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Old man next door caught me sucken my dog.

LOIS on Animal Stories

M y dog Rex was the love of my life, as I left him out in the back yard to go pee, or any other business he had to do which he had to pee as he lifted his leg and went on my lawn chair. I hollow at him now I was going to half to hose it off, under my breath I call him a stupid fuck en dog. I left him back into the house he put his nose along my leg rubbing up and down ,I rub his head and told him later . I walk into the bedroom taken my clothes, when Rex came in excited jump up and down wanting to be playful ,keep telling him no , when I saw his cock was out about three inch. When the old man from next door walk in front of my window he always came in the back to get the water hose he borrows as he has my permission to use anytime.He didn't see me so I don't think he did any how, AS Rex jump up my back and scratch me knock me down ,Rex stop as he started licking my cunt now I no I couldn't stop him even if I wanted to, he lick on my clit and putting that tongue deep in side of me. I started moaning telling Rex to lick faster as I cum in his mouth with a tongue like that drove into a loud orgasm . Rex got down and I turn over as Rex got up on me rapt his paws around my hips,he hit the hole first try, I like being fuck by Rex when I look to my side and the old man was watching in front of the window. It look like he yanking his cock,well I'm going to give him the best show he every saw ,cum in me Rex fuck me with that cock put that knot in me fuck me when his knot hit the lips a couple of times and when in , the old man seen that and had the side of his face plaster against the window. He was licking the window make a mess of it and thought to my self I hope the old fuck don't died that this is a lot of excitement for him ,but that would be the way I wanted to go.After his knot came out after 12 minutes and the cum came out of me ,I walk over to the window he was pound his meat, I open the window and ask if he need a hand .I reach down and got a hand full of Rex cum ,reach out the window and put it on the head of his cock, just then he came I reach down and took a string of his rope hanging and put it up to my mouth tilting my head back for him to watch.


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