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My Daughter Really Loves Her Horse! Literally!

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Short story by: Carolyn Matthews

It is really hot today, so I am sitting on the back porch

watching my daughter Amy washing her horse "Brute" over by the

barn. She gets him nice and wet, then applies soap and brushes

him good. Brute turns all white for a while, then Amy hoses him

down and brushes him again. Amy got her clothes damp from

washing him, so she strips naked and throws her T-shirt and

shorts over the fence so they can dry out. I notice her horse

perked up his ears when he saw her naked body, then he waits

until Amy is in front of him and starts licking her pussy. Amy

stands there for a few moments and enjoys herself, then pushes

Brute's nose away from her and says "Brute, not now! You are

going to have to wait until later before I let you fuck me!"

I immediately yell at Amy and tell her to come over to the porch

so I can ask her about her conversation with her horse. She

leads Brute over to me, then I question her about what I heard

her say to her horse. Amy says "Oh Mom, I was just joking

around! Brute doesn't understand what I am saying! It's just fun

to talk dirty to him!" We have conversation for a few minutes,

then Amy says "Mom, let's take a ride on Brute down to the pond

and go skinny dipping!" It is really hot outside today, and that

sounds like fun, so I quickly strip off my dress, then run

inside to get a few big towels for us to lay on.

When I come back outside, Amy is on Brute and has him

positioned so I can jump from the porch and get behind her.

We ride naked for about a half mile, then dismount Brute and run

into the clear cool water of our pond. My daughter and I splash

around for a while, then we get out of the water and lay down on

the towels I brought. Amy leans over and puts her tongue in my

mouth, so I suck on it for a few seconds, then we start kissing

and run our hands over each others naked bodies. After a few

minutes, we relax and lay flat on our backs while we have

conversation. I have been noticing that Brute keeps watching us

and after a while he slowly walks over and starts nibbling on

Amy's breasts.

Amy starts moaning and rubs her pussy up and down while her

horse gently caresses her young nipples with his huge lips.

I look over at her and say "Amy, your horse really likes playing

with your breasts! Why is he doing that?" Amy pushes Brute away

from her, then says "Oh Mom, that is his way of letting me know

that he wants to have sex with me." I am shocked, and say "Amy,

are you saying that you are letting Brute fuck you?" Amy replies

"Sure Mom, we do it all the time and I always get an orgasm!

Also, and I can't get pregnant! You should be happy for me!"

Suddenly, Amy stands up, then reaches down to help me to my

feet. She leads me over to Brute, then we get down underneath

him. Amy starts stroking his massive cock back and forth, then a

huge pink penis starts moving out of it. I watch as Amy opens

her mouth as wide as she can and pushes her head forward over

her Brute's gigantic cock. Amy gets about two or three inches of

it inside her, then she gags and releases him. With tears

running down her face, she looks at me and says "Oh my God Mom,

this is so much fun! You should try it!" I decline her offer

while she slowly jacks her horse's cock back and forth. After a

couple of minutes, Amy says "Oh Mom, Brute really needs me now

and there is not a bench for me to lay on! Please get on you

hands and knees, so I can lay on your back while he penetrates

me? Please Mom!" I think about this whole weird situation for a

few moments, then get down "doggy" style and let my daughter lay

on my back. She opens her legs as far apart as they will go,

then pushes on Brute's stomach to make him take a step forward.

My daughter screams "Oh my God Mom! His cock is going further

inside me than ever before! Oh Christ it feels great!" I can

feel Amy bouncing around on top of me while Brute shoves his

hips forward over and over again. Amy flops around on top of me

for the next few minutes, then suddenly Brute stops and unleashes

a torrent of sperm! I look over my shoulder and see a tremendous

gush of white liquid spraying out of my daughter's pussy! Oh my

God, it flows down my naked ass cheeks and runs down my legs! I

have never seen anything like this in my life!

Amy lays on my back for a few moments, then tells her horse to

back away from us. Brute takes few steps backward, then goes

about grazing on the green grass. Amy rolls off my back, then we

lay back down on the towels. She has a glazed look in her eyes

as she says "Oh Mom, I have just had the best orgasm of my life!

I love Brute, and he loves me!"

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