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fun with friends dogs for first time ( true story)

cdpaula on Animal Stories

Well Karen and myself hung out alot me living and dressing full time as as woman have a true female friend was nice. We had done some crazy stuff together. She called me at home she she was sitting at home bored out of her mind due to her car was in the shop we talk a bit and I said so what you been doing all day she said she cleaned house and that she just got done giveing her 2 great danes a bath. She asked me if I like to come over later that she wanted do something crazy. She asked me if I wear what I wore when we went out an hooked a couple of times, sure I said. She told me there was something she wanted to do but didn't know if I would. I went got all dolled up as a slutty street whore and went over to Karens house.

When I got out of the car she came out meet me and we walk inside the house as we walked in her two dogs Mack and Buster an meet us. We went on in the kicthen and got a drink as we walk to the living room Mack stuck his nose up under my skirt and licked my ass. I just pushed his head away and we sat down on the ccuch an started to watch a movie and talk. Mack and Buster layed on the floor in front of us. After about an hour of me and Karen talking and watchen the dogs lick there selves Karen said she had something she wanted to ask me. I said ok but she was adfarid I would get mad and leave and never talk to her again.

I told her well we have been close and done wild stuff together it be ok. She said that she write it in a note and leave it on table. Karen went in kitchen and wrote it and came back out. I went in and read it she said I know this is taboo as hell but can we suck and let my dogs fuck us. It was a surprise to me I firgued why not it something new and it could be differnt an fun. I took off my skirt and lace top and my g-string and left the on table my small cock was taped all down and up like a pussy. I walked back into the livingroom Karen looked at me and said really as she strip her dress off threw it on a chair she said this is new to me and you so I guess it learn as we go.

Karen and I got down on the floor by the dogs I started to rub Mack and she did the same to buster they both rolled on there back soon Mack big pink cock was hanging out it like both dogs knew what we wanted. I bent down and tasted my first doggy cock it was differnt taste and feel soon I was sucking him to his knot I postion my self over him he was licking my ass and his tongue was deep inside my hole karen was the same as me with buster. After a little bit mack was cumming alot in my mouth I swallowed as much as I could so did Karen of Buster .

Karen and I got up an went in kitchen to get drink with our new lovers fallowing us we got our drinks and they keep jumping up on us trying to knock us down. Karen said you thing they want to fuck us? I said yep lets go see how bad. She told them to sit and stay as we walked back in the living room she took a tube of lube and put some up inside me and her pussy. We got down on our hands and knees faceing each other we could hear Buster and Mack crying in the kitchen we called them into the living room and they came running into us. Mack ran behind me climbed over me and wrapped his front legs around my waste I could fell him trying to get his big pink doggy cock in my hole so I reach back lined it up and he thusted it inside me he was fucking me hard and fast it hurt at first but soon was just pure pleasure he climbed more up on me and his knot slip inside me. Karen leaned to me and kissed me then after 45 mintues of Buster and Mack fucking me and her they came deep and alot inside of us. We fell on the floor with the cum running out of well fucked streched open holes, Mack and Buster lick us clean and layed down on the floor beside us. After a few mintues Karen and I got up on our shakey legs and went sat down in the kitchen. She asked if I enjoyed it I told her it was great and she said she loved it and never been fuck so good and cum so much.

We went back into the living room Buster and Mack were sleeping on the floor we decied to go into Karens bedroom and lay on her bed and watch some tv for while it wasn't long before the dogs came in the room and fucked us again. Buster and Mack fuck us lot the rest of the day and nite.


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