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Ex Wife Tries Something New

slowfix50 on Animal Stories

I was with my ex (while we were married that is) and she enjoyed some new things that we experimented with. She had not done many things when we got married and she slowly wanted to try different things. We enjoyed going to the parks near us and making love and she was becoming more of a show off too, letting people acidentially see her putting her 38DD tits back in their hiding place. Well, we had a blanket one Saturday and were where we thought deep in some woods at a park. Both naked and making love and we had just finished and she was ozzing my cum from her sensative pussy. We were still naked laying in the partial shade and enjoying the afterglow of our love making. Suddenly a dog came bounding through the trees and came right to us. He was friendly and came up letting us scratch him and I tossed a stick and he brought it back. Sherri was scratching him behind the ears and she was sitting up, her legs apart and he was standing between them. Suddenly his head dove between her legs and licked at the cum from her pussy. She jmped and pulled her legs together and laughed. "Horney are ya guy?" I asked him and he seemed to understand and tried to nuzzle his nose back between Sherri's legs. She kept trying to push him away but he kept licking and once or twice managed to get his nose into his target. "He is really making me horney again." Sherri said and I laughed, "Well, let him give ya a licking the." I laughed and she looked at me, "If you don't help me maybe I will." she said and I just laid back and said, "Whatever makes you happy dear." She looked at me, "Okay then." and she let his head go and leaned back on her arms spreading her legs. The dog found her clit easily and she began moaning some and saying "Oh damn, he has a wonderful tongue." and she let him lick her more and more. Finally laying on her back her legs open he was licking her like crazy and she had an orgasm. I was hard as a rock watching her get licked and then she looked at me, "I think I need to get fucked again" reaching out for my hand. "He seems to be doing a good job." I said and she looked at me.

She moved the dog long enough to get up and roll over on her tummy, her ass in the air. The dog licked her pussy and as again and began getting really excited. His cock was out of the sheath and he now seemed to be trying how to mount this new animal. Finally he got on her hips, his front paws trying to hold her and his hips trying to point his huge cock at her pussy. Sherri reached back and found his cock and gasped, "It is huge." she said, "Well, he is a Lab or something." I said and she moved so that the dog found her pussy and rammed in. "Oh yeah, that is good." she said and the dog sank deeper into her pussy and began humping her pussy slipping more and more in untim her knot was now at the entrance of her pussy. He was hitting the lips making her moan, "Oh it is too big." and I said, "Hole still and relax." and then she gave out a cry as the knot went in. Now he was humping wildly and Sherri was moaning and began having one orgasm after another. She was yelling now, "Oh yeah, fuck my pussy, oh yeah, fuck me, do it hard." she was really shouting. After over a half hour the dog slipped out and began licking himself and Sherri grabbed him and sucked him into her mouth and sucked him clean. He sat there and then voices fgrom the trees said, "Here boy, come on Roscoe, come on boy." Two guys were there and had seen all of the fun and now the dog ran to them. "First time your old lady had a dog?" one guy said and I said "Yeah." Sherri did not cover up and I pulled up the blanket for me. "It was the first time and now I need more." Sherri said and she laid back and spread her cum filled pussy lips. THe guys looked at me and Sherri and I said, "If she wants to then do it." and they stripped. Both were hung and hard and they took places at her face and the other between her legs and pounded her good for another half hour or so. Sherri laid there feeling good after being well fucked and the guys left with their dog. "Tha was wonderful." she said kissing me. "Can we get a dog?" and I said we could. She began really being an animal lover after that.


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