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Rape or pleasure?

belladonnaslave on Animal Stories

I wake in a daze, trying to figure out where the hell I am...All I know is I'm in a van with my head covered, travelling somewhere. I can hear murmuring voices coming from the front seat but as hard as I strain i cannot hear what they are saying. The last thing i remember is walking towards a bar, and then blank.

Suddenly the van stops. The door slides open and I am grabbed and thrown over someone’s shoulder, to be carried off to fuck knows where. I struggle to free myself and a voice growls in my ear...

"stay still bitch or you will make it worse for yourself"

I stop struggling and whimper as I'm thrown onto what feels like a large bed. The hood is ripped from my head and i blink against the glare, looking around the room, seeing around 6 or 7 men leering at me. One walks over to me and rips my dress down the front, revealing my bare breasts and panties, i try to cover myself but he grabs me and holds my hands behind my back, securing them together with cable ties, pulling them hard on my wrists. He pulls a large knife out of his jacket and cuts my panties off, then stuffs them into my mouth, gagging me, leaving me naked and bound on the bed.

One of the other men moves towards the bed, unzipping his pants, pulling out his large cock. My eyes fill with fear and i struggle to move away from him as he grabs my head and rips the gag off,

"Suck my cock bitch" he growls and forces his cock between my lips, grabbing my hair and stuffing it down my throat, making me gag hard.

I struggle to take him as he fucks my mouth violently, another of the men approaches the bed and pushes me over onto my back, spreading my legs wide, while the first guy moves behind my head and pulls my head back, then stuffs his cock straight down my throat again..I nearly vomit as he gags me hard, I try to suck air in through my nose as I struggle to breath, but find I can’t breathe and struggle harder..this struggling entices the second guy and he grabs my butt, spreads my ass wide and slides his cock straight up my ass..

I pull violently off the cock in my mouth and scream loudly as the others in the room cheer, but this just makes him laugh and thrust harder into me, my ass is raped, it burns with pain and his large cock thrusts hard in and out of my tight hole. The guy at my face grabs me by the throat and plunges his cock deep into my mouth again, I gasp and struggle but it is no use, he pushes his cock hard, and my throat contracts, i look at him with pleading eyes and he grins leeringly at me and thrusts throat cannot cope and my stomach heaves, he pulls out of my mouth just in time, I turn my head and heave all over the bed, to glorious cheers from the onlookers’ sob, tears streaming down my face, vomit on my chin. The man above me grabs my face and rubs it on the sheet, then stuffs his cock back in, though not at deep as before.

I lay there feeling utterly humiliated as they use my ass and mouth, and pray to a god i don’t believe in to please make it end. But it doesn’t, it only gets worse, much worse. Another of the men steps forward and climbs onto the bed, pulling me on top of him, face up, parting my ass cheeks and pushing his cock slowly into my throbbing ass, while the guy who has been in my ass kneels and thrusts into my pussy, all the way in one hard stroke. They fuck me hard and fast, grabbing my flesh and squeezing me, bruising me...while the others stand around me , jerking their cock while watching me be abused.

One suddenly leaves and returns after about a minute, leading a large black and white spotted dog with him...the men fucking me suddenly pull out and push me over onto my leans down and mutters into my ear...

"You ever been fucked by a dog, you dirty cunt whore?"

I struggle to see what is happening, i look over my shoulder and see the guy leading the dog to the bed...

I shake my head side to side...."no no no I" moan..."please no.."

I feel sharp nails dig into me as he makes the dog mount me, I feel the dogs hard shaft pushing against my wet ass and then it slides straight in... I struggle hard to pull away but my hips are grabbed and I’m held tight..The dog starts to hump me hard and fast, panting at my ear, dripping dog spit all over my back.

I beg for them to stop it but they all laugh and leer at me as they all stroke their hard dirty cocks, watching the huge dog fuck my ass ...pushing his cock deep into me, swelling inside me...then he cums hard, pumping his cum deep into me, some runs out of me and down my legs. They quickly pull him away before he gets stuck in me, one of them dips his fingers into my ass then thrusts them into my mouth, making me clean them all..Once by one the men line up at my face and jerk off onto me, splattering my face with their warm cum, drenching me.

The door opens and the men all fasten their pants, taking the dog with them they leave, discussing how hot it was to watch me being raped, while i lay on the bed sobbing, my ass dripping dog cum all over the sheets, my face and hair full of drying sticky cum...

Suddenly I feel a hand on my back and a collar is slipped around my throat.

"You have done well Bellaslave" Masters voice whispers into my ear..

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