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Molly's First Time

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"Come on Ralph, let's go for a walk," said fourteen-year-old Molly. She picked the leash up off the table and hooked it up to the golden retriever's collar. "Ok mom, I'm taking Ralph for a walk. I'll be back in a little bit." She called.
    "Ok sweetie, dinner will be ready when you get back," her mom called back to her. She grabbed onto the leash and led Ralph out the back door. She gently closed it and then walked out to the gate. Molly's house was on the edge of a forest, so she would go out the back gate and take Ralph on a walk on one of the numerous paths go through it. As she entered the forest and chose which path to walk down, she was glad that the trees were blocking the hot, August sun. Today was especially hot, and Molly was already starting to sweat. She had on very short shorts that showed off her nice thighs and petite butt, and a tight t-shirt. Since she had decided against wearing a bra today, her nipples were visible through her shirt, but hardly anyone ever walked through the forest so she didn't care.

    After forty five minutes of walking, both she and the dog were tired. She stopped under a big pine tree and sat down. Ralph came and lay down next to her, panting hard. As she sat, Molly realized that she had to go to the bathroom very bad. She knew it was way too long of a walk to go back, and the thought off peeing in the forest turned her on, so she looked around. No one was in sight. Ralph was a very calm dog, so she let go of the leash and left him by the tree. She walked off the path a ways and found a nice spot by a bush. She pulled her shorts and panties down and squatted. She was a little nervous, and when she tried, she couldn't go. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and relaxed. Soon, her muscles relaxed and urine trickled to the ground. When the last bit spurt out of her, she felt much better. Then, she felt something weird and wet on her pussy. She jumped and opened her eyes and saw Ralph licking her.

    "Bad dog!" she yelled and tried to push him away. But he came right back and started licking. She was going to push him away again, but his big, wet, doggy tongue felt amazing on her pussy. She loved the feeling, so she lay down on her back and spread her legs, giving Ralph full access. He instantly started licking her with his warm tongue. She started moaning and playing with her nipples through her t-shirt. She had never felt so good or been turned on so much in her life. As Ralph licked away, Molly remembered the time that she walked in on her older brother when he was masturbating. He was watching a video of a dog humping a woman. The woman seemed to be enjoying it very much. Molly thought about it but wasn't quite sure if she wanted a doggy cock in her virgin pussy. However, when she looked over at Ralph and saw his enormous pink cock coming out of its sheath, she was so turned on that she made her decision. She was going to have her virginity taken by a dog.

    She flipped over and got on all fours, sticking her butt out as far as she could. Ralph licked her little pink hole a few times and then got on top of her. Molly guided his dick into her pussy and then he rammed it all the way in. Molly screamed and she felt blood trickling down her thigh. Ralph's cock was bigger than she expected and she clutched onto the ground, hoping that the pain would be gone soon. Ralph was humping at top speed when Molly felt something strange that made her cry out in pain. She had no idea at the time but she later found out that that was Ralph's knot entering her. She was now stuck. Finally, pleasure began to overwhelm the pain and she began to enjoy it. Soon, her whole body tensed up and an orgasm thundered through her. This was her first orgasm, and when it was over, she almost collapsed.

    After two more orgasms, Ralph finally came. His doggy cum filled her up and then began to ooze out of her pussy. She collapsed and then realized that Ralph was stuck inside of her. She lay there, panicking, for fifteen minutes and finally, Ralphs cock popped out of her and he went to lay down by a tree. Molly laid there for a long time, wondering if what just happened was real. She looked down at her pussy and saw that it was oozing with dog cum and her own blood. She got the water bottle she had brought and poured some of the water on it, rinsing it off. When her pussy was clean enough, she took her t-shirt off and decided to walk naked for a while. On the way back home, she let Ralph fuck her twice more. When she got home, she immediately went to take a shower. When she got out, she went and ate dinner, hoping that nobody noticed that Ralph was under the table, sniffing her crotch.


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