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The family twist

sammie89 on Animal Stories

This is not a true story. It is a fantasy story. It involves beastality and incest. The characters are David (dad) Molly (daughter) Duke (great dane) and Daisy (also a great dane). This is my first story so feel free to comment. Well i hope you injoy it.

Im Molly a 16 year old girl, I live alone with my dad and our 2 great danes Daisy and Duke. I am 5'7" weighing at 120lbs. I have a nice little round ass that guys at school love to smakc everytime i walk by. I have size 28C tits that are nice and perky. I have golden blonde hair and baby blue eyes. As for my dad His name is David. He is 40 years old and even at his age is looks damn good. He is 5'9" not sure on weight but probably about 200 muscular built Brown hair and blue eyes. Daisy is a beautiful White and Blak great dane she is 3 years old and Duke her brother is also 3 and he is all brown.

I am a virgin and tonight i am extremely horny. i know my dad hasnt had any sex with any female in a long time and im jus horny enough to try and get him to take my virginity tonight!! Well as the night goes on i head down stairs to the den to watch a porno and play with my soaping wet pussy. As i head down the stairs (just as i knew he would be) i caught my dad stroking his nice big cock to a porno of 2 girls eating each other out. His cock looks to be about 10" long and thick. "Molly!! What are you doing down here?' My dad had a shocked and almost embarrased look on his face. "Well daddy i was jus gunna do the same thing you are, Im to horny and need to relieve myself." I kept a straight face while telling him. He smiled "Well come one baby just sit on the couch and do what you want ok i wont say anything if you wont." "ok daddy" so i go and sit on the couch Im in nothing but a long tshirt an my dad in his shirt with boxers around his ankles. He begins to play the movie again and begins stroking himself. i slowly spread my legs open and run my finger up and down my slit exiting myself more and slowly push in jus touching my clit I let out a soft moan and push a finger inside and start finger fucking myself. My dad looks over and starts moaning himself. Our 2 curiou great dnae dogs head the comotion and decided to come check things out. Being so caught up in the moment I didnt even notice when Duke's head went in between my legs. He sniffed and then took a quick testing lick on my clit. i yelped and shooed him away. Thats when my dad all of a sudden turned things around and held me down and called duke back over. "Come here Duke be a good boy, come lick Molly's pussy." My dad started rubbin my clit sweet talking the dog to come over. Duke slowly cantered over and started licking again. His rough tounge was licking from my asshole up to my clit hitting places i never knew was there. I started really getting wet and moaning "oh Duke keep licking be a good boy mmmmmmm" I started pushing my pussy more into him. My dad's cock was getting really hard he was turn on by seein his daughter being eating out by a dog. Duke stopped right before i had my orgasm and started whining. "Ahh Molly Duke needs to be relived as well" he smiles a weird smile turns me around on my hands and knees and pats my back "Come on boy" Duke hopped on to my back and thats when i got really scared. i didnt want Duke to be the one to take my virginity. 'Dad no please dont let Duke fuck me im still a virgin!!" I started wiggling about trying to get duke off and thats when he nipped my neck and growled I stopped and stayed still afraid of what he might do. Duke's big cock was poking all around trying to find his mark "here big guy ill help you" My dad then grabbed Dukes cock and put it at the entrance to my pussy. Duke then shoved it in, i let out a painful scream as i felt my hymne break. Dad started jacking off and thats when Daisy decided to have her own fun. She came up to daddy and began licking his cock and balls. 'ooooo daisy that feels good' He then turned and went under Dasiy and began licking her pussy and when he couldnt take it h got up behind her and shoved his cock deep inside of her and started pounding away. Duke was pounding me hard and by now i was getting into it and pushing back at him moaning. "oooo Duke keep fucking mommy. Mommy lioves your cock burried inside me." At this point i feel his knot pushing in. He ties with me for about fifteen minutes. When he is done he goes in the corner and cleans himself up. My dad so turn on by this cums inside of Daisy and pulls out still hard. Daisy comes and licks my clean then her and Duke leave the room.

Dad comes to me "baby i love you" i love you to daddy" i look at him an smile i kiss him and he deepens it an slides his tounge inside my nouth. He climbs on top and starts pounding me till he blows his load of cum deep inside my pussy.

That night we fell asleep in the den on the couch with his cock still inside me.

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