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The Photo Shoot

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Both women were unmarried. Both knew each other, and as far as I knew, liked one another. They were diverse and different in every aspect one could imagine with one exception; both had a true passionate love of dogs and in particular of the dogs they currently had in residence. One woman was named Melanie and the other was named Karen. I am fortunate that I know both of these women. Thus to achieve my end goal, I had to facilitate a weekend rendezvous between the women. Not as easy as it sounds.

First there was the logistical issue of geography. I reside in central Texas, one woman resided in the western US and the third woman in the Southeastern US. The thousands of miles apart not withstanding, the nearest major air port for each of us meant a drive of an hour or more. And then the issue of who traveled to whom meant that one would have to kennel their dog. Timing was a huge challenge. Although unmarried, the women had plans for future dates, thus we had to find a time that was good of all. Other issues such as accommodations, meals, transportation while on location, clothes, weather, and props, etc. had to be arranged and organized.

I am an amateur photographer. I have some good equipment that I purchased while traveling abroad a few years back. I read some really good material on photography, and was fortunate to meet a guy that was a professional photographer. He spent many weekends and evenings at our home teaching me the finer points of image photography, portraits, posing subjects, use of light and shadow (real and artificial), using props, accentuation of specific pieces or parts of the subject matter, film processing and home film development.

I owned a pair of very good video recording devices. One was a Sony cam-corder about 7 years old and a Canon state of the art digital compact recorder. While I had absolutely no experience in film making, I did have a university degree and a post graduate degree, so it was safe to say I went to school to do a little more than eat my lunch.

All this started because of my ex husband. He is older than I by 22 years. This man is truly one of kind. He truly worshiped the ground upon which I trod. He is considerate, charming, attractive, genuinely nice, wealthy, not jealous or envious, not possessive, not controlling, very open minded and one who truly desires only the best for me as well as anyone else for whom he has great care and love. He is the best ‘listener and hearer’ that a woman could want. And he travels or is away for 40 weeks out of 52, so I had all the free time I wanted to pursue my thing.

He is my ex because I wanted to pursue a female only personal lifestyle. He was cool with my wishes, but my thoughts were it was grossly unfair to him to restrict his sexual activity from at best ‘being a rare voyeur to woman/woman sex’ to the most likely, “an ardent listener to Kathleen’s fuck session replays’. Sure he likes to jack off, but every man prefers the mink channel over the cobbled road as an avenue in which he may insert his dick, and this was a conjugal prerequisite which I was not prepared to concede. Divorce seemed to sole practical solution.

While consulting in his profession, my ex met a European industrialist oligarch. This super rich European had a sexual peccadillo. He wanted a private video, using amateur English speaking women, in which one woman had sexual intercourse with a huge dog and the other woman had sexual intercourse with a horse. Both acts had to occur side by side, yet the choreography and dialogue had to be distinctly segregated so that each word could be heard and comprehended. NOT AS FUCKING EASY TO DO AS IT IS TO WRITE ON PAPER!

I had some experience in script writing (I write all the audio/visual media commercials for my business, and I wrote scripts for training videos when I was employed by an international energy resource corporation). My ex sold the European fellow the idea that for the price of 25,000 euros he would deliver a 60-70 minute, 1 of kind, 1 print only video of 2 super attractive women doing the things that this guy dreamed.

When me ex pitched me on this ‘scheme’, he indicated the following points:

• I knew women that were secret porn stars as long as their face weren’t shown.

• I had access to or owned trained animals required by the client.

• I had the video equipment.

• I could process, edit, crop, dub, and spool a finished product video or DVD.

• I had script writing capabilities.

• I had the time and smarts to devote to this project.

• Doing him this favor would provide him wit some leverage toward the Euro oligarch.

• I could retain the original footage, provided I did not distribute any images, clips, or prints from the footage.

He pointed out that the current exchange rate of the Euro to the US dollar was $1.37 per Euro. Twenty-five thousand euros converted to $34,000 after commissions and FORD. I could allocate $12k to each ‘female lead star’, and have $10k for my expenses which would amount to about $1500. My ex said he had a gazillion air miles and hotel reward points so he would fade all air fare and accommodation expenses for the women if that should be necessary.

I pondered this offer for all of 6 minutes. I used 2 minutes to hastily scribble 2-3 plot themes, and 4 minutes (2 minutes per woman) to call the two women I wanted most to star in this production and pitch the idea to them. Turns out I could have used 4 minutes for scribbling as it took less than a minute each for the women to agree.

The logistics issue came to resolution in the most coincidental of ways. A bibliotheca convention was being held in Houston the same week as the Houston Rodeo. As one of the women was a bibliotheca professional she would use the ruse that she needed to attend this convention. The other was involved along the fringes of the rodeo circuit thus her attending the rodeo was completely inline with her normal routine. Houston seemed perfect as a point of rendezvous. My home was about a 2.5 hour drive from IAH, thus I could collect the women, get them out to my place which would resolve all out other incidental issues.

The arrangements were made. Good on David (my ex) because he flew the women first class to Houston. I met them in arrivals and with a porter heaving their bags, we loaded the suburban and off we went to central Texas.

As we drove along US 290, with Melanie in front and Karen in the back, I told Karen to remove the bottle of champagne from the cooler between the 2 rear captain’s seats. Karen did so, popping the cork and quickly sucking the foaming liquid that momentarily spewed forth.

"We are going to my farm. I have everything there we require there for shoots like this."

Melanie, as was Karen, was very curious to know more about this shoot. They asked me for more detail.

"We have a European customer who wants 2 beautiful women to get cozy with animals; one woman with a dog and the other with a stallion. He wants this to occur simultaneously if you know what I mean. Karen, I want you to play with RD, my huge well trained bull mastiff. Melanie, I want you to play Brazos my 4 year old stallion. You don't have to go all the way Melanie, but we have to make it look hot. And I know you can do that!"

Melanie's mind was racing with the thought of having sex with a horse. But she knew that Kathleen wouldn't push her in that direction. Yet she knew how hot she could get and wondered if she should be doing this at all. Karen grinned because that meant she had the dog and she loved dogs.

Melanie shook her head slightly and said, “I'm not sure this is a good idea Kathleen. I mean look what happened at the last shoot."

Kathleen laughed and rested her hand on Melanie’s knee.

"Baby you loved that shoot. I don't think I ever saw a woman fuck one of my dogs as hard as you did. Scruffie was knot fucking you till you were cumming rivers. I don't think he's over you yet."

Melanie couldn't help but smile at the description Kathleen gave. Karen giggled and said, “well, I haven’t fucked one of your dogs, so you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Kathleen and Melanie laughed. Then Melanie said, "I'm just not very sure about a horse. Aren't they really huge?"

Kathleen’s hand rubbed Melanie’s knee softly creating a small fire within Melanie who was already having a hard time trying not to get any hotter.

"This horse is a prize stallion. He has been trained fuck hot little women like you. Yes his dick is large and it is amazing as you will learn a little later. It a little smaller than regular horse’s dick, yet still hardens to at nearly eighteen inches from his sheath to the tip. It's about as thick as my forearm. He is trained to perfection and just loves to slide his big dick inside willing women."

Melanie sat back in her seat and closed her eyes to the thought of that big dick sliding into her. Her panties were soaked and Kathleen’s hand was snaking closer to her crotch. Karen reached forward and passed the champagne to Melanie who drank deeply. Karen and Melanie passed the bottle back and forth until it was finished and both were tipsy and gigging.

"Alright Ladies”, Kathleen commanded. “I want you to do something for me."

"What?" Melanie eyed her warily but smiled mischievously.

"Mel, your seat will tilt back. I want you to move it as far back as it will slide and then tilt it so your head remains slightly elevated. I want you to pull your panties off and place them in the console. The Darling, I want you to begin to tease and war up your hot pussy.”

“Karen, I want you to removed Mel’s top and push her bra down under those gorgeous F cup tits she has. Then, I want you to begin to play with Melanie’s tits. I want you to make her nipples so hard they ache!”


"C'mon baby, just do it. If you listen to what I say I promise you'll like it."

They were traveling at night yet there was other traffic on the road. This particular road did go through numerous small Texas towns, so while there was a bit of privacy, there was also the lure of exhibition. Melanie hesitated but then unbuttoned her tailored slacks and began to pull them off. Kathleen licked her lips as she saw Melanie’s shaved pussy.

"Now remember you have to do everything I tell you...promise?"

Melanie laughed and nodded yes. Her body had taken over again and her mind had abandoned any hope of turning

"Ok, now take the bottle of champagne and slide it inside you, neck first. Slowly..."

Melanie’s eyes widened as she held the bottle. Would she really do such a thing like this in front of Kathleen and Karen? Her body screamed yes, yes, yes. She opened her legs wide and felt the cool air from the vent hit her wet pussy as it opened like a flower. She brought the bottle opening to her pussy and pushed.

The entire neck of the bottle slid easily into her pussy. The neck was only about four or five inches in length before the bottle began to widen, but the cool glass felt so good opening Melanie’s hot pussy. The remaining bulbous body of the bottle rubbed against her pussy lips and pulled her clit down toward her vaginal entrance.

"Now baby let me see you fuck it. I want to see that entire bottle inside that hot pussy of yours."

Melanie knew that Kathleen needed to be obeyed and wanted to do it. She began to push the champagne bottle in and out of her pussy feeling the neck of the bottle slide wetly to and fro. Melanie slid lower in the seat letting her pussy tip up more allowing her to open fuller for what she wanted to do. Karen leaned forward and began to massage and squeeze Melanie full breasts, while tugging, pinching, and pulling at her turgid nipples.

Kathleen watched in total fascination trying to drive and witness this spectacular display of this hot sexy woman do what she commanded. Her pussy was on fire. Her heart and soul yearned for these 2 Ladies.

Melanie began to fuck harder now pushing her opening pussy against the bottle. The bottle had reached its widest part, yet there remained a good 7 inches of glass from this point to the bottle base. Karen saw the entire bottle neck disappeared and soon the first few inches of the steadily widening bottle began to enter Melanie’s pussy. The bottle had to be at least four inches in diameter and Melanie was stretching her pussy to take it all.

Melanie's moans were filling the small cabin of the SUV as she pushed more o the bottle into her pussy. The glass made a wide round circle of her pussy lips as they stretched around the champagne bottle. Hot sucking sounds could be heard as Melanie soon had most of the length of the bottle fucking in her pussy. Melanie fucked her cunt with abandon. At least 11 or 12 inches of dark green glass champagne bottle fucked Melanie’s hot pussy.

Kathleen was amazed that Melanie’s pussy could stretch so well and almost came when Melanie orgasmed loudly. Melanie’s juices flowed around the green glass of the bottle. Karen licked her lips and silently thought she should duplicate Melanie’s act.

"Ughhhhhh....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” came Melanie’s cries as she fucked her self with the champagne bottle. At times, Melanie would pull the bottle from her pussy with a wet pop. The slurping sucking sound that came forth the when she reinserted the bottle was a powerful aphrodisiac to both Kathleen and Karen. Each woman had one hand inside their panties playing wit their slit, clit, and cunt.

"It's in so deep!" Melanie squealed as she twisted her hips and fucked her pussy onto the stabbing bottle. "So fuckin' deep I can feel it in my belly." She lunged up as her hand slammed the bottle into her frothing vagina. The whole bottle length except for the inch or so required to retain a grip had been swallowed by Melanie’s pussy.

"Ahhhhh! OHHHH fuck, this is sooo GOOOOODDD!”"

Karen's fingers massaged Melanie's tits and nipples as Melanie fucked the champagne bottle in and out of her cunt. Pussy cream flowed, coating Melanie’s fingers and the bottle. Karen was mesmerized by the huge bottle dick fucking Melanie toward a huge orgasm.

"God... I want it, too!" Karen wailed, overcome with passion. "I wanna get fucked too!"

"So do I," Kathleen murmured softly as she watched Melanie fuck her pussy. Kathleen squeezed her legs together, her puss soaking the crotch of her panties. "So do I."

Melanie humped up, thrusting her body onto the bottle she speared into her pussy. "Ooooo, harder, got to fuck this pussy harder!" Melanie wailed. "Harder!" She swiveled her hips, her ass rubbing into the leather car seat she fucked the champagne bottle.

"Oooooo! FUCK ! FUCK! FUCK! I am going to cum so hard!”

"Cream Baby. Shoot your pussy cream for me," Karen moaned as she pulled on Melanie’s nipples. She pinched her clit and squealed as spasms racked Melanie’s sodden pussy. "CUM Bitch. Cum all over that fucking horse dick bottle. CUM YOU NASTY WHORE! CUM!"

Immediately Melanie began to fuck her pussy hard and fast. Melanie’s knees began to buckle in pleasure/pain as the bottle sunk deep and deeper into her pussy. All three women could hear the squishy sounds of cum with each stroke as Melanie rammed the bottle home.

"Yes my darling! Fuck it hard! Drive it inside you and cum more for me. Oh Mel,” Kathleen hissed, “You must cum for us. Cum baby. Cum hard for US!"

Melanie’s ass pushed back hard against the large bottle base filling her pussy to the RD. She felt her orgasm overtake her as never before. She cried out again and again her pussy walls clenched tightly around the object fucking her. Melanie’s pussy juice poured down her thighs.

"Ohhhhhh GOD! UNNNNNghhhhhhhhh I can’t stop cumminggggggg!!"

“AHHHHGGGGGH! UUUNNNNHHHHHH!” Melanie screamed and squealed a long wailing sound as one huge tidal wave of orgasmic release spread and flowed from her core outward through her body. Melanie slumped in the car seat. Both Karen and Kathleen had their mouths open and panted like bitches in heat at the spectacular display of masturbation Melanie had performed.

"I knew you could do it baby. Fuck that glass bottle pseudo dick! What you are doing is not a lot different than fucking my stallion. But with the stallion it's even better."

Melanie was breathing fast and feeling very hot. She couldn't believe she did what she did. But if what Kathleen said was true then maybe some serious fun was in order. As they drove on toward the farm, Melanie put her slacks back on, but Kathleen told her she would soon be nude again.

They arrived at Kathleen’s place. After unloading the car, Kathleen said that Melanie and Karen should follow her to the barn. The barn appeared to be as large as a house. It was super clean and warm. The photo and video equipment was staged at angles and ready to go. Kathleen had two wide angle lens overhead cameras positioned to capture the fucking as well as 4 other video cameras mounted on tripods.

Two benches, one a long not really wide angled bench with a foot pads just off the floor at the base. The bench had a slight incline from the foot toward the head. The other bench was wider and only about 10-12 inches deep. This bench was termed a slaves bench as it had rings for securing a person’s wrists, knees, and ankles. Both benches were strategically placed in a central area. Small shot gun and boom microphones had been arranged at various angles to capture every uttered sound.

Kathleen walked to a temporary switch and flicked it. The video cameras begin their mostly silent whir. "I’ll be right back with our other stars." Kathleen smiled and winked at Melanie and Karen. “Why don’t you two get undressed and warm each other up by using this.” Kathleen tossed an object to Karen who caught it deftly.

The object was made from smooth ivory. It was quite odd but fascinating. It was shaped like a horn but smooth and long. It was small at the tip and widened out as is curved over the arc toward the blunt end. Several small notches were spaced and cut into the object from the tip end to the blunt end.

Both Melanie and Karen’s pussies were soaked and ready for what Kathleen had in store. The two women couldn't believe they were like this. Kathleen elevated their sexuality into another stratosphere than their other lovers could or did.

Melanie began rubbing KY jelly onto the tip end of the object. Both Ladies noticed the tip was a small round carved ball.

"Melanie pushed Karen face first over the slave’s bench. Melanie softly caressed Karen’s swollen labia and vulva.

Ohhh, you little slut whore, your pussy is soaking wet. Now you will feel the tip of the Horn at your pussy lips. Please relax and enjoy its magic."

Karen felt the object’s tip pass her lips and begin to enter her. She moaned as Melanie pushed the Horn slowly inside her very wet pussy.

"My, you are very sexually aroused indeed. I have at least 5 or 6 inches in your hot pussy and you did not make a peep. And Darling Karen, you have several inches yet to enter your beautiful pussy. Are you uncomfortable my dear?"

Karen realized that the object was made in such a way that every inch that entered her pussy spread her cunt walls wider and wider. Since the object was over 14” long the width was incredible.

"I'm fine Melanie. Its nice....ughhhhhhhhh..." She cried out as Melanie slid more of the Horn into her. Her pussy was stretching around the Horn. She had never experienced such pleasure.

"You like the Horn my dear? You are very wet and I have at least half of it inside you. Would you like more my dear?" Melanie asked as she began to move the Horn in and out fucking Karen's beautiful pussy.

Karen felt her movement and began to push back in harmony with Melanie’s fucking. As she did so the Horn disappeared deeper into her. Her pussy muscles stretched in pain at first then with pleasure at each stroke.

"Ughhhhhhhhhhhh.... Ohhhhhhhhh its so good Melanie...." Karen cried out as she began to rock her pussy back onto the Horn. Melanie had a perfect view of Karen's pussy. Karen’s juices sprayed in the air as the Horn sank deeper and deeper into Karen’s hungry pussy. Karen’s juices coated the horn and ran in rivulets down the object making it even more slippery for the further entry into her hole. Another few inches slipped into Karen stretching her even more. Her clit was enormously swollen. It protruded from its hood like a tiny penis. Karen’s nipples rubbed against the bench leather at each stroke from Melanie and Karen cried out as her orgasm approached.

"You are so beautiful dear Karen. You can accept such lengths from the Horn. You have almost all of it now. Your pussy is so wide and wet."

At each notch Karen experienced a mini orgasm. She felt the hard smooth Horn plumbing new depths and stretching her pussy muscles. Soon Melanie announced her ultimate quest.

"I am all the way inside you darling. Now you shall feel the power of the Horn."

Kathleen entered the stable with a beautiful horse and a very handsome dog. The stallion was the best Melanie had ever seen. It looked very much like the Arabian in Black Beauty. Kathleen led the horse to the center area and secured the hackamore end to the bench leg. The stallion neighed loudly. It was as though he knew full well his reason for being here. The woman before him was in heat. Already his long dick was growing and hanging down.

“Fuck Karen’s hot pussy with that Horn Melanie! Fuck her hard and deep! Make the little bitch take all of it so she will ready and begging for RD’s jumbo sized knot.” Kathleen ordered.

"Spread your legs wide honey. Give me a great access to your hot little pussy." Melanie hissed at Karen.

Karen obeyed quickly as Melanie saw the woman's pussy flower open as she pulled the Horn out for a second.

"I'm going to fuck you hard and fast now baby. I want to make you cum. You are so fucking hot Karen baby," Melanie whispered.

Melanie pulled Karen’s hair to lift her head and kissed her. Melanie was ramming the Horn into Karen’s pussy hard and fast making Karen cry out as her first orgasm hit. Little spurts of cum shot from her pussy as Melanie jammed the Horn in and out at a frenetic pace.

"That's it baby open up for me. You want this big Horn inside you. You want RD’s big dick and huge knot inside you. That's it slut! Push that sweet pussy back against the Horn for me baby."

Melanie talked trash as she fucked Karen with the ivory object. Karen kept cumming hard. Karen kept cumming with gushes of hot pussy cream making her more lubricated for Melanie and the Horn.

"Oh yes Karen that's it. Feel how big that dick is?"

"Yesssss...ohhhhh yesss, " Karen’s soft voice sobbed as she felt Melanie's hand push the Horn in all the way.

Kathleen went to Karen’s head and leaned toward the pretty woman and whispered as she stroked the younger woman’s face. "Yes baby like that. You're going to be such a good little fuck for RD. You are going to love fucking and sucking his huge dick. I am going to love to see you fucked by my big dog baby. His huge dick is going to open new territory in your tight pussy."

"That's it honey. Take it all inside you. Show me how hot you really are. Fuck it baby fuck it hard."

Karen complied by bucking upwards against Melanie's hand and crying out in another orgasm that rocked her body.

"Pull your clit as I fuck you Karen,” Melanie said. “Yes... that a woman. Pull it hard while I do this."

Karen exploded into a huge orgasm.

“UNNNNGHHH, OHHH Fuck Melanie. You are making my pussy cum so hard. OHHH FUUUUUUCCCKKK Woman. I am CUMMMMMMMINNNNNGGGG!”

Karen’s body arched as Melanie drove the Horn into Karen’s pussy as far as it would go and held it there yet rotating the Horn round and round in circles. Karen screamed and screamed her orgasms as they overpowered her.

At Least 20-25 minutes elapsed before the women were ready to continue.

"My boys already like the hot women I brought them. Look at what you two are doing to them." Kathleen pointed to the huge horse dick that was now almost touching the hay strewn floor. Turning slightly, she nodded toward the boner RD had hanging down from under his belly.

"I think you two should get over here and suck these nice big dicks while I shoot some still pictures."

Melanie's breathing was fast and excited and the very words that Kathleen spoke hit her like electricity. Her body was enflamed with desire to do anything the woman told her. She rose up and went to the great stallion and then knelt by his flanks and reached out to grasp the massive dick. She could barely get her fingers around its girth.

Karen rose to her knees and took the dog leash in hand to lead RD in front of her. She leaned back over the bench and RD rose placing his huge front paws on the bench on each side of Karen’s upper arms.

Karen methodically fondled the animal's dick while constantly murmuring her enjoyment. After a little careful maneuvering, Karen was positioned to stroke the big dog's erection lazily with either hand, and RD gave a low whine in exact rhythm with her motion. After a few minutes, the big dog's hot red dick was standing out full length from the sheath.

"You like that, huh big boy," the woman whispered hoarsely, "you dig that on your dick, yeah.

Well I've got an idea you'll like a lot more; just take it easy, big dog, and we'll see if Karen can do it even better." Karen's breath caught in her throat as the animal's hot dick pulsed in her fingers while she stroked slowly over his glistening dick.

"That's a good dog, RD," Karen murmured with a chuckle, fondling the big dog's fuzzy balls, "spread your legs wider baby. You know how to do it. Spread, now still, good boy, stay still." Responding the delighted Dog extended his hind legs, growling in satisfaction as the woman's hand slid across his twitching belly and down to his dick, massaging his entire crotch. RD whined and quivered but remained absolutely still for Karen while the fascinated woman dallied tantalizingly with his dick.

When the big dog was panting hard and shivering under her hands, Karen slipped her left hand back to cuddle his throbbing nuts, wrapped her right hand firmly around his dick and began pumping him solidly, milking his dick as he shivered in her grip.

"Oh yeah, that's good, big dog," Karen whispered, rubbing the Dog delicately behind the balls, "I love stroking your big dick. That's so good RD. Come on baby. Give it to Karen real nice, don't stop good dog. Oh, yes, yes, yes, still good dog. Slow, big dog, go slow for Karen, You want Karen's tongue on that sweet dick before you finish, big fellow."

"Now here we go, big boy, that's right," Karen crooned, stroking the animal's dick in a slow rhythm. "Just lie still and let Karen make you all hard and happy, okay? Oooh, that's a terrific hard-on you have for your Karen sweetheart," she chuckled as the dog's shaft pulsed under her fingers, "what a good

good boy you are RD. You have made it so hard for me.

RD whined ecstatically. The dog's eager growling and panting left no doubt he was elated at her attention. The animal growled approvingly as Karen tightened her grip and pumped harder at his slippery dick.

"Oooh, now that's real good for you, isn't it RD?" Karen crooned softly, "Yeah, that's real good for you isn't it baby? You like Karen playing with that pretty pink boner, don't you RD boy?"

Karen chuckled gleefully, watching the big dog's dick swelling in her hand as she pumped deliberately and added, "well Karen likes it too, lover dog.

"That's it girls. Show my boys how hot you really are." Kathleen ordered while clicking off shots of the woman and the stallion and Karen with the dog.

The feeling of the horse’s dick was incredible as Melanie began to jerk it up and down. The huge appendage was so hot and fleshy. The head was flanged outward. It is so big Melanie thought and slowly, unsure, she knelt forward to lick at the horse dick.

The horse made a noise of pure pleasure as he stood stock still waiting for more.

Melanie knew that she was being sooo bad doing this but she wanted it so much. Her mouth encircled the head and she took it into her warmth. It tasted good and she began to suck it deeper and faster. As she sucked her hand slid upward to caress the animal’s giant balls and that brought another pleasurable throaty sound from the stallion.

"Ohhhh fuck! Melanie, that's it baby. That is sooo fucking HOT! Show him how a pro can suck dick.

Soon you'll feel how good that dick is when buried deep inside your hot wet pussy."

Melanie sucked and jerked the huge stallion dick back and forth making him longer and thicker. “Oh God,” she thought, “I want him inside me now.”

"Perfect, god you guys are just made for the camera. Karen, I want you to turn and adjust the slave bench legs so it imitates the horse bench Melanie is using. Once it is adjusted, lie on your back on the bench. Let me control the shoot with RD. He obeys me entirely and won't do anything unless ordered to. I'm going to have him lie on top of you so don't get worried, ok?"

Kathleen’s voice was soothing yet commanding. Karen relaxed knowing that Kathleen was in total control.

"Now spread your legs nice and wide for me, yes like that...nice so very nice.

RD, come forward big boy. That’s it. Now, lie down on Karen."

RD obeyed willingly knowing that the female before him was in heat. He moved over Karen and then lay upon her. Karen could feel the dog’s heat and his furry strong body pressing against her. Her breasts were against his chest and his handsome face just above hers. Her body tingled with excitement as he shifted a bit bringing his large dick to rest over her shaved mound.

'Oh god' she thought as she lay there. She was actually letting RD, a dog, act like he was having sex with her. God, I hope this client of Kathleen’s really enjoys these pictures?

"That is perfect Karen. Take RD's face in your hands as though you are going to kiss him. That's it honey, just like that" Kathleen was giving directions to Karen who obeyed without question. Karen knew that the best was yet to come.

Karen did as commanded and placed both hands on either side of the dog's handsome face. RD responded by licking her face. Karen laughed as Kathleen caught the act on film.

RD did it again but this time it swiped across Karen’s mouth, which was partially open. She felt his long wet hot tongue graze her lips and she quivered in excitement. Her body was responding to RD. His body moved a bit dragging his hot dick across her pussy and clit shooting pleasurable waves of fire through her. Kathleen shot several more pictures as RD continued his licking.

Melanie was soon focusing only on RD. Her mouth opened wider as RD's tongue finally made its way into it. Her tongue twisted around his and she began to let it go deeply into her throat almost choking her.

"God, you are both so beautiful! SO HOT! Don't stop Karen. RD is so hot for you. Suck his tongue." Kathleen clicked away catching Karen French-kissing RD.

Kathleen knew it was time. Karen was certainly ready. She was so turned on and her pussy was dripping wet.

"Alright Karen, I want you to spread your legs as far as you can. Pull them back against your chest. Open them wider. Beautiful."

Karen felt RD's body shift enough so that his dick which was resting over her pussy was now against her pussy entry. She couldn't take much more of this she was so hot.

"Karen, let RD put the tip of his dick inside you for a great picture. It will be so incredibly sexy."

Karen bit her bottom lip and felt her body melt in excitement. She nodded OK.

"What do I do?" Karen asked as her ass was moving up and down naturally seeking a dick. Her pussy was wide open and soaked with her juices. Kathleen shot several pictures of Karen’s pink pussy dripping and RD's dick at the entrance to this dripping pussy.

"Just let me take control like I said honey. RD... easy boy. You listen to Mama. Stay big boy. Mama is going to make sure you get that hot pussy. I know handsome boy. You want that pussy, and darling RD, that pussy wants your huge dick." Karen shivered and nearly came as Kathleen spoke to her dog.

RD pushed forward just a bit and Melanie could feel the huge doggie dick slide just past her lips. It was so hot and big that she knew she wanted all of it inside her. Melanie stopped sucking Brazos and looked at Kathleen who smiled knowingly. The huge horse dick was lying on Melanie’s belly after she lay on the bench.

Her pussy flowered open revealing her pinkness and the hot rivulets of cum she was flowing from her cunt.

"Alright now baby. Spread your legs wide and back. Yes like that. Push forward and reach for him. Now it’s up to you Mel.

Fuck him real hot for the camera."

Mel moved the huge horse dick head to her pussy opening and pushed forward. She felt the head pop past her opening and slide inside. She grunted as the dick slid several more inches inside her slippery pussy. Immediately she began to move her hips to drive the dick deeper.

The horse knowing what the human female was doing remained still until she could take no more of him. By now Melanie had at least thirteen inches of this beautiful animal inside her stretched pussy and was fucking him hard. She could see his balls jiggling with each grind of her hips and the thick hose of his dick slowly disappearing inside her hungry pussy.

Kathleen was snapping picture after picture of each union. As she shot stills, Kathleen encouraging each woman to go farther and farther. Her nasty talk spurred both Melanie and Karen to higher levels of complete and total arousal.

"That's it Mel honey, you ca do it baby. Take all of him. Take all 18 inches of that horse dick! I know you can. Your pussy is so sweet and he wants it all baby. Ohh fuck Melanie Darling, you've got at least sixteen inches of thick horse dick in you. Finish him off."

Melanie wrapped her legs around the side of the horse as she pumped him deeper. Now the stallion knew the human was ready for him and began to move his flank in unison with her fucking.

He was indeed trained and Melanie cried out in orgasm as she felt his dick stretch her pussy with the rest of his length. She reached up and began to kiss his undersides as he fucked her with his huge prick. She slid off and on his dick with ease now and her fucking quickened. She moaned continuously as she came and came again around his massive dick.

Kathleen caught every drop on film and soon the horse began to cum hard and long. Melanie could feel the head of his dick expand and flare out and then came the flood of horse cum filling her insides like a garden hose on full blast. It poured out of her onto the bench and to the ground and her cries of more orgasms mixed with the beast.

The stallion drove forward again. Melanie could feel his huge balls slapping against her. Eighteen thick inches filled her womb and she wanted it all.

Kathleen turned to Karen and RD. "Good boy" Kathleen said to RD. She snapped several more shots at different angles. RD's dick even though it was not inside Melanie was stretching her lips wide.

"Oh Karen, RD wants to fuck you so bad. Come on honey, let him slide that hot dick inside you. I know you'll love it."

Karen was ready and her pussy ached to be filled. The pictures would be so graphic.

"Yes....yes, let’s do it,” Karen hissed because she was so wound up sexually. Kathleen smiled and told Karen to raise her ass just a little.

"RD, fuck her." Kathleen issued the command Karen and RD had been waiting for. RD drove his dick forward sliding into Karen’s hot pussy with ease because she was so wet. All ten inches disappeared into Karen's pussy and she cried out as RD began immediately to fuck her hard and fast.

Kathleen clicked away furiously as RD fucked this hot woman. She caught on film RD's dick appearing and disappearing like lightning with Karen grabbing onto his front legs for support. Her ass moved up to meet his thrusts and she moaned loudly in response. Soon RD's huge knot was banging against her pussy entrance and Karen didn't know what to do. Kathleen saw this and began to reassure her.

"Don't worry honey. It's only his knot. He wants to get it inside you. It's a natural thing. Let him inside

Melanie. God you'll love it. He has another several inches and plenty of cum of cum to give you."

Karen’s mind was racing with the thought of this animal's dick and knot sliding inside her. She pushed harder trying to get the knot past her muscular yet juicy entrance. Within a few minutes the hard knot slipped past her pussy kegel muscles making her cry out again in pleasure/pain.

"Arhhhhhhhhh... ughhhhhhhhhhh, it’s so big! YES! Fuck me, fuck me!" Karen cried out. RD's knot stretched her pussy wide and he did not stop fucking as it slid deeper and deeper into the woman. Now his balls were slapping against her ass. His tongue hung out as he panted and groaned along with the female. Karen began to cum hard and fast with every stroke.

RD's knot prevented all juices from leaking out of Karen’s pussy. Soon RD howled and Karen felt his dick thicken and the knot widen as he began to shoot load after load of hot cum into her. Hot wet juicy noises emanated from their fucking as RD continued to pump against Karen who pushed her ass harder against his thrusting hips. RD finally stopped and rested atop Karen's body his dick still deep within her.

"Just relax Karen. It will be 20-25 minutes before his knot begins to deflate. Then he will pull out of you. That was the hottest sex yet for RD. Baby you are so beautiful. Wait till you see the shots I took. They are so sexy."

Looking at Melanie and Brazos, Kathleen knew the stallion could do no more and soon he slipped back his deflating dick leaving Melanie’s pink pussy opening gaping and filled with horse juices.

Kathleen went to her kissing her fully on the mouth. Melanie reciprocated with her tongue.

"God Melanie you're so hot! YOU ARE BOTH so BEAUTIFUL!"

Kathleen kissed Melanie again, longer deeper. She went to Karen and kissed her equally long and deep.

Melanie didn't want to move. Her legs still wide her pussy dripping she wanted more.

"Still hot baby?" Kathleen asked no one in particular.

Melanie moaned loudly. "Yessssssss," Came her hot voice.

“OHHH fuck YES,” Karen mewled in echo.

"I'll get them hot for you two again. But you have to take them up the ass this time."

Melanie and Karen raised their eyebrows and smiled.

"Why not... mmmmmmmmmm," they purred waiting for the dick to arrive.

Karen placed her hands around RD's face again and kissed him hotly, her tongue sliding deep inside his muzzle. She felt his dick slide wetly from her pussy and immediately all their juices ran out running down her thighs over her asshole to the bed beneath.

Karen looked at Kathleen who smiled lovingly at her.

"When will the still pictures be ready?" Karen asked

"Oh, Ladies, we are not nearly done yet with the shoot."

Melanie and Karen smiled with absolute pleasure.

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