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How to fuck your dog

cajun2 on Animal Stories

So we like to fuck. What's the big fucking deal about that?

Do you think the fact I have two legs and no fur makes a damn bit of difference to her? Not likely.

Do you think I worry about her being covered in fur and walking on four paws? Get a fucking life.

All we care about is being able to get my pole in her hole. A simple exercise in basic physical placement. So, get your damn attitudes and preconceptions back in your mind and out of my way.

You ain't going to figure it out anytime soon so let's quit wasting time on this whole consent, abuse and evil business.

If I fondle her cunt, she knows what I want. Sex. She can back up and enjoy it or walk away. Do you see any damn rope holding her? I didn't think so.

If she sticks her nose in my crotch and starts licking, I know damn well she isn't asking me for her dinner. ... Well, maybe she is. I've never been able to tell if she thinks of my cum as dinner and her dog food as desert. You'll have to find a way to ask her if you're that curious.

If I'm naked and she flips her tail to one side and backs up so her cunt is against my prick, well, it sure the hell isn't ordinary petting she's looking for.

Wait. Someday you might have a bitch snarl in your face because you spent too much time on the foreplay. Then maybe you'll figure out that sex with a bitch is something they know how to demand once they get done teaching you that they have their own needs and you damn well better deal with them correctly if you want to keep them around.

Nah. I guess you'd never figure that one out. You sure haven't paid any attention when the ol' lady there has told you she's willing to give your prick a try just for some variety.

Here. Let me show you.

See this? It's her tail. I'll pull it to one side so you can see what's hidden by it.

See that swollen and wet part? That's her vulva. Looks pretty soft doesn't it? Receptive too. Watch what happens when I play with it.

Yep, her tail jerked and it twitched pretty violently doesn't it?

Notice how she braced and leaned backwards?

Yeah. She knows what she likes and wants more.

Now, if you look closer... Yeah, get your nose down there and take a deep whiff. Smells pretty good doesn't it? Pretty wet too. Means she's feeling pretty good too. Getting nice and slippery so there won't be any problems going to the main event. She's also in season. That's what causes that tangy smell. Makes her hornier than a weasel after a rat.

Looks like you're about ready too. Pretty nice bulge you've got there. Go ahead. Strip. Get naked. She doesn't mind as long as your prick is available.

Now, get one of your fingers nice and wet. Stick it in a bit. Notice it's blocked? Yeah, they aren't like women. You need to slide it up a bit and you'll find her hole.

Got it? I bet she's spasming pretty good about now. Move around a bit. Feel those rings spasming? Yeah, I guess you do. Looks like you better back off and slide something else home before you get things too messy.

Hell man, use your imagination. You're on your knees. Slide up and see how well you line up. Yeah. She's just the right height isn't she? Funny about that don't you think? Sometimes Mother Nature gets something right. This is one of those times.

Hey, forget trying to slam home like a dog. You ain't built for it no-how. Just use a hand to transfer some of her juice to the tip of your dick. Yeah, that's it. Now, while you hold it, gently pull her back on to you.

Oh, come on. You've seen dogs fuck. Grab her hindquarters and pull. She knows what's going on and I guarantee she ain't gonna resist you.

See? Easy wasn't it? Now, the next part can be a bit tricky so listen close.

You can take that wet finger and kinda place it over the tip of your prick so it acts as a guide. Yeah, like that. Now, wiggle around until you find her vulva and let your finger guide your prick partway in. Once you're lined up, pull your finger back out of the way and while you use your hips to press forward, sorta wiggle it around until you feel yourself lined up with the important part. Once you think you've got it, use both hands to pull her back onto you.

Yeah, you got it. Feels good and different doesn't it?

Hey buddy. If you can't figure out what to do from here, then there ain't no hope for ya.

Yeah, that's what I mean. Feels nice and wet and warm and natural don't it?

Uh huh. Told you so. Now, your first time is probably gonna go pretty quick so there's one more thing I gotta warn you about. Try and remember to reach under her chest in front when you get ready to blow. That way you don't take a chance on dislocating her hips or something. Besides, all that fur against your chest is gonna add something extra. Ain't no woman able to give you that feeling.

Now, don't be afraid of hurting her as you try and drive your prick up to her throat. All that bone and muscle is gonna stop that from happening and all you're gonna do is really feel some different kind of action.

Hey man. You're fucking. It's what you want and you can be sure it's what she wants right now. The cuddles and sweet stuff are for later. She let you put it to her and that's all you need to know about consent too. If she wasn't willing, you can be damn certain you'd have seen those teeth real fast and real close.

Oh, sorry, looks like you ain't listening to anything except your prick, heh?

Yeah, now that I can understand. Good thing she's got strong legs. You ain't no lightweight when you collapse like that.

You back yet? Good. Get ready to catch yourself on your hands as she leaves. No man, relax. It ain't that she doesn't care for ya. She'll be right back to clean you up as soon as she gets done running around the room a few times.

Go ahead and roll over on your back and spread your legs. Relax.

Yeah, you do look worn out. Pretty intense wasn't it?

Spread 'em. If you don't, she will. She wants to make sure she gets it all.

I know. Scared the hell out of me too the first few times. Pretty enthusiastic isn't she? Gentle where it counts though.

Now, after all that, do you really think she feels abused?

I didn't think so.

Only time she thinks she's being abused is when someone isn't fucking her when she wants it.

Now, go get your own bitch if you need to get laid again. We're gonna do it right and make sure she gets satisfied properly - this time.


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