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My Stallion, My Mate Chapter 01

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This story is a work of fiction. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. Thank You and Enjoy.

My Stallion, My Mate - Chapter 01

    My parents live on a farm out west. We mostly raise cattle and pigs, but every now and then, they try raising something exotic. Now, you may not think a stallion to be very exotic, but when you’re used to pigs and cattle, it’s a big change. It all started when, instead of all out raising horses, they decided to try babysitting one first, kind of a trial run so to speak. The result was a large black stallion named “Turbo”. He belonged to a neighboring couple, and by neighbor I mean they lived about 6 miles down the road.

    When he was dropped off at our ranch, it was the first time I had seen a stallion in person. I have seen horses, and ponies, but not a Stallion, much less one of such size and muscle. His coat was flawless, like it was taken care of by god himself. My parents decided to house him in a side barn for the duration of his stay. He’d be with us for about 4 weeks, just long enough for our neighbors to go on a vacation, and for us to get an idea of what taking care of a horse is like.

    I was assigned the responsibilities for taking care of him. I was to feed, clean, and clean out his stall on a regular basis. Almost immediately, I got to work, cleaning, brushing, and feeding him. There were times when I would spend most of my day in his stall, seeing how a horse as large as him does his business a lot.

    One day, I was brushing him, like usual, and I noticed something unusual. Now, I’ve had my share of sex-ed classes, not to mention farm animals hump each other all the time, so I can recognize a hard-on when I see it. What amazed me was the sheer size of the horse’s dick. It had to be well over 2 ft long, and as big around as my wrist. Suddenly, Turbo starts making some throat noises, and starts to hump air. Knowing what he wants, and a little unsure myself, I reach out my hand, and grip his dick, and start to jack him off. As I start, I can see his precum coat the tip, and drip onto the floor. I slowly quicken my pace, and his hips move in response. Before long, Turbo starts making loud horse sounds, and he cums in my hand. He spurts huge spurts forward onto his hay. Eventually, the fire hose stops, and I swear he came at least a gallon. Seeming satisfied, his cock shrinks into its sheath, and he curls up in a corner satisfied, leaving me to clean up the mess.

    Every now and then, I’d have to repeat jacking him off, knowing how I feel when I feel the need to jack off. Almost every night after, I’d have to jack myself off at least 3 times. Usually, I start by whipping my 7 in dick out, and rubbing it. Eventually, the image of Turbo cumming all over my hands pops into my head. I jack my cock with my right hand, and let my left finger my asshole. In no time, I’m coming all over myself. I even became addicted to my own cum after tasting it once, now I can’t live without it.

    This got me curious, what would Turbo’s cum taste like? I had to find out. During one of our sessions, after I made him cum, I got what I could, and ate it. Ohh my god, it was great, better than my own…..I needed his cum now. The next day, I got him hard, instead of it happening this time. I rubbed his soft cock, and he responded by it reaching its full glory. For the first time, I kneeled under him, and licked his dick. He seemed too like it, if his bucking was any indication. When his first drops of precum appeared, I lapped it down greedily. Being brave, I took the head into my mouth, and moved down as far as I could without choking. I had to be careful, his bucking almost choked me. I grabbed the base if his cock with my hands, and jacked him while I gave him his first blowjob. I forced my mouth as far down as it would go, and I gagged. Mot much mind you, but some. In any event, I had something to work with. I took some of my spit in my hands, and used it to lube his cock to give him a proper handjob. After no time at all, I felt his cock tense, like so many times before, just not in my mouth. I felt him shoot in my mouth. The first spurts went straight into my belly, while others I could actually savor. Eventually, I couldn’t hold it all in anymore, and I had to pull off his cock. The rest of his spunk hit me in the face, hair, shirt, etc. After he was finally done, I was amazed, both at his incredible taste, and how much I was drenched. I scooped up what I could, and ate the rest of it. It was sooooo incredibly good. I’m just lucky I brought an extra pale of water with me.

    It wasn’t long before I became addicted to his cum. Even after I’d blow Turbo, I’d have to jack off every night, and it got to the point to where I would have to stick a banana up my ass to even come close to matching the incredible thrill of making Turbo cum all over me. It was like I was on fire all the time, unable to cool down, and the only time It would calm down would when I was soaked with his cum.

    I just couldn’t take it anymore, and I knew what I had to do. It was another hot summer day like the all the rest. I went into his stall, and went straight for his dick. I got down on my knees, and took his soft dick in my mouth, with my own hardening in the process. It takes just a minute for him to reach his full hardness. I blow him like usual, gagging myself to get lot of lube, and using my hands to spread it around his hardness. After he was fairly lubed up with my spit, I stood up from under him, and dropped my jeans, and under wear. I dropped to my knees again, and went back to his dick. I took some of my spit on his dick, and spread it on my asshole. I started by rubbing it around the hole, then sticking it in, lubing my insides.

    After I was lubed up enough, I stood up, then bent over with my ass in the air, ready for a good fucking. I’m guessing Turbo got the picture because he moved up to where his cock touched my ass. I grabbed the head, and aimed it for my virgin asshole. As he moved forward, his dick slid into my ass hole. It felt incredible, the mixture of pleasure and pain was……..incredible. I could literally feel my ass being stretched to its limit, and farther. I braced myself with my arms, so as not to fall, and lose any of his incredible cock. Unfortunately, he could only get about 5 inches of his sex tool into me, but it felt like I had a watermelon up my ass. He seemed to read the fact that no more of his dick was going in my hot hole. He started to buck his hips, trying to fuck me. Almost instantly, from his sheer size, my prostate was squeezed, and I came instantly. I never stopped in fact, not until he was finished. He kept thrusting into me, trying to breed his bitch, and that was all I was to him, his bitch. In no time, I felt my warmth deep in my colon, warmth like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I could feel his cum coating my organs, places I never knew I had. In my lust-crazed haze, I happened to notice that I could actually see my belly distend, almost like I was pregnant.
    When he was done, he backed out of me, and all his cum flowed out of my ass. I hit the ground, unable to support myself anymore, especially with my ass being wide open now. Like usual, he went to a corner to rest. I on the other hand, could only lay there. It must have been about 20 minutes I laid there, before I could get enough energy to stand, let alone walk. It was nearly impossible for me to walk right for the next week. I used the excuse that I had eaten something that had made me go to the bathroom a lot or something like that. It wasn’t very long after that that, Turbo had to go back home down the road. When the neighbors asked how it was taking care of a horse, I replied it was great. My parents are seriously thinking about buying some horses to raise. The only thing is, It seems that I can’t keep any food down lately……

To Be Continued?


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