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Mother Creates Special Saddle For Daughter To Fuck Her Horse

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Mother Fabricates Special Saddle For Daughter's Horse So They Can Fuck In Comfort.

Short story by Carolyn Matthews.

I just finished making the special "hammock" horse saddle for my Daughter Amy's birthday. She kept asking me to make one for her on my heavy duty sewing machine from old saddle parts, but I did not have enough leather material. Yesterday, Amy stopped by the "Farm" store on her way back from school and bought several thick leather straps and buckles.

I designed it so Amy can ride her horse the regular way on top of him, or she can crawl underneath and get into the heavy leather "hammock" I fabricated from cow hides. Once you have positioned yourself on your back with the horse's cock gently pressing up against your pussy, then you can reach up and grab onto the custom hand grips I made. After that, just keep your legs up in the air and go for a horse ride!

I examine the hammock saddle over and over again for any flaws that I may have made, then decide I better mount it on Amy's horse to make sure it fits properly. If it does not work the way I want it to, then I will still have to make alterations before Amy gets home from school.

A few minutes later, I am sitting on the back porch in brilliant sunshine contemplating whether I will have the willpower to get in the hammock and not let her horse fuck me. I have not been with him in over two weeks, and just thinking about his huge hard cock inside my pussy is making me wet. I finish my lemonade drink, then take off my dress, pick up the hammock saddle and walk over to the barn. My daughter's horse "Brute" is feeding on some hay and does not notice me at first. His halter is hanging on the wall, so I get it, then walk over in front of him to put it on. He looks up at me for a moment, then pushes his snout between my legs and begins licking my pussy! I immediately say to him "Brute, I don't have time to have sex with you today! Be a good boy and let me put your harness on!"

I push him away from me, but he starts becoming aggressive and gives an angry snort! He forcefully pushes his nose against my stomach and makes me step backwards until I am pinned up against the wall of the barn. He holds me there for a few seconds until I stop struggling with him, then he starts licking my pussy again! There is nothing I can really do at this point, except for yelling "Rape" at the top of my lungs, so I decide to let him have his way with me. He starts licking me harder and harder, then after a couple of minutes his tongue suddenly finds its way inside me! Oh my God, I am in heaven! He flicks his massive long tongue in and out of my pussy over and over again! I start moaning "Oh Jesus Christ! Oh Jesus Christ!" as I hang onto his big ears and thrust my pussy forward so he can get better penetration.

Soon I feel an orgasm building up inside me and yell to Brute "Don't stop licking me baby! Make your Mommy happy and keep licking her! Lick your Mommy's pussy!" Suddenly, I have a tremendous orgasm that sweeps through every inch of my body! My legs become weak and I want to sit down, but Brute nudges upright and forces me back up against the wall. After a few moments I regain my strength back, then scream at the top of my lungs "I love having sex with horses!"

Brute is startled at my outburst and immediately stops licking me! He raises his enormous horse head up and studies me for a moment, then pushes his big nose up against my face. He wants to tongue kiss me because he knows we always do that before I let him fuck me! I tell him "Brute, no! I am not going to kiss you and we are not having sex today! You have to wait until Amy gets home from school, then you can fuck her!" I turn my head back and forth and try to push him away from me, but he is too powerful! I fight with him for a few moments, then he suddenly stops and his ears droop down. I look into his sad eyes, then because I love him so much, I gently grab his big nostrils and guide his huge horse lips toward my face.

I open my mouth and Brute's huge tongue shoots inside me and hits the back of my throat! I immediately start to gag and have to push him away from me. Damn him! I have training him not to do that! I take a couple of deep breaths, then open my mouth and let him do it again. This time he is more gentle with me, and I wrap my lips around his huge rough tongue as he slides it in and out my mouth. We enjoy tongue kissing each other for a few minutes, then I put on his halter and guide him outside the barn to a spot in the pasture where there is thick green grass.

What a beautiful day it is to be naked outdoors with my Daughter's horse. The sun is shining and there is a nice warm breeze blowing through the pasture. I throw the hammock saddle

over his back, and tighten down all the extra leather straps that I have added. When I get down on my knees underneath him to make the final adjustments, I notice that his huge naked penis is starting to slide out of his cock. I better hurry and get into the hammock right away, or he will try to push it inside my pussy if it comes out any further!

I quickly climb into the leather hammock and lay down on my back. Wow, I did an excellent job! I feel so comfortable and supportive! This is a hell of a lot better than laying on that bench Amy and I always use! I can feel Brute's gigantic penis pushing against my pussy lips and decide that it will be

alright if he puts just few inches inside me. That way, I will be sure the hammock saddle performs like I designed it. I reach between my legs to guide his penis inside me, then he suddenly thrusts his hips forward and buries about eight inches inside me! The hammock saddle is working like I expected, but I just found out that I can't get out from underneath him when he has his penis inside me! He has me trapped and is raping me for the second time today!

As I struggle to get out of the hammock, Brute thrusts his penis into me again! Oh my God, my pussy is being stretched further than it ever has been in my entire life! I look between my legs and see that he must have a least twelve inches or more inside me! Oh my God, I am in trouble! I need help and I need it fast before Brute rips me apart! Suddenly, I hear Amy's car coming down our dirt road! Thank God! She parks her car over at the house, gets out and starts walking towards the back porch. Just as I am ready to scream at her to help me, Brute stops thrusting his penis into me and begins gently walking over to greet her.

With each step he takes, his penis goes in and out of my pussy about ten to twelve inches. I start to become delirious with sexual horse pleasure and just lay on the hammock and enjoy myself. Amy opens the gate and runs over to me. She is so excited and says "Oh Mom, you finished the hammock saddle! I want to try it right away!" I wait for Amy to strip naked, then reluctantly tell her which straps to unbuckle so I can slide forward out of the hammock. Amy reaches down to help me to my feet, then she says "Oh Mom, Brute is going to ejaculate any second now! I can tell because I have seen him do it hundreds of times! I will use the hammock later, but right now I have to take care of him!"

I quickly get out of her way, then she sits down next to me under her horse and begins stroking his massive eighteen inch cock back and forth while forcing her mouth over the huge purple head. Within seconds, a torrent of white sperm gushes out of her mouth and sprays all over her arms while she continues jacking his cock back and forth! I think she would pull her head back, but instead she holds steady while her cheeks bulge and sperm sprays out the sides of her mouth! When Brute is finished, Amy lets his cock pop out of her and a river of white sperm immediately flows out of her mouth and splashes down the front of her. She is completely covered from head to toe with horse sperm! Jesus Christ, this is the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my entire life!

Amy swallows over and over for a few moments, then wipes her face with the back of her hand. She looks over at me and says "I just love taking care of him like this Mom! Do you want to try it sometime?" Oh my God, she looks so fucking sexy with horse sperm dripping off her! I immediately grab her wrist and lean backwards to make her climb on top of me. We rub our slippery naked bodies together while we tongue kiss each other.


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