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My slave and her donkey

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My love and I have been together for some time now. I am her Master and she is my slave. She is completely submissive, but sometimes enjoys being disobedient because she looks forward to the loving discipline that her Master administers. Over the years she has learned to trust the will of her Dom because she knows that he always has in mind what is best for her.

The following is an entry from her daily journal:

"Today my Master took me for a special outing. We were taking care of our neighbors farm while they were away, and my Master required me to wash the donkeys. They were so dirty from rolling around in the dirt. I sprayed them down with water, then washed them up with soap. I had finished the female a few minutes earlier, and as I washed the male my Master walked up and commanded me to wash the animal's penis. I obeyed without questioning. He watched as I rubbed the donkey's sheath with my soapy hands. I watched in awe as the huge cockhead appeared from it's protective fur pouch. Suddenly the monstrous shaft began snaking from the creature's body. It would drop about 3 or 4 inches out very quickly, pause momentarily, then snake out further. Within a few minutes the donkey's shaft was almost touching the ground. It looked enormous, and I could not deny that the growing itch inside my wet pussy was attracted to such a magnificent cock. I stroked up and down on the shaft, coating it with soap, enjoying it's semi-hardness. The donkey pawed the ground and snorted. I took the water hose and washed the soap from the massive prick. The giant prick quickly retreated from the cold water and the donkey grunted his disapproval. My Master ordered me to walk the donkey to a dry area in the barn with a concrete floor, and I complied. The donkey's shaft had retreated to where most of it was once again hidden from sight. I have to admit I was disappointed. To look at such a beautiful example of male prowess was exciting. My Master walked up behind me and felt my crotch. "You're soaked", he said in a low whisper. "Yes, Master" I admitted. He walked in front of me and lifted my embarassed face to look into his eyes. "It is a natural reaction to desire the raw masculinity of such a powerful male...even if that male is a beast" he said. "On your knees, slave", he commanded me and I complied. "Stroke the beasts cock again" he commanded. Nervously I complied, wondering what joys my Master might have in store for me. I didn't have to wait long. "Please his cock with your mouth" he commanded. The donkey's shaft had extended about a foot from it's sheath when I began lovingly licking and sucking all over the head. I worked the huge cock head into my mouth and stroked the shaft, enjoying the feeling as it continued to lengthen and swell. I removed the bulbous cock from my lips and let my tender lips and hot tongue caress the sensitive underside of the prick. I sucked on it's huge veins, which excited the donkey tremendously. By the time he was fully erect, his shaft was hard as a rock and throbbing in my grasp. The pulses were strong and powerfully scintillating. I licked and sucked with more vigor as my aching pussy dripped with hot juices. The donkey began making odd sounds, and I looked up to see him making funny motions with his lips, very similar to the contortions on any lover's face. This sight, to know that I was truly pleasing such a masculine beast, with such a massive prick, excited me to the point of no return. I wanted this awesome symbol of masculinity to stretch my insides and push the limits of my depths. Is that what my Master had in mind? To see me perform such a lewd act with this animal?

"Yes", my Master answered as if reading my mind. "You are doing well, and he is pleased, but I think you can give him what he really wants, don't you?". I nodded my head slowly, dreamily, as if in a cock-induced daze. I knew that my Master could see into me. He could see the glazed look of raw lust in my eyes. "Continue", he commanded, and I gladly complied. It seemed as if it had been hours since I had been given the ultimate honor of pleasuring such a massive prick, and I rubbed the monster along my cheek momentarily, then eagerly lapped and jerked at the donkey's love member. I didn't even notice that my Master had walked away momentarily until he returned with a blanket, a harness, and several leather straps. I watched as he lay the blanket on the concrete a short distance from the pole, but never quit sucking, licking, and stroking the giant cock. My Master walked over and commanded me, "Stop!". It was difficult for me to release my grip on the shaft at this point because of my desire, but I managed to comply, fearing that I might displease my Master. He harnessed the donkey who snorted his disapproval at being interrupted from such a glorious blowjob. I remember smiling and thinking, "I doubt donkeys get blowjobs very often...except maybe in Mexico". My Master strapped the beast firmly to one of the barn's main uprights, limiting the beasts motion almost completely. "Stand and come here", my Master said. I stood and walked obediently, head down, to my Master. "Disrobe", he ordered, and in a flash I was naked. My Master observed my body, reading it with his eyes for a moment. My body shivered with anticipation, and juices ran down my inner thighs. "On your hands and knees, facing away from the beast", he commanded. For a moment I dared to look into my Master's eyes; they were strong and commanding. In him I saw what has always been my heart's desires-the ultimate in love and trust. If I only love him; If I only trust him, he will give me all pleasure. Yes, he was just a man, but he had such an inner power that even this great beast- the owner of such a massive pleasure tool was compelled to obey my Master's will. I complied to my Master's commands. Once on my knees, my Master gripped the donkey's pussy-punishing tool, positioned it, and rubbed it across my firey pussy. The sensation of the huge rubbery shaft head being dragged across my clit made me moan. My Master pulled away the giant prick and I shuddered all over. It was so naughty, so taboo...and that thrilled me to the core. As my mind pondered what it was going to feel like to be filled so completely, suddenly my Master slapped the huge shaft hard against my buttocks so hard that it stung. The donkey snorted. Again and again my Master whipped my ass with the giant meat whip until my ass cheeks glowed a bright red. It was a pleasurable pain, and it only heightened my desire, but I was compelled to ask, "Why is my Master punishing his slave?". He answered, "Your loving caresses had the beast too close to orgasm. This whipping was both for his good and yours. Your hot little pussy will be much tighter than anything he has ever experienced, and it would not be very fulfilling for you if he cums before he has given you the ultimate pleasure". I lowered my head and smiled. As always, even though I might not have understood what was happening, my Master had my best interests in mind, as he always does. My Master lowered the huge prick between my legs again and then suddenly used it to slap my pussy hard several times. My enlarged clit stung from the beating, but again it was a pleasurable pain. Holding the top of my shapely ass, my Master forced me to lean forward, and then I felt what I had been craving as the huge cockhead pressed against the entrance to my hotbox. The cockhead was so big I wondered how I might fit something so big inside my little pussy. My Master stepped over the large prick, holding it tightly and straddling it as if he were wrestling a python. He then rotated the huge cock in slow circles, coating the head in my overflowing juices. The donkey, upon feeling the wonderful sensation of hot pussy, lurched forward in an attempt to thrust his huge shaft into me. His powerful lunge made the pole he was tied to shake the entire barn. My Master pushed back against the beast, letting him know that it was my Master who was in charge of who got to do what, and when they got to do it. "Look back here", my Master ordered. As I looked back, he had the long shaft raised between his legs as if it were his own cock. "I am the Master of this cock! Do you desire to please your Master's cock?", he said. "Yes, Master", I replied. "Come then...take your Master's prize cock!", he commanded. "Yessss...Master", I answered, lust filling my voice. I turned, and with my head down, I pressed back firmly against the massive cockhead. My lips were splayed open, and my legs were stretched apart as much as I could endure, but just as I was beginning to think that it couldn't possibly fit in, I felt the rubbery cockhead begin slowly sinking inside. I groaned with pleasure at having my pussy stretched so wide; it was pain and pleasure at the same time. The first wave of my orgasm convulsed on the massive cockhead, lubricating it better. Seeing this, my Master leaned forward and allowed the beast to thrust forward, instantly burying six inches of impossibly thick cockmeat inside my body. I bit my lip and winced at the sudden sharp pain, and white-hot shards of light blazed in my head. I slowly rotated my hips, and seeing this, my Master knew I was safe. "Work his cock harder, slave", he commanded. I complied by humping the massive cock wildly. I could hear the donkey making those funny little sounds again and knew that the beast was thoroughly enjoying being fucked by a human female. This turned me on further. In my fucking the beast I reveled in that sense of power that, at least to a point, I was in control. "Take more of his cock!", my Master ordered. I moved my knees back, then pushed for all I was worth against the beast's shaft until there must have been a foot of his meat inside me. The cock sank to the limits of my recesses. I was completely filled, and could take no more inside...or so I thought. The donkey made a kind of whinnying noise and lurched forward again, compelling my velvety folds to accomodate the limit of his movement- another two inches. The shaft felt absoultely, permanently embedded in my pussy. I could feel the massive tip pressing itself flat against my cervix. I humped up and down, back and forth on the object of my desire, doing my best to free the cock enough to get some movement of the shaft inside my box. My juices coated the shaft, and slowly I began loosening enough to get motion of the shaft inside me. All at once I became a wild animal, thrusting forward and backwards on the throbbing monster cock, taking six or seven inches in and out with each push and pull. The donkey whinnied loudly. "He is ready, my love", my Master said..."Now...Fuck him hard now!!!" he commanded. I fucked the massive shaft like I have never done for any other lover. Within moments I felt the cockhead swell inside me, and then the massive shaft began jerking up and down so fiercely that it almost lifted me from my knees. I had a massive orgasm as the beast squirted hot, gooey streams of cum deep inside me. I leaned my face onto the blanket and lost myself in the warm waves of my orgasm. My Master pulled the now softening prick slowly and gently from within me. Cum flowed out of my pussy as it twitched and spasmed uncontrollably.

I rolled onto my back and looked dreamily at my Master.

"Master?", I said. "Yes, slave" he replied.

"Your slave thanks you", I said.

"And your Master loves you", he said.


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