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Sarah is a 20-year-old girl with dark red hair still living at her parents. Behind them was a 40-year-old guy named Paul who played drums in a heavy metal cover band. He’s got a black lab named Sabbath who replaced his dead yellow lad Zeppelin. Even Sarah was sad because she spent a lot of time with Zeppelin. Though grew to love Sabbath just as much. She happily except the offer to dog sit while he was on his honeymoon with his soon to be second wife Kathy. Unlike the first wife this one was into heavy metal also. Sarah and her parents were invited to the wedding along with the bride and grooms families and friends. Sarah wore a red dress with black designs, black stockings and open toe red heels. Paul lied about her being 16 when guys asked about her so they wouldn’t hit on her. Also Kathy and her mom would pull her away from men who talked to her, especially older men. The only one they trusted was Paul’s 30-year-old brother Ralph who looked over that age while Sarah looked under 20. Sarah’s parents left early, trusting Paul and Kathy to watch her. When it was time for them to leave for the airport Paul asked Ralph to get her home safe.


Ralph drove to Paul’s house then walked Sarah to the door. She thanked him with a kiss on the cheek, which he took the wrong way. He grabbed her and kissed her on the lips. Quickly she slapped him and he apologized then asked her not to tell anyone. With alcohol and rush of blood from what happened with Ralph, Sarah was feeling dizzy. Sabbath was at the back door barking so she went to let him in. Sabbath ran in hitting her, causing Sarah to spin around into the door. The door shut as she fell to the floor. Sitting up the dog came over and began licking her face. Sarah tried to stop him with no luck and ended up petting him back. Soon she passed out right there on the floor. Thirty minutes later she woke to a feeling she never felt before. Sarah looked down to see her dress up to her waist, legs spread and Sabbath licking her panty-covered pussy. Still drunk and weak, she couldn’t push his head away. However she ended up pulling her panties to the side and it gave her a bigger feeling. Soon Sarah had her first orgasm then passed out again. Another thirty minutes later she woke up alone on the floor. She was still weak but able to move this time. With her dress still around her waist and heels gone she tried to get up. As soon as she got on her hands and knees Sabbath came out of nowhere and jumped on her back. With Sarah’s panties still to the side the dog’s dick found her pussy and entered. Not only did she scream out because of this but also she was a virgin. She never imagined her first time would be with a dog.


Just as she started getting used to the feeling it started hurting again. Looking between her legs Sarah saw Sabbath’s knot trying to enter. With such a strong hold she couldn’t get away. When she felt it go in she screamed again with an orgasm then passed out. Hours later Sarah woke up still on the floor. Her panties and stocking legs were wet with both their cum. With a little bit on her dress she thought it could be cleaned off. Though she threw away the panties and stockings. In the shower Sarah realized she forgot to put Sabbath outside. She got out and wrapped a towel around her. On the way to the door the dog stuck his nose up the towel and licked her butt hole. This would make her jump and walk faster. After putting out the dog she went back to the shower. Later that day Ralph showed up to apologize again for last night. Sarah just told him to forget about it, that they were drunk and that’s the end of it. Ralph decided to let Sabbath inside. When he did the dog ran straight to Sarah, jumped up on her and started humping. As she yelled for help Ralph was laughing. Finally he got the dog off her and said, “Can you blame him? I’d fuck you. I’m sorry didn’t mean to say that.” “I think you should leave,” she said, “First take the dog outside.” Again Ralph felt like he put his foot in his mouth. For a couple days all Sarah could think about was what happened with Sabbath till she wanted it again. Again for reasons she wasn’t sure about why.


That night she went to her parents like before to pack more clothing. This time she added her red nighty and red stockings. Back at Paul’s house she got into their red wine that they said she could drink. They also said not to have parties or other people over drinking their stuff. After Sarah’s first drink she got changed and came back to get a second drink. After the second one and feeling the effects of the alcohol she let Sabbath in the house. While dancing around with the dog Sarah couldn’t believe she was just wearing a nighty and stockings with no bra and panties for Sabbath. Not only that she was going to let the dog fuck her again. After sticking his nose up her thigh length nighty a couple times Sabbath began jumping on her. One last jump knocked Sarah on the couch she was trying to get to. With her back on the couch and legs spread, the dog began licking her pussy. With the combo of that and wine she was moaning while moving her hips around. When she finally came she pushed the dog away so she could get on her hands and knees. There, Sarah slapped her ass to invite Sabbath on top. Unlike last time he was having a hard time finding her pussy so Sarah reached between her legs and helped. As soon as he entered she screamed out. While all this was going on Ralph was at the local pizza place with friends. When they were done he decided to take leftovers to Sarah as a peace offering. On his way he hope she hadn’t eaten dinner yet.


At the door Ralph could hear Sarah inside. His first thought was that it sounded like she was getting fucked. Then he thought what if she was being raped. With not wanting to be the guy who could have but didn’t save her Ralph got his keys to his brother’s house. Next thing Sarah noticed was the sound of someone being shocked at what they were seeing. Her first thought was that is was one of her parents or both. Looking behind her and over Sabbath, Sarah saw Ralph with mouth wide open. By then the dog had his knot in her so she was unable to run and hide. “So this is why the dog loves you so much,” he said as he got his camera phone out. She begged him to leave as he took a couple pictures. Then Ralph pulled his pants and boxers down and sat on the couch. Next he demanded a blowjob from her. Sarah didn’t have to crawl far with Sabbath still in her pussy. A couple days ago she fucked her first dick and now she is going to suck another for the first time. Ralph laughed, “Little red riding hood getting fucked by the wolf while sucking the hunter.” She did her best till he came, which shocked Sarah and made her gag. Soon after Ralph left Sabbath pulled out of her. With weak legs she crawled to the bathroom to clean up. The dog followed while licking her ass when he got close enough to.


The next day she dread a phone call or visit that never came from Ralph. The following day he called in the afternoon. Sarah didn’t answer the first or second but finally answered the third call. “Was wondering if I had to show up instead,” he said. Then asked how she was doing and mentioned that tomorrow his brother and sister-in-law would be back. “That red outfit and stockings you wore yesterday,” he continued, “Got more in other colors?” Without thinking Sarah said white then blue and he stopped her. “Tonight wear blue but first just wear a nice dress because I’m taking you to dinner,” then hung up after telling her what time he’ll get there. At seven he actually showed up in a collard shirt and kaki pants. Sarah wore a white dress with blue designs, blue stockings and blue heels. They got a booth in the corner of a restaurant and sat on the same side. Sarah found herself between a wall and a tall guy whose face looked like he’s been in a lot of fights. Though it was actually from boxing that he took in his 20s. During dinner he kept rubbing her nylon knee and thigh. After dinner on the ride back to Paul’s it was the same silence as on the way to dinner. Once back he told her to change then join him on the couch. Sarah kept the blue stockings on and added a blue nighty with no bra and panties like last time. Ralph had her sit on his lap on the couch and kiss him. While they made out Sabbath was watching from the back door.


Soon he had her get off so he could get his cock out. As Sarah sucked his dick, Ralph’s fingers would rub her pussy then ass hole and back and forth. Just when she started getting better he made her stop because he didn’t want to come in her mouth this time. He got up and stripped naked as she watched. Next he got her on her hands and knees then got behind her on the couch. Ralph wasn’t as long as the dog but long enough to satisfy Sarah’s pussy. When he entered she moaned instead of screaming like with Sabbath. He grabbed her red hair while fucking and she liked it. Soon he was taking her to the guestroom to fuck her in a bed. Ralph pushed the nighty up over her boobs to lick and suck her tits. This just made Sarah moan more than she did on the couch. Soon she wrapped her arms and legs around him for an orgasm. Feeling that she came he erupted in her pussy. It felt like forever when Ralph finally rolled off. They laid in silence while staring at the ceiling. Minutes later he got up to get dressed. When he came back Sarah was still in bed in her blue nighty and stockings. “From now on you’re going to be my girlfriend,” he said, “We’ll tell the others it happened during the honeymoon.” As he walked away she asked if he could let Sabbath inside. For the first time the dog growled at Ralph and wouldn’t stop till he left the house. Then the dog ran to the guestroom, jumped on the bed and started licking Sarah’s pussy. When he was done Sabbath laid next to her as she cuddled with him for a good night sleep.


Everyone accepted the relationship not knowing she was forced into it. A couple weeks later Ralph got a golden retriever he named Beast as an early birthday present for Sarah. Then a couple months later he asked her to marry him. On their honeymoon she wore a white see-thru negligee and white stockings. Till the day Sabbath died he didn’t like Ralph again and Sarah wore black the day he passed on.



❤ I was a really bad girl. Punish me with your dick in my mouth. - ◀ ❤ ❤ ❤

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Very good story. I empathise with Sarah, as I lost my V to a dog, aged 13. A mongrel, about a lab's size. But no-one ever found out.

I stupidly told a Dom b/f I dated when 16. We had moved in together and he had a cross bred dobbie/Alsatian. After that, I had little choice but be "raped" by his dog and his friends. All thankfully finished when I was 21 and b/f disappeared, owing some nasty people a lot of money. Dog went with him.

Whereas, I think Sarah's very lucky and Ralph seems a nice, protective guy.

Enti xx

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