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My Dog And Me

Lillabeth on Animal Stories

It happened to me a while ago, i'm not going to state my name so i'm going to call myself LillyI was 16, pale skin and long blonde hair, about 5ft with blue eyes and big breasts.My mother who I didn't live with at the time was going away and called me to ask if me any my boyfriend could look after her dog. We said yes seeing as it ment we would have her large house to ourselves, plenty of space to do what we wanted.The day she left my boyfriend and I had an arguement and he went to stay with a friend leaving me on my own. So I went over to my mothers,wished her a nice holiday and snuggled up on the sofa alone feeling lonley and horny. I flicked through the channles blankly untill coming across an erotic film, as I watched I began to feel my warm pussy grow moist, I gently slid my hand down my trousers and began stroking my clit, then slipping my fingers in an out of my pussy, making the most of having a house to myself I began to moan loudly nearly reaching my climax. I stopped playing with myself because I knew I would want to play with my dildo before I came. I ripped of my shirt and took of my bra and caressed my erect nipples, I slowly unbuttoned my jeans and slid off my little thong and got my dildo from my bag and began pumping it in and out of my tight asshole. Suddenly I felt the dogs cold nose on my pussy and shuddered, he was a big dog, a husky and even though it felt so dirty I left him sniffing about my dripping cunt, I watched him lick my thighs untill he reached my pussy and moaned as his rough tounge rolled over my clit. Heaven. I let him lick me as I thrust my dildo faster in and out of my ass on all fours screaming with pleasure, I could see Rio, the huskys, cock grow, big and hard, he jumped up on all fours and placed his front paws around me digging in his nails and trying to find my cunt. I reached back and began to stroke his now huge shaft, directing him closer to my warm pussy. Finally he thrust his cock in side me making me scream again, it felt so good, I could feel him pulsing inside of me and then he started thrusting harder and harder in and out of my pussy, I began fucking my ass with my dildo again, "yes harder Rio" I moaned as his massive knot pounded inside me, we fucked untill I felt his cum drip out of my tingling cunt, he licked it up and I sat as if nothing happened promising myself I would never do it again. I kept saying that untill the next morning, and ever since Rio has been fucking me.



Let me see now.

Youre on all fours and Rio jumped up on you and you guided his cock in to you. He started fucking you harder and harder yet you still manage fuck your ass with a dildo.

You're a much better woman than i.

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