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Our Dog

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No refusal excepted. - My mind was made up, our dogs getting a fuck on her tonight! [My wife that is] Oh yeah... Day after day she lets me watch the mutt lick her into an orgasmic stupor, but then refuses to kneel down for the poor fucker [With a hardon like a babies arm] to get it into her.

I'm not prepared to let the mutt suffer any longer, he gets her tonight regardless of her wants. As soon as he's licked her cunt into cumming, I'm gonna flip her into kneeling and hold her if necessary until he's got it into her sopping wet vagina. I mean proper fucking 'knotted' so she can't get away until he's emptied his balls up inside the fucking horny bitches womb, because with the cock he's fucking got hanging that's just where his puppy juice will finish up.

Lets face it, she's no innocent, now at 32 she's had a number of my mates knobs... Yeah, - she knows I know and seen her often taking them. - Well this time she's up for a real bruiser of a knob, Ten inches at least and thicker than any man she's managed up till now - and that's before the knot [The size of a mans fist] sticks her ass to the mutts while he drags her around the floor trying to un-knot from her.

Okay! I'm prepared to steady the fucker so as not to let him turn her cunt inside out! But that knots staying in her good-&-proper! ...The pattern never changes... we sit for awhile, she watches our mutt,he watches her out the corner of his eyes, her dress rises up her thighs, she eases her knicker's to one side, his tail wags, then she's got him trapped.

He slinks over to her, glancing guiltily at me as he goes, but like us men, the lure of the pussy is just too much! Then after a few tentative licks, he's at her good, at first she just keeps her knickers out of the way, then his tongue demands more and she 'A's' her fingers to hold the lips open letting his tongue sink into her pinkness. The thighs spread wider with each slither of his tongue up thro' her slit until with her body trembling she pushes him aside to allow her to strip off her bottom half. [Tail gently wagging] he waits for his next helping... the movement of clothes removing has lubed her vaginas entrance and now with relish he slurps deeply up thro her cunt slit making her belly jerk and tremble.

"Steady! Slower! Do it slower for mummy!" - Complying he steadies & she helps herself to more titilation now by easing her hood back from her clitoris allowing even deeper penitration of her cunt lips until now physically shaking all over, - "Not to quick, you're making me cum!" - For seconds she hides her clit from his demading tongue but as her excitement eases she again gives him full access to that bean until with her ass sliding forward off the seat she yelps and trembles in an almighty orgasm, in turn the dog licks at her cunt - long licks now taking in her cunt and asshole crease until in despair - "NO! - GOD NO MORE! - I JUST CAN'T HAVE ANYMORE! - FUCK I CAN'T!"

She moves to deny the mut anything else and with a stupid look on his face and 10 inches of hanging hardon he barks as if to be demanding she presents her cunt to him for fucking! - All the other times I've pleaded at this point for her to give it to him - But this time, I'm off my chair and grabbing at her torso, - "Over! Turn over you whore! You're his and I'm making sure he fucks you!" - In shock she - on steadying herself - hit my hardon inside my trousers - "No! No! Only yours, I told you - NOT HIS! - Its too big!

Her fight was less than I expected as I had her on her knees and with my full weight across her back held her flattend in the chair ready for our dog. - Watching he hesitated until reaching under him & smoothing his hard cock - "Come on you dumb bastard, I'm holding her for you!" - "Don't you fucking dare you sick bastard, I'll murder you when I get up from here!" - Quiet now as the dog went in to lick her super wet slit some more - "God No! Its to touchy, I'll pee! I swear it'll make me pee myself! NO, don't lick me now, please don't let him!"

I just done what was needed, slapping her ass cheeks I invited the dog to mount her and that's just what he did. - I knew the heat of his cock hit her entrance because I felt her jerk under me - "Fuck its so hot - don't let him, its burning hot - Oh! Oh! its going inside... Fuck! That's fucking hot!" - I felt her relaxing and dearly wanting to see that fucking hugh dark red piece of flesh sinking up inside my wife's cunt I moved back to watch.

Not moving, but with her head facing away from me she stayed as she was as this fucking hard dog cock was getting swallowed by her vagina. The shaft slid nicely up into her and as he gripped her hips so tightly she clearly now had no chance of getting out of a full on fucking I relaxed on the floor watching the spectacle of-dog-fucking-woman.

Now with his feet inside of the wife's he was certainly tall and big enough to have no problem mating with her, but as I watched his thrusting I admit I had reservations now of that fucking knot smacking at my wife's spread labias' - The more it slapped the wetter she got, but the fucking she was now getting clearly was being enjoyed by woman and dog as she now started pushing back at that thick shaft of dog cock.

"Fuck its fucking hot! He's farther in than any of... she realised what she was saying - well, its right in as far as it can go!" - What she didn't realise but I was seeing was her vagina was tantalizingly spreading open at the entrance and that knot was getting very much nearer to pushing past the tightness of her entrance. [I knew precum was drooling from my own cock,such was the spectacle] but by now I wanted that knot well and truly up inside her.

He not thrusting now and just pressed at my wife while she seemed to be pressing at him - "What's it like now?" - "Fucking gorgeous. Its fucking monsterous inside me" - "Are you glad I made you?" - "Don't ask... Yeah alright? Yeah I wanted too anyway, but it was scaring me, did you see how big he is?" - "Wow! What was that?" - I'd just watched as her now slippery pressing cunt had submitted to that fist size knot and my wife was truly knotted with the mutt - "Fuck that's nice, what ever happened! it just wonderful, no man can do that to me... What did he do just then?" - "Knotted with you, he's knotted!"

"AH! AH! Fuck! you wouldn't believe how that feels, he's fucking cumming like hell up in me, FUCK IS THAT HOT! and its shooting over and over - really hard squirts and its in my womb... He's coming right up in the entrance to my womb!" - The look on the mutts face was a picture. You could tell every nerve in his body and every brain cell he has was cocentrated on impregnation! - It was not immediate that he started trying to turn in her. - "FUCK! FUCK! What's he doing to me now?"

"Just trying to turn like dogs do. [I, looking at her entrance] I could see her vagina was having trouble coping with the fist sized knot turning. - I grabbed his body and stopped him from doing that while admiring the sheer swelling of her cunt as just inside it had coped with a massively swollen cock. But her vulva area with its now soaked pubes was larger and bulbus up towards her belly because of the hugeness his knot was impressing in her. - Then I noted a slight subsidence in its size and helped him turn in her and her cunt coped with this although it looked like it might [her cunts membrane] get pulled out with his knot.

He went to pull away from her now but as her entrance stretched but couldn't release the knot I held him & stopped him from pulling until with her entrance comfortably now coping & him shrinking I adjudged she was able to release him from her tunnel and out that facinating cock plopped accompanied by lots of her and his cum. He walked away strangely,  [As tho' his legs were disconnected] glanced back at her vagina and rear and promply lay licking what unsheaved cock was still protruding.

Still knelt as tho' her desires were now satiated, - "Want me to fuck it now?" - No reply, but her ass jerked slightly - I took this to mean - 'If you want too' and promply took the place of the dog on her back. Surprisingly my cock felt just fine inside the much stretched vagina only moments before and with all the excitement of watching them, I - in turn in no time pumped my spill up her to mingle with all that dog spunk she'd received minutes earlier. I admit, I never even thought of if she'd cum off with me fucking her, but she certainly cum off more than once as he fucked her stupid.

Pulling my spunk drooling cock out of her. she just lingered as she was while much of all our cum dribbled from her - The afterglow subsiding she eventually uttered - "Fuck! - What a fucking that was, I'd have never dreamed a dog could do me that good... Did you enjoy watching us, you better had, because you've got me hooked on it and I want more whether you let me or not!" - She stood blatantly in front of my face letting her cunt disgorge dog spunk. - "Pull it open and tell me if he bruised me, fuck I know it was bigger than anything I've had before"

A slight darker blueish area was present just inside where the knot had stretched her, but I told her - "No! - You took it fine!" - After all I didn't want to put her off for the future, did I?



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