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Kathleen Trains Mom and Daughter - Final

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Brenda fucked her wet pussy to 4 or 5 orgasms as she watched the huge mastiff mate her mother in Kathleen’s sun room. Brenda’s pussy was so sensitive, swollen and sore she could hardly walk. In all her life, Brenda could not have would not have ever thought she would witness a sex event you base, so decadent, so rich in eroticism and SO NASTY as what she had just seen. Sitting in a tub of cold water, Brenda knew she had to remain mum. How could a daughter open a conversation with her Mom about the events of the afternoon?

“Hi Mom! Boy, that Arty sure has a monster dick! It looked as though his dick filled your pussy like a Jumbo frank fills a ball park bun.” Not exactly a comment that will cause your Mom to be open and candid.

Brenda passed a restless night. The scene she had witnessed invaded her thoughts while she was awake and her dreams as she slept. Little did Brenda know that her mother was having the best night’s sleep she had endured in the past 7 years.

The same event had polar opposite effects on each woman.

The next day, after breakfast and some small home cleaning, Janet Janetounced she was going to visit Kathleen. Brenda smiled to her Mom and said, “OK. I am going to update my job list and call a few girl friends.”

Janet exited out the rear door, and no sooner had the door closed, than Brenda was running up the stairs to her room and the window over looking the neighbor woman’s sun room. Brenda could only pray that today’s events would also be acted out in the sun room.

Janet went through the back gates of each yard. She entered Kathleen’s sun room without knocking. Arty pranced into the room to greet his new play mate. Janet squatted to kiss the dog and scratch his ears. Brenda could see her Mom’s lips moving, but she had no idea of what Janet’s was saying to the animal.

As Janet squatted, her sun dress skirt rode up her thighs. Janet spread her legs wider which caused her panty crotch to pull tightly across the puffy lips of her pussy. Arty lowered his head, sniffed, and his long pink tongue shot forward to lick paste her panty panel to her seeping cunt. The dog had a tongue that was an instant pussy drencher.

Kathleen walked up behind her, slipping her arms under Janet's arms, cupping Janet's breasts in her hands.

"Slut Janet, I'm going to rub your breasts, pull and pinch on your nipples, until you are ready to cum. But, I warn you now, you shall not cum. I have some special things for you today before you shall cum. I want you to look at Brenda's bedroom window. Do you see it? Do you see Brenda standing there in the window?

That's right Slut Janet; I'm feeling you up in plain sight of your daughter. It excites you doesn't it? I can feel it in your nipples.”

Janet was in shock...she could see Brenda in the window, staring down at her, while this Amazon woman held her and milked her breasts. Janet heard her Mommy say again: "why are your breasts so wet?

"Mommy Kathleen, when my breasts are aroused to such a state, I begin to produce milk."

Kathleen was ecstatic. Not only was she going to enjoy breaking in her new slave, but she would also have the pleasure of milking her tits.

As Kathleen continued to roughly handle Janet’s breasts, milk began spurting out of her breasts in tiny streams. Janet couldn't take it any longer. Her knees began to buckle as she felt her body begin to tremble from the force of her impending orgasm. She leaned back against Kathleen, only Kathleen released Janet’s nipples and spun her.

Quickly, Kathleen slapped Janet. And slapped her a second time. “Don’t you dare cum slut whore!” Kathleen hissed.

Kathleen said: "Kiss me. Kiss me like you used to kiss your husband. While you kiss me, think about Brenda up in her window watching her slut mother getting felt up and kissed by her Mommy." Hearing her Mommy' words, caused Janet to shudder again.

"That was a good kiss, Slut Janet. Now, I want you to go inside, call Brenda and tell her to come over."

“I can't do that! I don't want you to get my daughter involved in this. She's so young!"

Kathleen slapped Janet hard across the face. "Don't you ever talk that way to your Mommy. You'll do what I say."

"Mommy, please don't make me call Brenda. She's just an innocent little girl. Why do you want to involve her? I'll do anything you want anything," Janet begged her.

"I know you'll do anything I want. Now, go and call her, get her down here now!"

Janet did the only thing she could and began to call home.

Brenda got out of the tube and answered the phone, Janet said: "Hi Honey, it’s Mom." Before she could say anymore, Brenda said, "Mom, where are you?"

"I'm over at Kathleen’s house."

Janet felt so sorry for bringing her daughter into this mess. "Brenda, I want you to come over here. I'll explain more when you get here."

"OK, Mom, but I have to dress; I just got out of the bath.”

“Oh, just throw on a robe Darling, this is informal. No need to bet dressed for the moment.”

Kathleen answered the door when the bell rang. She had replaced the terrycloth robe with a red satin full length gown. She had taken the time to put on a red bustier, which held her large breasts up for all to see. Her nipples were clearly visible at the top of the bustier. Her panties were white and made of silk, presenting a striking contrast to her red bustier and her dark skin. Brenda was surprised to see a tall woman, dressed in what appeared to be a nightgown, answer the door. "Uh, my Mom said she was here and wanted me to come down," Brenda said. "Come in Brenda, we've been expecting you," Kathleen replied. Brenda walked past this woman and was immediately impressed by her beauty and size.

"Mom, what's going on?”

"Brenda, your Mom wants to tell you something, don't you Slut Janet."

Brenda looked at Kathleen when she used that term to address her Mother. She was surprised to see Mom begin to respond. Kathleen enveloped Brenda in one arm by curling it around her waist and pulling the young girl to stand directly in front of her and facing her Mother.

"Brenda, Kathleen has ordered me to include you in our sessions. Kathleen has shown me things which I never knew possible."

Kathleen felt Brenda go limp in her arms. When she did, Kathleen moved her hands to tightly cup Brenda’s breasts. Her nipples were harder than ever before with the thought that she'd soon see this little girl naked in her house.

"Brenda, your Mother has asked you to join us today so you too can experience the joy of loving something other than a person."

Brenda swooned. She knew today she would experience the great nasty she had witnessed yesterday between Arty and her Mom. The next thing Kathleen said nearly caused Brenda to faint!

“Slut Janet, strip your clothes and go back to your house and get Boomer. Bring Boomer over here to play with us. You see Janet, beautiful Brenda has the same interest in dogs that you do.”

Janet returned to her back yard. Not using a leash, she brought Boomer to Kathleen’s by holding his collar. Of course, the sweet fragrant scent of her pussy had captured the dog’s senses and he would have followed her anywhere.

“Would you like to have a dog fuck you?” Kathleen asked Brenda, her voice low, soothing. “It feels good having a big doggie dick deep inside your pussy.”

Brenda swooned at the idea. She closed her eyes for a second, her head spinning as she remembered what she had seen yesterday.

“Are you going to make us do something with the dogs today?” Brenda asked, eager to see learn first hand how a dog fucked a woman.

“Ohhh, yes!” Kathleen sighed. “In fact, if you hadn’t come over, I was going to go get you and drag you here.”

Kathleen leered hungrily at the young girl. “You’re gonna love doggie dick,” she purred. “You’re gonna love it to death!”

Slightly embarrassed, Brenda glanced at the gigantic animals. “They are almost as big as a horse!” she exclaimed.

“Right now, why don’t you get to know Arty better? He can be a lot of fun! Ask your Mom.”

“C’mon, Arty,” Brenda called, as she sat on the floor and patted her lap.

Arty stood up on his long legs and walked over to Brenda. He lay his head in her lap.

She sighed audibly and trembled as Arty kept his huge broad head on her lap. Brenda’s robe parted slightly, exposing some of her creamy tittie flesh. She was caught up now in the eroticism of what was happening and she didn’t bother to close it. She spread her legs, the robe opening, her pussy bared to the dog if he wanted to sniff or lick it.

“You’re very pretty,” Kathleen said, eyeing Brenda’s partially exposed tits. She stood next to Brenda, gazing down the dark cleft of her milky tits. Kathleen gulped, her pussy aching, her fingers trembling as she contemplated touching the young girl.

Brenda looked up at her Mom, “Can I watch you fuck Boomer?” she asked, her voice cracking, her desire more demanding than her shyness.

“Whatever you want, Brenda,” Kathleen sighed, mesmerized by the size of the girl’s gorgeous tits.

Kathleen, turned on by her brief exhibition to Brenda, climbed on the bed and called Arty up beside her. “Now, I want you to play with Arty’s dick.

Arty rolled on his side, trained to know what to expect from the scent of horny women. Brenda stroked the sleek powerful mastiff mix as she lay beside Kathleen. She stroked his flank, feeling his muscles ripple under her caressing hand.

“He’s a big boy!” Kathleen rasped, watching Brenda move her hand tentatively over the dog’s long sinewy body.

“Wait until he starts to get hot. He’s got a long wet dick!” Kathleen was almost drooling thinking about it.

Brenda saw the hunger in Kathleen’s eyes and realized that she must appear the same way. Brenda’s own pussy was aching, pulsing on the empty pussy that craved to be filled. She moved her hand over Arty’s belly, stroking closer to the object of her desire—his long red dick!

“Touch him,” Kathleen said impatiently, her tits bouncing as she shook with expectant desire. “Get him hard! I want to see his dick sticking out all the way.”

Brenda, her own curiosity aroused to the peak, put her hand around the thick hairy sheath, feeling the hardness of his dick inside. Brenda stroked, pulling his skin back and exposing the read spearing dick. “Ooooh!” she cooed, pullind his dick again and again, each time exposing more of the dog’s meaty dick.

“Yes! Yes!” Kathleen moaned. Her eyes bugged out every time Arty’s dick peeked out from its sheath.

Arty began to whimper loudly as Brenda started to get him hot with her persistent hand. He lifted his head, his tongue reaching for Brenda’s body to lick and caress.

“Good, boy,” Kathleen cooed, petting his head. “You relax and let Brenda make you happy.”

The dog seemed to understand the soft spoken words. He lay his head back on the bed and allowed the two women to touch him as they pleased.

“He’s very well-trained,” Kathleen explained as she watched Arty’s dick grow stronger and longer with each pull of Brenda’s small hand.

“Trained to be docile since birth, except when he’s got that God damn wonderful dick buried in a wet pussy! Then, honey, there is nothing docile about him!”

Brenda gulped, envisioning the dick inside her own tight pussy. The young woman shook the thought from her mind, believing she would never be able to fit this monster dick in her cunt. Letting a dog lick her was all she thought she could do. Her pussy was just too tight. She looked at Kathleen, hoping the older woman would not be too disappointed. Brenda frowned, knowing she was just chicken.

Brenda continued stroking the dog’s dick until the entire length of Arty’s stiff rigid

dick was jutting out of its hairy covering. “He’s gigantic!” she cried out to Kathleen in admiration and a slight touch of fear. “He’d rip you apart!”

“He never has yet!” Kathleen said with a haunting smile. “He’s done many a girl, and they all call to get his dick again.” She moaned at the sweet memory. She put her hand alongside Brenda’s, touching the red menacing dick shaft, his dick almost the color of her fiery nail polish.

Brenda’s pussy began to seep, wetting her robe where she sat on it. With her free hand, Brenda rubbed her swollen pussy, her body shivering with pleasure.

Kathleen saw Brenda playing with herself out of the corner of her eye. “Take off your robe, honey. No sense in you being dressed.”

“I feel like sucking this gorgeous hunk of doggie meat! What about you?” Kathleen licked her lips and made a sucking sound with her mouth. The dog must have known what it meant. He began whimpering and squirming on the bed as if on cue.

“See,” Kathleen said, making the sound again. “The damn horny dog knows I’m gonna suck his big dick!”

“I can’t suck it,” Brenda said, unable to bring herself to putting the dog’s dick into her mouth. “I can’t!”

“Sure you can,” Kathleen encouraged. “I saw the way you were watching your Mom and I yesterday with Arty. I know you are dying to try his dick in your mouth as well as your pussy. Now is your chance.”

Brenda knew she was right. She had to admit it to herself. She nodded, realizing her hidden desire. It was buried so long in her sub-conscious, she never knew it before.

“Get on your belly and your Mom and I will show you how,” Kathleen suggested as she rolled over, getting close to the dog’s dick with her fiery red mouth. She propped herself up on her elbows and waited for Brenda to join her.

With her heart beating like a drum, Brenda rolled over, her naked body pressed against Kathleen’s as she tried getting as close as possible to the dog’s red glistening dick with her head. The hot erotic contact with the sensuous woman made her tremble and yet, in her innocence, he had no idea why. They were alike, both women. There was nothing sexual between them.

Janet, looked at Boomer and whispered, "Come and lick my tits, you beast. Make me hot and horny. I want my pussy to be dripping wet when you ram your long hard dick into it."

She opened her arms and welcomed the dog into them. The Great Dane, with the smell of pussy strong in his nostrils, forgot that the woman was a stranger. He stepped up close and allowed her to stroke his thick fur. Then, while she was stroking him, he stretched out his head and started licking her big round tits. Janet shivered at his touch, but kept stroking his sides and belly. Loving her gentle hands, the dog continued to lick her sweet-tasting tits. He snaked his long red tongue up and down her left tit, knocking the juicy mound of tit flesh this way and that.

"Mmmmm! Oh, yeeeessss!" Janet threw back her head and closed her eyes dreamily as the dog's rough tongue jolted her senses. The dog slithered his tongue round and round the big tit, tasting every inch of the woman's tit meat. His hard licking put new life into her tit. He made her cry out and tremble as he nearly scraped her nipple raw.

The dog moved his head to and fro as he slobbered over her entire tit. Soon doggie spit was dripping down to her belly. Janet moaned and whimpered, and began tossing her head dreamily from side to side as blissful heat waves coursed through her body.

"Now for my ass," she said in a shaky voice. "I want you to lick my asshole." She shifted her body around quickly and soon was kneeling on her hands and knees. Looking over her shoulder at the dog, she wriggled her ass.

The beast again stepped forward. But instead of immediately licking Janet's asshole, he began licking her ass cheeks. He slithered his heavy tongue up and down and all around, until the big round ass cheeks became just as radiant as her tits.

"Mmmmm!" moaned the blonde, loving every tongue-stroke. "Don't stop now, boy. Lick my ass some more."

The dog obeyed. The force of his licking opened her ass-crack again and again, and made her ass cheeks jiggle like gelatin.

"Eeeee!" squealed Janet, now swinging her plump ass from side to side. "Keep licking! Keep licking!"

The dog lapped noisily as he tasted her ass. Spit ran down the backs of her thighs in thin trickles that tickled her tender flesh. She gasped repeatedly and shook her head as her mind swirled.

With the dog at their faces, Kathleen felt Brenda’s reaction to her nearness and she smiled secretly to herself, sensing that they had more in common than just dogs and big tits. It was a distinct possibility that Brenda might like sex with women, too.

“Watch me,” Kathleen said. Her voice was husky with pent-up emotion. “I’m going to put his dick in my mouth!”

Brenda watched, hypnotized by the most erotic sight of her life!

Kathleen trembled with passion as she lowered her head to the dog’s magnificent dick. She licked up and down the long muscular dick shaft, slapping at him with the tip of her tongue. She slurped as the dog twitched under her tongueing. Kathleen lifted her head.

“Lick our strong handsome friend Brenda!” She lifted up, giving Brenda enough room to bring her mouth into play on the dog’s long red dick.

Brenda shook, her mouth dry as sand. She looked at the enormous dick, her breathing constricted as her chest tightened.

“Go on!” Kathleen prodded. “You’ll love it!” She smacked her lips in an exaggerated motion to show the hesitant girl how much she would enjoy eating doggie dick.

Brenda’s lips touched Arty’s monstrous red dick. She sighed breathlessly from her first erotic contact. She closed her eyes, pretending it was Bill’s marvelous dick as she adjusted her mind to the simple fact that she was now sucking and licking doggie dick.

“You’re doing fine.” Kathleen said, stroking Brenda’s bare back. “Put it in your mouth.”

Brenda could feel the burning heat exuding from the red fiery dickshaft of the Great Dane’s dick, touch her lips. Her lips felt as if they were on fire as they glided sensuously up and down the long doggie dick. Her mouth reached the dick and she slid her lips over it, covering it with her entire mouth.

“Oooooh,” Kathleen cooed. “You’re doing great!” She stroked the young woman’s ass tenderly, her fingers teasing the gorgeous crack separating the two creamy ass cheeks.

Brenda, caught up in sucking and licking the dog’s dick, never noticed Kathleen’s exploring hand on her ass. Brenda flashed her tongue around the dog’s dick, snaking it around his dick. She glided her mouth up and down, gulping on his fat dick as she sucked, her cheeks drawing in, teasing the white and black Great Dane with her fervid mouth.

Arty began fucking her mouth, his jaw slack as he whimpered with joy. Having his dick buried inside her wet and warm mouth drove him insane. Arty squirmed, slamming his dick into Brenda’s mouth, his legs jerking frantically on the floor. He lifted his head, his black eyes glazed from being sucked off.

Kathleen petted him. “Lie down, boy. Enjoy!”

Whining, Arty lay back, jabbing his dick at Brenda’s sucking mouth. His hips jerked as his dick plunged in and out of Brenda’s clinging lips.

Boomer’s tongue was like sandpaper on Janet’s tender ass, and his wiry whiskers were like a rasp. The dog made her ass meat throb crazily. He licked and scratched her raw. And through it all, his hot breath blasted her from all sides.

"Aaagh!" Janet cried, rolling her eyes. "Oh, fuck! I feel great! What more can this dog do to me?"

That was a foolish question. The dog, as if tiring of her sweet ass, snaked his tongue down to her pussy mound and began licking her pussy from behind. He sent his tongue in between her open thighs repeatedly, and Janet instinctively arched her back and spread her thighs a little wider.

The dog stroked her soft lips hungrily, brushing her fine blonde pussy hairs this way and that, and soaking them with spit. Janet began gurgling stupidly as blissful sensations soared through her body.

The animal licked up and down her pussy lips, tasting the juicy mounds thoroughly. He knocked them to and fro, and stretched them apart until her pussy hole popped open.

"Eeeee!" squealed Janet, shaking her head blissfully. "This is just wonderful. I love his hot tongue."

The Great Dane made her pussy hairs drip with his spit, and made her pussy lips tingle from the fiery friction of his tongue. Soon her pussy lips were rosy red and puffed up out of shape.

He turned to her pussy crack next, and snaked his thick tongue inside. He stroked her pink soaking wet fuck hole with his tongue, slobbering noisily as he did so. It wasn't long before her pussy crack was filled with hot doggie spit.

"Oh fuck! What a mother-fucking sweet-licking tongue!" Rocking with blissful heat, Janet reached up with one hand and started rubbing her tits madly.

The dog licked both sides of her pussy crack, his thick tongue forcing her pussy lips even farther apart. He created such friction that her pussy veins filled with gushing blood and soon her pussy meat was red as a beet and throbbing hotly.

"Weeee!" she cried, out of her mind with joy. "Fuck me with your tongue. Fuck me!"

As if understanding her command, the Great Dane tilted his head to one side and shoved his long fat tongue up into the blonde's tight fuck-hole. The tip of his tongue pushed her fuck meat out of the way as his tongue slid deep, but then the juicy pussy walls closed in on his tongue and sealed themselves around it. The dog whined and snorted.

"Do it, Boomer! Lick me to death!"

Janet began pumping her pussy muscles around the intruding tongue in an effort to cope with the searing heat and blissful pleasures that were invading her pussy. At the same time, she kept her back arched and her legs spread wide, so as not to discourage the animal.

The dog moved his tongue round and round her pussy hole, in spite of the firm pressure on his licker. He obviously was not going to let anything stop him from tasting her fuck-meat.

He reamed her pussy hole well, driving her pussy walls out of shape and jolting her many pussy nerves. She gasped and groaned deliriously as her mind started soaring.

"Give it to me!" she cried, pushing her plump round ass back into the animal. "Lick that pussy my doggy lover!"

The Great Dane tried to obey. He began thrusting his licker up and down her fuck-hole. He scraped her clit repeatedly, and soon the fuck-knob swelled up and started throbbing.

"UNNNHHHH!" she cried, her head spinning. "I can't take anymore!"

The dog gave her a little bit more, anyway. He lapped up his own spit as he snaked his tongue in all directions. Lewd squashing noises filled the air around them. Spit trickled down the backs of her thighs again. The temperature inside her pussy increased drastically.

Arty’s swollen dick head speared the back of Brenda’s throat each time she sucked the dick in. She gasped for air, breathing deeply through her nose, while at the same time striving to keep from choking to death. She had all the dick she could handle, and she knew it.

Again and again she gobbled up the dog's dick, only to spit it back out moments later. The thick root stretched her lips to their limits. The dog's hairy balls slapped her chin, but she sucked his dick feverishly. B

renda filled the living room with lewd and loud sucking noises. She tasted every inch of the animal's dick shaft, and let the dick stroke every part of her mouth and throat. She made the fucker swell up and turn red, until it was just the right size for her pussy.

Gasping, she came off his dick. “I don’t want him coming in my mouth!” Brenda panted.

Kathleen took her hand quickly off the girl’s ass. “Ohh Brenda, you are going to take Arty’s scalding hot cum in your pussy!” she moaned. “Although, I was really getting off watching Arty fuck your pretty little face!”

She caressed Brenda’s flushed cheeks, running her fingers through the young woman’s hair.

Brenda was trembling from the woman’s touch and the fact that she just had Arty’s dick in her mouth. Everything was moving too fast for her. Brenda’s head spun deliriously as hot sensuous sensations pierced her body. She numbly agreed to fuck the mastiff. Before returning to Arty’s dick, Brenda noticed Kathleen’s voluptuous creamy tits. The image of her tits burned into her fuzzy, lust-soaked brain as she eyed them curiously.

Brenda leered hotly at Arty’s doggie dick for a moment before slipping the menacing red dick directly into her hot greedy mouth again. She felt Kathleen place her hand back on her soft, creamy ass cheeks. She sighed; the woman’s touch was emotionally shocking. A woman was actually touching her ass! Hot and hungry for Arty’s dick, she didn’t bother with Kathleen’s exploring hand. She licked his furry balls. The sensation of his hair against her tongue was stimulating and exciting!

“Suck him!” Kathleen urged, her hand caressing the sensuous crack of the young woman’s ass. Her hand slithered down between Brenda’s milky thighs. She pushed three fingers against the young woman’s pussy, feeling the penetrating heat. It drove her insane and she almost fainted with desire. “Don’t make him cum! Kathleen ranted.

Brenda, burning with passion and getting turned onto Kathleen’s probing fingers, slipped the dog’s meaty dick between her moist hungry lips. She sucked, drawing in her cheeks. The dog whimpered and she began fucking the mastiff’s great dick with her mouth, pushing her face up and down on the dog in an effort to suck every drop of cum from his furry balls.

“Yes! Yes!” Kathleen cried, seeing the intensity with which Brenda was sucking on the dog’s dick. She ran a finger into her own pussy, the juices scalding her fingers as she jabbed into her pussy.

Hearing Kathleen’s gleeful cries spurred Brenda on, and she put more effort into her sucking. She used her tongue along the sensitive dick shaft, scraping the meaty dick and making Arty whimper in agonizing pleasure. She used her hands, stroking the residual 3 inches of dick behind Arty’s grapefruit size knot.

“Oooooh, Brenda!” Kathleen exclaimed, caught up in the young woman’s hunger for the dog’s dick. “Suck him good for me, too!” Kathleen slid her hand along Brenda’s pussy, soaking her fingers in the warm pussy juices. Brenda found herself pushing back against Kathleen’s hand as she suckled the beet-red dick.

“When is Arty gonna fuck my pussy?” Brenda asked, wanting the pleasure of being fucked by these beautiful animals to continue.

“In a second,” Kathleen said, releasing Arty’s giant stiff dick. “First, I have to clean you up with my tongue!”

Brenda, swimming in pleasure, giggled as Kathleen’s tongue lapped at her ass cheeks. She squirmed her ass as Kathleen licked it. “Lick my ass!”

Kathleen spread the young woman’s ass cheeks apart. She put her lips to the delicate hole of the young woman’s ass and sucked, running her tongue around at the gobs of cum that oozed from her tight little ass. She licked her asshole, sucking and drinking down the gooey cum, her heart swelling with desire to fuck this young woman again, or anyone, or anything! Fighting her own growing passion, Kathleen pulled her mouth away from Brenda’s ass, and pushed her to her hands and knees. Kathleen then pushed Brenda’s back down until Breda had her tits and face on the floor. Her fine tight ass was high in the air. Kathleen helped the horny mastiff onto Brenda’s back.

“Now, you’re gonna get your pussy fucked!” Kathleen said, angling Arty’s gigantic dick at Brenda’s tender red pussy.

“I can’t wait!” Brenda cried out. “Hurry!” She pushed back, craving to have her pussy filled again with doggie dick.

“Here it comes!” Kathleen hissed as Arty drove into the young woman’s pussy with his red bloated dick.

Brenda’s pussy swallowed the doggie dick, devouring the entire length of his meaty dick in one fleeting moment. The hulking dick was ramming her pussy, making Brenda howl in ecstasy. She used her pussy muscles on him, tugging and pulsing against his dickshaft as the dog pumped her pussy with hard powerful thrusts.

“OOOOHHHH!” she crooned, her pussy stuffed full of doggie dick. She twisted and churned on her knees while Arty blasted her pussy with his hot cream.

Kathleen petted the huge dog, as he worked Brenda’s hungry pussy with his massive tool. Brenda’s pussy squelched doggy pre-cum and pussy juices as Arty power fucked her. The big dick worked in rhythm to Brenda’s churning ass and those well fucked wet pussy squishy sounds emanated from Brenda’s pussy.

“Ohhh, Christ!” Brenda cried out hysterically. Arty’s dick throbbed in her grasp, and she moaned in pleasure from the pounding doggie dick.

Kathleen watched. She did feel left out. She knew this was the beginning of a very wonderful friendship. She stroked Arty’s jerking hips and hind legs as he fucked Brenda. Another idea popped into her beautiful head; a way to participate while Brenda enjoyed the fabulous fucking of King Arthur the Great.

She scooted under Brenda’s jerking naked body, watching the young woman’s swaying tits as Arty whacked his dick into her pussy. Kathleen licked Brenda’s swollen nipples and hard rubbery tips. She heard Brenda whimper. It thrilled her to contribute to the sex-crazed young woman’s pleasure. The frantic woman moved down on her back, bringing her mouth to where Arty was ramming his red glistening dick into Brenda’s pussy. The sight was marvelously erotic! She was hypnotized by the fast and vehement action of the whipping doggie dick. The young woman’s pussy sucked it up like it had been fucked for years. Juice dripped out from Brenda’s pussy onto Kathleen’s face and the woman licked the pussy juice with her pink slithering tongue.

Brenda, her mind spinning in an ocean of lust and pleasure, realized that Kathleen was beneath her. Brenda trembled, her body quaking uncontrollably from the fanatical pounding of the dog’s giant dick in her pussy. She squeezed her cunt muscles over the tremendous dick in her puss sensing that Arty was getting ready to flood her pussy with his doggie cum.

Quickly, Janet got on her hands and knees, arched her back deeply, and spread her thighs wide. With her body thus braced, she looked back over her shoulder and called to the dog to mount her.

Horny from the pussy licking and smell of female cunt, the big Great Dane immediately mounted the young matron. He seized her slim waist between his forelegs, pulled her close to him, and started humping furiously.

"Eeeeee!" squealed Janet when she felt the dogs pointed dick beating a steady rhythm against her pussy lips.

"Ooooooh!" The big blonde, crazy with lust, wriggled her pussy just enough to guide the dog's dick into her fuck-hole. It fucked inside her with a rush that made her gasp aloud.

The animal never let up, even though his dick was fucking balls-deep. He fucked her pussy with a fury that had her panting helplessly. His dick speared first one side of her pussy and then the other side, driving her pussy walls every which way. She rolled her eyes and bit her tongue as she tried to cope with the crazy sensations that were sweeping through her fuck-hole.

"Iiiieeee!" she screamed, shaking her head. "This dog can really fuck! Oh, shit!" The animal's claws dug into her fleshy thighs and he maintained a firm grip on her. She pumped her pussy muscles around the hard-driving dick and tried to ease the sting of his dick head.

That didn't do much good. The Great Dane continued to fuck his dick into the deepest regions of her pussy hole. He churned her dripping pussy juices into a buttery froth that soon coated his dick shaft.

"Ooooh!" she cried, holding on for dear life. "Fuck me!" Her body rocked to and fro. So did her big heavy tits. Flesh-slapping noises filled the living room as the animal's balls bounced off her pussy lips and the backs of her thighs. Janet trembled with each slap, but soon found herself shivering uncontrollably when the dog's soft belly hair started brushing against her ass cheeks.

The dog towered above her as he fucked. His hot breath rained down on her back and wreaked further havoc with her nerves. She flinched again and again, but could not escape the terrific blasts of heat.

His spit dripped down also to tantalize her tender nerves. With each splash, she rolled her eyes and gritted her teeth. This was too much for her. There were just too many sensations for her to bear. She felt crazy.

"Aaagh!" she groaned. "I'm almost there. I feel it." She began rocking her pussy back and forth into the animal's dick, impatient to reach an orgasm.

The dog humped her hard, his whole hairy body slamming into her from behind. His muscles rippled with each fuck-thrust, while her soft flesh quivered like gelatin. He was breathing hard and fast, his tongue hanging limply from his open mouth.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she cried, wincing each time his balls hit her pussy lips.

"That's right! I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Her voice was as shaky as her well-fucked body. When her climax hit her, she went wild and nearly burst the dog's balls. Then her fuck-juices exploded from her pussy hole and scorched the beast's hairy dick and balls. When the animal felt the woman's hot oven tunnel of pussy close over his dick, he went wild and began humping out of control. His dick drilled her pussy like a jackhammer. His balls slapped her pussy lips as noisily as they possibly could. He fucked the woman so hard his hind feet left the floor, and all his weight bore down on her strained pussy.

"Unnnnh!" she grunted, her pussy still twitching and spewing forth steamy pussy juices. Then the dog began whining loudly and licking his lips. He appeared to be going mad. But before anyone could become overly concerned, the animal blew his wad deep inside her pussy hole and thus relieved his madness.

"Ohhhh!" she cried when she felt the sting of his hot cum.

The dog kept fucking until he had emptied his load inside her. But even when he was spent, he stayed connected to her while she used her pussy muscles to milk his limp dick. And she milked him well, getting the dog to pump much cum as he could out of his balls. When it was all over, he dismounted and walked over to the young blonde, while Janet collapsed to the floor with a sigh.

Brenda’s eyes went wide in ecstasy as she felt Arty’s dick swell to enormous proportions in her young pussy. At the same time she felt Kathleen’s mouth encompass her exposed and blood-filled clit. She screamed as her hands clenched into fists.

Yelping whines of doggie passion, Arty’s dick erupted in a fiery blast of doggie cum that splattered the girl’s pussy. It drenched her already juice-soaked pussy hole, cum gushing from the tight pussy with every plunge of his dick.

Brenda’s mouth opened. For a split second, nothing came out. Then the room filled with her voice. “AGHHHHHH! OHHHH! AGGGHHHH!” Her pussy erupted from the steady powerful onslaught of Arty’s dick and the sucking action of Kathleen’s mouth and lips on her clit and pussy lips. Kathleen lapped, sucked, and chewed on Brenda’s pussy and Arty greased his glistening wet dick in her pussy.

Brenda screamed again, her body in the throes of the most powerful orgasm of the entire weekend. She thrashed, floundering back against Arty’s squirting dick, his cum flowing from her pussy in great thick wads. She humped at Kathleen’s sucking mouth as her orgasm ripped through her pussy.

“I’m COMINGGGG!” Brenda screeched at the top of her lungs. Her body weakened; her muscles and bones melting under the tremendous pressure of her extraordinary climax.

She bucked and thrashed like a wildcat. Her hips rotated in quick frenzied circles. She fucked Kathleen’s sucking mouth and, at the same time, slammed her body back at the doggie dick invading her worn pulsating pussy. She threw back her head, howling as her face contorted.

Her pussy exploded again as Arty’s dick continued to squirt cum deep into her womb. Arty, his doggie dick all but drained, continued to fuck the girl with his powerful sleek body, driving, ramming his dick into the tight wet clinging pussy hole. Kathleen’s mouth never stopped sucking on Brenda’s hard exposed clit, licking and nibbling until Brenda went berserk, her body jerking and convulsing on the floor.

“Aghghghgh!” Brenda screamed one last time and then collapsed.

“STOP! STOP!” she sobbed hysterically as the overpowering orgasm soared throughout her body.

She twitched, her eyelids blinking, lights flashing in her head. She shuddered as Arty’s dick popped out of her clenching pussy.

By the time Janet and Brenda had finished cumming and cooled down, the dogs were ready to go again. Kathleen ordered her two new slaves to switch animal mates.

Looking at the mother and daughter, Kathleen smiled inwardly and wondered how was she going to get them on film? Her mind wandered further to editing the film and posting it to this site. What a lovely problem to have.

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