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getting fucked at night

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i was 15 and had a smooth baby ass and had a fantasy about getting fucked by a dog i rember my dog was always humping things one day while sitting around the house my brother told me that last night he saw a girl getting ramed hard and fast online and told me that we shoudl tri it wiht our dog im was shocked at first then i got thinking maybe i can get fucked by my dog for the first time.

i followed my brother to my room and brought our dog in and shut the door i sat dowen next to buddy patting him and then slowly moved my hand underneath him i felt a lil nub then i started to feel around on it it got bigger and i rerlsise it was his cock it got really big i bent down and saw it and i moveed nuder and licked it the dog moeda little then stay put. chris ask me what i was doing and itold him i just sucked the dogs dick he got horney over this and got naked. i then followed him to and took my cloths off.

i then spit on my hand and rubbed it all over my smooth ass and then got on my hands and knees buddy knew what was happen and then he jumped on my back and wrapped his paws around me chris moved qucick and grab his dick to not let it ram my ass he sloly moved it closer and coser to my hole till i felt the warm softness of his dicki then told chris to help the dogs dick slid in me he push on it to go in and it didnt work the 2nd time it did i felt a slight pain when it went in then chris let go the dog went wild.

buddy fucked my ass good i groan in plesure of how big he is i felt his dog balls slaping me and him pounding my ass made me real horney chirs got in front of me and i sucked his dick the dog was still fucking me hard then i felt warm cum in my ass and it came out of my ass and the dog licked it up i was not done here i wanted more dick so chris fucked  me hard next dog got happy again but thetime i layed on my back with my ass up and buddy fucked me harder it felt even more better the whole night i stayed up fucking and sucking cock the nex tmoring i did one last fuck with buddy while ever one slept the balls of the dog must of been loud slapping against me cause my brother walked ion on buddy and me fucking more to come on this story.



No plot at all no details describing the action taking place other than a dick being stuffed into an ass

this was a total waiste of time for the person posting this crap as well as the one stumbling on it.

It is obvious that you are not interested in wr


"more to come on this story."

i honestly hope not until you learn how to add detail to the story, and even more use (at least) close to correct grammar and spelling. i felt like mike tyson as i was readin this story... just blabbin on and on not exac


How old are you? May 10 years old? The punctuation and sentence structure of your story are horrible. Your words continue on and on and on until the reader has no clue as to what you are talking about. I finally ceased my reading of your story because

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