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Slithering Surprise

sexyboy22 on Animal Stories

This story is about a 15 year old girl named Emily. Emily is a 9th grader at her school. She has one brother named David, who is 17. She is 5'8", average weight long brown hair, blue eyes, tan, smooth skin, decent sized boobs, and an ass that every boy stared at as she walked by.

    It was 6th period. Everyone was tired and ready to go home, including Emily. The teacher was going on about equations and variables. Only five minutes were left. The seconds ticked away and finally the bell rang. Everyone packed there things and left. Emily got on her bus and rode home. When the bus stopped at the stop, she got off and walked. Finally, she arrived home. When she got inside she set her stuff on the table. Her older brother had a job after school, and didn't get home until seven. Bothe her parents worked as well, and usually got home around six. So she usually had three and a half hours of being home alone. There was no homework tonight, so she decided to go swimming in her pool. When she was home alone, she loved to go swimming naked and then lie in the sun and work on her tan.

    So she went upstairs and took her shorts and shirt off, then took off her bra and slid off her panties. She admired herself in the mirror for a minute and then went to get a towel. With her towel, she went outside to the pool. She set her towel on the table and then jumped in. Her house was on the edge of the neighborhood. There was a house on either side, but in the back, there was a large field with cattle. A simple barb wire fence separated their backyard from the field. No one was ever in the field, so she wasn't afraid to be naked in the yard. Because of the fence, they often got mice and snakes and other creatures in their yard. Since she grew up with them, Emily wasn't afraid of or freaked out by these animals. In fact, he older brother has a pet snake, and she often takes care of it.

    When she got tired of swimming, she got out of the pool and dried her shimmering body. Then she laid her towel out in the grass and laid down on it. She loved to sunbathe, and the breeze felt good on her naked body. Then the wind blew across her pussy and sent chills down her spine. Her nipples hardened and she was turned on, so she stuck a couple fingers in her pussy and massaged her tits. She masturbated until she came, and then she fell asleep on her towel.

    An hour later, she woke up. She was startled at first, but then she remembered her nude swim and falling asleep after masturbating. The breeze kicked up and it felt good against her body, especially her pussy. She lay for a second and then realized the amazing sensation in her pussy. There was something wriggling inside her and flicking the walls of her vagina. It felt so good, and for a second she just lay there. But she had to figure out what was in her, so she looked down. She saw 3 inches of what looked to be the tail of a snake sticking out. She couldn't believe it! While she slept, a snake had slithered into her pussy! And it felt amazing. Something told her to take it out, but it felt so good she let it stay. It wriggled around and flicked its tongue until Emily's body shook with an explosion of pleasure. The snake was confused by the orgasm, so it backed its way out. When it was all the way out, Emily looked at it. It was about a foot long and a half inch in diameter. She watched it as it slid of the towel, into the grass, and back to the field. She was still a little shocked at what had happened, but the thought of a snake inside her gave her a strange feeling.

    She went inside and did her homework. Her parents weren't home yet so she didn't bother putting her clothes on. She went up to her room and sat down at her desk. A half hour later, she was almost done with her homework. She needed a ruler so she went into her brother's room to get one. When she was in his room, she went to the desk to get the ruler. On the way to the desk, she saw Alex, her older brother's pet snake. Alex was a five foot long, 3 1/2 inch thick anaconda. It was resting on it branch and lifted its head to see her. Just seeing the snake made her pussy start to drip. This snake was five times as long and seven times thicker, but she desperately wanted the feeling to return to her pussy. So she lifted the lid off the tank and picked Alex up. She sat down on her brother's bed and sat the snake next to her. She wasn't exactly sure what to do, so she just spread her legs out, leaving her pussy wide open for Alex. Then she set him in between her legs. Then she waited. Alex slowly slithered towards her awaiting pussy. His tongue flicked against it and he tasted her juices. The feel of the tongue against her clit was amazing. Then, slowly, Alex went inside the nice, warm, wet cave. He slid in rather easily, and Emily's pussy was stretched to its limit. The cool, smooth body of the snake was a truly unique feeling in her pussy. When it was a foot and a half in her, it started to coil. Her insides were being stretched farther than ever before. It was the greatest feeling she had ever experience. The snake’s body was disappearing in her little by little until she had an orgasm. Her entire body shook for what seemed like ever. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.     Exhausted, she laid there and waited for Alex to back out. Fifteen minutes later, she was putting Alex back in his tank. As she walked back to her room, she got a thought. Not even bothering to cover herself, she ran outside and hopped the fence leading to the field. She was sure all the neighbors could see her nude body, but she didn't care, and the thought actually turned her on a little. She searched the ground until she found a decent sized snake. It was a foot and a half long, and a half inch in diameter. It was black with a yellow stripe. She picked it up and carried it to her house. That night, when she was about to go to sleep, she stuck the snake in her panties and went to bed. As she fell asleep, the snake wriggled into her pussy and coiled up. She woke up several times in and orgasm, and dreamed about sex the entire night. When she woke up in the morning, the snake was still in her. It wriggled around and then she had an orgasm. She pulled it out and then put it in a tank and got ready for school. Every afternoon after that, she fucked Alex, and every night, she let the new snake, which she called Blackie, sleep in her pussy.


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