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stuck in the Vets office

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When I was 14 I had one of the worst days of my life.

I came home from school and found out my dog Queen had been hit by a car. My mom told me she was at the Vet and probably would not make it through the night.  My mom was heading to her night job, so I raced my bike down to say good-bye to a dog I had had since I was a little girl.

I got the vet’s office and the assistant walked me back to the kennel area. She apologized for where they were keeping her, but that Queen was a big dog and they felt the kennel area was the best. I walked through this heavy steel door into a huge concrete room. The assistant told me the doctor had to build this room as the neighborhood had complained about the barking when he had just a wooden structure. I was looking at a row of 6 pens on each side with the first pen on each side large enough for a huge dog. I looked over at one and there was a medium size great Dane and a big Sheppard. The assistant told me that they she had doubled up the two dogs to make room for Queen as the place was full. She also explained that they tried to put the males on one side and females on the other, but had the two big dogs together on the female side as there was a dog with a broken leg taking the other large cage.  I walked down to the last of 6 rows and there was my dog. I had been crying a little when my mom told me, but seeing her lying there and broken, sent me into a balling fit.  The assistant told me to take my time and left me with my dog. I sat on the floor and took Queen’s head into my lap and cried.

The assistant came back a while later and told me she was going home and that the doctor would come back when he finished up with the other patients.  I put my head on Queen’s head that was in my lap and somehow cried myself to sleep.

I woke up with a start; feeling there was something wrong. I looked down and Queen was no longer breathing. I cried and kissed her and then got up. I felt funny and it wasn’t from crying. I looked at my yellow shorts and saw the red stain. I had gotten my period and was leaking through my clothes. I looked up to the sky and said –“the day wasn’t bad enough.”


Suddenly the two dogs in the first cage started barking and making a lot of noise. I walked out of Queen’s pen and walked past the other dogs. I thought maybe the doctor was in with them. When I got up to the cage the Sheppard had his nose though the bars of the next cage and the Dane was barking. I looked at other cage and there was a Dalmatian bitch. She had her butt toward the other cage and when she saw me she moved and I could see blood on her fur. I wiped the tears from eyes and said “you too huh?” She must have just gone into heat, and she was driving the two males’ nuts. I looked toward the metal door and noticed something odd. There was no light on the other side. I looked through the window and all the lights in the office were out. I looked at my watch and realized I had been a sleep for over an hour it was 7:00. I reached for the door handle and the door was locked. I looked at the lock and it needed a key from either side. I couldn’t help but yell out loud “you’ve got to be fuckin kidding me?”


After screaming and cursing for a few minutes I started to relax and got busy before I broke down again. I had a few problems to deal with. My dog had just passed and was lying in the cage. There was a dog in heat and I needed to move the dogs or something, and my shorts and underwear were absorbing the blood from my period.

I found a sink and a low metal table near it. I made a plan. I was going to put Queen on the table and then move one of the big dogs to her pen and then somehow switch two females so the one in heat was not near a male.


I took my poor dead dog and put her up on the table and found a few towels and covered her. I then took off my shorts and panties and washed them in the sink. While undressing I noticed my shirt was covered in doggie drool I took them off and washed it too.  I was now standing in this kennel totally naked. I laughed for the first time in hours. Just for the heck of it I ran up and down the aisle naked for some dumb reason. All the dogs started to bark… I guess it wasn’t such a great idea.


I hung up all my clothes; it was pretty warm in the place so I thought maybe they would dry quickly. I took another towel and wrapped it around my waist. It was the best I could do and I could keep wiping myself with the towel and there were plenty more. I left my small boobs go free for now as the towels weren’t big enough to tie off up high.

The two male dogs were barking like crazy again and I walked down to their end. Again the bitch had her butt up against the bars driving the males insane.  I changed plans and figured I better move her first.  I went over to one of the other cages and saw a small mixed breed female. I tried to open her cage and couldn’t figure out how to open the cage. I looked up high and there was a second latch up there. I looked around and noticed a step stool that must be just for the purpose. I moved it over and unlocked the door. I saw a piece of wood by the bottom of the cage, like a door stop, and pushed it under the door. I looked around and saw a bunch of the door stops on the floor, I was getting the idea of how this worked – the doors either latched closed or completely opened (like the one that Queen had been in).  I grabbed the dog by the collar and she followed me to cage of the bitch in heat.


I moved the stool over, used the door stop and walked into the cage. I let go of the mix breed and grabbed the collar of the small Dalmatian. She fought me so I picked her up. The two males were barking their heads off. The Dalmatian was kicking and my towel fell off. Somehow I wound up with one of my arms between her legs with her butt almost in my face and her front paws reaching for the ground. I just barely got her in the other cage before dropping her.


I took a few breaths, grabbed my towel, put it on and went to the two trouble makers. I had not figured out who I was going to move, and figured whom ever was the calmest was first. I gave them a couple of minutes to relax after the bitch was moved.  I was looking for a leash but couldn’t find one.  I was sweating already in this warm place especially after fight with the Dalmatian. I wasn’t sure if I was starting to smell or if I smelled the Dalmatian on me. I looked at my upper arm and saw some blood, which must have come from the Dalmatian. I just wiped it with my hand rubbed it clean on the towel.


I got up on the stool and unlatched the door and put the wedge in the door crack so the door would almost completely close so the dogs would think it was closed and not run out. I walked in and the Dane was sitting in the far corned, the Sheppard was still looking frisky so I headed for the Dane. When I bent for the Dane’s collar I got a surprise. The Sheppard poked his head up the towel and I felt his nose on my butt. I jumped and turned and as I did the towel fell behind his head and onto his back.  I looked at him and yelled “no-bad dog”- I leaned over him to grab the towel and as I did he leaned forward he lapped my pussy. I couldn’t believe he did it. As I straighten up he licked me twice more. I was stunned. I was appalled but also realized how good it felt. Out of reaction I yelled “bad” again, put my hand over my pussy and leaned into him again to grab my towel with the other hand. He licked at my hand, but I reached my towel. At that very moment I felt a bigger tongue on my butt. I turned and saw the Dane standing behind me. I forgot  about protecting pussy and as I turned , for a moment both dogs’ tongues caught me. I froze from the pleasure; I stood there for a few more seconds and couldn’t believe how good this felt. My pussy and butt where being licked by these scratchy wet tongues. My brain kicked back in and realize how wrong this and quickly sat down on towel. I pulled my legs up in front of me and tried to figure out what was going on. The scent of the Dalmatian must make me smell like a dog in heat.


The Sheppard moved in front of me and lied down. He then started inching his head closer to my body. I thought I was protected with my knees up against my chest and feet in from of my pussy, but he finally started to lick between my feet, working smartly toward the smell he must have liked from my pussy.  I knew I should get up or something and my body took over from my brain and the licking got to me, I moved my feet apart and gave the Sheppard the room to find my pussy again with his tongue. This time I relaxed as it was me who let him do it.  The more he licked the wider I opened my feet.  The sensation was great and my long nipples got hard and begged for attention. 

Suddenly things got weirder – the Sheppard stood up to get in deeper I guess, as his head never moved from my pussy. Once he stood up the Dane, who had been pacing in the cage, stood over the other dog and started humping his butt. The Sheppard picked his head up and looked at the other dog like he was crazy and shifted his back legs away from the Dane, and then went back to work on my pussy.  The Dane moved and again started to hump the Sheppard. This time I got a look at the Dane’s doggie dick. It was pink and about 5 or 6 inches. I had never seen one before and was interested in what it would feel like.


I spit in my hand and reached forward and slid my fisted hand around his dick. He started humping again and shifted so he was only partially behind the Sheppard. I was leaning forward and this put the Shep’s tongue right along my clit. I lost it and started cumming. I was moaning louder than I ever had during a climax by my own hand (my experience up to this point). The Shep must have liked my cum as he dug back to my slit more. I leaned back a little but never let go of the Dane’s dick. When my eyes opened after my climax I noticed that the Dane’s dick was no longer 5 or 6 inches it was more like a fool long.

I had to put my hand over my pussy as it was started to hurt and the Sheppard just kept licking my hand instead. I was now concentrating on the Dane’s dick.  I didn’t need to wet my hand again as his dick stayed real wet and I could see he was dripping continually out of his dick hole and it was actually getting all over the place.


I also noticed that it looked like his balls were traveling up his shaft.  The top of my hand was about 3 inches from the top and the balls were almost at the bottom of my hand (I guess about half way up his shaft.) The ball continued up to my hand and then the dog started humping even faster (which I didn’t think was possible.) The ball was now about the size of a big orange. I started wondering what it was as it was pushing my hand up the shaft a little and then suddenly the dog stopped pumping and at that moment he shot his load. Cum came firing out towards me and hit me right in the chest. I couldn’t believe I didn’t let go of his dick but I didn’t till a few more shots came out of him, the fourth shot hit me on my face and I let go of his dick, he just kept coming and started humping his butt again, but this time there was not my hand or anything else, but he was still dripping cum.

When he was done there was cum all over the place. On me, on the Sheppard and on the concrete floor.


I figured I better go get some more towels, but before I did I slid my finger across the cum on my face and pushed it into my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum. Girls had told me about blowjobs and I wanted to taste what it was like. It was a little gross and real salty and not much thicker than water, but gooier somehow. I wondered how close to guys cum it was.


I stood up and as I stepped over the Sheppard toward the door my heel hit a pool of cum  and I lost my balance. I fell towards the door of the pen.  I grabbed the bars and the door flung open. I tried to regain my balance and leaned back. As I did the door came swinging back to the cage and when it came back to the closed position I heard a loud click. The good news was that I didn’t fall; the bad news was that the door was locked and the wooden stop had dislodged and flew across the aisle. I shook the bars and suddenly the whole day seemed to come crashing down on me. I started to cry, I mean really cry. I had lost my dog, got locked in kennel, had a dog eat me out and hand-jobbed   another  dog, was sweaty, dirty , had dog cum on me and just realized I was totally naked. I stood there crying and shaking the door.


I finally got composed enough to walk over, pick up the dirty towel, folded it and sat down in cage with my back up against the door.  It was after 8:00 and the sun had gone down. The kennel started to get dark and except for a few lights scattered in the hall, the place was getting darker by the moment.  My mom got off work at11 and hopefully would see I wasn’t home and would find me. Then I tried to think if I shut my door when I left home. If I did my mom would figure I went to sleep. I started to cry again. 

(see part 2)



The dogs had been pretty clam since I slammed the door, but as I started to compose myself and stopped the crying I noticed that the Sheppard got up from the corner he had been in and came over to me. I reached out and started to pet him. He came closer to me and started to lick my arm, then my neck and then my chest. I figured out he must be cleaning off the dried cum. I was not in the mood and pushed him away.  He came back at me and this time put his head towards my pussy. I looked at him and said “I’m sorry, I lost it there for a while, but I am not letting you lick me anymore, I was wrong.” The dog tilted his head like he was listening to me.  I reached out and scratched him behind his ears, and asked him to leave me alone. 


The Sheppard didn’t listen however and drove his head back towards my pussy. I pushed him away and said “no”. He walked away and then behind me. I figured he got the message. The next thing I knew he had jumped up and had his feet on my shoulders from the back.  I tried to stand up, but couldn’t, he was pushing all his weight on me and his head was behind my head. He started to back, which scared the hell out of me.  He started to rock and I couldnt figured out what he wanted me to do. Suddenly I felt my hair being pulled, hard. He had my hair in his mouth and was pulling me back. This wasn’t funny, it hurt. I tried to get up again and got myself on all fours to try to get up. That’s when I felt him humping. I then realized that he had been air humping behind me and that was why my head was being pulled back and forth a few moments before.


I felt his doggie dick hitting my butt and started yelling for him to top. The fucking dog wouldn’t let go of my hair and I was thankful that my hair was long enough that he could be in the position he was without snapping my head back any farther than it was. I was trying to figure how to get my hand back to jerk him off like I did the Dane, but I couldn’t.  His legs were now wrapped around me and my butt cheeks were getting wet from his dick. All of a sudden I heard a threatening growl and my hair got pulled hard again.  “What the fuck do you want?” I asked.  I got the answer a moment later, he repositioned himself on me and rewrapped his legs around me and his legs moved under me a little more. His dick was now bouncing around between my legs. A couple of times his dick slid along my labia, it sent a shiver though my body. I suddenly started to panic “no” I screamed, “I’m a virgin you fuck.” 


 That didn’t matter and a few pocks later I felt him in my pussy. The skinny head poked between my labia and into my hole. He started pumping faster and it started to turn me on. I thought about it for a minute and realized that he was only in an inch or two. I figured his dick my be smaller than the Dane’s and that coming from the back, with my butt taking some space between us, that he might not get more than an inch or two inside me, and that my hymen was going to stay intact.  I started to relax and started getting turned on. I could hear my breathing as it was like I was fingering myself, but faster.


Suddenly my hair was yanked back again. “What the fuck do you want now? I am letting you fuck me?” I yelled again. The dog shifted again and this time his paws were right on the side of my boobs. He scooted his legs further under me and in his next thrust he broke through my virginity. I felt a burn and pain, but more than that I humiliated, I was no longer a virgin. I couldn’t get lose of his grip.


The pain I was feeling was soon replaced with tingling deep in my pussy. I didn’t want to feel good, but my body was taking over. His dick no longer felt like a finger but much bigger. His mouth released my hair (finally) and I ducked my head and looked under my body. I say his red dick plugging away at me. His dick popped out, but wemt right back in. I saw the entire thing; it was nowhere as big as the Dane’s but it had to be about 6 inches, bright read, and veiny. I couldn’t believe I was being fucked and feeling good. I felt a climax coming on and started moaning, louder than I ever had before when cumming.   My climax suddenly filled my body and I was involuntarily pushing back against the humping. I was cumming and he didn’t let up.  I started feeling something different and looked again between my boobs to see that his ball (like the Dane had had) was banging against my labia and clit- I was brought to another height and was screaming in my climax. I must have scared the Dane as he was now face to face with me. He started to lick my face. It was gross but I couldn’t do anything about it.


The Sheppard stopped his humping and I felt a warm sensation inside me, he was shooting his load in me. I felt my pussy was getting hotter and wetter. I wanted him to pump me more. I didn’t want the felling to stop. I pushed back on him, but he dismounted me. I ducked my head down again and watched as his dick popped out of me, followed by his cum that rushed out of me. I was admiring all this when something else came into view. It was the Dane’s head. He stuck his noise between my legs and then I saw his long tongue. He lapped across my pussy and I was right back to feeling pleasure. He licked for about a minute and I was about to explode again. He stopped licking and I thought it was because I was screaming. Boy was wrong.


The  next thing I felt was the Dane on top of my back. He was not wrapped around me like the Sheppard had been; he was standing and straddling me. I felt a poke on my butt again. And then felt his wet shaft slide up the crack of my butt. He started to hump my crack. He must have felt like he was in me as he just kept humping. It felt good but not like being in me. I was fine with it though as I could not imagine a 12”dick inside me.

This went on for about another minute. The Dane backed up I felt the head of his dick poke my butt hole. It was right on target. I panicked and lifted my butt a little and the next poke went right into my pussy. He was thicker than the Sheppard and it felt great as it stretched my labia and went in a few inches. The way he was positioned he got about the same 6” in me that the Sheppard had, but his thicker dick had me cumming again in moments.


Without warning, the Dane wrapped one of his paws around me and lifted me up a little. When he did I felt his dick go deeper inside me. I got nervous and stopped moaning. I could feel him hitting my cervix and it was starting to feel uncomfortable. He just kept banging away and he was trying to burry his entire 12” or more dick inside me. I started to shift around trying to find a more comfortable spot.  Suddenly I felt a pop inside me and his dick went all the way in. He repositioned his legs and started pumping harder and faster. I was panicking; did he break something inside me?  I suddenly was flashing back to health class and picturing my insides. I was not in any pain; actually I was starting to get totally excited again, even though my mind was racing. I figured if he had broken through into my stomach or something that I would be in pain, but I wasn’t. I could fell his dick head punching deep inside me. Then I figured it out, he must be in my birth canal. If he was I should be fine, I guessed.  I was already having my period and blood was coming down from there, so I must have something open. 


I started to relax and enjoy the fucking I was getting. It didn’t take me long once I started to relax, to start coming again… I must have cum like 6 or 7 times already. I went from feelings I was being rapped –to times of just glorious sexual release. As with the last dog I started to feel the ball at the entrance of my pussy. This ball was bigger and seemed to slam into my entire labia and clit and I started to scream again and shake in a climax.  As the ball moved up his shaft it pulled some of his dick out and I felt a funny feeling as he came back out of my canal, he was then hitting my cervix wall again, and then that subsided, he must have had only about 6-8 inches in me and I could handle that. I relaxed and just enjoyed the attack from inside and out.  Soon he stopped pumping and closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on my pussy and then, there it was, I felt him shoot load after load of hot cum into me.  A few moments later he pulled out, and again tons of cum came rushing out of my pussy….

(see part 3)


Both dogs retired to one of the corners of the pen, and were almost on top of each other. It was almost 10:00 and I started to wonder what would have happened if my mother walked in with the doctor and I had a dog on top of me and me cumming like I was enjoying it. I tried to get up and my legs didn’t want to straighten, I had been on all fours for over and hour.  I also realized I was exhausted and had to pee real bad.  I figured “what the heck” and just crawled over to the corned with a drain that the dogs had peed near. My legs didn’t want to move- but finally started to move. I got to the corner and used the bars to help myself up. I looked down at my thighs- they were covered with cum (both the dogs and mine) and blood (from my period and the loss of my hymen).  My started to squat and knees hurt too much, so I just opened my feet and pushed. I started to pee and couldn’t believe how much I went. The Sheppard jumped up first and then Dane and they started barking at me. I looked them and just yelled “hey –I don’t care if it’s your corner- I needed to pee.” I had no idea why they were barking and they had no idea what I was saying I’m sure. I got done and walked over to a neutral corner and  sat down. The dogs were still barking at me, but once I sat down they relaxed and went back to their corner. I feel asleep with my back up against the bars.


I was awoken some time later by a pull on my hair again. I looked up and the Sheppard was pulling my head again. I started yelling that I had had enough, but I could see the tip of his dick was already protruding from his sheath.  I was too tired to fight. I got on my hands and knees and let him mount me. He got in with only a few misses and re-shifted himself till he was doing his thing. Even though I was tired it didn’t take me long to start moaning in delight. I was getting turned on that I was being fucked, even though it was a dog. I started to moan in rhythm to his pumping after my first climax. The Dane came over to me again and licked my face. I thought ‘oh shit, not again” I had thought about the last session and did not want his huge dick all the way in me again.  The Dane shifted and I saw he was getting horny.


I don’t know what came over me, but I rubbed my cheek on the side of his body as he was licking my shoulder. He started walking toward my rear and I kept my face along his side. He seamed to react and turned his body, but away from me. He then backed up and had his balls in my face.  I figured if I could get him off he would want to fuck me. It took some nerve but I stuck my tongue out and made contact with his balls. They were leathery and luckily he as so tall that his butt hole was not in my face. I licked again and he backed up into me.


As I was licking the Dane and moaning; I felt the Sheppard’s ball hitting my labia again. I knew he would cum soon and knew I would too. He started banging my pussy and clit and I had to stop licking the Dane to scream. The Sheppard stopped humping and I waited for him to cum. But he did something else. He moved his legs forward and pushed his dick deeper in me. But it wasn’t his dick that was getting deeper, it was the ball. I stopped cumming as I got scared that he was going to bust me in two. I guess my pussy had loosened up after making it with the Dane or something. The next thing I felt was relief around my labia, but then pressure inside me, his ball was inside. He started pumping me again and it started feeling good again. I couldn’t believe the thing was in me and I was starting to cum again.

The Dane must have heard the change in me as he backed his balls up to my face again. I was cumming so hard that I wasn’t even thinking and I licked harder and harder trying towards his dick, but with no luck.

Suddenly the Sheppard stopped his movement and I concentrated closely, and then I felt it- I didn’t feel the squirts this time but I felt my pussy get very warm andI came again knowing that I had taken another load of cum.  A moment later the dog pulled back and his ball didn’t come out. Actually it was an unreal feeling being stretched and I continued my climax – till it started to hurt. We were stuck.  I kept trying to calm him down “just stay there…stop pulling” I said.  He was shifting all over and when I looked over my shoulder I couldn’t believe it, somehow he was b=now butt o butt with me. He started walking toward the corner and I had no choice but to walk on all fours to match his movement. Finally he was in the corner and just stood there. We were attached and the pressure on my insides and labia (from the inside) brought me back to utopia. The Dane came back toward me and licked my face (here we go again, he wants to fuck me). After he licked my face I put my head down and somehow he read my mind. He kept walking over me and soon I was looking at his pink dick, poking a few inches out of his fur.

All I was thinking about at this point is that when the Sheppard pulled out of me that I didn’t want the Dane to hurt me, his ball was much bigger than the Sheps and as big as my pussy probably would be in a few minutes, he might just try to do the same thing and kill me.  I had been ready to give a boy a BJ so why not give it try here and save my insides again.



A few moments later his dick was within reach, I put my tongue out and the red tip ran across my out stretched tongue. It sent shivers right back to my over-stretched pussy. I opened my mouth and let his penis inside. I felt the damn thing grow inside my partially closed mouth. It kept getting bigger and longer. At that moment I realized what an idiot I had been. His fur was near my mouth which meant that there was nowhere for his foot long dick to go but inside my throat. I don’t know how big he had gotten but my mouth was pretty full. A moment later he started humping my face. At first I was Ok, but then he trusted and I gagged. I relaxed and was Ok, but the same thing happened about every few thrusts. This was not being fun anymore. I pushed my head up into his chest and pushed and he took a few steps back. I was finally OK again and had about 6 inches in my mouth. I was getting face fucked by the Dane for a few minutes when I felt a weird feeling in my pussy and the next thing I felt was Shep’s ball coming lose from my pussy. It felt great for a moment, and then there was nothing. I felt like my pussy was wide open. Suddenly I felt the rush of cum pouring down my thigh. 

The Dane must have smelled it as he started pumping my mouth harder and again I was gagging. I moved my head to the side to get him out a little, but for some reason at the angle I was now at, I wasn’t choking and I could feel him way down my throat- now I had to concentrate on breathing.


Without notice I start to fart. But it wasn’t from my butt, it was from my pussy. It must have scared the Dane or something as he backed off of me. My legs where still a little frozen but I was able to crawl.  The Sheppard was now on the other side of the pen. I was still moving and the pussy farts wouldn’t stop. I was starting to laugh and was embarrassed.  The Dane finally came around my behind to check me out I guess. I was stupid again just for that one moment and didn’t move away from him. That was all it took, he was up behind and on top of me.


Just like the first time he mounted me; I felt his wet dick sliding up my butt crack and again I hopped that he would just do that. Of course he shifted and just like the last time he hit my butt hole. I figured I better shift and let him get it over with and try not to let him into my pussy too deep if I could help it. His next poke hit my butt hole again, but this time he didn’t retract, he trust right from there and a few inches when into my ass. I started to scream, “no, no, you can’t” but he could care less and I felt my butt tear a little as he started to pump me. More and more of him entered my dark hole and I tried to drop to my belly, but somehow that hurt where he was hitting inside me as I was dropping and I quickly moved back up.  I felt more and more of him enter my ass and then just started pounding me. After a couple of minutes of crying and screaming something wild happened. I start to pant, but it wasn’t from crying. I couldn’t figure it out.  I was getting horny again. I was starting to like the feeling. “How could this be possible” I asked myself. I never thought about anal sex as getting a girl off, just the guy. But I was feeling better and better, and for some reason, without my pussy even being touched, I was heading for about my twelfth climax. As I started to get more excited I felt him going in even further, the lube from his dick sprinkling kept my hole wet and feeling good. I sure wasn’t worried about his ball going inside my tight hole, but I was amazed when I felt it hit my hole. I ducked my head down to see how far up his shaft the ball had gone and gasped when I saw it hadn’t moved up yet- I had his entire dick inside me.  I guess the thought of that was all it took and I started to cum. It was different from cumming from my pussy or clit, it was actually more intense and I almost started to howl. I heard myself and stopped for a moment in fear that with all this dog sperm in me that I was becoming one. 


My fear soon ended and my climax continued as the Dane’s huge dig kept pumping my virgin ass. I few minutes later the ball was hitting my hole and he retraced a bit from that happening. I was still cumming like crazy when I felt his load fill my ass. He was still pumping and all the cum made it feel even better and I got off one last climax before he pulled his long pole out of me.


Again I could not stand and I wondered if I would ever be able to walk again.  I moved along the floor on all fours and went over to the big Dane. He was cleaning off his dick, but a few moments later he stopped. I lied down next to him and put my head on his chest and fell asleep.


I don’t know how long I was sleeping when I started dreaming of  a man who kept telling me to suck his cock. He kept saying it and then I awoke and realized it was not a dream. I looked over my shoulder and there was the Vet. He was in jeans and tee shirt and he had his dick in his hand. His hand was stoking up and down his pole.  I tried to cover up, but there was noting around and the towel was dirty and wet.


“Hey pretty one; come over here and suck my cock and I will let you out.” He said. It took me a second to realize where I was and remember what I had done.  “Why would I want to do that?” I asked.  “Because from the look of cum on your ass and legs you obviously are a little slut, and I could use a blow job.” I just sat there watching him stroke his dick, it was big but nothing like the Dane’s.


“Would you rather I fucked you up the ass, like one of these dogs obviously did?” He asked next. I looked back and asked “Is it morning? Did my mom call you?”  He smiled and said “it’s about 1:00, I haven’t heard from your mom, but I wanted to see how you were doing.” I noticed his words were being slurred and as I looked his eyes were glazed. 


“You knew I was here all this time?” I asked. “Yes, I figured you could use sometime with your dog. I went for a drink and met a nice or should I say a naught girl, I forgot all about you till she left my place and I was getting into bed. I came over right away, but seeing you lying there naked with your red pussy lips and cum oozing out of your ass, got me all excited again.  So if you want me to let you out now, get back on your hands and knees and come suck me off, or I will leave and come back in the morning with your mother and catch you here in the pen with the dogs. The choice is yours.” He explained.

I figured this day would never end if I didn’t do him, so I  crawled over, took his dick in my mouth for only a few minutes and he shot his load down my throat.


He did as he promised and let me out and brought me home, after he watched me shower in his office.






Could you imagine just watching this happen, while releaving yourself. Think I could have lasted that long? As much as I would love to say yes, I would have to be realistic and say no. Break out the Vitamin V.

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