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My Stallion, My Mate Chapter 04

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This story is a work of fiction. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. Thank You and Enjoy.

My Stallion, My Mate - Chapter 04

    It’s a nice warm day, and my lover is running around the fenced-in enclosure. As I walk up to the fence, Turbo notices me instantly, and runs over to me. As he gallops up to me, I plant a kiss on his nose, which he repays with a lick of his own. “Enjoying your exercise today, hon?” I ask. His sounds of approval make me happy. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice his dick starting to peek out. Upon seeing this, I remark, “You know, you’re almost as horny as I am.” Knowing what’s next, my lover pulls away, and goes into the barn, anxiously awaiting his mate to give him some lovin. I take my time going into the barn, just to tease him. This way, his dick will be even bigger for me to suck on. Eventually, I go into the barn to where my lover is waiting for me.
    Even though I intended to tease my lover, my own rock-hard member proved that I may have teased myself as well. As I stroll into the barn, Turbo rushes to meet me. He seems to take notice of my hard-on poking through my dress. I’ve recently took to wearing maternity dresses, simply because I AM pregnant, and the dresses fit pretty well, especially considering my formerly flat chest has grown to a set of A-cup breasts to feed the foal. He slowly moves his nose down, slowly rubbing my 7-month pregnant belly on the way down, even though it looks like the belly of a woman who’s overdue. Turbo nudges my hard dick, and I lift up the hem of my dress to give him better access. Turbo catches glimpse of my dick poking through the gap in my boxers, and starts to lick it. Almost instantly, I get weak in the knees, and Hold onto my mate’s strong neck for support. He begins by licking the head of my cock, the best he can. He moves down, and licks the entire underside of my dick from balls to dick-head. It takes only a minute before I spew my pregnant seed all over myself and my lover.  When he’s done, he lifts his head to mine, and I kiss his face, and he returns the ferver. He opens his mouth, and I eagerly suck on the tongue of my stallion. Breaking the kiss, I move to get a nearby bucket to sit on. I put it under him, and take off my dress. I grab the hem of it, and lift it above my head, feeling the fabric glide across my belly. Taking off my boxers, I finally take my place on my bucket under my lover, this beast that knocked me up.
    I take his hard tool in my right hand, and use my tongue to lick up all the pre-cum leaking from the slit. Using my tongue, I lick all around its head, getting it nice and shiny before I take it into my mouth. I use my hand, and spread my spit all over his tool, getting it ready for me to jack it off. With my left hand, I grab my hardening nipples, and start to tweak them. Unable to control myself, I take my lover’s dick head into my mouth, tongue swirling around it as I do. I revel at the taste of his pre-cum as I feel it leak from his cum slit. Following suit, I slowly start to pump his rod. As I pleasure him, I move my free hand down over the swell of my belly, taking special care to drag my fingers along. When my free hand reaches my dick, I only stroke it a few times before I cum for the second time today. As I moan onto my lover’s cock, I can feel his dick get bigger in my mouth, threatening to explode. Fortunately, I’ve gotten quite good a torturing my lover’s dick. With my right hand, I grab the base of his dick, preventing him from feeding me his cum. The discontent of my lover is obvious from his whimpering, begging for me to let him cum. Giggling, “Not yet hon. Besides, you know you love it when I hold you off, then you make a firehose look bad.” His whimpers are a sure sign that he needs to cum, pretty badly this time. Leaving my right hand grasping his dick, preventing him from cumming, I use my left hand to jack him, while my expert mouth works its magic. His whimpers tell me that he desperately needs to let loose. Taking my mouth off, I start to talk dirty to him, he loves that. “Wouldn’t you like to cum. Just let loose all that you’ve got and give me a bath. I bet you wish you were in my ass right now, don’t you. You’d love to feel my hot, ass all around your dick, trying it’s best to drain you of cum. So come on stud, show me how much you’ve got.” With that, I clamp my lips around his cock, and stick it as far in my mouth as his tool will go. I let go of his dick, and use both hands to furiously get all that boiling cum out of his balls. In seconds, I feel his cock get bigger, and I can almost feel the cum rising from the base of his dick into my eagerly awaiting mouth. I caught a lot of the cum in my mouth, but I couldn’t hold it for long, and I had to let the luscious dick out of my mouth. As I was savoring the taste of my snack, my lover kept spraying me with his juice. I felt it hit my face, followed by later spurts falling on my breasts, then covering my pregnant belly. By the time he finished cumming, I was completely drenched in his spunk, almost a gallon it seemed. As I feel his cum dripping off my softening nipples, and my hard, punched out belly button, I could feel our foal moving inside me. “I think that our child likes it when both mommy and daddy are happy hon.” I say in passing.

To Be Continued.

Next Chapter: The Birth.

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