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My wife's first bestiality

shutterbug51 on Animal Stories

one night after sex I asked my wife what was her most unusual desire sexually. Her reply was a surprise. She said she had always wondered what it would be like to fuck and suck a dog. I have seen movies of women with dogs and horses, but had no idea of her wanting to try. A few weeks after she mentioned this I decided to bring home a friend's Great Dane to surprise her..... I had the dog (roscoe) out back so she wouldn't know what I had planned. when she got home from work I told her to shower and go into the bedroom, I had a surprise for her. I then pulled her down to the end of the bed so her ass was at the edge and I tied her ankles to the legs of the bed, spread eagle. I blindfolded her and tied her hands to the posts of the headboard.... I then brought in Roscoe and led him to her pussy, which was wet with her anticipation of sex....Roscoe started licking her wet cunt, licking from her asshole all the way up her wet slit. His tongue was long and thick and he was sliding deep inside of her cunt...She wanted to know who I had in the room and I told her to be quite as she was going have the tonguing and fucking of her life....It didn't take long and I knew she was going to cum, knowing how my wife squirts, I pulled Roscoe's head away just in time. she squirted about three feet accross the room, with me trying to drink in as much as I could....I was as hard as a rock from what I had just watched, my cock standing out it's full 9". I told her I was going to untie her, but to leave the blindfold on. As I was untying her Roscoe started to lick my hard cock, I had to push him away, for fear I'd cum before I was ready.... I took her to living room and told her to stay on her hands and knees, that she was going to get the fucking of her life. I spread her knees apart to expose her drenched cunt, for easy access, for Roscoe....Roscoe was so big that he easily could stratle her and enter her without a problem. I started jacking off Roscoe until his cock swelled to 10" and guided him into herand he took off like crazy when he was in humping a mile a minute. I went to her face and throat fucked her until I came, which didn't take long as horny as I was. she was screaming fuck me with that big cock, still not knowing just who was fucking her......I then took off the blindfold and when she saw the Greatdane her eyes opened wide wide and said what the fuck is going on? I said this was what she wanted and she was damn sure going to get it. Actually by now she was to far gone enjoying the fucking she was getting, and then he slipped his knott into her, she let out a cry that he was going to tear her open, but then she was again into the ectasy of the huge fucking she was getting....after about 20mins. Rosoe came filling her cunt with hot dog cum, which was so plentiful it seeped out of her cunt as they waited for the kno to go down, which was about 15mins. later. I was again hard and wanted to fuck, and didn't wait. I slid my hard cock in and fuck my wife hard and fast with all the hot cum still in her from Roscoe, filling her even more......after roscoe rested, she wanted to see just how big a cock had fucked her. She started jacking him off sliding back his sheath as his cock grew to it's 10" she then saw the size of the knot and gasped. She then sucked Roscoe until he came again, losing some of his cum, as she couldn't swallow fast enough. The whole timeshe sucked his cock I had mine in Roscoe's as he licked my balls as I fucked his mouth filling it with another load of my hot cum. It was a long tiring, but enjoyable weekend.....My wife then decided we should drive out in the country the next weekend in search of a horse. I'll write about that next.



no stars learn to spell it is bestiality then learn to write if you were submitting a poem then it should have been sent to the poems, BUT when it is all said and done you should find another pass time.

As for the people that liked it well there is no ac

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