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Tom, my huge sex toy

chaone on Animal Stories

My wife died in a car accident. I knew I could never find anyone to replace her. I was half gay when we married. She knew and promised to do anything I needed to just stay only with her. We made that bargain and it lasted 8 years until she died. That was 12 years ago.

It was about a year after she passed away I was at the animal shelter with a friend who was picking out a cat, I saw this great big Great Dane walking around his cage with his dick sticking out about 6 inches. A great, but nasty idea jumped into my head and crotch. I signed all the papers and took this 3 year old mini horse home with me. His name was Tom.

It took me a while and some creative ideas to train him, but I finally got him to lick my dick and asshole on command. I would take one of those xxxl dildos my wife used to fuck me with and ream out my ass with it until I could put in one of our mongo but plugs. I sat around watching TV all afternoon with it stretching me out, my poor hole throbbing with a bit of constant pain. I would open a can of Alpo (Tom's favorite canned dog food), pull out the monster but plug and fill my open ass with the whole contents of the can. I would stand there squeezibg my ass cheeks together and tightening my hole up for as long as it took. There would be some that leaked into my crack and slightly sticking out of my buns. I'd walk naked into my back yard and call for Tom. After the first 2 times I didn't even have to call him, he saw me naked and came running. I would get down on all 4's before he got there or he would knock me down and get his prize. I would put my ass in the air and his long, wide tongue would lick out every bit of food. He knew what was next. Tom stood over me and gave me my reward. Between his slobber and very slimy dick, no extra lube was needed. His long, thick pole would shoot out of him and with about 4 tries, he was in. After a month of this, he hit it the first time, most of the time. I would hold my breath and grunt as hard as I could several times until he was really way up inside me. The head of his dick would swell up in me hurting enough I had to pant like a dog or a woman giving birth. It was so big that it would not come out of my ass. I tried a few times when the pain was bad, but nature had him locked in for the duration. Another great idea I had was to take 2 big Oxycontin 45 minuter before I went outside. I would wash them down with 4 oz. of whiskey and that helped 1000 per sent. After 6 months or so I didn't have to do that anymore. Tom had worn a real big path through my insides and it felt so good I would have him do it at least twice a day or more. His record was 8 times. That took about 14 hours of power piston fucking and I was unable to sit on a hard chair for days. I had to sit on one cheek on the sofa. After a good fucking he would lick my dick until i got off. There was no doing anything but hanging on while he was fucking, not even a hard on. God those were wonderful times.

The only drawback was I had to wear adult diapers. My shit would just leak out whenever it wanted to. I went to the store, out fishing and many places with a XL but plug in me, it was comfortable. I did have to be over the toilet when I took it out. The pleasure outweighed the minor drawbacks 20 to one.

I almost forgot, don't get Tom around a female on the rag.

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