Dozer pulled out of her and proceeded to tongue her dripping pussy. Taya felt her already dripping wet pussy get even wetter at the sight of her mother getting thoroughly eaten out by Dozer. She stepped forward towards the door while the dog behind her followed eagerly.

“Mom, can I get a ride to school?” she asked.

Her mother looked up in ecstasy from her orgasm. “Sure sweetie, go hop in the shower while I take care of Dozer. Please feed the dogs as well.” Taya nodded and headed out of her mother’s room.

They lived in a large 2-story house 10 miles away from the city where Taya attended school. The bottom floor had the basics; living room, dining room, kitchen, and a door that lead to a fairly large backyard. The backyard had a large deck, an in-ground swimming pool, a large tub where they bathed their dogs and a Gazebo that inside had a fairly big hot tub. Scattered along the gravel pathway in the backyard were several dog food and water bowls. The second story of their house was basic as well; 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a computer room, a movie room and a special room with beds. In the way bottom of the house was a sort of basement/recreational room which housed their dogs. The floors were carpeted and furnished with dog beds and toys for them. There were heaters in the wall to keep them warm in the winter. Taya, her mother and her brother all loved dogs so they owned many breeds. The dog breeds consisted of; 2 Afghan Hounds, 3 Great Danes, 2 Pit Bulls, 4 Collies, 2 Dalmatians, 3 Akitas, 2 Huskies, 3 Doberman Pinchers, 2 Pointers, and 1 Australian Cattle Dog. Some dogs had been gifts from family, some they’d adopted, a couple had been strays that they’d taken in, and the Cattle Dog had belonged to a woman Taya’s mother worked with before she moved to New York. The neighborhood they lived in separated the houses by a lot to give people some privacy in their backyards.

Humming in pleasure Taya swung her hips from side to side as she walked naked into the kitchen. Grabbing a large bag of dog food she headed out the backdoor and down the large steps of the deck to the gravel pathway. Ripping open the top she poured the food into all the bowls filling them evenly before setting the bag on the pathway. She walked over to a door that opened from the dog room. She pursued her lips to emit a sharp whistle signaling to the dogs that it was food time. With a quick hop backwards she stood on the last step as the dogs came charging out to eat. A smile graced her lips as she watched the dogs scarf down on their food.

She turned and made her way back up the steps enjoying the feel of the warm morning air on her bare-naked body. Passing her brother, Josh’s room it she saw it was empty and guessed he’d had early classes this morning and had already left. She walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She slipped under the spray and scrubbed her body free of dirt and sweat then gently washed the mixture of dog cum and pussy juice from her cunt. After shampooing and conditioning her hair she rinsed it and turned off the water. Climbing back out she headed into her bedroom to get dressed.

The sudden feeling of a dog nose in her pussy startled her slightly. Looking down she saw Trixie, one of the female Collies eagerly lapping her pussy which despite her cleaning still smelt like dog cum. Taya moaned drooping her towel as the eager collie licked roughly at her clit and pussy lips. She stepped back to sit on her bed, opening her legs gave Trixie easier access to her pussy. As Trixie tongued her she slid her fingers in and out to bring her closer to orgasm, occasionally she thumbed and pinched her clit making her pant hard in pleasure. Finally she cummed after one last stroke of Trixie’s tongue, the collie licked her muzzle and pulled away from her pussy. Taya panted as she came down from her orgasm high. She whistled softly for Trixie to lie down. The collie did as commanded and laid on her side.

Taya adjusted her to lie on her back and brushed back some long hair from around Trixie’s pussy. She smirked when she saw Trixie’s moist bitch pussy signaling she was about to go into heat. Taya loved when the bitches where about to go into heat. Their pussies were so moist and prepared. Tucking some stray strands out of her face she lowered her head and slipped her tongue into the moist bitch pussy. The taste alone was enough to get her wet again. Trixie panted softly as the ebony haired girl licked her ripe doggy cunt. Taya slipped her fingers in and out of Trixie’s warm cunt feeling herself getting wetter as she fingered and licked the dog. She nipped Trixie’s labia occasionally as she fingered deeper into the rosebud pussy. She moved to nip sharply at Trixie’s clit making her whimper. The ebony haired girl knew what that meant. She slipped her tongue deep into the ripe folds and was pleased when she tasted Trixie’s warm orgasm greet her tongue. After lapping up all the pussy cream from the dog’s pussy she stood up. The collie stood from the floor happily wagging her tail.

Trixie strutted out of the room as Taya slipped on her school uniform and walked into the bathroom to brush her teeth. As she brushed them she sighed when she felt a persistent tongue in her pussy looking down she saw Penelope, the female Dalmatian, licking eagerly at her panties. She spit the toothpaste from her mouth and rinsed. She snapped her fingers for Penelope to follow her out of the bathroom. They headed down the stairs and out into the garage where her mom sat waiting in the SUV with tinted windows. Opening the back area of the SUV she whistled for Penelope to jump in. The Dalmatian quickly did so while Taya tossed her bag in the front seat. She climbed into the back seat while her mom pulled out of the garage.

“Sorry it took so long, Trixie is going into heat and felt a little frisky. Who was I to deny her.” the ebony haired girl said as she turned and crawled into the back area with Penelope.

She leaned back with her legs open to give the dog access; she let out a loud moan as Penelope stuck her muzzle into the dripping pussy. Her canine teeth occasionally nipped her pussy she licked furiously at Taya’s pussy clearly enjoying her taste. Taya panted heavily as she cummed on the dog’s tongue. Looking out the window she saw that they hadn't gotten very far from home so she still had a lot time to please Penelope before arriving at school. She laid the Dalmatian on her back and softly fondled her moist pussy; it looked like she was going into heat as well. A sly smirk graced her lips as she decided to tease her mother. She glanced at her mother up front.

“Oh mom you should feel this. She’s so soft and moist.” She said in a sultry tone.

She lowered her head away from her mother’s view and sniffed the dog pussy. “Ooh it smells so good. It’s so ripe.”

Her mother shifted uncomfortably at the sounds of her daughter’s enjoyment of Penelope’s pussy. Taya licked up and down the inside of the ripe pussy loving the taste. She opened the folds and slipped her tongue deeper in Penelope’s pussy. She moaned loudly for her mother to hear as she lapped the sweet doggy nectar. Penelope let out a howl of enjoyment when Taya nipped and pinched her clit. The sound made Taya’s mother wet. With one last nip at her clit Penelope cummed.

“Oh her sweet cum is so good mom.” Taya said lifting her head again.

Her mother stopped at a red light that led into the city. Taya cleaned her pussy before sliding into the backseat. She rifled through her backpack till she found a small tube of mint travel toothpaste, a small toothbrush and a bottle of water. As she brushed her teeth she watched as her mother fingered herself while she drove, she guessed her session of pleasing Penelope had really gotten her mom hot. She gargled her water to rinse out the toothpaste then rolled down her window and spat it out onto the pavement.

As the SUV stopped outside the school her mother turned and sent a sharp joking look at her. “I hope you enjoyed that, because when you get home you’re in for trouble.” Her mother said smirking.

Taya laughed. “Bye mom.” she called as she climbed out of the SUV.


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