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Katie Loses Her Virginity to Her Dog

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"Everything's fine Mom. I'm fine, the house is fine, everything's fine. I can handle this. You and Daddy celebrate your anniversary and don't worry about me.

15-year-old Katie Lyons tried not to sound as exasperated with her mother as she really was and hurry her off the phone. She'd been waiting for her mom to call and say she and Katie's father had arrived at the resort for what felt like forever. She knew once this call was over, she wouldn't hear from them again at least until tomorrow. She would have the whole night to herself. She'd been researching and making plans for the night for weeks and she really wanted to get those plans started.

"Yes. I love you too. Bye."

Katie got her mother off the line and hung up the phone. Her hand shook a little and her heart started racing as she realized it was finally time. She took a deep breath to calm herself and then went upstairs to get ready.

An hour later, Katie was freshly showered and shaved. Her long brown hair was blown straight and shiny and she had smoothed a delicious fruity scented lotion all over her body. She knew her new lover probably wouldn't care about things like this, but it made her feel so sexy getting herself ready for him. Katie didn't bother with clothes, instead she put on her mother's short silk robe. She loved how the cool silk felt against her overheated skin.

She looked at herself one last time in the mirror before going downstairs to fetch her lover. She took in her excited blue eyes, her hard, aroused nipples and the long expanse of tanned legs the short robe showed off. She couldn't believe the sexy woman in the mirror was her. "I'm really going to do this," she whispered to herself. "I'm really about to get fucked for the first time."

After taking a long calming breath and smoothing a hand down the front of her robe, Katie headed downstairs. Her 1-year-old Great Dane, Teddy, met her at the bottom of the stairs. Katie smiled as she petted him. "Perfect. Just who I was looking for." Katie sat on the bottom step and spent a few minutes giving Teddy the attention he was looking for. She hugged and rubbed his big muscular body and showered kisses on his face. Giggling when he licked her face back. Moaning when he rubbed against her hard nipples. Finally she stood up and started back up the stairs, telling Teddy to come with her.

"Do you wanna come upstairs and play with me Teddy? I know Mom says you aren't allowed up here but it will be our little secret won't it, boy? Yes, come with me." Teddy obediently followed Katie upstairs and into her room. He sat in the middle of her room, looking at her expectantly as she closed and locked the door.

Katie turned to Teddy and slowly took off her robe. Her nipples hardened even more and a fresh rush of cream flooded her pussy as she watched him look at her naked body. It felt so good showing herself to Teddy, and only Teddy. She got on her knees in front of him and started to rub and kiss him again. "You're such a good boy Teddy. I love you so much. Do you know that? I love you more than anyone else in the world. All those girls at school were talking about giving up their virginity and who they wanted to give it to. How you should really love the guy. And all I could think about was you, Teddy. Every time I've thought about who I love enough to have sex with, I only think of you. I know you don't really understand, but I want you to be my first Teddy. I want you to fuck me."

Katie smiled as Teddy seemed to agree with her plan, nuzzling her neck and licking her face. She leaned back, presenting her firm young breasts to him, moaning when he he did what she wanted and licked all over her chest. She put a hand between her legs and rubbed her soaking pussy. "Oh god Teddy, you make me so hot. mmmmmmmmm That feels so good."

After a few minutes, Katie brought her hand from between her legs and up to Teddy's mouth. He eagerly licked her fingers clean. "Mmmmm Do you like that boy? Do you want more?" she teased. Teddy nipped her shoulder in response and she moaned loudly at his show of dominance. "I'm sorry baby, I shouldn't tease you."

Katie laid back on the floor and spread her legs wide. She reached down and spread her pussy lips, offering her doggy lover all the pussy juices he wanted. "Come here baby. Come lick my pussy." Teddy sniffed the air and with a low growl moved between Katie's spread legs. Finding what he wanted, he started to lick her pussy ravenously.

Katie moaned loudly as she felt the first brush of Teddy's tongue on her virgin pussy. "Oh yes. Mmmmmmmmmmm Oh god Teddy! That feels so good baby. Oh my god! " She moaned and writhed under Teddy as he continued to eat her juicy young pussy. His licks became harder and he pushed his tongue inside her tight pussy, his nose bumping her clit. "Oh fuck! Yes Teddy! You're gonna make me come baby! Oh god!" Katie cried out as Teddy's tongue brought her to orgasm.

Katie lay on the floor, panting, recovering from the best orgasm she'd ever had. Teddy still licked her pussy and she moaned as she felt herself getting aroused all over again. She loved the feel of Teddy's tongue on her pussy but she knew the next time she came, she wanted it to be with him inside her so she tried to push him away and get up. Teddy didn't like that at all and growled and nipped her thigh before resuming his licking. Katie shivered with pleasure as Teddy once again showed his dominance. She reached down and tried again, petting his head and trying to get his attention on a part of her other than her pussy for a minute.

" Come on baby. I promise if you let me move you'll like it even better. Please Teddy?" She succeeded in distracting him just long enough to slide out from under him and get on her knees, facing him. Teddy growled at her and nipped her shoulder a little harder this time to show his displeasure. "Its okay baby. You'll get more, I promise." Katie soothed him as she petted his head and neck. He seemed to calm down a little and started licking her face and shoulders. When his tongue moved across her mouth, she could taste her own pussy. She kept petting him, rubbing all over his muscular body. When she got to his cock, she found it already peeking out of it's sheath. "MMMM yes. You're almost ready to fuck me aren't you baby?" Katie rubbed and massaged Teddy's cock, feeling it getting bigger in her hands. After a few minutes he started to hump her hand and she knew it was time.

Katie backed away from him a little and got her hands and knees, turning so her ass was facing Teddy. For a minute nothing happened and Katie got worried that Teddy wouldn't know what to do, but just as she was about to turn back to him, she felt his big body come up over hers. She shivered in excitement. This was it. She was about to lose her virginity to her dog. And she couldn't wait.

Teddy thrust against her a few times, missing his mark and Katie thought she was going to have to help him. She started to reach back to grab his cock when he thrust again and this time he found his mark. Katie screamed as Teddy's hard doggy cock slammed home in her pussy, ripping through her virginity. She wasn't prepared for the force of Teddy's thrusts and fell forward on her elbows, pushing her ass higher and Teddy deeper.

"Oh god, Oh fuck" Katie cried out with every thrust of Teddy's cock. Her pussy throbbed with the pain of her torn virginity and the stretching from the big doggy cock. Teddy, unaware of his lover's distress, kept thrusting in and out of Katie's tight young pussy. After a few minutes, the pain started to fade and Katie felt herself start to enjoy Teddy's fucking. She started to push back against Teddy, meeting his thrusts. "Oh yes! Oh this is what I wanted! mmmmmm yes Teddy. Fuck my pussy! Oh you feel so good inside me baby. mmmmmmmmm"

The sounds of their fucking filled the room and Katie felt herself getting close to cumming. "mmmmmm Oh god you're gonna make me cum again Teddy! I'm gonna cum all over your big doggy cock inside me! Oh fuck yes!" Katie moaned and cried out loudly as she started to cum for the second time that evening. Just as she started coming back down, Teddy started fucking her harder and she could feel him trying to get his knot inside her. Suddenly Katie felt Teddy's knot push into her pussy, stretching her, and with a scream she started cumming again.

Katie couldn't think for a few minutes as the intense orgasm ripped through her and when she became aware again, it was to realize Teddy was cumming inside her. "Oh fuck you're cumming inside me Teddy! I can feel it. You're filling my womb with your hot doggy cum! Oh god!" Katie came again as Teddy filled her with his cum and again two more times before he was able to pull his cock out of her well-fucked pussy.

Katie moaned as she felt Teddy leaving her body and his cum running out of her. She felt so empty without her lover inside her and knew she wouldn't be able to wait very long for a repeat performance.


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