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Rise of the planet of the Apes 20 years latter!!! The Sexfight Dome!

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Rise of the planet of the Apes 20 years latter!!! The Sexfight Dome!




It’s been 20 years since the plague that nearly wiped out humanity and the ape revolt in San Francisco occurred 2 years before I was even born. My name is Emily I’m 18 years old and I’m one of many sex slaves under the service of Zira our master she is a Bonobo,


Our lives believe it or not are kind of pampered compared to the rest of humans now under the service of apes. Most have to work brutally until they die with no pay and little to no food; others are pets and curiosities until their owner tires of them. Others are forced to participate in Gladiatorial fights for the Apes entertainment which are also televised.  And others end up as test subjects for their scientific and medical research for what I hear we used to do that to them.


Not all apes agree with this treatment not even the great old Caesar who led the revolt but he is far more preoccupied with getting his new ape civilization kick started.. So that brings back the topic to me as I’ve said we live rather pampered lives compared to most humans nowadays.. The catch (isn’t there one always) is that unlike most humans we never wear clothes. Our owner strictly forbids it and most Bonobos feel the same way about those in their service anyway.


Our master loves to make us compete against each other sexually to see who gets to be with her in her chamber. I know that sounds revolting but Bonobos are just insatiable.  When I was bought by her a year ago the first thing she did was made me ditch my clothes so she could inspect me and boy did she! She sucked my nipples until they were hard as rocks and then dove for my pussy and ate it, I just kept cumming until I was virtually dry.


All in all I guess compared to what else is out there I should not complain, our work load is very light compared to what most humans have to endure. And having to cum for a horny female bonobo beats being worked to death in a field any day of the week.. Our master loves to do just that a lot, during the day she will randomly pick on one of her many human female servants that are either doing the laundry, sweeping the floor or washing her clothes and she fingers and licks them until they cum. That’s pretty much the routine around here.


Today I was serving breakfast to Master Zira and she pulled me over and ordered me to sit on the table so she could eat my pussy again. She did so hard I almost fainted. She whispered that I was one of her favorites and that if I won tonight’s sexfight I’d be the one to spend the night in her chamber. Considering that we have to sleep on the floor otherwise all of us are highly motivated to win.


My opponent is about 3 years older than me and for what I hear far more experienced in the sexual arts but she doesn’t know who she is messing with. I will not be sleeping on the floor tonight she will be!










The Sexfight!


Emily and Catherine seized each other up in the canvas. Catherine was 22 years old 3 years older than Emily and Emily knew her opponent was more versed in the sexual arts but that did not hinder nor stopped her determination to win. She was going to use all the techniques she had learned from fellow slaves and from her master Zira as well who was watching eagerly for the match to begin.


Emily quickly embraces her opponent and deeply kissed her while yanking her hair and making Catherine lose her balance. According to the rules of the match whoever fell first had to submit to have her pussy eaten by the one who remained standing. Emily lost no time and dove right for Catherine’s pussy slurping deeply and sucking Catherine clit with vigor while fingering Catherine’s pussy at the same time.


Catherine’s breath became deeper and quickly she was moaning. Emily had her right where she wanted she increased her tempo and soon Catherine exploded into orgasm. Emily enjoyed her triumph watching how orgasmic waves spread across her opponent’s belly. Emily pressed on and made her opponent cum hard time and time again. Her mouth was overflowing with the juicy nectar of her opponent and she was relishing every drop.


After about half an hour Emily disengaged after feeling her opponent totally drained on the floor. Slowly Catherine stirs and sit down. It was tribbing time wasting no time again Emily interlocked her legs with that of her opponent in an scissor position and began grinding before Catherine could properly respond. Emily grinded her pussy against that of her older and more experienced opponent with all her might. In to time Catherine had lost all control and was once again at Emily’s mercy but Emily was to show none.


Emily continued slamming and grinding her pussy mercilessly and Katherine’s body tensed and then convulsed in wave after wave of orgasms, the battle was over and Emily had won. Emily disentangled herself from her motionless opponent who could now barely squirm and stood victoriously over her. Zira applauded her slave with approval. Zira approached the loser jabbing her long ape finger into Katherine’s pussy and then into her mouth to get a taste of the loser’s pussy juice.


Zira then took the hand of the winner and took Emily to her chamber. Leaving Catherine to sleep in the cold floor for the night.. Emily was awash with anticipation of what awaited her there. Even though she would have a comfortable bed for the night she knew that for most of that night she would not be getting any sleep at all and instead she would be busy cumming hard for her master for most of it.














The Chamber:


I won the fight! I( can hardly believe it, but I did, I gave no quarter and it worked I knew I couldn’t had I given an inch to that bitch Catherine it would be I who would be now sleeping on the floor right now and not her. My master has led to her chamber and has ordered me to lie down on the bed. She is sniffling me with her snout as if trying to catch my very essence. She smells my hair and plays with it then she licks and suckles my left nipple and even bites softly on it, I kind of cringe as my nipple is trapped between her sharp fangs but she does not draw blood. She keeps repeating the process on both nipples until they are rock hard.


My breathing becomes deeper as she works on my breasts and the way down sniffling and licking until she gets to my pussy, with her long fingers she pries my pussy lips apart and flicks her ape tongue into my innards.  My master tongue lashes my pussy endlessly for hours on end, I lose count of the orgasms I have during the night. She just kept me cumming all throughout the night, finally at dawn she relents. I cannot move a single muscle now but she finally allows me to rest and sleep peacefully in her warm bed.


About 8 hours latter I finally awake and my master tells me it’s time to resume my shores. I off course obey without hesitation as I said before given the alternatives this life isn’t so bad could be worse, a whole lot worse and besides I always liked sex anyway what does it matter if you are getting it from a horny female Bonobo that happens to be your master? My master whispers in my ear “Aren’t you glad you made us?” referring to the origin of her species becoming smart hybrids, given the circumstances I nod in approval “Yes master”



The end.


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