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Two are better than one

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Two is better than one



-->I have always masturbated and love to do it with out
any clothes on. I lay there and spread my thighs so I
can really enjoy myself. I was laying in my bed one night and I was
preparing for a masturbation marathon which I do when I
have plenty on time. I had all my toys out along with
some lubricate and towels as sometimes I actually
squirt my climaxes out of my pussy.

I normally would not have the boys in the
room while I was masturbating b/c they get to excited
but both sneaked into the room that night. I had
put on a fuck video on the DVD player and was getting
hot as I took my toys and started to play with them. I
took a big dildo which I love and was rubbing it up and
down along my wet slit as I watched the movie. My legs
were off the end of the bed slightly as I played with
myself. It was starting to feel good as I began to
enjoy the feeling of my electric dildo sliding across
my cunt.

I happen to glance down and saw Bear between my thighs
watching me. I was sort of surprised to see him so
close but I continued to play with my wet snatch. I
then took the initiative and reached my hand down to my
wet pussy, coating my fingers in my hot juices. I then
held my fingers out for Bear. He started licking the juice from my
fingers. I patted the edge of the bed and asked him to
get up there as I wanted him to lick my pussy.

My wants were quickly answered as he put his paws on
each side of my thighs and dipped his tongue to my
waiting pussy. I spread my lips apart and pulled them
upwards, exposing my wet cunt to him. His long tongue
darted out and tasted my slit, licking me from the
bottom to my clit. It felt so good as the shivers ran
over me.

I started to slowly hunch my wet pussy to his probing
tongue as he continued to lick my cunt. It was feeling
so good now as I opened it so he could taste the small
opening of the inside of my wet pussy. His tongue would
lap at me as it would slightly enter my pussy, causing
me to throw my ass towards him even more.

I started to cum from his licking. It was so hard as
the cum started to shoot from my pussy as I ejaculated
my fluids. He lapped at me even more, licking my cum as
it covered both his tongue and my thighs. I had never
cum so much or so hard in my life as I did then.

With his tongue licking at my slit and me cumming over
and over again, I noticed his cock had gotten so big.
It was about 9 inches long and so big around. I knew he
wanted to put it somewhere and I knew just the place.

I eased myself to where my ass was just on the bed as I
brought him up to me, putting his paws on each side of
me as I reached for his big cock. I felt his hot doggie
dick in my hands as I guided it to my waiting pussy. I
was so wet and it slipped right in. I
felt the huge head as it slipped further into my cunt,
spreading me so wide as it slid deeper. It was huge and
it felt so damn good as I wrapped my legs around his
haunches, trying to take more of his big cock.

I could feel each inch as he pushed deeper inside me,
making my pussy tingle with his hot cock. I looked down
to see his cock buried in me as he hit my sweet spot,
causing me to cum once again. The feeling of his big
cock against my sweet spot caused me to cum every time
he hunched his huge cock to me. I was cumming so
much as I felt his cock going even deeper into my hot

Then it happened. His cock grew so big inside me
as I felt it swell up and knew the knot had grown so huge.

I usually don't allow their
knots inside me b/c of the pain and possible tearing
but I wanted it this time.

I knew exactly what was happening as I felt the big
knot swelling inside my hot pussy. It just made me cum
that much more as the big head filled my cunt. I could
feel the knob as it grew so large inside me, hitting my
sweet spot and keeping me cumming over and over as that
hot cock just sort of stuck there. I was working my
pussy to him. Milking his big cock with every once of
my strength as he slammed that cock to me. I knew that
when he came his cock would go down as I fucked him a
little faster now.

Sure enough, I felt his cock as it pounded inside me,
starting to swell as it throbbed. It felt so good as
his cock throbbed in my pussy, getting ready to pump
his cum to me. I felt it as he started to cum, the huge
knob pounding at my womb as it started to erupt his
load of cum.

I felt the heat from his cum as it coated my insides,
making me cum each time the head shot a wad of cum into
me. He was so full of cum as his huge cock pumped his
hot juices to me. I could feel the head as it relaxed
while he spurted his hot, yummy cum deep within my
burning pussy as his knot became smaller in me. I was
loving this!!

When Bear was done, it was Max's turn.
He too is large and has a cock as big as Bear.
It didn’t take too many times before I had his cock in my pussy while
Bear watched.

Then I decided that I was going to let them fuck
both my pussy and my ass at the same time. I laid Bear
down and got his cock hard as I guided him to my
dripping pussy. Then I finally coached him to mount me
from the rear as I took his big cock and jacked it up
and down for him as I got it good and hard. I reached
down and took some of my juices and rubbed it on my
asshole as I then guided his cock to me.

I felt his cock head as it slid in past the small
opening of my ass. He was so big as I felt his
cock slip into my tight ass. It was feeling so good as
his cock filled my ass as I felt Max’s cock
sliding to my sweet spot. There I was being fucked in
both my pussy and my ass by my two dogs and loving
every minute as their big cocks filled me.

I let them fuck me as I fucked back to their huge
cocks, cumming each time as Max hit my special spot.
I was waiting for both to cum as I felt their cocks
began to swell so big in me as I climaxed over and
over. I could feel both cocks as the heads swelled up,
their knobs growing so big as they fucked me. Then the
feeling of both cocks as they shot their loads
of hot, yummy and loads of cum so deep within my body.

I felt the hot fluids as they emptied their cum
into me as I too, came again. It was such a good
feeling to have both of my dogs fucking me as their
cocks filled me and my wildest dreams coming true again, being
fucked by two cocks at one time.

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Thank Morgen for the offer of help. OMG.. I don't know if it's me or this site or a combination of both but I can't even figure out how to send you a PM so I you can help me figure out how to get a story on this site. Problem is I don't have Word yet, I has MS Works and it won't take an open office document either. I'd copy and paste it in if it had a program here where I could just copy and past my story. So I''m feeling rather stupid here since I went to your profile to send you a message and can't even do that.. I can't even figure out how I know if I have messages.. Techy stuff is not my forte as you can see. Ty..


Upon further reading, if you can't find the inbox for incoming PM's do the following. I did this when I couldn't find mine either, and then I just put the URL in favorites, so I could just click onto it, and no problem

First, logon here.

Second, Open a second window.

Third, go to the site, (Yahoo, MSN, or whatever you have) where your confirmation email for sex stories was sent to.

There will be emails from Sex stories, mentioning that ypu have messages in your inbox. Open the email, and click on the link, and you'll be in your inbox. Then, it will be an easy matter to reply. When you do, I'll send you detailed instructions on how to post a story.

A good idea is to highlight the address of your inbox, then add it to favorites, so you can check it as you wish.

Good luck!


chancharies68. You have to be used to big cocks in both your cunt and asshole to take 2 cocks the size of my dogs. You may get dogs of a different breed that dont have 9 in cocks, but at my age, I am streatched, and it feels great......Janey

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