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first time with a dog

craigkennish on Animal Stories

this is totaly fictional

 i woke up early i the morning, with my head still banging from the previopus nite out with some mates. my hand reached down and i felt  around to find my laptop and find something to eleave the presure now biuilding up n my balls, whilst searching the net i stumbled across a site showing a man having intercorse with a dog, my penis instantly became hard standing to attention hopping for somthing to releave the pressure. i dropped a hand and began to slowly tug on my handened manhood.

     skiping through the site i came across a man doing a sheep dog, his enormos member plouging deep with the canine as she whimpered and shock as the man grunted and blew his load deep with in the animal,  the feeling hit home that dog looks exactly like jess my dog, this ever intnsified the situation as my raging hard on now blew its load in an enormous orgasm flowing high then hitting down on my shorts now liying half way down my legs, my hand trembled and my legs were shaking as the pleasure subsided.

i lifted muy body out of bed a care fully dropped the cum covered shorts in to the laundary basket,and put on a pair of baggy basketball shortsand a tee shirt, and proceded down the crridor and into the kitchen of our three bed roomed bungelow. let me tell you a bit about me and my family, im 18 and am currently taking a year out and im about to head of to austrail in two weeks time with some mates and stay there for a while, i live with my two sisters jodie who is 14 and coady who is 16 and my mum, susan. my dad had died four years earlier i a bike accident whilst attending the Isle of man tt, and my 6 year old boarder collie jess. well as i entered the kitchen a note was left on the table sayin that my mum and two sisters had gone to the world swimming champs in manchester and would not be back untill three days befour i leave for australia, my heart was suddenly filled with joy about being home alon for a week and a half, but then i realised that jess was still here and i turned around and there she was standing in front of me  wagging her tail, 

'what' i said 'what do you want' and then it happened a tingelling sensation began in my crotch. oh no not now  it hought to my self, as jess turn around and i for the first time looked and say her tiny vagina cuddled in with the hair,my haert raced and my skin began to become extra sensitiive, it sudden ly became to much as i lept forward and began to stroke her back and slowly moved my hand down to just above her crack, and the slid my finger across it . a shiver ran down my spine, another movement and my finger slid just between her lips, and then her tightness became apparent as i slowly pushed my finger deeper into her vaginal cannal, then she whimpered and I removed my finger quickly.

she moved forward and bent forward and licked her crack, my dick began to twitch in egerness, my heart  began to race, and my mind raced with both anticipation, fear and an overwelminging sickness that i was going to fuck my dog. but nothing was going to stop me now, my mnd was now being controled by my manhood.

i reached forward and pulled her bacwads towards me and moved her tail to one side, my right hand moved down and stripped my shorts awayand my left hand slowly began rubbing her pussy, and to my amazment her back legs began to move apart, this was the moment, and i grabbed a pot of vaseline of the table and lubed up myknob and  slowly pushed it into her my 9 inche knobb into her, and i stopped with only half of me inside her as she bagan to whimper once again, and i moved to almost totaly out then pushed once again deeper than before, the feeling was emense as i once agan plouged deep in to her pussy, my mind travled far from were i was,

then my tranquil sex was shattered as a fait ringging noise echoed throught the hall way my phone was ringging the sudden shock caused me to  quickly move my self out of jess and run to my phone;

this is my first story so tell us what you think


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