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Randy & Sara Great Danes Ch#2

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          After our session with Randy and Sara we laid in bed discussing what we had done and how we both felt.  I mentioned to Ruth that with her busy work schedule we needed a housekeeper.  She agreed, but said that it would probably be hard to find someone who was open minded.  I mentioned that I could place an advertisement in one of the underground papers and we would see what happens.

          The next morning after breakfast and Ruth went to work, I got dressed and went downtown and placed the follow advertisement; “Wanted Housekeeper for a very special couple, must be open-minded, discreet, honest and trustworthy.  If you fit the bill contact Mark and 555-0513 for interview”.

          I showed the advertisement to Ruth when she arrived home.  She said “it might work”.  She asked when it would be published, and I told her that the paper came out on Friday each week.  After the first publicized week I received a call from Ms. Princess Batibo, a Filipina, and age 22.  I set up an interview appointment for Saturday morning at 8 am.  That night I told Ruth we had a taker, and that her name was Princess Batibo, from the Philippines, age 22, and the interview was set for Saturday at 8 am.  Why don’t we go outside and play with Randy and Sara for awhile.

          As we sat in our lounge chairs, Randy came up to Ruth and started licking her legs, she spread them so Randy would have better access to her pussy.  Sara on the other hand, came to me and commenced to lick my balls and dick.  Ruth made the comment “I want to feel all of Randy inside me including his knot”.  I placed Randy’s front paws on the arms of the lounge chair as Ruth scooted down making it easier for him to enter her pussy.

          Randy started fucking Ruth and Ruth screamed “I’m Cumming” when Randy pushed his knot inside her.  Randy’s hind legs were dancing as he tried to get further into Ruth’s pussy.  When he came I thought Ruth was going to pass out, but instead she screamed “his cum is so hot, I’m Cumming again”.  When he finished and started to pull out, “Ruth screamed for me to stop him, it hurts”, I held Randy’s hind quarters still as we waited for his knot to go down.  After about 5 minutes he slipped out of Ruth’s pussy and trotted over on the grass and started cleaning himself.

          Sara came over and started licking Ruth’s pussy as cum was spilling out, this brought Ruth to another climax.  I moved next to Ruth’s head and stuck my dick in her mouth.  She would suck and moan, then suck some more until I blew my load down her throat.  Ruth got up and we retired to our bedroom for a good nights rest.

          The next morning being Saturday, we were looking forward to interviewing Ms. Batibo regarding our housekeeping needs.  I was sitting in the den reading the morning paper as Ruth was finishing up the breakfast dishes when the door bell rang.  Ruth and I grabbed our housecoats from the hall tree and when I opened the door I was somewhat surprised.  Ms. Batibo stood about 5’ tall and was rather intimidating with her beauty.

          I invited her in and made the introductions, we all moved into the den and I asked Princess to tell us a little about herself.  She told us that she was on a visitor’s visa and that it would expired in thirty days, so she was really looking for a sponsor, and a work sponsor would meet her needs.  At present she was staying with friends but had to move every week to other friend’s homes, she wanted, no needed a permanent place to reside.  

          I looked a Ruth and she gave a nod of her head indicating for me to continue with the interview.  I asked Princess what she knew regarding the subject of nudism.  Princess told us that she enjoyed being nude and she would always remove her clothes and walk around the house nude, of course that only happened when she knew the family would be gone for several hours.  I asked her what she would say if we told her we were nudist.  The first question out of her mouth was; “could she also be able to go nude while in the house?”.  Ruth and I stood and started removing our housecoats and told Princess she may join us if she wanted.

          Princess immediately stood and removed her clothing.  I told her to remain standing and turn around, the view was spectacular.  She had well rounded breasts, well trimmed pussy hair, well proportion ass, and long black hair midway down her back.  Ruth looked at me and noticed that I was getting an erection and smiled. I had Princess sit down and asked her what she thought of Bestiality.  I told her we had two Great Danes named Randy and Sara, and sometimes we played with them in the backyard.  Princess was quite for several minutes, then said,” she knew nothing about Bestiality but if it was important she would learn”.  

          Princess told us that she was willing to do anything in order to remain in the States and not have to return to the Philippines.  Ruth was the first to speak, she told Princess to get dressed and go retrieve her personal things from her friend’s house and come back.  Princess stood up and came forward and kissed Ruth then came to me and gave me a kiss while feeling my cock.

          After Princess left, Ruth got down on her knees and took my cock in her mouth and said, “She would finish what Princess started”.   After I came and Ruth swallowed the load I gave her we sat down and talked about Princess.  I told Ruth that when Princess returned, I would go outside and leave them to talk about what her duties were to be.

          Several hours later Princess returned with her merger belongings and Ruth escorted her to what would be her room.  I mentioned to both girls that I would be out by the pool, leaving them to their own destiny.  Later I slipped into the house and walked to Princess’ bedroom and there I discovered Ruth and Princess in a 69 position, with Princess on top.  I could not resist.  I moved behind Princess and inserted my dick in her pussy, she was shocked but kept licking Ruth’s pussy; Ruth was no longer licking and sucking Princess but had taken my balls, one at a time, in her mouth and was sucking on them as if they were grapes.  It was a short time later that all three of us came together screaming and howling like banshees. 

          It was still early in the day so we retired to the pool for a relaxing swim.  When we got outside Randy and Sara came towards us and started sniffing Princess, I told Princess to calm down they just wanted to be able to identify her.  Randy being the horniest dog I know immediately went for her pussy, she grabbed my hand tightly as Randy took a swipe with his long tongue up through her pussy lips.               

           I told Randy to go lay down, and we stepped into the pool.  I asked Princess what she felt when Randy licked her pussy.  She stated that it was “new, exciting, and she would like to try it again”, Ruth and I laughed and said we would initiate her fully later.  After our swim, Ruth and Princess prepared dinner while I called my attorney and told him of the problem regarding Princess, he told me that he did not see a problem and would get back with me on Monday afternoon.

Chapter 3 is forth coming.





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