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"The Invention"

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The Invention

By Circ & Gia1978


“So, you're sure it's safe?” Gia asked as she walked around the large box.

“Oh yeah… look; Three inch Plexiglas, reinforced by the steel supports there… there… and there.” Foxi said as she pointed toward the contraption. “No problem girl. It's as safe as can be; for both you and the horses. Don't worry about it baby.”

Gia patted the neck of the fake horse as she examined it closer, rubbing herself against it, and feeling her long nipples brush against it through her sheer top. She was watching herself in the video monitors that were set up in a row on a long table against the far wall of the barn.

Foxi smiled and asked, “Are you ready to meet your studs?”

Gia had already heard the horses making noises from where she and Foxi stood, and the sounds had been sending electric goosebumps up and down her supple body since they had first walked into the barn.

She nervously uttered, “Sure...”

Foxi lead her down the corridor, and introduced her to each of the five stallions she owned here at her secluded breeding farm. Gia patted their broad noses, felt their hot breath against her skin. She felt their large, powerful heads push against her face and hands and trembled in anticipation of what she would be doing with them soon as Foxi introduced her to each of them. They reached the end of the corridor and started heading back.

Approaching the contraption once more, Gia looked at herself in one of the monitors against the wall as they neared it. The box was basically an artificial mare. From the back, it was the same height as and shaped like the ass end of an adult mare, but from the sides and bottom, it was made of clear Plexiglas. The neck, back, and hind quarters of it were covered with horse hide, and a clear door was open on the right side of the box/mare.

Foxi gestured for her friend to get inside and check it out. There was enough room inside for her to sit on a custom-made leather chair and lean back against a padded steel support. From the inside, Gia could see the artificial horse vagina was made of thick clear silicone, and the fake tail of the thing seemed to be permanently positioned to the side to expose the vagina in a presenting position.

Mounted inside the contraption, there were two remote controlled, high definition video cameras, and affixed on the wall directly in front of it was another such camera to film the wide angle of the horse. The first inner camera was installed in a depression in the floor, between the “legs” of the artificial mare, aimed toward her crotch. The next camera was installed above the first, but on the inner top of the artificial mare pointing down at her face. There was also a hand held camera that Gia could see lying on the table near the monitors.

Foxi helped Gia get out and walked over to the table. She picked up a white plastic container and went to the back of the artificial mare. She pulled the lid off and dipped her hand into the bucket and brought it out covered in some kind of goo. The scent was that of a mare in heat and almost as soon as Foxi opened the top of the bucket, the whinny and snorts of aroused studs could be heard coming from behind them in the stalls.

Foxi held up her slimy hand to Gia for her to examine the heady, opaque gel and said, “This stuff is super powerful! I can’t tell you where I get it, but the guy that makes it swears that it's the Horse Viagra… Cost me a shitload, but hey… you’re worth it girl!”

She smeared it all over the lips of the artificial horse' vagina before setting the bucket down and cleaning her hand with a towel.

“So… you ready?” Foxi said with a seductive wink as she picked up the camera from the table.

“As ready as I'm going to be Hon...” Gia said nervously, but grinning like a kid on Christmas.

“Alright, start whenever you want, and I'll be here to get it all on tape for you. When we're done, we can edit it all together; music and everything. If you are planning to sell it, we could hide your face in editing, so no worries there.”

“Right…” Gia said, as she started to think back to how this whole thing all started…


The two had met a year ago on the internet, on a message board for erotic stories. They were both writers and soon became friends and found that they shared an interest in several types of sexual deviance, including bestiality videos. One night, they began to discuss their shared disappointment over the lack of real cum shots in Brazilian horse videos. Gia described to Foxi her idea for a clear kind of box that a girl could sit in and the stallion could mount, giving the girl inside full access to a thrusting male horse cock, with little or no danger of being kicked or squashed.

They never mentioned it again, until one day last month, Foxi emailed Gia a plane ticket reservation and jpegs of the box she had designed and built. Gia masturbated furiously as she thought of the possibilities this amazing invention could bring!

Gia opened her MSN chat and Foxi asked her straight away; “So, what do you think?”

Gia stopped rubbing her clit, and typed back; “I can’t wait to see it in person!”


Foxi laughed as Gia stood there day dreaming, and asked her, “Ok darling girl, ready for action?”

Gia blankly nodded as Foxi kissed her deeply, and then she turned and walked over to the computer set up on the table. She typed something into a keyboard on the table, and then she pressed a button on the camera, aimed it at Gia, and a red light blinked on.

Foxi smiled again and said, “Ok girl, action!”

The 5’ 2” Italian girl started to strip off her clothes as sexily as she could, teasing the camera woman as much as she could, slowly peeling off her clothes. She worked her long dark hair into a mid-back ponytail, and then stood next to the artificial mare, rubbing her pert tanned breasts until her nipples stood out.

Now completely naked, Gia went around the side door of the artificial mare and climbed into it, sitting on the small chair, looking at the artificial vagina from the inside. She looked between her legs and saw the camera in the floor auto-focusing as she played with her pussy. Through the Plexiglas she saw Foxi set the camera she had been holding on a tripod and start walking toward the stalls where the Stallions were waiting.

Gia lost sight of her, but after a minute, she heard the clip clop of a horse's hooves getting louder as they got closer. She saw Foxi leading a huge white stallion behind her and her heart was about to pound out of her chest. Foxi lead it around behind the artificial mare that Gia was sitting in, and after some coaxing, the stallion mounted it.

After several unsuccessful thrusts, the stallion found its mark and shoved his huge cock into the artificial vagina. Gia was startled as the cock rapidly entered the area where she was sitting and thought it was going to hit her face. The horse' cock stopped about three inches away from her face, as the stud began thrusting inside the artificial mare.

Gia's mouth was hanging open as she stared in awe at the giant cock in front of her straining to get as deep into the vagina as possible. She watched it bobbing with each thrust. This was like no video she had ever watched and she reached her hand up and had barely wrapped her hand around it when the large mushroom head flared outward and the stallion climaxed! Thin, yellowish horse cum sprayed her face and chest. Gia had managed to get her eyes closed just in time just before the horse's ejaculate sprayed her face like a small fire hose.

She blindly gripped at the cock with her hand and felt it pulsing as the stallion's orgasm subsided. Hot horse spunk was running down her face, over her lips, dripping down her chin, landing between her breasts and running down her chiseled stomach. Within seconds, the watery cum had flowed down her body and was dripping off of her pussy onto the floor. She felt the stallion's cock go soft in her hand before it pulled back and retracted from the fake mare.

“Holy fuck!” Gia laughed, and horse goo dribbled into her mouth as she opened her lips to speak.

She swished it around with her tongue as she pushed her head back against the supports and brought her hand to her throbbing pussy. She rubbed the hot, slick cum all over her clit, and then worked it inside of her pussy with her fingers before returning her attention to her throbbing clit. With her eyes still closed and almost her entire upper body covered with stallion jizz, she bit her cum-coated lower lip with her teeth as she started to reach orgasm herself.

Foxi watched through the viewfinder of the camera on her shoulder, zooming in on Gia's pussy as she started to squirt her cum. She glanced over to one of the monitors on the table, at the feed from the camera embedded in the floor and saw Gia's juice splatter back down on the lens. She put her eye back to the camera and zoomed back to get a wider angle of Gia's athletic body heaving as she panted heavily through her orgasm, her hand still moving rapidly across her pussy. Foxi watched and continued taping until Gia appeared to have calmed down a little and then went around to the side of the fake mare.

She bent over and focused on the thick cum glistening on Gia's beautific face.

Foxi stopped the camera and set it on the tripod as she said to her friend, “Here's a wet wash cloth sweety, just hold your hand out and I'll give it to you.”

Gia jumped a little at the sound of Foxi's voice, and tried to open her eyes. Immediately, she thought better of it and blindly reached her hand back over her shoulder. Foxi laid the damp washcloth in her hand and stood there watching as Gia wiped the yellowish musky seed from her goo covered eyes and cheeks. It was too gooey to remove it all from her hair though.

Gia's lips were still glistening with a web of thick cum when she said, “Fuck Foxi! That was amazing!”

“I thought you might say that.” Foxi said as she smiled at her. “Are you ready for the next one baby?”

“Mmmm, hell's yah!” Gia giggled.

“Baby girl, you squirted all over the floor camera, wipe it off if you can, okay?”

Foxi re-lubed the fake mare's vagina with the stinky gel and then lead the stallion back to its stall while Gia wiped the glass in front of the camera lens with the cum-filled washrag as best she could. Moments later, Foxi brought the second stallion out to the artificial mare and Gia.

Gia was still working her erect clit with her fingers when the huge black Arabian mounted the artificial mare. Gia didn't waste a moment this time around. She wrapped her fingers around the head of the huge thrusting horse cock and brought her face to it. She rubbed it against her cheeks and lips before sticking her pierced tongue out and working it into the large round slit of the stallion's brown cock head. She moved her face closer and brought her lips against it, her tongue still exploring as much as she could. She struggled to maintain a grip on the thrusting cock and keep it under control as she sucked on the tip of it, she brought her other hand up from her soaked pussy and placed her fist directly behind the other.

The stallion was thrusting madly with instinct and Gia had her eyes closed and was moaning when her mouth was suddenly the head flared and spurted with a powerful stream of cum. It instantly filled her mouth and throat and shot out her nose and sprayed out of the sides of her mouth at the same time. Her eyes briefly shot open as the horse' cock was still thrusting in her hands, still spraying her mouth and face with cum. Horse cum was flowing over her bottom lip and pouring between her breasts, running down her stomach to drip off of her pussy. Gia gripped the cock and rubbed her face against it while cum was still oozing out of it, covering her pretty face in the pungent juice. Then, the stallion quickly dropped off of the artificial mare, pulling his softening cock out.

Foxi lead the stallion back to its stall and brought out the next stud. Foxi re-lubed the fake mare's vagina with the special gel and when Gia signaled she was ready, Foxi coaxed the erect Mustang into mounting the artificial mare. She quickly grabbed the video camera and resumed her shooting.

The Mustang's huge cock quickly plunged into the artificial mare, and Gia eagerly grabbed it. Almost the entire front of her body was covered with horse cum, and so far she had swallowed as much as she could of the cum that had not run down between her thighs. Gia licked and sucked the fat head of the Mustang's cock as much as she could as it thrust inside the box while she rubbed her swollen clit with her left hand. She knew this stud would cum quickly, and aimed the head at her firm breasts. The horse's cock started jerking in her hand and then it flared to an inverted cone as it sprayed her chest with hot cum. She jerked the horse off with one hand for the cameras, rubbing his thick cum all over her body with the other until the Mustang was done cumming and pulled off of the artificial mare.

She used both hands to rub the stallion's thick, hot seed all over her body, massaging her breasts with it, squeezing her nipples hard and feeling them slide out of her grasp because of the slipperiness of the cum. She smiled and giggled with glee knowing this was the absolute hottest beast-bukkake video ever shot!

Foxi taped close ups of everything Gia was doing with the handheld camera, and when it looked like the girl was relatively coherent, Foxi stopped filming and asked, “Are you ready for the next one darling? There's still two more boys to go kiddo...”

Foxi took the handsome Mustang back to its stall and took a few moments getting the next stallion ready. Gia mumbled something about fucking outloud, and started to twist her supple body inside of the artificial mare. She turned until she got her knees on the slippery chair and was steadied herself on one of the steel supports.

She looked right into the wall mounted camera's lens and said to her audience in her sexiest voice, “I'm soo ready to get horse fucked. I bet you really wanna see that!”

Just then, Foxi reappeared with the fourth stud. She led it over behind the artificial mare and was about to get it ready to mount. It was only then that Foxi noticed her friend had flipped around inside the Plexiglas box, and grinned as she realized what the lust driven girl was trying to do.

Foxi reached over, getting a fistful of the special lube, and then reached under the Grey Appaloosa, and began to stroke the fat cock into a full slick erection. She leaned over and kissed the head as she continued to stroke the long shaft, moaning softly. This was so fucking hot and Foxi needed to cum herself pretty soon. She felt the powerful lunge of the cock in her hands as the stud began to thrust and she knew he was now ready to fuck the poor girl in the box into a coma.

The stallion mounted the box and thrust its cock through the artificial vagina and slammed the head against Gia's ass, pushing her forward. Gia reached between her legs and grasped the head of the horse's cock, then pressed her body back against it until the horse' cock snugly pressed up against her pussy, the head of it spreading her pussy and pressing into her. She pushed back against the horse' thrusting cock until it started to flare. Gia felt the hot cum ejaculating inside her pussy, filling her up almost instantly. She moaned loudly and pressed herself back even harder against the cock as it's cum squirted its way inside her womb and back out of her pussy.

She hung her head between her shoulders and again reached between her legs to play with her swollen clit as the horse pulled out of the contraption. Still feeling the jolts of her rolling orgasms, she twisted inside of the artificial mare again and sat back down on the goo soaked chair, her amazing pussy squirting once again.

Gia's eyes were closed and she was still rubbing her erected clit in ecstasy when she heard Foxi help the last stallion up to mount the artificial mare. She eagerly reached out for the thrusting cock with her hand and brought her mouth to it as it emerged from the inside of the faux mare vagina and sucked the head of huge cock. Almost instantaneously, the huge head flared and the first jet of the stallion's cum flooded Gia's mouth and instantly squirting out the corners of her mouth. She pulled the horse cock up with her fist while the animal was still ejaculating.

His cum sprayed her face while the last horse's cum was still drooling out of her overheated pussy. Gia was crying out with squeals of lust as she continued gripping the horse's cock with one hand and furiously rubbing her slick clit with the other. The last horse's cum was still oozing out of her pussy as she started cumming again, squirting so hard, it shot straight up into the top of the Plexiglas mare and splattered down onto her head, face and the horse's ejaculating cock.

Gia was cumming so hard, she began convulsing without control inside of the artificial mare, squeezing her thighs together, pressing her head back against the padded steel supports. Her orgasms turned into multiples, and she was still cumming as Foxi pulled the powerful stud off the box, and led the last stallion back to its stall. She came back and filmed Gia as much as she could with the portable camera until the poor oversexed girl finally stopped ejaculating. Eventually, Gia calmed down and opened her eyes.


Foxi and Gia showered in the barn, making passionate love to each other on camera, and then got dressed and spent another hour filming the opening and ending scenes for the video before they were done with shooting. Two hours later, Gia was watching as Foxi made a rough edit of their movie, making suggestions here and there, and helping to pick out the sound track.

They finally finished, and Foxi handed her a DVD with the video on it. Then she turned off the computer, opened the case, and took out the hard drive. Foxi handed that to her as well.

“This is yours Gia. I don't want there to be any doubt that this was all for you. It was my pleasure to make a dear friend happy.” Foxi said with a sincere smile.

That night, the two friends made love again and then settled in to snuggle in bed and watch their video again.


Funky porno music comes through the speakers as a slow motion clip of Gia's pussy with juice squirting in a huge stream appears on the screen with text appearing over it:

"Starring Gia 1978"

Fade to a short clip of Foxi taking a stream of Gia's squirt in the face:


Fade to a short clip of each of the stallion's cocks slamming into the artificial mare. The names appear below each of the huge cocks.

"Also starring Thor"






"FOXI's Breeding Service."

The music and video fade out, and fade in to a POV shot of Foxi walking around in the barn, inspecting the stallions. Crunching gravel can be heard, and the camera cuts toward the door to see a black BMW pull up, and the dark driver's window rolls down.

The camera moves toward the car and Gia moves her upper body out of the window, and rests her breasts on the door. They almost fall out of her low cut top as she seductively lowers her sunglasses and licks her lips.


"Oh, hi! I'm lost, do you think you could give me directions back to the interstate?"


The End


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