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Mother got her self a dog

LOIS on Animal Stories

I was telling my husband my mom was come over she had something to show me, I told her you were going out of town and wouldn't be here. She said that would be all right, I no you like seeing her and laugh I had my dog Rex to keep me company when your not here. It was three o,clock time she came over when I open the door a German Shepard flew by me ,it must of smell Rex it went slipping and slid en on the hardwood floors after fallen down a few times he slow down.His name is Joe ,I had to ask which I new all ready for his big cock. Now I got to have you help me train him he came over to me and I put my hands along his face and rub it and gave it a kiss in the lips an it started licking me. Rex came into the room and both dogs started going around in circle, there smelling each other mother said Joe gay and I laugh.Rex went to my mother and poke between her legs forcing them open, he begin licking when Joe came over just looking to see what was going on. I got up went into the kitchen, and came back with peanut butter. she ask me what I was going to do with that. First you need to undress your not going to put that on my cunt or you, taken her panties off Rex knock her down on the couch I had to tell Rex no a couple of times no.I told her you need to borrow my razor and shave your pubic unless you want peanut butter smear in your hair.Well she was getting her self ready I got undress and when back to the couch and open the jar, putting a good gob on my finger Rex wanted some to he like ice cream to but it just to cold to put it on my cunt. Mom came in and said you approve I said yes will Joe approve. I put three fingers in the jar and got a load and stop I said your dog might want peanut butter and jellied went to the kitchen and return with a new flavor I first gave Joe a taste he seem to like it as I smear some on her tits and on her bellies I wanted to make sure I didn't put to much on at one time. Rex and Joe lick both of her tits then for her bell , I put some on my clit and call Rex over not to bother Joe when I slap a good amount on my mom cunt. Rex had me at an orgasm all ready . Watching mom being eaten by her very own dog now she keep pushing her pussy up into Joe face she was cum and call-en Joe name eat me for a 64 year old women she did like to fuck. Rex was in me all ready and his knot was almost in yea now as he slow the pace it swell up in me and the pressure in me from his cum, I grab his front paws so he wouldn't turn around on me ,I new it would be at least i5 minutes before he pop out.So I got a chance to look at mom to see how she was doing with Joe. This is the first fuck for mom by a dog she saw me fuck Rex before,I guess that what gave her the ideal to get a dog. It look like she enjoy it ,Joe cum in her I can see the knot slamming into her ,he in and Rex pop out with his cum running down my leg , I got up and sat right in front of mom face I lean back on the couch to give her better asset of my wet pussy she started eaten and got me into another orgasm. She look up at me and said I'm still clean up after girl., hope she return the favor which I did. It Mom got real scared when Joe cum in her she was blowing up after a few minutes she try to get Joe off ,when he turn around an was drag her. I step in front of Joe and he stop he began licking my leg and he turn me on my hand wet to my cunt Joe jump up and knock me down on the floor he drag mom till he reach my pussy. Well we finally finish fuck en and told mom Joe going to be a good fuck for you with a little more training he be good as Rex.



The story line is very good,enjoyed the story very much! But , there is a lot of grammar and spelling errors throughout the story! Next time, try using spell check. It would make the story so much easier,and make for a better read!

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